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Lets Play: HAT Films
From left to right: Trott, Ross and Smith
Hat Films are a trio of British gamers who became part of the Yogscast family in 2013. The trio, also sometimes called the "Sirs" are: djh3max (Ross Hornby), Trottimus (Chris Trott) and alsmiffy (Alex Smith or "Smiffy").

They have several series on Minecraft and have also played among other games, Trials, Worms and Grand Theft Auto V. They frequently partner and compete against Sips, Turpster and Lewis Brindley, and have played GTA 5 and Skyblock along with Garry's Mod Murder and Trouble In Terrorist Town among other members of the Yogscast on Sips' channel and the main Yogscast channel.

On top of their Let's Play gaming content, they have worked on official Minecraft trailers for Mojang, and produce an irregularly-updated animated machinima series: Filfy Animals.

They ALSO also do a podcast called HatChat, which can be found on their website, here.

They can be found here.

Tropes that pertain to the Sirs:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal: In the standard description for the Forsaken Lands videos, we get "A band of brave British lads".
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Smith's Minecraft avatar has green skin.
  • Ascended Fanboys: Ever since Minecraft's Beta 1.7 update, the Hatters have been making official trailers for Mojang.
  • Ambiguous Species: No one knows what Smith's Minecraft skin is. Guesses are up to and including a Creeper/Steve offspring, a mutated squid, a humanoid Magma, a sentient plant, Kermit the Frog, and a radioactive human.
    • Ross has stated that Smith's character was a normal guy who had a horrible accident with green paint. Smith has also stated that his Minecraft character was once human, but then he 'chose the wrong path'. This is being said about a character with no nose, no mouth, no ears, and, according the two above, apparently eats by putting things into his eyes. So make of that what you will.
  • Artifact Title: The group's channel used to be called HAAT Films since Ross and Trott had 2 other people in their group for a total of 4 lads. Since the two former friends moved on in their lives and Smith was introduced, the group became HAT Films. The reason the old name appears on their YouTube channel is because YouTube doesn't allow account holders to change their name.
    • No longer true as part of Google's push to join all their online social service together now means that the account is listed as 'Hat Films' in display name at least.
  • Axe Crazy: During the Murder games, Ross goes berserk whenever he is the murderer, angrily shouting "EAT SHIT!" at other players as he tries to stab them.
  • Big Bad: In An Epic Hatventure, the Maker, who curses the three Hatventurers to adventure forever, possibly tying in to Origins.
  • Big Eater: Phil and Steve, the Filfy Animals sheep, are Grass Connoisseurs, but never seem to stop 'tasting' just about everything around them at any time.
  • Black Comedy: In Skylands — when blowing up the Rustic Sky dungeon, the boys joke about there being babies on the dungeon when it explodes.
  • British Brevity: averted. See for example their Trials series, which has run for well over a hundred episodes.
  • Butt Monkey:
    • Trottimus is arguably this in their Trials videos; a lot of their jokes end up focusing on him in a very negative light.
    • Ross is also poked fun at in the same game because he usually never wins.
    • Trott ends up being this in quite a few games, even Minecraft. After all when they decided to blow up the From Ashes map no one seemed to have told Trott this...
  • Cabin Fever: Near the end of their Skyblock series, the boys get a bit desperate to leave their self described "Prison" but cannot stop playing until an Enderman spawns; they begin to attack each other, talk nonsense, and cry randomly (more so then they usually do of all these things, anyway).
    • The Minecraft Xbox 1.8.2 has strong shades of this trope as well; the Sirs become VERY discouraged once they find the barriers of the map they've spawned on.
  • Call Back: In Skylands, the trio do an episode explaining that the reason they didn't use Alsmiffy vision at the time is because he's hallucinating monsters and fire all the time; at one point in the Sky Block series, Smith randomly asks the others if they saw endless fire like he did. They inform him it's just him.
