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     Main Channel (Primarily Simon and Lewis') 

  • Lewis and Simon just completely breaking down at the goofy-looking Oomlots in World of Warcraft's goblin starting area. Fittingly, the video in which this happens is called In which Simon has a breakdown.
  • In their collaboration with TotalBiscuit, playing Magicka.
    • Simon tanks Jormungandr.
      TB: Simon, we need you to be the bait. Get over there.
      Simon: Okay. Hello! It's nice to meet you, worm! How are you doing? How are you this time of year? Are you well? Have you ever—ow!
      TB: Whoops. Sorry. It's okay! Keep distracting it. Just keep its eye on the prize!
      Simon: Have you thought of letting Jesus into your AAARGH!
    • More or less any Magicka gameplay video; they have consistently garnered at least 350,000 views each for a reason, after all. Made even better by how Lewis becomes the Only Sane Man, Simon becomes The Load / The Fool, and TotalBiscuit becomes the Sarcastic Devotee / Deadpan Snarker.
      • When TB's and Simon's mutual trolling of the other reaches Lewis' breaking point, he reprimands them like a stern father.
      Lewis: Now, you two, behave yourselves, or I'm going to put one of you on the naughty step and the other one over my knee.
      TB: Are we allowed to choose?
      Lewis: Only if you eat your brussels.

      Lewis (Seeing TB and Simon about to fire spells at each other): Now, children...behave!
      Simon: B-But, he started it! He started it, mum!
      TB: He's lying!
    • TotalBiscuit tells Simon to offer diplomacy to some villagers. The result?
      Simon: Hello? Do you like bees? *Kills a villager by summoning bees on him.*
    • Lightning + Cold + Arcane + Shield = ARSE MINES. Which are now permabanned (not really).
    • They discover the edge of the level in chapter 10.
      TB: Have we reached the edge of the level? Yeah, we have. *he, Simon and Lewis all fall off* Oh...
      Simon and TotalBiscuit burst into hysterical laughter
      Lewis: Oh god, why are we so bad at computer games?
    • Surely the moment they discovered the machine gun and then let Simon of all people have it should qualify as a Funny Moment! As soon as TB revives Lewis, Simon just keeps shooting him, meaning they have to keep reviving him.
  • In Simon's Portal 2 Singleplayer videos, the appearance of a Companion Cube makes for some tragically-humorous viewing. He literally falls silent for several seconds when he spots it, gives a genuine cry of horror when the inevitable happens, and at the end of the test, the diggy-hole song comes back for something of a Dark Reprise:
    Simon: [happily] I'm a dwarf and I've got me little cube, cubey cubey có[the Cube fizzles out into ashes]
    • Not to mention the several hilarious moments in their co-op LP. For example, Simon bouncing on an aerial faith plate and smashing into the ceiling, roughly three feet above, repeatedly. Lewis just sits back and watches for a second.
    Simon: (as he smashes into the ceiling and Lewis laughs in the background) Bouncy board, bouncy board, la la la, la la la, bouncy board...
    Lewis: That's not quite how you do it...
  • Simon's Janeway impersonation in the review of Star Trek Online. Also, his retelling of the TOS episode "The Naked Time".
  • The first time Simon and Lewis meet a Thug in Dead Island. As soon as the introductory cutscene ends, Simon charges blindly at it and is instantly punched several feet away, killing him instantly. Lewis bursts out laughing.
  • Simon's hilariously disturbing Boone impression.
  • For their 1,000,000 subscribers celebration video, Lewis sneaks into Simon's room while he's sleeping and wakes him up by shooting a giant confetti blower. Simon's reaction is only half the hilarity; the other half is that the confetti breaks the light in the room.
  • Wappy Dog!
  • In their Team Fortress 2 Celebrity Showmatch, during the pre-game interviews Lewis is asked if he's new to the world of Team Fortress. His reply:
    It's a similar game [to Minecraft]. You know, if you're playing Sniper you have to charge a bow...jump and crit...there are pigs...I think. I haven't seen any, but I have been told that there are pigs in TF2... *as he says this, other people are cracking up in the background*
  • Wo W + naked panda girls.
    why does lewis always play a woman?
  • After not playing World of Warcraft in a while, Lewis is updating his old character's abilities. Unfortunatly, he is kind of in the middle of a fight at the moment. Which he is completly ignoring, even when the characters are standing right on top of him.
    Simon: I like the really slow in-depth look at warrior talents during a monkey attack.
  • When Simon and Lewis get the collector's edition of Diablo 3, it's wrapped completely in vaccum-packed plastic. Simon can't scrape the plastic off, and then reaches off-screen to grab something. Lewis pans the camera to reveal...Frostmourne. A fully sharpened, actual size replica Frostmourne. The extreme closeups of the tip of the blade just barely scraping the box makes hardcore collectors and nerds cringe. And then he does it again with a hardbound Artbook.
    • This happens again when they unbox World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria collector's edition. except this time, Simon decides to open it using Doom Hammer. And like Frostmoure, it's life-sized and weighs about half a ton. And just to stick the middle finger to those who were unhappy with his previous unboxing method, Simon actually smashes the box to pieces! Fortunately, Lewis was smart enough to see this coming, and hid the actual box, replacing it with a decoy. The decoy was full of Jaffa Cakes, much to Simon's dismay.
    • The very existence of Frostmourne in their office is a bit funny, considering a certain older podcast episode/animation where they lamented their lack of one and their speculation that TotalBiscuit had one. This also leads to a bit of a Noodle Incident where one would ask how they got it.
  • The Diablo III Launch Event Outtakes.
  • Simon does a very bad thing.
  • Ridge getting run over TWICE in the DayZ series. Also, Simon discovers the effects of "hide the body".
  • Goat Giving Report
  • Simon told the Game of Dwarves developers that their game needs... more dwarves.
  • Lewis deciding to try on all the T shirts and bandanas he got at their most recent convention at the same time, which is funny in itself, but then the predictable happens, he get's stuck in the shirts and Hannah has to come and help him out.
  • All of their attempt to play the Spacecraft addon for Garry's Mod. ALL of it.
    • Ditto for the podracers. Especially Lewis'.
  • The entire Sumotori Dreams video.
  • Simon Interviews Warwick Davis.
  • Simon and Lewis hijacking Martyn and Strippin's Halo 4 stream.
  • This little incident from Lewis, Simon and Duncan's Ghost Hunters adventure:
    Cue the bathroom stall door flying off.
    • And at the end..."AAAAAH! Oh, it's Ridgedog."
      • Even more funny if you noticed the skeleton hanging around in the beginning area that the guys seemed not to notice. Now you know why!
    • Simon accidentally performing a Total Party Kill when he drops a red bottle of chemicals.
  • Their first video of Firefall has the revelation at about 3 minutes in that Simon's character's name is ShootingButt and that it was a randomly generated name.
  • The Gary's Mod Sumo Robot Challenge. While Lewis, Simon, and Duncan spend their prep time actually building robots, Sips, Sjin, and Ridgedog elect to spent their time building an invisible camera cart to spy on the other team, topping it off with a mannequin of a man making a face and Flipping the Bird. It's really Duncan's laugh upon discovering it that makes the clip.
    • If the prep and build time wasn't funny enough for you, watch the battle itself.
  • Playing Little Inferno (a cute little indie puzzle game where you burn a bunch of different objects in a fireplace), Simon and Lewis try to figure out how to get the "LOL Kitty"-achievement, and decide to combine a kitty-doll with a bunch of letter blocks spelling out "LOL". The thing is, you only get five random letters, yet, at their first try, they get the blocks to spell out "LOL", and therefore assume that their guess is correct (and that having the kitty influenced the randomizer to give them said letters). Only, it turned out not to be the achievement at all, and their further attempts to replicate it did not give them the correct letters. Either the developers are playing a prank on the players, or they actually got the correct letters on their first attempt, purely by coincidence.
    Simon (getting L-O-L in letters): I don't think this is a coincidence.
    Simon: That can't have been a coincidence, cause that's crazy.
    Simon: This can't be real, that we actually got L-O-L.
    Lewis: That was so weird.
    • They don't notice it but while trying it again the letters spell out "GOT U".
    • Also, Simon's obsession with the Eager Bunny Plushie.
  • Sjin tries his hand at interior design in Garry's Mod. It... doesn't go well.
    Simon: This is like a serial killer's house.
  • Simon playing Surgeon Simulator 2013, It goes just as well as you'd think it would.
  • After playing I Get This Call Every Day and getting fired three times, Simon just shouts "Fuck you! I quit!" and storms off leaving Lewis flabbergasted.
    Lewis: Pffft! Um, thanks everyone... See you next time.
  • During a playthrough of Festival Days Sim Date, Simon manages to romance a boy and go out with him, resulting in a kiss. Afterwards:
    Lewis: So how far do we have to go with him?
  • There's something facepalmingly impressive about Simon managing to get stuck in a game as open-ended as The Stanley Parable.
    • Later, he gets into the spirit of things.
    Simon: (as Lemony Narrator) Stanley turned the corner, and there was Mila Kunis, completely naked!
  • After Lewis persuades Simon to play what seems to be a harmless Tamagotchi style game called Can Your Pet?. Um....well, let's say Lewis has a bt of a dark side.
  • The Gary's Mod Amazing Stuff! series is just Lewis, Simon, Duncan, Sjin and Ridgedog screwing around with random stuff people have made. Mayhem, destruction, and carnival rides ensue.
    • For example, in Episode 5 they find a little house that looks like the one from Up. Then they get the idea to attach balloons to it to make it fly. Then it somehow gets set on fire.
    • From the same episode as above, the guys decide to try out a guillotine device that—thanks to game mechanics and their judicious use of explosives—ends up being more efficient at killing the would-be executioners than it does their volunteer, Simon.
    Simon: You guys suck! This is the worst guillotine I have ever been in!
  • Simon and Lewis' simultaneous double Face Palm after discovering a Game-Breaking Bug in Disaster Response Unit.
  • During Simon's second Don't Starve series, he looks at his minimap at one point only to discover he has made a giant penis completely by accident!
  • They play more Car Transporter Sim for Trucking Tuesday, and within two minutes everything is completely screwed up.
  • It seems Garbage Truck Simulator finally broke Lewis, as seen here.
    Lewis: These fucking games!
  • Lewis and Simon play Papers Please.
    • Both of them (mainly Lewis) attempting horrible Russian accents.
    • Simon did absolutely horrible on the easiest level, only passing three people through. As a result he can't afford his family's heat, only food and rent, and only had five credits left.
    Simon: How much is the water?
    • Simon's mantra, Glory to Arstotzka! repeated over and over.
    • Simon and Lewis bobbing with the music at the beginning and calling it the official Arstotzkan dance.
  • Boogie Wonder Truck.
  • The Yog Prix. After nine episodes of building their racing machines and perfecting each and every detail, the final result is, as in the fashion of other Yogscast Garry's Mod series (see Angry Birds, Spacebuild, Robot Challenge, and Pod Racing), completely disastrous. Lewis and Rythian manage to round the course with almost no interference (killing Simon in the process), Simon and Duncan make it halfway before flipping off the track, and Sips and Sjin don't make it past the first jump, forcing Sips to get out and throw the car to the finish line. Even then, it took several minutes to get the car across the line itself.
  • The wonder and the glory that is GOAT SIMULATOR.
  • Simon and Lewis play Giant Machines 2017. It's probably the most functional game they've had on Trucking Tuesday, but that doesn't mean it's not filled with hilarious moments. Some highlights:
    Simon: Oh my god! There's no one in the seat! There's no one there; look, it's empty!
    Lewis: Oh my god, your driver's seat...!
    Lewis: We knew it!
    Simon: Plot Twist!
    • Their incredulous reaction to the fact that they have to outrun tornadoes during the final sections of Missions 4 and 8.
    • Simon and Lewis are completely derailed by a certain piece of dialogue in the game:
    Supervisor: Next stop, trucker's motel, if you know what I mean.
    Simon: What does that mean? I don't know what you mean!
    Lewis: Does he mean sex?
    Simon: I think so; I don't know what else he could mean.
    • Simon and Lewis are tasked with transporting the new satellite component to the Vehicle Assembly which point the component in question is just dumped in the back of their truck, totally free of restraints or padding.
    Simon: Oh, they just chuck it in!
    (both start laughing hysterically)
    Simon: It's, like, worth billions of dollars, and you just shove it in!
    (the game suddenly turns into live-action footage of a space shuttle launch)
    Simon: OH!
    Lewis: (about three octaves higher than normal) WHAT THE FUCK?!
    Lewis: What the heck?! Have they just-
    (both collapse into hysterical laughter)

