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Oh Crap: Fanworks
Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

Babylon 5
  • In Order In Chaos the commanders of both a Centauri House Militia combined fleet and the Orieni exploration fleet they were fighting have one when they realize the Minbari squadron that just jumped in wasn't there by coincidence but was searching for one such a battle to show the galaxy why you don't want to provoke the Minbari, even by accident. Curb Stomb Battle ensued.
    • Following on this, the commander of a Centauri trading outpost had one when a Minbari warship showed up, and immediately reminded his men about the strange Minbari traditions. Thankfully these Minbari were just delivering an ultimatum...
    • The whole Orieni Empire had one when they learned the Centauri have just invented the mass driver, the setting's way to deliver a Colony Drop. Given what happens when the Centauri finally drive back the Orieni and invade their space, it's Justified. Even if the first hint of the mass driver's existence hadn't been a world having its geography rearranged.
      • Also, the ship discovering of its existence has a massive one when they do, because they also realize the Centauri ship mounting that weapon is aiming it at them.

Calvin and Hobbes

  • In An End To All Things, this is pretty much everyone's reaction to what Okazaki does when Kotomi's godfather shows up.

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
  • A common reaction to a great many things in Tiberium Wars. For example, GDI troops have a spazzing panic attack whenever they encounter the Black Hand (for good reason), and the Nod troops have one when they encounter an entire division of Mammoth Tanks.

