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Trivia: Yogscast
  • Trivia from the Minecraft series
  • Trivia specific to Sips

  • Defictionalization: It was a running joke for a while that the Yogscast were based in an office called Yog Towers. They've since gotten an actual office, which they've taken to calling Yog Towers.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • A lot due to infinite cases of Alcohol-Induced Idiocy.
      • Duncan picked up the nickname Druncan (also spelled Drunkan) during the 2012 livestream.
      • Nearly everyone has a 'gin rage' related nickname actually. Sparkles* admitted to being called Drinkles (owing to him coming in to part of the livestream extremely drunk) and during the 27th Dec livestream, they thought up Brewis Ginly for Lewis. Strippin is Sippin, Simon is Honeybrew, Sjin is Tsjipsy, Zoey has her fake last name changed to Drunkasheck, Martyn becomes Martyni (even though that isn't what he drinks) and so on.
  • Fandom Nickname: Fans of the Yogs are called "Yognauts", although the spelling of the term varies.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Despite being a general gaming channel, the Yogscast are almost universally known as the Minecraft channel note : Notch, the creator of Minecraft, frequently tweets about the Yogscast's Minecraft videos, and at GamesCon 2011 they officially represented Minecraft. Simon even got to wear Notch's hat!
    • They've also gotten to play competitive Team Fortress 2 matches with Notch for charity.
  • Schedule Slip: In regards to Simon and Lewis' Magicka co-op with TotalBiscuit; the three had increasingly busy schedules starting after Part 8, and Part 14, a 40+ minute episode, had audio issues that TotalBiscuit still hadn't edited out yet when it was finally released two months after recording.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Duncan and Sjin managed to sneak into Sherlock as extras, but the scene they were in was cut out.
    • The gang did have a game in development called Yogventures, but production eventually fell through.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here. The Wiki is just as informal as TV Tropes, fittingly enough.

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