Fan Fic: Iron Hearts

The Iron Warriors 38th Company has landed in Equestria, entrenching themselves like a barbed hook. They hunt the aliens of the Tau Empire, intent on destruction and pillage.

A small squad is dispatched on a reconnaissance mission, only to find that there is intelligent life on this world besides the feuding space-farers.

Will these improbably adorable and friendly equine aliens turn the damned warriors of Chaos from their blood-soaked path, cleansing them of their dark legacy with the magic of friendship and harmony?


No, that isn't happening.


Most stories about 40k can be really annoying to read due to a distinct lack of humor found within the scene. Something that is able to cause genuine forget to breath levels of laughter while still maintaining all of what you might expect from 40k is really nice to see. So even if not normally your thing this reader suggests at least taking a look at the first chapter.

Story can be found here

This fic contains examples of the following: