Trivia: Hat Films

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  • Approval of God:
  • Artist Disillusionment: Downplayed. Ross and Smiffy have criticised fans that treat Trott the way that they do at conventions (swearing at him and insulting him), but are seemingly aware that fans aren't doing it out of spite and are copying the behaviour they see onscreen.
  • Big Name Fan:
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Trottimus has a bit of a love/hate relationship with his Minecraft walrus skin; the walrus has become a beloved Mascot amongst their fans, the "Hatters", but Trott has admitted in several episodes that he's tired of being compared to the animal.
    • Within days (or episodes) of creating Colin the annoying journalist, Trott went on to declare him the most annoying thing he'd ever devised for their videos.
  • Fake American: Turps pretends to be American in the trio's "Stunt Lad Show", since he's playing an agent.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Fans of Hatventures and members of their Minecraft server have more or less embraced their given title "Hatters". Those who are fans of the trio, plus Sips and Turpster, have identified as "dick rippers".
  • Fan Nickname: Any time they team up with Sips (and Turps), someone in the comments will refer to the group as "Team SHAT(T)" or some variation thereupon.
  • He Also Did: Smiffy's past as a member of a bluegrass band was initially something of a surprise.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: For Stunt Lad Show, Turpster is the trio's manager.
  • Mean Character Nice Actor: Despite playing somewhat immoral Corrupt Corporate Executives that harass the rest of the Yogscast in Minecraft, among other things, the Sirs are all good friends in real life and get on with the rest of the network very well. Smiffy in particular tends to play the Token Evil Teammate, but is as friendly as the others offscreen.
  • Old Shame: The Sirs are loathe to admit that there used to be four members of Hat Films originally, hence the name HAAT Films. Whereas Smith later replaced Nathan Asheman after he left (who the group are on good terms with and talk about positively), there is another unnamed member that they don't talk about. Given the fact that the anonymous person was inspiration for the "Director Trott" video, it seems that they had a bad falling out.
  • The Pete Best: Only the more hardcore fans remember Nathan Asheman, Trott and Ross' friend at university. He appeared for most of their initial sketches, but then left in early 2011 to be replaced by Smiffy. There was also another unnamed member of HAAT Films, hence the four letters, but he never appeared and was seemingly thrown out, causing the acronym to be shortened.
  • Schedule Slip: Another Minecraft series called Minecraft Origins was supposed to be in production and the trio were also accepting applications from viewers who wished to try their hand in building for the series or voice acting for other characters. The idea was proposed in February 2012, but due to various events, such as the group recording other games and moving in together in a new apartment, Origins was put on hold. They officially announced it as cancelled in January 2015.
  • Why The Fandom Cant Have Nice Things: Trott's real-life girlfriend Katie used to enable anonymous asks on her Tumblr. As of June 2015, however, this is no longer the case. Due to Tumblr user "lukadarkwater" inadvertently answering a question about Trott and the others in swimsuits, Katie commented that she wasn't pleased with this, This led to people calling Luka a piece of shit, which Katie didn't approve of, and her eventually clarifying she wasn't happy with strangers sexualising someone she knew personally. The anon asks feature was then abused to critique her and call her unreasonable, leading to the option being pulled.