Fanfic: The Institute Saga


The Institute Saga is a set of crossover stories of Superman and X-Men: Evolution by TheBeardedOne (who also wrote Harry Tano and Invisible Fox). It has several mainline stories, a pair of secondary stories which have been re-purposed by the author to act as a crossover and even partially crosses over with a story written by a different author entirely.

The mainline stories are the prequel General Zod, The Institute Saga, The Institute Saga II, The Institute Saga Side Stories, Institute Saga III and Shield Reforged while the crossover stories are the pair of AU Justice League stories Dark Knights and First Crisis.

There is also a short story called So You're Dating A Superhero which is a small collection of rules (and explanations for them) as written by Mystique.

The partially-linked story is Harry Romanoff Barton by Eternity Sword.

There is an art gallery which may contain spoilers.

Although the story starts out similar to the The Last Son series, it is not a full Marvel/DC crossover as the only DC imports (so far) are Superman and a few other Kryptonian characters. It is also a great deal shorter.

This series provides examples of: