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  • Author's Saving Throw: After complaints that the editing for the March 2015 edition of Trouble In Terrorist Town was too absurd, off-the-walls and generic, the videos that followed later combined the editing of both that series and prior episodes, making them seem more fresh and less over-the-top.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Any change in the lineup for Garry's Mod has been extremely controversial, although for some bizarre reason In The Little Wood's involvement became a particular point of contention, creating a divide on many levels. Some fans like him and don't mind that he's in, others like him but wish that Sips took his place. Then there's his skill- having someone new is amusing, refreshing or frustrating, particularly when he fails to notice the murderer sneaking past him and gets everyone shanked.
    • Whenever Kim Richards gets to costar in any series, the comment section will inevitably devolve into an argument between those that don't want her to collaborate (in no small part because of irrational hatred and double standards on the hatedom's behalf) and those that do. That isn't even getting into the more racist Yognaughts.
    • Turpster is an odd case. His own channel, with behind the scenes content of the Yogscast, is relatively popular, but on other channels he quickly comes a divisive figure. This is in part because of his tendency to shout a lot when panicked, his breaking the rules for games such as Garry's Mod on an irregular basis and his being on a few channels semi-regularly, such as with Hat Films, Sips and so on.
    • Simon is starting to become this. While there are plenty of fans that still like him, his conduct online and behaviour has earned a fair degree of flak, particularly his flipping out at TotalBiscuit and calling him a "crying pissbaby", then rudely insulting the Yogscast subreddit when called out on it. Some are still willing to watch and forgive him, others have chosen to unsubscribe from his Twitter and the main channel since they consider his behaviour the last straw. His absence due to illness has caused a similar divide; while fans unanimously want him to get better, others are worried his eventual return will cause the varied content on the main channel to drop.
  • Broken Base:
    • Between Minecraft fans and fans of the Yogscast in general. Before the Fan Dumb part on the Yogscast Minecraft Series page was removed, it made around a sixth of the article.
    • The Minecon 2011 Clusterfuck is an example of just how bad a slight misunderstanding and some twittering can snowball into an enormous Broken Base. Seems to have all blown over now, though.
    • The whole argument with Gamechap and Bertie towards the end of 2013, in no small part owing to content that some viewers (mainly women and to a lesser extent ethnic minorities) deemed unacceptable.
    • As with a few Let's Play videos of Trouble In Terrorist Town, their behaviour, while funny and not quite as bad as some other gamers, is somewhat divisive. While cases of RDM are fewer and further between in comparison, there are a few blatant moments, and they end up ghosting a few times. Some fans don't care and find it funny, others are a bit more stern note . This is also the case with Murder! since the gang tend to RDM a few times and also ghost, although to their credit the players do call each other out on this in both games.
    • The new "Conquest" channel has a bit of a mixed reception. Some view it as them selling out, some are fine with it being done and think it's a breath of fresh air, while pointing out that there have been sponsored videos in the past. A third group don't mind either way. Its being family friendly has mostly gone down more or less without a fuss.
    • The Tumblr blog ProblematicYogscast has been a source of contention by fans of all stripes and even some of the Yogscast itself. And best to leave it there.
    • The Yogventures debacle, especially among the people who donated to the Kickstarter who likely won't see their money come to anything thanks to the funds disappearing, is a sore topic.
    • The charity "Mind" withdrawing from the 2014 Christmas livestreams caused a bit of contention. While most are understanding and respectful of the decision (and the Yogscast have encouraged anyone wishing to donate to them to do so independently), there is debate as to whether or not Mind were doing the right or smart thing.
    • The Yogscast reading shipping fics on the livestream earned Dude, Not Funny! reactions from the fanfiction community, whereas those not in favour of real person shipping are less sympathetic.
    • The editing for the March 2015 series of TTT was fairly divisive. Some felt it was a refreshing change, others felt it was too over the top and generic. One thing people can agree on is that the editors did a fantastic job.
    • The editing for the April 2015 series has also divided fans. While agreed to be an improvement, some fans think the transitions between rounds are too fast and it takes away the post-match banter.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • Simon's comment after spilling his cup of tea in "Ampu-Tea":
    Simon: "Now I know how the Americans felt on 9/11."