  • Simon, Hannah, Sjin, Sips, Alsmiffy and Ross play Gmod Murder. While Sips, Smith and Ross have a good deal of experience with Murder!, the others are completely new at it, which leads to:
    • The very first round, which is about 30 seconds of screaming mayhem since Simon is the killer and he isn't aware of the 'subtlety' aspect of the game just yet, so he just runs at everyone with the knife, yelling at the top of his lungs. It ends poorly for him.
    Simon: So do you think that was a good start?
  • The guys get their hands on Trouble In Terrorist Town. Much friendly fire ensues.
  • The guys come back to Murder, this time with Martyn and Trott instead of Hannah and Sips.
    • Throughout the entire video, the guys start ranting with Northern accents, leading to Simon ranting about how the game won't load properly, still in his angry Northern voice.
    • Martyn obviously takes a while to get used to the game, and accidentally gives away the fact that he's the murderer.
    • After initially bluffing everyone and convincing them he's innocent, Sjin bumps into Simon in an air vent.
    Sjin: Oh, oh, stay away!
    Simon: *starts screaming along with Sjin*
    Sjin: Oh, oh! I'm in t' vents with t' murderer!
    Simon: I'm not the murderer! I'm just following you to creep- (*hesitates upon seeing Sjin pull out a knife*) you ou- (*gets stabbed*) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!
    Trott: Okay. It's Sjin.
  • The next episode comes around, and Martyn proves he not only can't aim, but also has no concept of seeing someone right next to him. Everyone freaks out when the murderer arrives and Martyn fails to notice. This is rightly treated as an Epic Fail.
    Martyn: So my aim's on par with Sjin's then.
    Smiffy: Well, it's less about the aiming and more about just-
    Sjin: Seeing him.
    Smiffy: -blatantly not seeing him walk by you.
  • Episode #1 of their new Murder series:
    • In one round of Murder, everyone spawns next to each other, as in almost clipping into each other. The murderer is among them. You do the maths.
    • This happens the very next round with the exact same results, and Lewis in helpless laughter.
    • Then it happens again, only this time Simon pulls out the gun and fires immediately, somehow killing the murderer.
    • At one point, Ross randomly gets moved to spectators for being AFK, even though he's not.
  • The main channel starts a new round of Prop Hunt. Again, it's clear that while Sjin, Lewis and Simon have all played it before, Sips and Hat Films are much better than they are.
    Lewis: No, go on. Go into the kitchen! note  (*sees Hannah as a piece of meat*) You're a piece of meat! Oh... that is... (*bursts into laughter as he and the Hat Films crew corner her*)
    Trott: Piece of meat!
    Lewis: No, she is, no she is! She's like a rat! She won't stay still!
    Smiffy: She's not just a piece of meat, Lewis!
    Lewis: I'm chasing her! No, I think this is so amusing, watching her trying to escape!
    Simon: There's like a dozen ants carrying it around!
    Lewis: Bring me back that piece of meat! Come on Hannah, come on, what you gonna do?
    Hannah: (*by now just laughing helplessly in panic*)
    • The chase eventually continues, with Lewis and all of Hat Films failing to land a hit, right until Hannah tries changing into something else and gets stuck in the meeting room. At this point, Lewis throws a grenade in, taking down himself, Hannah, and every other prop in the enclosed space.
    • In a later round, Ross and Smiffy both get found really easily and killed. Trott, despite not bothering to change from the mannequin and hiding in a toilet, actually takes longer to find and even longer to kill, despite a hail of bullets being hurled his way. Sips then tries to find Lewis but misses him, given how he's Hidden in Plain Sight, and then after that his health is low enough that running into a box somehow kills him. Meanwhile, Simon suddenly dies after shooting too many props and Smiffy convinces the others that Lewis is hiding as something else altogether, at one point successfully fooling them into thinking he's a vehicle.
    • Special mention, however, has to go to Simon's performance in one round in the second video. To start out, he makes a rather... questionable decision as to which prop he should be. He picks a gigantic crate. In the process, he gets stuck on a table, laughing as he realises that he's done for. He goes on to last a while and somehow wins the round for his team. Made all the funnier by the fact that someone who went into the room would instantly notice what was out of place. Simon expresses shock that he goes on to last as long as he does.
    Simon (at the beginning): I am fucked! I am so fucked!
    Simon (nearer the end): This is— this is audacious! It's fucking audacious!
    Simon ( after winning): HOW THE FUCK DID I WIN?! I can't— I can't even leave the room! I'm too large!
  • The guys return to Trouble In Terrorist Town for Series 2. They start with Episode 1.
    • A string of bad events means that in the first round alone, Sips RDMs Smiffy, which means that Simon has no choice but to gun him down. At this point, Trott strikes and offs Lewis. It looks like there's going to be an epic showdown, with Ross and Trott as traitors and Simon as the detective... then Simon falls down a hole and to his death.
    • The gang eventually move to a new map, called "Slender", although to their surprise it has nothing to do with the popular character. After a bit of exploration, the lights go out and Ross kills Sjin, who is a detective, all the while trying to frame Sjin as a traitor. Later in the round, Lewis ends up searching the body of Ross (who by this point had been discovered and gunned down), going as far as to say that Simon would have killed him already if he was a traitor... at which point Simon chooses to turn on him and fill him with lead. As he's being shot, Lewis cries out "Simon, NOOOOOOOO!", which would be fine... except he started the sentence just after he had finally died.
    Duncan: Wow. (*voice now dripping with sarcasm*) I wonder who killed Lewis?
    Trott: I think we know who it is, guys.
    Ross: Avenge me!
    Trott: It's three innocents versus ...
    Sips: Alright, get your frags out, guys.
    Smiffy: One dirty traitor.
    Simon: (*nervous*) So... whereabouts are you guys?
    Sips: We're just hunting you down through this old, abandoned... parking garage?
    • After Smith gives Simon some advice about jihad bombs, Simon suicide charges someone with it and takes them out, leaving the others alive and winning the innocents the game.
    • At the start of the next round, Lewis comments on how he didn't realise that he'd been with two traitors at once. Simon immediately takes this opportunity to call him out. This then prompts an argument between Lewis, Simon and Hat Films as to whether or not he was cheating.
    Lewis: No-
    Simon: You literally did that!
    Lewis: As I was dying, I shouted "Simon, No", and that isn't ghosting, cos I was still alive at the time.
    Smiffy: I feel like the "no" went on for a bit longer than the bullets actually hit you.
    Lewis: (*demonstrating*) Simon, n-*ghck*-
    Trott: Milking it.
  • Series 2, Episode 2 of TTT:
    • Lewis notices that Simon is standing still and grabbing new items, suspecting that Simon is spawning stuff in, at which point Simon accuses him of not paying attention to the basics. Lewis eventually reasons that if Simon has the heavy machine gun, he won't be able to hit anything. Cue Simon pulling out a jihad bomb and killing himself, Lewis, Sjin and Ross, one of his fellow traitors, all of whom scream in panic before death, and then Simon just degenerating into helpless laughter.
    Ross: You should never have told him that, Smith.
    Smith: What, put the C... oh, did he do the jihad bomb?
    • As that round ends, everyone wonders were Trott was for that entire round after shouting out. It later turns out that Sips lured him into the toilets and stabbed him.
    • The next round, someone randomly sets a dead horse on fire. Also, Simon is the detective and asks for protection from Smiffy, who is the traitor and shoots him in the head as soon as he goes into the menu, while Lewis randomly walks into a tripmine. That round ends with a Curb-Stomp Battle, since none of the traitors died at all.
    • In round 3, the lights go out and cause panic, at which point Sips ends up being RDM'ed by Simon. Things quickly degenerate into a bloodbath, with Duncan, and then Sjin, being murdered. Simon has a Heroic B.S.O.D. after he then guns down Trott.
    Simon: Oh my god, everyone's fucking dead!
    Sips: Fuck you, Simon! Fuck you Simon!
    Simon: Oh, shit! What do I do? What the fuck do I do? I think I killed all of the innocent people! I'm not even joking! I don't think I killed a single terrorist!
    Sips: Why did you fucking shoot everybody?
    Simon: I don't know! It was just bad luck! Oh, shit!
    • At this point, somebody possesses the table Simon is hiding behind, and slowly starts moving it away, much to Simon's horror. Smiffy then emerges and, realising that Simon is responsible directly or indirectly for all the dead bodies, offs him to be safe. The guys all then possess props and try to haunt Smiffy and Ross, founding a settlement called Tableville which results in a menage a trois between Duncan, Trott and Simon. Then Smiffy rounds the corner to Ross, setting off a tripmine which wins Ross the round.
  • In the final episode of TTT Season 2, Lewis goes mad and declares he'll kill everyone. What follows leads Simon to believe Lewis has been possessed by Ross, as he begins shouting angrily and killing three people in a row, telling them all to "EAT SHIT".
  • For Halloween 2014, they play a multiplayer version of Slender in Gmod. Among many brilliant moments, one that stands out is Trott singing to Simon, "Turn around, bright eyes," and then killing Simon while continuing the performance with, "Every now and then, I fall apart."
  • The duo start a new series of TTT in 2015, with Lewis, Simon, Hannah, Duncan, Sjin, Sips, Pyrion and Hat Films. Having ten players leads to some widespread RDM and mass panic.