Cross Over
  • Happens in the first chapter of Ace Combat: The Equestrian War. Spitfire yells: "What the hay?!" before the turrets open fire at the Wonderbolts.
    • When The Burning Talon's laser destroys the gates of Cloudsdale in chapter 8, Lightning Bolt, Derpy and Soarin' just stare at it for a while, realizing they are screwed.
    • Ironic Echo: the griffins have the same reactions two chapters later when said superweapon is destroyed.
    • Firefly has this moment when she realizes Scythe is about to perform a Suicide Attack as he tries to bomb Stalliongrad.
    • Red Cyclone gets a glorious moment when Firefly arrives to help Rainbow Dash in destroying Fortress Intimidation.
  • During the Avatar Island arc of Dungeon Keeper Ami, Mercury defeats and kills the Keeper, Self-proclaimed 'Emperor' Zarekos, currently sole despot of the Avatar Islands. The Oh Crap moment comes in when Zarekos comes back as a Ghost. Considering the guy was a Dungeon Keeper, and the souls of Dungeon Keepers go to the Realms of the Dark Gods when they are killed or their Dungeon Hearts are destroyed, him coming back after having been physically killed is a major reversal moment. Of course, he was in the process of making himself a god prior to his physical death.
  • There are tons of examples in An Entry with a Bang!, starting with the initial pirate raid in 2005, when people on Earth realize that they're getting visited by what they thought was a purely fictional universe.
    • The Inner Sphere rediscovering the value of the TAG (Target Acquisition Gear) warning light, courtesy of Earth's laser guided munitions, also qualifies. Not that most of them survive the lesson, mind you...
    • The pirates get one when Earth starts firing nukes at their fleet.
  • Rise of the Galeforces:
    • Chapter 8: Adam gets this when he realizes that his old enemy has returned. "Hello, brother."
    • Bob, David, and Dash gets one in Chapter 13 when Dynacide shows up.
    Bob: My God... WHAT HAVE THEY DONE?!
    • At the start of Chapter 17, Violet has a nightmare in which she's in the scene in the first Jurassic Park movie when the Tyrannosaurus rex breaks out of its pen; she only has a moment to scream in terror when she sees the blood-red eyes staring straight at her. She gets another Oh Crap moment later in the same chapter when a real T. rex shows up.
    • There's a Mass "Oh, Crap!" moment in Chapter 19 and Chapter 24, both times after the heroes are reunited... just in time for the Spinosaurus to show up.
    • Another T-rex elicits this reaction from Violet, Helen, and Dash in Chapter 20, when they realize that it's smack in the middle of their campsite. From the same chapter, Vi gets a minor one when she discovers that Velociripper has found his way back to Isla Nublar.
    • Chapter 21: "It's a bird cage."
    • Chapter 22: "Carnotaurus! EVERYONE, RUN FOR THE HILLS!" And then the rest of the family get this when Violet is captured.
    • Chapter 23: Violet again gets this right before she gets injected with dinosaur serum... and mutated into a T. rex.
    • Chapter 28: Sarah and Vi upon meeting the baby Dilophosaurus, in a Shout-Out to Jurassic Park. Then again after Vi's fingers are melted to the bone by its acidic spit.
    • Chapter 29, when the dinosaur army bursts out of the HMS BP's cargo hold:
    • Chapter 30: Tony and Kari get this when the Spinosaurus attacks the house. From the same chapter, there's also a Mass "Oh, Crap!" from the adult Supers as Kate goes berserk.
    • Chapter 31: A bunch of mooks get this after messing with the wrong character, resulting in a Bring My Brown Pants moment. Helen puts it this way:
    But then I noticed that the gang leader wasn't looking at me. His gaze was, very, very slowly, turning upwards. That was when we heard a snort behind us. I noticed that I'd been backed into the rock in the middle of the clearing.
    • Also from Chapter 31: Kari, when Velociripper breaks into her house. Then Terrordactyl when a bunch of Kronosaurus turn up in the middle of the harbor fight. Then Splashdown upon seeing Ludlow's army.
    • Chapter 34: Helen actually utters the trope name upon seeing Gla DOS. Everyone else is quick to join in the Mass "Oh, Crap!" moment until Neo reveals that he managed to turn the robot around. Then Sarah and Dash get this when the HMS Bubonic Plague blows up, and Adam when Ripper reveals himself to be Not Quite Dead. And Ripper himself only has enough time to let out a Big "NO!" when he is finally Killed Off for Real.
    • Chapter 35: First Sarah, then Adam let out an anguished Big Word Shout when they think that Violet has been killed off. And in the end, Ludlow lets out "a long, loud, high-pitched, piercing scream of complete and absolute terror" before and while he really is killed off.
  • In the Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Warhammer 40,000 crossover Son Of The Warp, Joseph is absolutely terrified when he realizes that Tzeentch is his father - and, therefore, he is living in the 40k universe.
  • In the Star Trek/Babylon 5 fan-made spoof film Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, this happens more often than would be reasonable to recount here.
  • The Stars Will Aid Their Escape: Everyone in Ponyville when they see the Dark Young for the first time.
    • The Princesses when they begin to realize what they're dealing with.
    • Twilight, doing research into what's happening, finds references to the "Messenger of the Old Ones" and its multiple titles, including "Herald of the Outer Gods"... and realizes that the stranger she's alone with just introduced himself as "Herald".
    • The rest of the Mane Cast and Luna when they realize that Rainbow Dash rushing after Herald after he drove Twilight insane is a trap he's laid.
    • Celestia and Luna when they finally confront Herald and recognize him as Nyarlathotep.
    • They have another one when they realize that the eclipse is weakening them, and that they, not the Element Bearers, are Herald's targets.
    • Everyone else's reaction when they see the results of the above.
    • Then there's a Mass "Oh, Crap!" when Shub-Niggurath starts emerging.
  • In The Prayer Warriors, Ron's reaction after he realizes that Harry Potter has been killed and his key has been stolen by the Prayer Warriors is to fall "to his feet" in shock, immediately before Ebonynote  kills him.
  • In The Boy With The Magic Notebook, The Undersiders thought they were in deep trouble when they thought they heard that Dragon had arrived at the PRT headquarters during their raid. However, Lily's giggling meant that she knew it was really her brother Maxwell. Which was actually worse.
    Regent: Yeah that’s nice, only it’s not Dragon. I said a dragon. I’m talking about a fire breathing, laser shooting, robot dragon that’s tearing up the lobby.
  • While not as loud as other examples, Naruto the Zoroark from A New World, A New Way sidestory Swarm has one when he wakes up in the palace of the Changling Empire, whom at the time he thinks are Bug Pokemon.
  • In Game Of Touhou, Yuyuko has this reaction when Nue and her Faceless Men are about to kill her. Yukari is a subversion, she realizes that her teleporting magic isn't working anymore and see that she'll be covered in spiders and die but accepts it.