    • When Ross lost all of his footage for a good chunk of the Skylands series, several episodes were shown from Trott's point of view only as the trio dubbed it Walrus Vision Week/Fortnight with an image of Trott's character wearing goggles. In part 2 of Feed the Beast, when Trott picks up a pair of goggles and wears them, there's a brief cut to the Walrus Vision theme.
    • Another callback to Walrus Vision Week came in FTB episode 57, which was a Smith Cam-only episode because something happened to the footage of the other two Sirs. The titlecard features only Smith out of the three, wearing his Goggles of Revealing and the explanation text at the beginning of the episode says that Smith "doesn't get a jingle because he sucks".
  • The Cameo:
    • Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley appear in the Minecon trailer. Not to mention several other Minecraft players and celebrities.
    • Simon and Lewis also appear as creepers in an episode of Filfy Animals.
    • Kitetales voices 'Foxxy the Wolf' in the Filfy Animals Valentine Special.
    • The Sirs themselves cameo in the "Monopoly" skit by Area 11. They get very angry that they aren't allowed to play the top hat, with Ross getting very hammy about the issue. Trott reappears in The Stinger, picking up Kogie.
  • Catch Phrase:
    • "Good day!", as well as variants on "Buttery biscuit base," and "Wobble, wobble, wobble wobble wobble" which are references to this video.
    • Ross' favorite phrases during Trials Evolution whenever he wins is "YOU CAN GO SUCK A BIG/FAT ONE!" and "GFY!"
      • GFY has become so popular that the trio used it as a promotional coupon in their spreadshirt web site.
    • "Ooooooh Long Johnson!"
    • "What's the angle? What's the pitch? What's the PLAAAAAY?"
    • "EAT SHIT", often said during Murder, mostly by Ross.
  • Cheaters Never Prosper: Sorta. During the Calamity mini-game, the Sirs (plus Sips and Rythian) barely lost the game... Because the other team bridged the gap between the two bases, which was literally the first written rule. Once Smith noticed this after the match was over, "Team Shatner" was declared the winners by default (granted, it was a very close match, so it could have gone either way regardless).
  • Christmas Episode: This time lapse.
  • Chromatic Arrangement: Outside of Minecraft, they tend to pick characters that are Colour Coded Characters. Ross is usually blue, Smith green, and Trott either orange or yellow.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Trott does one at the start of Skylands Episode 8 when he's announcing their plans. He and Ross have a duel of Cluster F Bombs later in the episode.
    • Trials Evolution Episode #58 has an impressive string of bombs from Ross at the 2:50 mark.
  • Crooked Contractor: During Skyblock, the Sirs make up a story about a Contractor that keeps raising his prices to insane amounts, or else he'll tar their pets.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Sometimes, the gang can come up with some rather clever things. In Skyblock, they created a cobblestone tower designed to make enemy mobs fall to their death so they can easily farm the loot with limited risk. In Epic Hatventure, Smith, of all people, creates a "diving bell" that allows the group to go deep underwater to recover Trott's stuff.
  • Cutting the Knot: In Epic Hatventure, dungeons have one main rule, to prevent the trio from breaking puzzles - no breaking or placing blocks. However, the boys consider situations where it is impossible to progress without doing so as an exception to the rule, such as in the second dungeon where a Creeper blew up the redstone wiring connecting a switch to a door they needed to get past, and so they broke down the door.
  • Deal with the Devil: In "Tackling 1.8: Part 3", Smith claims to have asked 'the fire' where their missing house was, and in exchange for finding it he had promised to burn down the woods.
  • Don't Explain the Joke: Trott LOVES to do this.
  • Double Entendre: The guys get some mileage out of jokes about "getting wood," "boning" wolves, and "porking" each other (throwing a pork chop to someone), and when Trott resorts to punching a Creeper to death after his sword breaks, he says "I just fisted a Creeper!"
  • Drives Like Crazy: H.A.T Films and game vehicles don't mix well.