     Don't Starve and other live Challenges 

Don't Starve

  • Pretty much anything Simon does.
  • Duncan's car dying right next to Lewis'.
  • The fact that even Duncan, who at first glance seemed quite well prepared, turned out to have filled most of his pack with a barrel of cider.
    • When looking for a place to put it down, Lewis directs him away from the edge of the slope, pointing out if it rolled down they'd never get it back. A few minutes later, while sharing out the cider, Lewis casually takes a step back. And falls down the slope. The kicker is that he fell without even spilling his cup of cider.
  • In contrast to Simon, who packed next to nothing, and Duncan, who was Crazy-Prepared, Lewis is more averaged out in terms of supplies...but he still messes up quite a bit.
  • Duncan reveals that one of the tools he brought was a gigantic multi-purpose knife. And one of those purposes is being a machete in addition to things such as peeling onions and cutting open a package that Simon ordered in the mail.
    Simon (ducking while Duncan is slicing the tape on his box with the knife): I don't want to die this way, Duncan!
  • After a while, Lewis erects a semi-decent shelter out of thick branches and the tent cover he brought along, and shows how he'll sleep in it.
    Lewis: Now, the only danger is that I might accidentally kick this branch-
    *kicks branch, causing his shelter to tumble down on him*
    • Lewis later tries to convince the guys that he won the shelter challenge, evasively avoiding Duncan's requests to see it first.
  • Episode 3 ends with the guys getting their next challenge: making a fire.
    Duncan: (smirking) I've got a plan.
    Lewis: Have you?
    Duncan: (nods)
    Simon: Could you tell us what the plan is?
    (everyone laughs a bit)
    Lewis: (Jaw Drop)
    Simon: I'm sorry?
  • In episode 4, Lewis has trouble with his fire due to using the wrong kind of fuel, Simon has even less success since he tried to use a tissue along with the parts of his broken chair.
  • And by episode 5, Simon has resorted to toasting Jaffa cakes on a disposable barbecue, and Lewis is desperately trying to put his fire out, and is somewhat distressed about the damage done to the stove.
    • Duncan, meanwhile, puts together a curry from its composite ingredients, using nothing more than a machete and a wok on an open fire...
  • The entire incident with the bear.
  • All of the outtakes.