  • In Swimming In Terror, it's mentioned that "the chef got stiff" when Hibiki disproves his argument that Pekoyama killed Kimmie Rin, thereby getting one step closer to proving that he's the killer.
  • System Restore
    • Tanaka has one after realizing that the list of viable suspects has been reduced to him and Sonia. It's subtly implied that it's not out of fear of getting caught, but because he knows that he didn't do it, meaning only Sonia could be the culprit, something he does not want to be true.
    • Togami has one that he tries to keep subdued in Chapter 3 when Nanami suggests that she knows he isn't the real Togami.

Death Note

  • In the Digimon Tamers fic Dimensions, during the first Extra Dimensions side-story, Rika gets one when her mother uses Rika's point-of-view gun to make Rika model for a photo shoot.
  • The Tamers Forever Series has multiple examples:
    • From Takato when he accidently grabs Rika's backside.
    • From Takato and Terriermon when they realise Devitamamon is standing right behind them.
    • From Henry when he opens his door to see an extremely pissed of Rika.
    • From MegaGargomon whenever their Mighty Glacier status turns against them.
    • As beffiting their status as Knights Of Cerebus, Daemon and ChaosGallantmon tend to inspire this reaction on a regular basis.

EVE Online
  • Ghost has one in Clear Skies 3 when he realizes that his cyno jammer is gone.

Fairly OddParents
  • Never Had A Friend Like Me: Norm the Genie gets a new master, a young girl named Amanda. He becomes rather attached to her and tries hiding his past from her. This is his reaction when she summons him right in front of Timmy and his fairies.
    • Anti-Cosmo and Head Pixie when they realize they've provoked Norm's anger by trying to kill Amanda, and in the process, rendering the contract that would have protected them from Norm's wrath null and void.
    • Timmy gets one when Jorgen shows up, and Norm's reaction when Jorgen threatens to destroy his lamp (though that one only last a second since it would be against Da Rules).

  • In Forward's first "episode" there's the scene where Adelei Niska realizes that he's in the same room as an enraged Jayne Cobb (who he's been torturing periodically for the last several chapters), that Jayne managed to cut himself free, all his guards are dead, and Jayne wants fingers.

Fruits Basket
  • In "Eyes of The Cat", Akito has an Oh Crap moment when the ghosts of all the Cats of the Zodiac before Kyo confront him

Girls und Panzer
  • In Sisterly Bonds, during the revised prologue, Chouno Ami, has this reaction when she learns that some of the other participants in a tankery exercise stole a Type 90 and brought it to the match. It's also a moment for Ono Yushari, who despite not being in the Type 90, ends up panicking and saying things that inadvertently, and incorrectly incriminate her as an accomplice.
    Yushari: "Chono-San, You always taught us to be innovative! We thought-"
    Ami: "You KNOW the rules! I can't raise the Type-90. PLEASE tell me it's SDF crewed?"
    Yushari (taken aback): "No. We, uh... we borrowed it."
    Ami: "You what? That tank isn't restricted by the conduct of Sensha-Dou! It has no legal ammunition, it fires live rounds! Who are they aiming for?"
    Yushari: (gulps) "Yours."
    Narrator: Ami-Chan slowly looked up in horror. True to Yushari-San's word, the 120mm smoothbore L/44 gun of the Type-90 was pointed directly at the Type-74. There was no doubt an APFSDS round was already loaded in the gun breech.
    Ami: "Tell that Tank not to fir-!" (the tank fires, killing Ami's crew and putting her into a coma)
  • Boys Und Sensha-do
    • The reaction of most Oarai students after hearing that Saunders will field 20 tanks against them this time, rather than the 10 they faced in canon.
    • On a more serious note, after Miho is disowned and realizes that the rent is coming due on her apartment, which is more than she can pay by herself.
  • In Boys Do Tankary, after Vincent gives Darjeeling a coded message saying that he will fire and not miss, she gasps and declares that she and her teammates must find him or they will be taken out very quickly.