    • An episode of Garry's Mod had Simon, Lewis and co spawn in the Twin Towers and then make similar jokes, so much so that the group banned comments because of how many times they crossed the line.
    • In the same vein still; During a Minecraft plane mod, Lewis almost crashes into two large block towers, prompting Simon to say "You nearly recreated 9/11 there".
    • Murder essentially runs on this. In this episode alone, there's jokes about Stephen Hawking being a murderer with the same monotonous voice complete with a perfect impression from Trott, jokes about children, pretty much everything under the sun.
    • During Episode 5 of Prop Hunt, Lewis spots two dead bodies in a pool, asking what happened. Sjin snarks that it's like Michael Barrymore's house. Everyone present responds with disgusted laughter.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: The Yogscast got some flack from the fanfiction community after reading out some shipping fics without the permission of the authors. While the fanfic community mostly understands that certain members are not comfortable with it (and thus do not put it in the main tag on Tumblr), it still rubbed people up the wrong way.
  • Ear Worm:
    • The opening to their older videos, such as their World of Warcraft videos.
    • Nilesy's outro song. This is my outro song, so that the vid doesn't end too suddenly...
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • While every Yogscast video maker is someone's favourite, quite a few of the non-video makers are relatively popular too, such as Sam Gibbs the sound engineer, who got a lot of love in the 2013 livestream for doing a good job, being good at games and playing guitar well. He could also be one hell of a troll when he wanted to, particularly towards Parv.
    • Will, page found here, has also picked up a lot of fans in a very short space of time, owing to his competence at Minecraft, decent tutorials that got to the point, and his awesomely deep voice.
    • Despite not actually being a video maker at the time of writing and working mostly as a producer, Tom aka "Angor" has a fair number of fans. This is due to his being a total badass at Trouble In Terrorist Town, being a deadpan guy and having a laid-back attitude. Taking Ridge's place as the referee for "Lucky Walls" can't have hurt either.
  • Fandom Rivalry:
    • While Game Chap and the Yogscast used to get on really well, the former insulting the Yogscast and their fans on Reddit was enough to get them kicked out. Since then, mention one of them on the other's forum and you'll be met with scorn (or, in the case of the former, a ban).
    • Total Biscuit has criticized them a few times, which does lead to some disagreements between the fandoms, although they still generally get along. Plenty of fans still like both and have said that seeing them argue is like watching their parents have a fight. Fans of Simon and TB are particularly vitriolic, in part due to Simon's downright rude behaviour towards TB, though it still hasn't stopped overlap.
  • Forced Meme: "The horse is lovely!" note 
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • With Jesse Cox, since Simon and he get on like a house on fire. Jesse has been jokingly nicknamed "American Simon" by the fandom(s).
    • Fans of The Cynical Brit and the Yogs also get along quite well, although their Minecraft series is a slightly different matter and TB has fallen out with Simon, making this a sort of halfway case.
    • In spite of members of both fandoms sniping back and forth at each other, fans of Achievement Hunter and the Yogs mostly get along well, or at least enough to co-exist peacefully. Simon and Lewis both follow Gavin Free, who follows Simon back, plus there's a good deal of fans who like both.
    • Before Hat Films actually joined the Yogs, they got on with each other rather well, as did their fandoms. When it was announced that they would join, both fandoms (mostly) rejoiced.
    • Formerly with Game Chap, since they used to be thick as thieves, although after they were kicked out the Yogscast it turned into a Fandom Rivalry.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Lewis and Simon have their moments. Especially in MMORPG games where they are playing opposite sexes, like in Mists of Pandaria when Simon yelled at Lewis to take his clothes off (to show that the female pandas now had underwear), or in Archage where they were going to build a home together and raise cubs.

      It should be noted that the origin of the Simon and Lewis team originated from Simon being in Lewis's World of Warcraft guild as a female character, and Lewis attempting to... "win Honeydew's favor". Of course, while Lewis was initially disappointed by The Reveal, he got along with Simon anyway once he realized how funny he was.
    • Simon and BRIAN BLESSED here.
