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  • The whole end of Skylands Episode 7, when the boys are blowing up the Rustic Sky dungeon and are pretending that they're corresponding via very scratchy-sounding walkie talkies, is just comedy gold.
    "Abort, abort, kkkrrrrch there's a baby on the redstone, kkrch I repeat, a f*cking baby."
    "Kkkkrrch there are cows everywhere! Kkrch-chh"
    "Don't do it, my baby's in there! Kkrch"
    "F*ck it, I'm sorry sir, your baby's gonna die kkkrch over."
    "There's a pig on there! Kkkrch"
    • And later:
    "Kkrch it's ready to go, kkkrch. Wait are there any babies down there?"
    "Plenty of babies, kkkrch. This place is loaded with babies, kkkrch."
    "I do not authorize this pkkrrch"
  • In the outtakes of Filfy Animals: Fowl Play, Simon Lane screams an extremely over the top manner after Geoff's attack.
  • Episode 5 of their second XBLA Minecraft playthrough: Ross accidentally sets their house on fire with a bucket of lava, and traps them all inside as they constantly respawn. You probably saw it coming too.
  • The end of From Ashes. Trott starts in the army base with no one in sight. He looks for the others outside and sees them on top of a mountain in the distance. Ross and Alsmiffy enter and pilot a helicopter over the island that killed the trio so much. They blow the entire island up. With Trott still on it.
  • In The Walls 3: Aztec, the trio decide to build a tower to provide themselves a sniping position, and extend it outwards while they wait. While this does ensure their victory, from the perspective of the other groups, they're unknowingly building a giant penis in the sky, much to their amusement.
  • Smiffy discovered a certain something in episode #68 of Feed the Beast. After looking through the item list for "nuclear" related stuff, he found the recipe for a nuke. He immediately starts trying to assemble it... While lying through his teeth to the others who started asking what all this stuff he's asking for is about. The issue here is that whoever was handling the video editing noticed that Smiffy found the nuke schematic, and zoomed on his screen while playing foreboding music.
  • In their Feed The Beast playthrough, Smiffy manages to kill Trott's beloved demon-ostrich, Eric, prompting Trott to call for a montage sequence to mourn its passing (like what was done the previous time Smiffy killed one of his pets in-game). Cue a full music video parody of "Want You Back (For Good)" about the ostrich and Smiffy's joy at finally killing him.
  • In episode #41 of Skyblock with Sips, Ross uses the new mob grinder for items and XP, and accidentally kills Trott as he walks past. Sips begins to ridicule Ross for his traitorous and reckless actions, only to accidentally kill Alsmiffy with an arrow immediately afterwards.
  • The Hat Corp series delivers a good one when the Sirs put Ross, who is a bit of a klutz when it comes to heights and lava, on the job of putting their company's huge sign up high in the air and filling a drum full of lava with a bucket. Ross keeps falling off of the sign while hilariously screaming, and his efforts to put a bit of lava in the drum see him set on fire numerous times. The crowning moment of death by fire is Episode 13, where after messing up and putting the lava on the drum instead of in it cause him to die. Upon respawning, he begins to shake angrily and shouts a couple of choice curse words.
  • HatCorp, episode 28. Ross, in an attempt to make paper from trees, ends up making every kind of sawmill available in the Yogscast Complete Pack.
  • In HatCorp Episode 41, alsmiffy begins full testing of their ICBM system. He does remember to close the silo door between launches. Turning off the launch signal so that the missile he loads doesn't immediately launch upwards into the (closed) silo door, however...
  • The ending of their war with Duncan Jones and Kim Richards in the final episode of Hat Corp. They unveil a new and better base which looks spectacular... only for the defence turrets to kill Smiffy since Trott forgot to whitelist the others.
  • The Sirs start off being rather helpful in Cornerstone, but by Week 5 they are building a Mile High Club right underneath the main base. They are later tasked with making a courthouse and end up building a cult to a giant, golden hand, which they name "The Hand of Truth".
  • In Week 18, Part 1 of Cornerstone, Trott invites the video editor to switch to his viewpoint to show off his jetpack recharging station. Unless the editor "doesn't care either." The video switches to his viewpoint for a few seconds before switching to Ross's with a "Nope!" appearing briefly in the corner.
  • In Week 18 of Cornerstone, the Sirs, Strippin and Benji decide to let loose some wild beasts on Kim and Rythian. The best part about this? Rythian angrily blames Kim in the chat the first time around, causing Strippin to just start crying.
  • Both their performances in "Lucky Walls" count. The first instance has their usual strategy fail horribly when they get cornered by the better-armed, Kim, Duncan and Hannah. The second time? They load up with good gear, camp in a base and wait until only In The Little Wood is left and wounded, after he's taken out Duncan and Hannah by himself. Then they rush him and toy with him until they beat him to death.