Block 'N Load Challenge

  • Smith keeps getting disqualified, causing him to lose.
  • Trott in a leotard.
  • Ross in a hamster ball.
  • The ending, where they had to call in the fire department.

  • The Minecraft survival games has a lot of examples.
    • After trying to get into the server for a long long time, Nilesy lags and is killed by Sjin within the first few seconds of the match.
    Sjin: I got him! I got Nilesy!
    Nilesy F***ing god...
    • Simon and Lewis go into a huge building, only to find creepers and skeletons galore. Simon's scream can be heard in Duncan and Hannah's separate video.
    • After Lewis and Hannah die, Duncan and Simon decide to team up.
    Simon (in his and Lewis's video): I can always betray him.
    Hannah (at almost the exact same time in her and Duncan's video): He's going to betray you so hard.
    • At the end, when Martyn and Toby both are left alive, Ridgedog says only one can win.
    Toby (in chat): I'm not killing my teammate!
  • The Walls has a deliciously ironic bit regarding Sips/Sjin's and Simon/Lewis' perspectives. Sjin sets a dynamite trap near the entrance of their cavern, which later appears to detonate and kill Duncan and Hannah both at once. They spend the rest of their video congratulating themselves for the clever trap... not knowing that Lewis had dismantled the trap after noticing it immediately, and re-engineered it to kill Duncan and Hannah himself.
  • The Walls 2 also has some moments.
    • Martyn manages to die within the first five seconds due to the platform malfunctioning.
    • Sips and Sjin are digging a huge cave during the preparation time, and Sips digs a block with nothing under it and falls to his death. Then after that:
    Sips: Sjin, don't come down here!
    Sjin: Okay! *walks into the pit and falls to his death as well*

     Yogs Quest 

  • The very first line of the series, quickly establishing the tone:
    Narrator!Simon: YogsQuest! Scraping the bottom of the barrel of adventure!
  • The character introductions, Duncan plays a gnome who was charged by a friend to deliver a ring of power to a volcano (Simon notes he feels like he's heard this before), but decided to smother his friend in his sleep and take the ring for himself. Sips is a (female) orcish bard who ascended from hell through the power of her songs, and wears nothing but tassels on her chest. Sjin is a rat king, flushed into the sewers by his elven parents... and is adventuring with his rat father. And Simon, naturally, is Honeydew by any other name, except since he rolled exceptionally poor on his intellect score, he's a complete moron.
  • The escapades of Sips' buxom orcish bard in the owl-centric town of Wook, which includes charming a seller of owl-related merchandise unconscious (after selling him her tassel pasties), stealing his cart (as well as his clothes), and getting past a nudity-banning tavern bouncer by claiming Duncan's gnomish wizard as her baby and breast feeding him at Simon's suggestion.
    Simon: WHAT?! I didn't expect you to AGREE to it!
  • Special mention needs to be made for the accompanying cartoon moments, especially of Honeydew's intelligence (in Part 1), the "owl-tongue tassels" (from Part 2), and Sjin's rat dad's death scene (from part 7)
  • The song Sips tries to use to "charm" Wrinkleface into pulling his cart. Note that he doesn't play more than one chord over and over for the entire song.
    You think that you're a horse
    And you're gonna pull my cart full of owl shit
  • Sips' "inspiring" songs.
  • Sjin's rat-dad getting drunk.
  • In Episode 5, Sips decides to kill the mimic door by punching it in the ass, killing it instantly.
    Sips: I think I should get bonus points for finding the door's ass.
    • Oh, it does not die instantly. First, whimpering and crying, it turns into a treasure chest full of all the gold it's stolen from travelers and begs for mercy in exchange for basically a fortune in stolen gold. Then, Sips smashes it in half with his ukelele. He prefaces this statement by smashing his ukelele against the wall IRL, and Lewis is so shocked he just lets him kill it without a roll.
  • Simon tumbling down the rubbish hole and ending up with a face full of poo.
    • Actually, the entire scenario as they enter the Rubbish Dump is pretty amazing. First, Simon attempts to climb down the wall of the dump, rolls a 3 on his DEX roll, and tumbles unceremoniously into a heap of turds. A rat appears and attempts to attack Simon. To defend his ally, Duncan takes out his crossbow, takes aim, and rolls a 1, at which point the crossbow explodes (thankfully not damaging Duncan, but depriving him of his primary weapon). Oh, and the enemy rat? It's scared off by Sjin's rat dad.
  • In Episode 7, Duncan decides to attempt to use his telekinesis to make Sjin's rat dad hover to a pillar. He rolls a one and the rat flies up and splats into the ceiling, being killed instantly. The following montage of Sjin and his rat dad in black and white(complete with gently swelling string music in the background) is hilarious. As is Duncan's reaction to it all.
    Duncan: ...Ooops.
  • In Episode 7 and 8, Duncan cannot roll a dice. At the end of episode eight, he rolls yet another one on the last charge of his spell.
    Sips: Jesus Christ, learn to roll some f***ing dice!
    Simon: AAAGH, Duncan!
    Duncan: *storms off in a rage*
  • Episode 9. All of Episode 9.
    • Sjin's two ones when faced against a minotaur. He staggers back, passes out, cracks his head leaving him with one hit point, and falls on Jake. In all future mentions he has x'ed out eyes.
    Sjin: And I've killed Jake! *String music swells in the background*
  • In Episodes 8 and 9, whenever a poor roll is made, Simon responds with-