  • Hunting The Unicorn: When David realizes that Blaine's Stalker with a Crush has gotten past campus security disguised as a delivery guy, his expression is this. As are the Dalton staff's expressions when they find out.
    • The Warblers are actually pretty calm when Blaine, Wes, and David get kidnapped by said stalker, to the point of helping the official police search. Until Kurt finds out, in which a string of "Oh Crap" text-messages are unleashed.

  • Freeman's Mind, where Gordon Freeman finds out the hard way that the soldiers pursuing him in Black Mesa are learning from their mistakes...
    [while fighting some soldiers] Screw this, I'm just going to wait for them to come around the corner again. [grenade bounces in front of him] OH SHIT! [runs for his life] [distant explosion] Okay...natural selection; the dumb ones are all dead, so the survivors are a little bit smarter!
    • Actually this happens A LOT in Freeman's Mind Like when he opens the floodgates early on in the series and nearly drowns.

Harry Potter
  • In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality chapter 6 Harry has this memorable quote right after his realization, he even literally thinks "aw crap" : “The Dark Lord is alive. Of course he’s alive. It was an act of utter optimism for me to have even dreamed otherwise. I must have taken leave of my senses, I can’t imagine what I was thinking. Just because someone said that his body was found burned to a crisp, I can’t imagine why I would have thought he was dead. Clearly I have much left to learn about the art of proper pessimism.”

Haruhi Suzumiya

  • In the Heroes universe forum Eclipse, three words have all but become synonymous with this reaction: "Heaven Have Mercy". Having captured Ryan Alcroft and Adele Couteau - arguably the most ruthless and psychotic Battle Couple Eclipse has - a Company agent employs the services of a mercenary illusionist to try separating the two by having them simultaneously witness the murder of their counterparts. Suffice to say, it doesn't end well.


Kamen Rider

Katawa Shoujo
  • In Lilly Epilogue Family Matters, Hisao has this reaction after hearing that Lilly's family is coming to visit. To put things into perspective, in Lilly's good ending she refused to come to Scotland to live with her parents so that she could stay with Hisao, and Hisao thus fears they will not take her decision well, potentially forcing her to come home.
    Hisao narrating: Oh fuck.


  • Used in Seduction when Sarakshi Ishin (who's agreed to let Magnificent Bastard Tora Igarashi take off her shirt if she loses to him), realizes Tora knows the person he just defeated isn't a guy, but her dressed as one.

Mega Man (Classic)
  • Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race has this happen a lot.
    • Episode 6 has everyone's reaction when Proto Man accidentally shoots an ion bomb and makes it go critical.
    • Episode 8 has Mega Man's reaction to realizing Roll is locked in the Tower as it's going to flood with lava.
    • Episode 10 has Governor Deacon's reaction to his Sky Car being broken into, but more importantly about the lab access code in the glove compartment.
    • Episode 11 has the President's reaction to Wily wanting nuclear weapons.
    • Episode 12 has the FBI's reaction when Mr. Black mentions the Jadous Sphere.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Happens multiple times in A Growing Affection, but specifically:
    • Chapter 17, when a bunch of second-rate criminals realize their 'hostages' are undercover ninjas.
    • Chapter 73 ends with Kankuro uttering the expletive version of this when he realizes his group is has been ambushed by the One-Tails, Shuakaku.

Power Rangers
  • Power Rangers GPX is filled with these expressions. Most of them happen when a character realizes they're in for a pounding, like in episode 13 when Phaedos, the Zordonian general subjects three of the Rangers to a brutal beating. There's also The same general realizing that Big Bad Emperor Rashon won't give him a second chance at beating the Rangers and freezes him in a block of ice.
    • Part 2 starts out with the Rangers who think they outsmarted the Zordonians after moving, realize they've been found by the Zordonians—by watching their attack on the news.
  • Happens with Psycho Pink in one power rangers/hellsing fic after Cassie's vampire side got loose after Ashley was nearly killed.