  • Entendre Failure: In an early Left 4 Dead playthrough, Ross makes a joke that Rochelle was going to have a 'good time' with him after the campaign. A clearly distracted Smith responds back "Yeah, she's going to have the highest kill points, it's really depressing."
  • Epic Fail: In the first two episodes of "SkyBlock-Take One", the Sirs, in a very short period of time, turn their lava into Obsidian, destroy their single water source, flatten their only plentiful block, dirt, into a non-recyclable bridge, and make it impossible for their only renewable resourse, saplings, to grow. To say that a restart was necessary is an understatement.
  • Failed a Spot Check: In Feed The Beast #50, Ross is looking for redstone in the quarry containers... And he completely misses the redstone container, despite it being practically right in his face. Trott mocks him for it in the video editing no less than three times. One has to wonder if he showed Ross the video after he finished it just to rub it in his face.
    • He's still not done with him — episode 51 has two more examples, and a comment about the 'redstone incident' in Ep. 50 was highlighted as "Best Comment" in Ep. 51.
    • It's starting to become a Running Gag. During the Minecraft Wool Race 2, Trott was asking if anyone had the torches he dropped. Ross claims he didn't have them... Even though they were right in his selection bar. "Oh, Ross..."
    • It was a bit of a Running Gag in their Epic Hatventure series. The creators of the adventure map hid treasure chests around the map, covering them with blocks of clay. The sirs, being preoccupied with reaching and solving puzzles, would frequently miss clay blocks, to the amusement or frustration of many commenters.
    • And now Smith is getting into the act unintentionally in Feed The Beast by absentmindedly using his knowledge fragments on his research, which Trott is also happy to mock in the editing. Smith admits his screwup in a later appear to be yelling, insulting the other two, and lighting their things on fire. (Id)
  • Freudian Trio: Their newest Minecraft series, Hat Corp, has the lads using this trope more than usual:
    • Trott is the unofficial leader of Hat Corp, and usually the one to attempt to get something done. He seems to know his way around Yogscast Complete, and Feed the Beast in general, more than Smith or Ross. (Ego)
    • Ross currently spends a lot of time building in the background, occasionally chiming in to state what he's building, state that he's finished, or insult Trott. (Id)
    • Smith usually works as an assistant to whatever Trott is doing. He is generally the first to try and weaponize everything they make. (Superego)
  • Friendly Enemy: During the Yogscast "Crown Conquest" games, Smith gets caught on his own by Bebop Vox and Variede, arguably their main rivals in the games, who he quickly truces with; it is made clear that this 'truce' means he's not allowed to wander off, must give them any items he finds, and they immediately try to kill him when they find an entertaining way to do so.
  • For the Evulz: Smith burns the trio's house down in the Minecraft Xbox playthrough for no reason.
  • Funny Background Event: In Skylands episode 29, while Trott is fighting a spider with a golden record, Ross gets blown up and killed after teleporting from the spawn. Twice.
    • Feed The Beast episode #31. Trottimus and Ross are discussing the new Enderchest and how to store all the excess material it's gathering. At the start of their chat, there's a black cat just meandering around the quarry, and it eventually wanders off. Not a minute later, it's running back while being chased by a giant scorpion. They get near the quarry, and the scorpion just falls in. Both Sirs don't even notice.
  • Gag Censor: during their Feed The Beast series, certain short statements (from obscene content to Game of Thrones spoilers) are censored out this way. The screen goes grayscale, the sound is replaced by a very sped up version of the beginning of their Pixelmon parody tune, and there's a pink caption expressing the video editor's feelings. An example from episode 48.
  • Genre Savvy: During the Filfy Mods Willy Wonka inspired episode. "Oh wow, GeoffCo! Oh wait...this can't be good."
    • Towards the end of their Epic Hatventure series, the trio discovers a tower filled to the brink with ridiculously powerful enchanted weapons and gear, which leaves them nervous as to what they're about to face that requires them to have this level of equipment.
