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Heartwarming: HAT Films
  • In Hat Chat Episode 10, during the funny news section Trottimus brings up an article about a town who had an emergency protocol should Santa's sleigh crash there. Instead of laughter, Ross replies with calm interest asking how the plan went and remarking on its importance before, smoothly, adding in "and I'd just like to point out to you that children might listen to this, and might be the idea of Santa crashing." This literally changes Trottimus's joke mid-sentence from being how absurd the whole premise of the article was to being about how unlikely it was Santa would crash in just that one specific town, and how all towns should probably have an emergency protocol like this.
  • When Hat Films were announced as the newest members of the Yogscast, live on stage, they were greeted with enthusiastic cheers and applause. You can't possibly have a nicer welcome than that.
  • While the Sirs do constantly take the mick out of each other, their various vlogs, such as birthday and Christmas vlogs, remind us that they are the best of friends. Even if they have an odd way of showing it.
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