Awesome / Yogscast


Charity Livestreams

  • Raising over £240,000 for charity with their 2012 Christmas livestream.
  • Their 2013 Christmas Dwarven Dairy Drive raised over $100,000 (£60,900) in their first day. This makes the moment count for both the fans and the Yogs.
  • On the 3rd day of the 2013 livestream, Hannah, Kim, and Simon (with Sparkles* giving hints) manage to play through all of Slender: The Arrival. Apparently it's the first time anyone has finished a game on a livestream.
  • Kaeyi pretty much owns anyone who challenges her at Just Dance, the only one coming close to beating her being Strippin.
  • On the 10th December, 2013, the Yogscast reached $397,311. That's the equivalent of £241,000, and they're only on Day 10. Holy crap.
  • Day 14's total: 500,000 by streams end. Fuck yeah!!
  • In 27 days, the Yogscast has raised over $1,000,000 for charity, smashing their end of December goal of $500,000. One. Million. Dollars. Well done, everyone.
  • From the Dwarven Jingle Jam:
    • They raised $100,000 on the first day alone.
    • After a decent start to the 2014 streams, day 4 doesn't look good, with the stream constantly cutting out and not allowing Hannah, Simon and Kim to do their work. Cue Nilesy jumping in to take over and carry the stream for them. Bonus points for also managing to raise $12,000 in five minutes purely by motivating the viewers to each donate just $1.
    • By the end of day 6, the Yogscast have raised $300,000.
    • It was a close run and they technically went into the New Year, but they managed to raise $1.1 million dollars. It might not have been as quickly as before, but they still beat their previous record.

Garry's Mod

  • During this episode of Trouble In Terrorist Town, Sips becomes the traitor and manages to successfully kill everybody- not by manipulation, since he's discovered very early on, but with a good hiding place and some decent firepower. He first kills Simon randomly, then retreats into a cabin and forces the others to enter piecemeal with some tripwires, at which point he guns down everyone but Smiffy. Smiffy then charges him and nearly brings him down... only for Sips to pull out a jihad bomb.
  • In this episode of Murder!, Trott manages to win the round for the survivors after Smiffy murders a couple of survivors... by using one of them as a distraction and managing to not be killed by hiding further down the same cupboard. He then grabs the gun, waits patiently for Smiffy to emerge and wastes him. Points for both sheer audacity and resourcefulness.
  • Tom, aka Angor, makes his debut in TTT by successfully murdering an innocent, making the others believe that someone else did it and then finishing everyone off. This more or less cemented him as an Ensemble Darkhorse in a matter of minutes.
  • In "Clutch", Trott manages to take out the final traitor by shooting him the head almost effortlessly at point blank range, with a sniper rifle.