Sailor Moon
  • The story A New Order has one done by Beryl when she hears that a shadow warrior has defected and is helping the senshi.

  • In Saki After Story, found here, Saki and the narrator have this reaction when they learn that not only does Teru have a Hair-Trigger Temper, but she's also armed, and proceeds to give her younger sister Saki a vicious beating that sends her to the hospital.
    Narrator: But when she got to her older sister, that's when her heart started racing with fear. Remember when I said that Teru seems to lose control when she gets angry? Well, this is happening now. And with a metal pipe and a box cutter in her possession, this is not going to end well.

The Slender Man Mythos
  • The Slender Man fic By the Fire's Light, features a massive one at the end of the fourth story in the six story cycle when Jared Holloway realizes Detective Carl Rourke has accidentally created an ideal situation for the Slender Man to off both of them.

Star Trek
  • In the Original Series fic Insontis, one of the security guards literally says this when he sees Spock notice someone messing with the de-aged Kirk. He promptly dispatches some others to deter Spock, "before we have some dead humans on our hands."
  • In the fanfic Written in the Stars, this is the reaction of Fem!Kirk Prime when John Harrison reveals himself as Khan.
    Harrison: My Khan.
    Kirk: (sensing her counterpart's dread) Who is he?
    Kirk Prime: ...Oh...shit...
  • Red Fire, Red Planet:
    • The reaction of Lieutenant Tiyerissel ch'Kreem and Operations Specialist, First Class Bikog Bu-Tal-Rek to a Bird-of-Prey decloaking in front of their shuttle:
      Bikog: Eltee, look!
      ch'Kreem: Take evasive action! Shields— (then he's Killed Mid-Sentence)
    • Shortly thereafter, a double one from Crewman Yasmin Sherazi and Chief Sally Blackhawk upon observing the above.
      Sherazi: Kiopek oghlu. That's a Klingon Bird-of-Prey.
      Blackhawk: (into radio) Starfleet Command, this is COS. Sally Blackhawk of Listening Post Two-Zero-Four-Romeo-Tango, authorization Charlie-Papa-Oscar-3255-Alpha-Whiskey-24827! Case Zulu! Repeat, Zulu, Zulu, Zulu! Details to follow!

Streets of Rage
  • Plenty of these abound within Streets Of Rage Saga, but the crowning one (as of this writing) has to be during the epilogue of the fourth story in the series, The New Syndicate: The Syndicate has kidnapped and attempted to mind-wipe Blaze. It seems to have worked at first since she can't recall her name or any of her past memories when asked...but they weren't counting on hearing anything contrary mere minutes later. So cue the man in charge turning pale when he hears this line:
    My name is Blaze, and I remember everything.

Real Person Fic
  • Many people in With Strings Attached have these:
    • The cop in New Zork freaks out when Paul breaks the handcuffs that were supposed to have neutralized his Super Strength.
    • The Hunter stands in stunned amazement when John lifts the river.
    • Grunnel has one when he realizes that Paul isn't mind-controlled after all.
    • There is a collective one amongst the Raleka and skahs wizards when Sapsa hits Paul with an enormous burst of flame, and Paul says, “That was lovely! Do it again!”
    • When Shag and Varx reveal to Jeft that they'd told the real Dalns gods what was going on. “Did you want gods pissed at you, Jeft?”


  • Through A Diamond Sky has a couple. A minor one is when the leader of the Iso colony is being rude and realizes that the visitor asking questions isn't Clu, but Flynn himself. The second, larger, one is when a Mook realizes that they just made the fatal error of trying to kill Tron.

  • The reaction of the entire "Wargods" strike force and the player when the GTD Imperieuse jumps in just as the Wargods were on the cusp of victory against the GTD Carthage, fully-armed and fresh, and outgunning all of the remaining Wargods ships combined. Things go downhill from there.
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