     Yogs Quest 2 
  • The guys are back playing a space adventure this time. Duncan plays the captain of the ship who acquired his ship and crew by winning poker games, Sips is a pilot/hairdresser who has no idea of how to fly the ship and solves all his problems by shooting things, Sjin is a squid alien that was flushed out of a spaceship by his parents when he was an egg, he poked eyeholes in the egg and wandered the galaxy until he became a poker game prize, Simon plays a cleaning droid who is also responsible for repairing the ship.
  • Sips starts their adventure by crashing into the ship that they are trying to board.
  • Duncan reveals that he's a cyborg due to losing an arm in a poker game and winning a robot arm holding another robot arm to replace it.
    • Which is the start of a Running Gag where the only reason Duncan even has his ship and crew is because he won them all in various poker games.
  • Simon's response to Duncan being attacked is to rush over and clean his cape mid battle.
  • Duncan's ship having a sunroof above the pilot's chair and it being bulletproofed because Sips tries to shoot out of it in celebration of him doing something cool, also the crew replaced his entire arsenal of guns with duds due to him being trigger happy.
  • When an alien first shows up, Sips tries to attack it with a grenade by throwing it out of the crew's ship towards the other ship.
  • Sip's response to Lewis's description of the alien.
    Sips: I''ve slept with a lot of things but that's a challenge.
    Simon: Was that in character?
    Sips: .....
  • When the ship is attacked by Cubonians, Sips rolls down the window to fire out at the Cubonians attacking the ship. Which is in space. He fails the attack roll, which makes Simon comment that he imagines how it all went down; Sips waving the guns at the attacking aliens making 'pew-pew-pew' sounds, oblivious as to why it wasn't working.
  • One word: Wheels.

    Other Channels (Duncan's, Sjin's, etc.) 
  • The World of Tanks Yogtrailer. Behold, Simon and Lewis talking about a hypothetical World of Warcraft clone with tanks shooting bears and spending more than half of the video joking around about bear sound effects.
  • Simon's impression of TB in the Yogtrailer for Magicka DLC.
  • During Duncan's playthrough of Grim Fandango, a number of odd bugs spring about because of issues on running it on a newer OS. This leads to a number of interesting glitches. But funniest of all had to be the one in Part 6.
    Manny: Maybe it would help if you went up there and started things rolling?
    Olivia: Oh, Manny. Read poetry in my own club? That would be like this whole place was just a big temple set up to worsh-worsh-worsh-worsh-worsh-worsh-worsh--
    Duncan: Uh oh.
  • All of Duncan and Sjin's misadventures in Farming Simulator 2013. There's just something so hilarious about two of the Yogscast's supposedly most capable members fail at a game. Duncan and Sjin's fits of laughter (mostly of the frustrated, are-you-serious? kind) are just so adorable too.
    • Roughly 70% of the times Duncan gets into a tractor results in one of these moments.
    • In Part 8 of their adventures—Lewis having joined them by now—they're trying to figure out how to feed the cow they got when they receive another mission. Duncan spends a good minute laughing at what it entails before he can even tell the other two what they're to do. And even when he does, he manages the first two words before they all break down laughing.
    • Part 9 is even better, since Duncan ends up with a powerhouse tractor. He spends a good few minutes making jet noises driving around with the fertiliser spraying, and then drives into Lewis on the 'grand-daddy tractor', making him do a barrel roll.
    • In Part 13, a charity donor tricks Duncan into opening the option screen, revealing the server-password to everyone watching the livestream. Cue random players trying to join their server, forcing Duncan to change the password. It is later revealed that one of the (two) players trying to join was Ridgedog, who was actually supposed to join. It continues in Part 15, where it looks like Ridgedog finally managed to connect to the server...only, it is not him, just some random player using his name, who successfully guessed the new password. Being a good sport, said player just tells them how to get Ridgedog on, then leaves (after poking some fun at the new password, saying that it wasn't so hard to guess). The whole ordeal was quite hysterical, and an interesting example of audience participation.
    • During part of the charity livestream, after everyone is constantly failing and no progress has been made, Lewis leaves...only to come back with a full bottle of vodka, which he proceeds to drink steadily while yelling at Duncan.
    • At one point, the Lewis, Sjin and Duncan test some mods. Among these are mods for new vehicles. One of these just happens to be a dirtbike. The dirtbikes, however, have some questionable physics. In their first "race", Lewis shoots ahead of everyone else at roughly supersonic speed, proceeds to drive in a panicked circle in a parking lot three times in under a second, before bouncing off a building and getting launched so high up into the air, he ends up out of the game's skybox and can't get back down.
  • Near the end of the first episode of Sips & Sjin's Let's Play of Dead Island, Sjin KO's Sips with a beach ball... and then he respawns, completely confused, in the middle of a porno set!
  • For April Fool's Day, Rythian pretended to be Nilesy. This includes singing his own version of Nilesy's outro song.
  • Speaking of Nilesy and April Fool's Day, the real Nilesy uploaded a two-minute long video of himself playing Minesweeper. He also said, jokingly, that he'd make more Minesweeper videos if he got 10,000 likes on it. And then his fans decided to drive him completely insane...
    • He ended up releasing one of the videos as his 500k Subscriber Special. This time, with a facecam! Except, this time Nilesy isn't playing Minesweeper. His cat Lyndon is playing Minesweeper! And he is very good at it. And has a Badass Baritone too!
  • Zoey and Nilesy's Let's Play of Cry of Fear is nothing short of hilarious. Especially the Magikarp incident.
  • Sjin's terrible French accent makes Rythian cry (with laughter).
  • Roughly the entire first ten minutes of Rythian's playthrough of Folk Tale and his great enthusiasm for the production of toast.
    Rythian: I am quite into the idea of building a society where toast is available to everyone. I believe this is a goal... Everyone should have access to toast. It's an inalienable right.
    • Toastington Is a land of free spirits.
      Rythian: You can do whatever you want... within reason, obviously, we don't want this to become... well, you know. If you don't know, ask your parents. They'll know.
  • Civ 5 Challenge. As the game goes on, people get gradually more annoyed as Sjin's fake religion, Sjintoism, starts spreading and they cannot stop it. Sjin then asks "If I'm focusing on religion, should I avoid researching education?". Lewis, seemingly aware of the backdraft that is due to follow that comment, just mutters "Jesus Christ".
    • Episode 15. Sips pays Duncan gold to start terrorising other people on his behalf. Then after this, Lewis rushes Duncan with heavily armed infantry, taking one of his cities. Then Duncan tries betraying Rythian... which fails badly after Rythian's Gatling Good utterly annihilates his troops. Duncan then uses his surviving troops to raze Rythian's structures when it becomes apparent that he can't outright take his cities. All in all, a brilliant episode.
    • In the first episode of the third Civ 5 Challenge, Rythian manages to lose a settler on the first 5 turns. He was playing as Venice, and he didn't spawn on the coast so he searched to look for it and lose it's settler by a barbarian unit. He recovers, but he loses it yet again. The game restarted on the 2nd episode and he's been doing pretty good as Venice. Still, lose a settler right in the beggining?!
    • The start of the fifth Civ 5 challenge, Lewis decides to go random on who he's playing and, to mix it up, declares that he isn't going to tell anyone who he's playing as until they meet him in-game. He makes it about half a second before blurting out to everyone that he's Rome.
  • Speaking of horror games, Parv playing Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Upon finding the first creepy pig mask, he exclaims "Piggu!"
  • Rythian, while showing off the new area Timeless Isle in the 5.4 World of Warcraft expansion, trolls an entire Alliance raid group by going Leeroy Jenkins on a raid boss, getting most of them killed.
  • Sips and Strippin's Saint's Row IV characters.
  • Lyndon does not appreciate all this photography.
  • The world is not ready for the love between Zoey and her Stylus.
  • Too Spooky For Zoey week. Just... all of it. But especially this.
  • Videogame editors are fairly easily distracted. Apparently this is how Ridgedog acts pretty much every day.
  • Speaking of horses, Ridge's adventures in Starbound. He parades around with a horse mask ruthlessly slaughtering the residents of a castle, all while "singing" with a mismatched microphone.
  • YogsClash Divekick: Trott creates an odd rotation/elimination system for the five people playing that somehow results in the final round being Sjin vs Sjin, which the others just go with.