    • Not to mention Simon kissing Lewis when he cuts his lip. Please note Hannah's complete lack of reaction.
    • Lewis randomly gives Duncan a kiss.
      • Lewis has randomly kissed the other guys more than once.
    • Sjin. No matter who he's working with—whether it's Sips, Lewis, Simon, or Nilesy—he always manages to throw in some Ho Yay / Faux Yay.
    • When Martyn and Strippin play mini-golf, Strippin has an... interesting way of distracting his opponent.
      • Speaking of Strippin and competitors, he also managed to kiss Alsmiffy on the nose before the burger challenge (which they spoon each other afterwards in agony).
  • Internet Backdraft:
    • Someone reported the main channel for being under 13. Somebody on YouTube immediately banned the channel, wiping all two thousand videos, causing this trope in SPADES.
    • The whole Gamechap and Bertie argument also fell into this, though admittedly Gamechap fanning the flames by calling the users of their subreddit idiots wasn't a smart move.
    • The fandom has been stupidly vocal in terms of how they think In The Little Wood replaced Sips for Garry's Mod, irrationally spamming hate comments. Overlaps with Critical Research Failure, since there's no proof that he necessarily replaced Sips and fewer people complained that Hannah Rutherford wasn't in it.
    • Fans got particularly angry on many things during the first half of 2013 and irrationally spammed hate comments, eventually getting comments banned for two months- naturally, the forums had a field day with this. This video explains some of the comments that were responsible.
    • A fan's ridiculously petty, badly thought-through campaign to try and get Kim fired led to a further backdraft against Kim, followed by a much bigger counter-backdraft from supportive fans.
    • Simon's rudely calling TotalBiscuit a "crying pissbaby" and then insulting the Yogscast subreddit when they called him out caused a shitstorm. Surprisingly, it wasn't just fans of TB that called Simon out, but also Yognaughts, leading to many unfollowing Simon on Twitter and unsubscribing from the main channel.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Sips and Lewis towards the end of the second playthrough of Civilization 5: Brave New World. The former pays a weaker adversary to turn on Rythian, ensuring that the weaker adversary will be wiped out after doing as much damage to Rythian as possible, and the latter eventually invests his time in enough technology to curbstomp everybody in the world.
    • Sips and Lewis manage to pull this trope off again in this episode of Trouble In Terrorist Town, with Sips misleading Hat Films into trusting him and waiting for Lewis to attack. When they come under fire, Sips finishes off his teammates, winning the traitors the round.
  • Memetic Badass: Most of the members get this, but Strippin takes the cake owing to his well-built physique and his real-life strength. Turpster at one point refers to him as the strongest man in Yogtowers.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "LOOKS FUCKING SHIT" and variations after an infamous Yogtrailers video where Simon yelled it out at the beginning of a trailer to lampshade how the Yogscast just tear apart trailers.
    • "Dear Yogscast, my (insert age of child here) son/daughter saw you swearing in their video and they (insert extreme overreaction), please (insert disproportionate reaction here)". Has led to several variations such as "thanks for making my autistic child chat with other people" and "thanks for teaching them swearing so I don't have to".
    • "RIP Parv" promptly became a meme after Simon and Lewis started pretending he was dead on a livestream. It became a Running Gag throughout the rest of December 2013. The chat mods tried making it a Discredited Meme, but the fans and the Yogscast no less were having none of it, and therefore it kept going.
    • "EAT SHIT" for their Garry's Mod videos, since Ross from Hat Films uses it as his Pre Ass Kicking One Liner. Similarly, "IT'S NOT ME!" became a popular catchphrase for Trouble In Terrorist Town.
  • Mis-blamed:
    • In this video in Trouble In Terrorist Town, Lewis is accused of ghosting by both fans and his friends. In reality, there was barely a second between death and him shouting out, and he did start yelling as he was dying; he points this out, and while the others do accuse him of milking the Big "NO!", they drop it after this.
    • The younger Yogscast fans tend to get the flack for most of the... irrational behaviour in the comments section, with some older fans claiming that they make up 95% of the fanbase and have thus ruined the community forever. This is not true.