    • In The Walls 3: Aztec, they realize that the other teams will kill each other sooner or later, and fortify themselves in a tall tower so they can survey the surrounding area from above and snipe any stragglers, while also preventing the other teams from getting into melee range. It works splendidly. By the end, only Simon Lane and Duncan Jones are left, and the pair try to build up under the tower to blow it up with TNT... Only for Duncan to realize the hard way that it wasn't going to work (aside from being exposed to arrow fire no matter what they did, the TNT would automatically drop when lit, which would've rendered the attempt to blow it up useless without something under it). Simon is quickly finished off by the Sirs, winning them the game.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Ross' constant use of GFY is his way of swearing at the other sirs without actually saying it (which also means less censor bleeping for Trott to edit in). It also gets lampshaded during their spreadshirt promotional video where the trio say that GFY can mean anything you want it to be.
  • Gone Horribly Right: In their Hatpack series, Ross tried to fill a moat he had dug around their walls with a Floodgate block. When the block seemed to stop working after they moved it to flood another section of the moat, Trott discovered that it was indeed still going, only it was filling the area inside their walls first.
  • Good Bad Bugs: invoked In Skylands, Ross falls down a hole and finds himself face-to-face with a Creeper... who doesn't explode. The others throw some blocks to Ross and he quickly builds his way out of the hole, during which the Creeper continues to just look around at the Hatters without exploding or even starting its timer. They name it Fred the Passive Creeper.
    • Near the end of the Skylands playthrough, Ross and Smith spot an Enchantment Table floating in mid-air, out of the blue, much to their bewilderment, since Skylands was made long before that particular block was implemented in Minecraft.
  • Griefer: Smith usually griefs Ross and Trott for shits and giggles, which sometimes results in one or both of them getting revenge on Smith. On the trio's public server, if any of the three guys make an appearance, players tend to run away or hide since the trio are known for gleefully messing around with the public using their admin powers. However, most of the players tend to not mind as they know it's all in good fun.
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?: Episode 52 of Trials has Trott debunking the fan theory that he's gay. This is followed by Smith and Ross admitting they've considered this theory as well, adding in that they'd be fine with it if he was.
  • Hurricane of Puns: Episode 31 of Skylands has a hurricane of "leaf" puns.
  • Hostile Weather: Here, the boys are attacked by an angry lightning storm during their Skyblock playthrough.
    • In episode 16 of An Epic Hatventure, while it's easy to tell this same insane storm has returned, it's not an issue since the boys are inside a dungeon almost the entire time.
  • Idiot Hero: During an early Skyblock episode, Ross drops a dirt block, and doesn't think twice about leaping to catch it...following it straight into the void, with all of his items still on him. Including another dirt block.
  • If I Can't Have You: In one Skylands episode, Smith kills a wolf that Ross just tamed, claiming that he had already fed the wolf a bone and then Ross swooped in and stole it with a second bone.
  • Improbable Cover: in the second episode of their "Race for the wool" match against Lewis Brindley, Duncan Jones, Sips and Sjin, Ross finds himself pinned by arrow fire and decides to wall himself off with blocks of TNT.
  • Improbable Weapon Users: The guys tend to become these often during the Skylands videos, especially in the dungeons.
  • Invisible to Normals: In Skylands, the mysterious Red Man is this to the trio. But despite this, they don't seem to notice his presence, even when he's standing right in front of them, or they have photographic evidence that he exists.
    • Played down slightly in Origins: A Beginning (follows the end of Skylands), where he makes himself known to them in some form.
  • Kill It with Fire: In the Forsaken Lands episode 12, Trott attempts this on some skeletons. It backfires.
    • Skylands episode 17 could be alternately titled "Everybody Gets Killed With Fire, Including The Protagonists, Several Times."
    • Smiffy immediately tests out his new Fire Wand in Feed the Beast 22 on every mob he can find, including the other Sirs.
  • Large Ham: Whenever Ross tries to read the Overseer's messages in Epic Hatventure, he does it in an epic, deep voice.