  • The charity Christmas 2011 and New Year's 2012 livestreams. They were quite popular, introduced the rest of the members of the Yogscast, and consequently got those members their own YouTube channels.
    • Sips gets starstruck when TotalBiscuit stops by during their EDF Insect Armaggedon 2012 game to see how the charity was doing.
      • Gets a Call-Back two years later when TB joins Sips on the livestream for a game of Worms.
    • In Open TTD, Lalna accidentally messes up his train tracks and kills a few people. Lewis kindly expresses his sympathies by drawing up a big LOL beside the wreckage.
  • The entirety of the Christmas 2012 charity livestream. Highlights include:
    • Lewis and Simon setting up the livestream. They don't get anything done, but they manage to enlarge Lewis' head to 10 times its original size, set up a shrine involving a creeper head and a chicken and play smooth jazz. Take a look for yourself.
    • Sparkles* getting utterly drunk.
    • The misadventures of "Drunkan" and his gin rage! on the second day of the livestream.
    • Martyn, Strippin and Sparkles* singing "Screw the Nether" after their voices were destroyed from five hours of streaming. The result is utterly hilarious.
    • All of Nilesy's "Protessional Strem" (sic). Not only does he perform a "rap" for everybody who donated over £100, but one Yognaught goes the extra mile and donates £1000, leading to Nilesy singing Cara Mia from Portal 2.
    • Sjin shows off his singing—his terrible singing.
    • The last hour of the Drunkcast, December 15. "Protessional" isn't even close to describing it. After one terrible cat video after another, Hannah finally gets on Vent and tells Simon and Lewis both off. Lewis' immediate reaction is to try and mute her.
    • Strippin, Martyn, Sparkles* and Parv playing Just Dance.
      • Repeated again on the 21st, leading to an impromptu performance of Gangnam Style.
    • Rythian turning into a Memetic Molester during his stream.
  • After having hit their 100,000 pound target in their fundraising, we have Lewis in a bee costume. A bee costume meant for women. That is all.
  • The Ridgearound.
  • Rythian and Zoey's New Year's Eve Portal 2 Adventure. Drunken puzzle-solving featuring the Dark Lord Teep and insights like "That thing that you just did reminded me of that thing you do."
    Rythian: "It says 'don't shout hello until you're across the river.' Okay? Do you get it, do you know why you don't shout hello until you're across the river?"
    Zoey: "But what if the river's greeting you? It'd be rude to just ignore it. Like, if the river's just like "'sup, man" and you don't talk to him until you've gone."
  • Ridge makes the kitties dance through his head.
  • Martyn's highlights from his Grand Theft Auto V stream, in which he finds an inventive way to hide from cops, uses So Totally Toby's icon as a censor bar, tries to punch sharks, narrates a foreign film, tries to barrel roll into a pool, and orders an automobile sandwich.
  • The 2013 Christmas Livestreams have just started, and they're already drinking and playing 'Jingle Cats'. They also start a running gag that Parv is dead, which, by the 10th day, he is still having to deal with.
    • The entire G Mod elevator ride.
    • A case that overlaps with Moment of Awesome. The team say that they will play the much-reviled Ashes Cricket 2013 (a game that was so atrociously programmed that it was recalled) if the fans push their donations up to $100,000. The moment happens... and the gang realise the hell they've put themselves through as the mechanics frustrate them.
  • In the second day of the Dairy Drive, Strippin and Sparkles* start playing Left 4 Dead and, owing to Sparkles' Leeroy Jenkins tendencies, start doing horribly. Later, they get dozens of messages with donators trying to get them to call people they know dicks, causing the pair to give a Take That, Audience!.
    • Sparkles* and Strippin trying protein cookies, and promptly struggling to keep them down.
  • Hannah, Kim, and Simon are all forced into animal jumpers.
  • Sips and Sjin play some SimCity. Sjin uses the curvy road tool to write out "sips sucks". He then attempts to write "sjin rules" but he gets distracted in the middle of it so for a while it says "sips sucks sjin". Despite the odd roads, the city has a decent start. Lewis later takes over for Sjin and switches the names. Sjin takes a while to notice - Lewis and Duncan have a hard time not cracking up.
  • The trailer for the Dream Team Stream. Among other things, it has Martyn and Kaeyi dancing, only for Martyn to literally drop Kaeyi to rush to the stream.
    • Minty literally running to Yogtowers to join the gang for Just Dance.
  • Strippin and Ali play a bit of Grand Theft Auto V. It very quickly degenerates into a bloodbath, with planes randomly spawning and disappearing (if they aren't being crashed into buildings), the two being gunned down by a jerkass troll called Raptor_Dreams, and even airstrikes in the city centre.
  • Simon does not hit space. Simon fails at moon.
  • How does Zoey's 'A Very Pro-As-Heck Christmas' stream start? With Jaraxxus performing Thriller and under the impression that it's still Halloween.
  • This Two Word Song Improv, ending with the "RIP Parv" meme.
  • Anything involving onesies.
    • Kim becoming "Pandrew", later followed by owl!Hannah and cow!Simon.
    • Hat Films take suggestions from the fans as to what they should wear, with Trott reading donations in the studio while Ross and Smiffy film themselves in the store shopping. The end results are Trott as a penguin, Ross as Where's Wally?, and Smith as Woody.
    • Culminating in Hat Films' improv song The Onesie Anthem. Warning: extremely not safe for work/anywhere near adult relatives or small children, as it contains multiple references to a certain part of the male anatomy.
  • With the beginning of the 2014 livestreams, the messages on Day 1 start off with a test message from Turps or 'Mr. Testicles'. The second one read out is from Kim Jong Un. Lewis reads it and puts on an accent that would make the South Park guys cringe.
    Lewis: Rerry good. Ma favrite strem in da RK.
    • By the way, the first stream was named "Lewis and Simon watch Jingle Cats".
  • Hannah has Simon and Kim open some presents with her on stream. One of them is a giant flying pig hat. The pig hat becomes a reoccurring guest star in the next few streams.
  • Hat Films try to play a Dungeons & Dragons campaign...and fail miserably because they don't know how to play and they keep goofing off. Luckily, they do some research before their next stream and are able to finish it properly.
    • Also in the first stream they jam out with added autotune and trippy effects provided by Sam the tech guy. This results in an okay rendition of "Diggy Diggy Hole" and an absolutely atrocious version of "Shi No Barado".
  • Civ 5: Lewis gets completely wasted and rants about Datlof. Whilst wearing the pig hat. (Datlof was his country in the game, named after a donator.)
  • The guys play TTT on Day 6, and at one point Simon ends up as the traitor. At one point he hears beeping from C4 and then seems to forget it, only remembering when he stumbles across it, at which point he screams for everyone to run out the house. It doesn't work, and in the process he gets several people killed, both innocent and treacherous.
    • Simon encounter Sjin and makes him spell innocent backwards (a good way of routing out traitors, since they can't easily see the word):
    Sjin: TN-oh fuck this. *shoots Simon in the head*
  • Kim and Hannah make Simon play Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and PT. It's especially fun to watch them egg him on in PT, because they've played it before and know what's going to happen and what you need to do to trigger things while he has no idea.
  • Turps + Hat Films + Hannah do some karaoke. It is amazing. (They couldn't put the stream up themselves because of copyright issues, but fans recorded it so you can probably find it if you search.)
    • When they've reached a certain goal, Sjin comes out and sings "Let It Go". While dressed up as Elsa.