  • Trials Episode 55: The game has glitched out to the point where Alsmiffy and Ross can only crawl around on the map while Trott bikes through the course. They decide to just let Trott play through the course anyway, and we get this quote from Ross while Trott admires the course, "I'm glad you're having a good time. I'm dead on the floor, writhing around, trying to reach a tree checkpoint, Trott."
    • A few minutes after that quote, Trott manages to finish the match, while Ross laments "I didn't make it to the rock that I wanted to reach."

Grand Theft Auto V (does not include Stunt Lads)

  • Their first encounter with a shark in GTA V goes about how you would expect.
  • "Mil-Truck Massacre" is a course in GTA that Ross designs, when the objective is to steal an army truck and drive it back, dodging three-star securitynote  on the way. The premise initially sounds simple, but it turns out that the cops have such high respawn rates that nobody can get very far without being riddled with bullets. The crew gradually get more frustrated as Ross realises that he's not really thought this through, forcing them to ally in a desperate home to finish it. They all fail.
  • During "Swamp Monster", Smith makes a few digs at the expense of Nigel Farage and the United Kingdom Independence Party, which leads to this gem in the comments:
    Commentator: Can't wait for the Daily Express article tomorrow. "ALEX SMITH PAID BY BRUSSELS TO SPREAD PROPAGANDA VIA POPULAR YOUTUBE CHANNEL"
    Smith: "Sicko may also have Diana in his shed".
  • The trio try out the adversary mode "Slasher" in the appropriately titled "#Slashed". Most of the video is genuinely terrifying... until the trio find out that the hunted can use the torches as melee weapons and make the whole thing laughably easy. By the time of the next video, "SLASHTASTIC", the tables and turned and nine times out of ten the round ends with a hilariously-one sided beatdown for the slasher.

Stunt Lads

  • The first video gives us these gems:
    • Trott announces that they have a "budget" for the pilot. It turns out to be £50.
    • Despite supposedly being sponsored by "Crazy Pills", Smith angrily shouts at their beleaguered crew member Dave to stop taking drugs.
    • Their primary stunt plan is to drive dirt bikes off a dumpster on top of a roof, while on fire. Smith's subsequent jump is accompanied by slow-motion, slowed-down screams that are intermittently drowned out, and soft classical music.
    • After Smith has driven his bike off the roof, the police show up and start shooting at them, supposedly for trespassing. This results in a bike exploding and Smith catching on fire, followed by a notice about Technical Difficulties. When the screen returns to "normal", Ross is punching the pool owner and Smith (by accident in the latter case), telling the former to fuck off.
    • Smith steals a fire truck, sings a weird rendition of Scorpions' "Rock You Like a Hurricane", gets the truck stuck between two pillars and then drives it into the pool, supposedly as a "stunt". One of the fire crew walks past, and thanks to the AI just glances at the pool in disbelief.
    • Ross driving into a pool while on fire? Amusing. Ross screaming in apparent agony, while doing backflips to cheesy rock music and grainy video quality? Hilarious.
    • Ross steals another fire truck, causing the police to come back again, seemingly shooting one of the cameramen as a camera drops to the floor. His attempts to hold off the police amount to squirting the water cannon, and Trott using the discredited logic below:
    Trott: It's just a YouTube channel! It's just a prank!
    • While Ross is busy with the police, Smith and Trott decide to do the last stunt, shouting that the police "can't stop the stunt". When trying to set Trott's bike on fire, Smith sets himself on fire as well, causing them both to scream as Trott hits the pool, beautiful piano music in the background.
    • The trio ride off in the distance, with Smith screaming "fuck the establishment" and "lads for life". The video then ends as Trott tries to end the episode, screaming that they need a better budget as the police chase them again.