  • Never Live It Down: Yogventures and the ensuing debacle when two thirds of the funds went missing.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Despite their jokes, some of the stories they tell during Halloween Spack-2-cular are actually pretty creepy.
    • Whenever Ross gets the knife and goes on a hammy rampage, shouting "EAT SHIT" over and over again. It's funny, but the fact that he does it with no warning is sometimes a little scary, and when he really shouts it can be more terrifying than funny.
    • Simon's first round in Murder is to go around screaming at the top of his lungs, knife out and trying to murder everyone. He then gets killed easily when someone gets him in their sights and shoots. In a later round he becomes the murderer again and embraces Drunk on the Dark Side, with a good dose of Evil Is Hammy. It's done with almost no warning, which makes it terrifying as well as funny.
    • The "Eat of my pie" scene of Yogsquest episode 9. "Join us. Join us." (Slasher Smile.)
    • Speaking of Yogsquest, the second season, Goons of The Galaxy's Big Bad, The Goroloth.
    • The introduction to the Slender gametype in Gmod. The same, cheerful music starts, then starts slowing down rapidly as a horrifying noise plays, the text starts stretching and then the noise of a camera failing is heard. Fittingly enough, this was for Halloween.
  • Older Than They Think:
    • A good chunk of complaints about the new "Conquest" channel are related to the videos being sponsored, or at least offering the chance for players to win a Playstation 4. Weirdly enough, there were very few complaints when it came to their Heroes and Generals skits, or their Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare short, both of which were filmed and released long before the "Conquest" channel was even launched.
    • Many of the complaints about "Carrot for a Cock" are that it is too dirty and that the Yogscast have supposedly reached a new low. However, many of the so called "die hard" fans in question fail to remember the equally vulgar "Elephant Having a Wank", the relatively sexual "Arthas Baby" and the infamous rant from Lewis threatening to shove oil up his arse in Galacticraft.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Quite a few things happen every now and then, owing to the overlapping between channels. One of the funniest examples would have to be Sparkles* stumbling in for a livestream that he obviously wasn't intended to be in, while completely drunk, so much so that he has to be taken home after only one minute. One minute, and yet he managed to easily be one of the funniest things there- at least, before everybody ''else'' got drunk.
  • Rewatch Bonus: In the Magicka Let's Play with Total Biscuit, whenever Simon gets a staff that has a use, he sets it off constantly for no reason. At first you assume it's just one of the ways he's trolling the other two, but Lewis realizes very late into the game that the default keybind for it is the middle mouse button, which Simon uses as his Vent push-to-talk key. Every time he does it actually is an honest accident.
  • Seasonal Rot: The season of TTT that started in March 2015 has had a much more mixed reception when compared to the previous episodes. The more montage-style editing, the slightly off-the-walls humour, loud music and the presentation were mostly seen as unwelcome changes, and while fans agreed change was necessary it was more polarising. This was changed by Episode Three, which went for a more relaxed editing style that combined the best of both, toned down the more bizarre humour, quietened the music and gave the players a chance to shine.
  • “Stop Having Fun” Guys:
    • Lewis and Simon prefer to screw around in games rather than really play them, which stirs up some anger in fans who feel they don't show off the game very well. Some good examples are every time they cheat in a Minecraft adventure map, or the time they previewed DayZ (a slow-paced survival game) on a private server in which they were given guns and a sniper escort when they joined (turning it into a "wander around and occasionally shoot a zombie" game).
    • See Broken Base regarding Garry's Mod, and also look at Mis-blamed.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Overlapping with Yogscast Minecraft Series, the Yogscast has received quite a few complaints about how the channel is not family-friendly, with profanity being the most common complaint. This overlaps with Critical Research Failure, since almost nobody in the group aims to in the first place. The only exceptions would be Zoey and Martyn to an extent, as well as the new Conquest channel, which was partially made so they could have a strictly family-friendly channel.
  • Win Back the Crowd: After complaints that content on Lewis and Simon's channel was getting a bit stale in early 2015, a bit of change was required after Simon fell ill. The resulting content, such as Lucky Blocks, Lucky Walls and the increased presence of more minor Yogscast members is agreed to have been a massive improvement, to the point that some fans are worried it will change again when Simon returns.