  • And now it's time for Simon's Tweets!
    @Simon Honeydew: Is it me or do types of ship sound just a little bit gay? Scout, Cruiser, Tug, Escort, Destroyer, Pocket Battleship! Pocket Battleship!!!
    @Simon Honeydew: I've played Pocket Billiards and Pocket Connect 4 before, but never ever Pocket Battleship
    @Simon Honeydew: So let me get this straight, ships are manned by 'seamen' and when a torpedo makes contact they 'go down' (imagine i'm doing 'air quotes')
    @Simon Honeydew: Best/Worst superhero power ever: being like Magneto, but instead of with metal, it's with jaffa cakes
  • Their entire appearance on The Shaft.
    • This gem, when they're talking about Herobrine.
    Simon: Did you ask him [Notch] if he has a dead brother?
    Brent: Yes, we did ask him, and no, he doesn't have a brother.
    Simon: Yeah, well, not anymore he doesn't.
  • Simon meets Dodger and Jesse Cox. Hilarity ensues.
  • A standard email chain at YogTowers.
  • The two 2014 charity drive singles. Lewis said that there was going to be one normal-ish one and one weird one. The first was a "We Are the World"-type parody, "Does Santa Claus...?", where they sang of the plight of zombie pigman kids in the nether in Minecraft at Christmas time. With everyone (except Simon and Turps) wearing onesies. That wasn't the weird one. That distinction belonged to their second release, a song about Simon's snowman friend called "Carrot For a Cock". There's also a "censored" version, which just has Simon singing "Nose" dubbed over the offending word... without changing the context or any other rude words.
  • After Turps and Lewis went off for a week's holiday, they joked as to who was in charge. Cue Oh, Crap! from the fandom.