Garry's Mod


  • During their first livestream on the Dwarven Dairy Drive, they decide to play GTA, going through some mishaps. What sells the video is when Sparkles* gives the Sirs auto-tune, prompting them to promptly abuse it.
  • As part of their second Jingle Jam stream, the creators of Dying Light let the trio stream a bit of the game. After the initial analysis of the game and their first impression, Smith and Trott end up singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life", while Ross angrily tries beating zombies away with an iron pipe and screaming for them to die.
  • Their interruption of In The Little Wood, Sparkles* and Strippin's stream, culminating in them waving a fake penis around, only for Sparkles* to open his mouth.
  • The entirety of their "Musical Jam", in which the trio decide to make an album over the course of one stream. They get progressively tipsier as the night goes on, resulting in the album getting even weirder and Ross having a My God, What Have I Done? moment. The result was "Pleasureville - Population: You," and it's weirdly hilarious in a way that only the Hats can pull off.
    • They did it again in 2016, which gave us "Destination: Drumpf." It's just as bizarre as it's predecessor.
  • For the 2015 Yogscast Christmas livestreams, the Hats indulged in an evening of Star Wars tabletop gaming. Ross painted his face grey, Smith donned a pair of shades and a leather jacket, and Trott... wore this.


  • Trott gets owned by a door in DayZ... twice!
  • Any of the fanimation highlights from their Hat Chat podcast, but special mention goes to this one.
  • "FIFA-CHU- Ultimate Pack Opening!!!" in its entirety, in no small part due to their lampooning the stupidity of pack opening videos, the hammy reactions which mimic people taking it seriously, and their deliberately misblaming Nintendo for their getting undesirable cards.
  • Worms Clan Wars: Waterpack Woes, during sudden death (where every worm has one health only), Smith uses a waterpack, with his last worm, to shove one of Trott's worms into the water, and then attempts to move in on Trott's other worm, but goes too high when the waterpack runs out... And dies from the fall damage, taking Smith out of the game. Smith then proceeded to scream "shit" at the top of his lungs. Which was then repeated in slow-mo, courtesy of Trott.
  • Worms Clan Wars: Banana Balls Up, the end of the match features what is arguably the BIGGEST Chris Trott Error in their Worms playing history so far. Trott manages to get both of Ross's and Smith's last worms of the game in a position where they will drown within the next turn, winning him the game. Instead of just waiting for the turn to end and the two to drown, Trott takes out a Banana Bomb and, with a very careless throw, kills both himself and Smith, winning Ross the game. Their reactions are hilarious.
  • Worms Clan Wars: The Dark Knight: Trott making fun of Nolan!Batman's voice becomes especially hilarious at the end, starting with this particular line: "Commissioner Gordon, I shit myself!"
  • On something of a meta note, a fan remixed "It's Not Me".
  • Ross' catchphrase comes back to haunt him at a convention.
  • Smiffy's photos of himself get progressively worse.
  • "Velcro is such a rip off."
  • For "Having a Bash", the trio try out the extremely NSFW Rinse and Repeat, which Ross and Smith supposedly found while looking for games to weird Trott out. Their horrified reactions are priceless, as is their discovery that they have to wait twenty-seven real life hours for the next shower.
  • Kim, Hannah Rutherford and Hey Chrissa listen to their "Pleasureville" album. Their sheer bemusement and confusion itself is hilarious, but then "It's Always About My Dick" comes on. Kim's reaction has to be seen to be believed.
  • During Daithi De Nogla and Miniladd's guest slot on the Yogscast charity livestream, they are asked if they have heard Pleasure Elf. Their initial bemused reactions are themselves great, but then Lewis starts singing as well...
  • Trott's birthday tweet to Kim, which in no way, shape or form mentions her age. Doubles as heartwarming.