    • Let's face it, all three of the guys are massive hams.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Smith's attempts at setting things on fire sometimes do result in him getting set on fire as well. This is especially evident when he finally gets his hands on a flint and Epic Hatventure and try to set a forest on fire... He sets himself on fire as well.
  • The Last Thing You Ever See: Smith made this faux-threat to Trottimus in a later Trials episode. Made good on this specific threat on two different occasions; once in a Halo playthrough, and another time in a Vlog update.
  • Mad Bomber: If something is exploding, chances are good that it's Smith's doing. He's even shown holding a stick of dynamite in the Skylands intro, and 'explodes' out of a box in his camera switch animation in an Epic Hatventure.
    • And now he's going for the big one in Feed The Beast - he's trying to craft a nuke, without the other two knowing.
  • Mercy Kill: In episode 17 of Skylands, Trott catches fire for the umpteenth time and Ross gets tired of watching him bumble around screaming, so he finally just beats him to death with a torch.
  • Million to One Chance: In Day-Z, Trott gets completely incapacitated by a door because of a glitch. This causes Trott to become scared of doors for several episodes. The odds of the same glitch happening again would be low, but several episodes later, another door incapacitates Trott for a second time!
    • This happens for a third time later in the series, and is considered so typical for Trott that the camera doesn't even switch over to his POV for the viewers to see it.
    Alsmiffy: Trott, mate, what is it with you and doors?
  • Minor Injury Overreaction: Which is caused by the dissonance between virtual-world injury and real-world injury: In Skylands, the lads spend a lot of time falling off cliffs and screaming their heads off. Then at one point Smith screams yet again, and when the others ask if he died again, he replies, "No but I just jammed my knee into my desk!"
    • Trott also gets his moment of this where he screams and when Ross and Smith assumed Trott fell out of the world again, Trott (off mic) says he fell out of his chair. Ross quickly makes fun of him for it.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: In episode 12 of their Minecraft Xbox series, Smith sets the house on fire in the beginning of the episode. Realizing he has genuinely upset Trottimus, who rage quits, he spends the rest of the episode desperately trying to stop the fire and save at least some of the house.
    • At the beginning of An Epic Hatventure, he states that he has looked at previous videos and decided to perform '30% less trolling', although he is still adamant that 'Trott needs to have his whole day ruined at least once a day'.
  • No Sense of Direction: Sometimes, all three of these guys. Especially evident in Episode 7 of Epic Hatventure where the whole group ends up spending most of the episode going around in a circle.
  • No Mouth: Smith's Minecraft avatar.
  • Not Me This Time: In one of the later Sky Block episodes, some items go missing from the chest, and Trott and Ross immediately accuse Smith of stealing them. They are so convinced of his guilt that when he insists he doesn't have them, they actually kill him and are stunned to not find them in his dropped inventory. Turns out they just missed them among all the junk in the chest.
    • In Minecraft 1.8.5 XBLA #5, Ross accidentally places lava inside their (partially wooden) house, setting it on fire. Trott immediately shifts the blame to Smith, due to his habit of burning down their houses.
    Alsmiffy: It wasn't me! It wasn't me!
    • 1.8.2 XBLA Episode #14 is made of this trope.
  • Multiple Choice Past: Smith and Ross like to make up events and false history about Trott; has developed into a series of jokes called "Trott Trivia" which has inspired a website and two separate Twitter accounts to store such Trivia in.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Smith likes to play with this trope. How high his intelligence level is seems to depend entirely on how much he feels like trolling the other two.
  • Oh, Crap: In Skylands, whenever a certain Mascot Mook appears, the boys all start screaming "CREEEEEPEEEEEEER!"
    • Eventually in Feed The Beast, Smith finally gets bored and decides to craft a nuke, without the others knowing. The reaction is from Trott via the editing.
  • One Steve Limit: Subverted; All of Trottimus's tamed wolves are named some variation of "Ralph".
  • Only Sane Man: Ross and Trott take turns in this role.
  • Out of Focus: Trott's pet dragon/ostrich hybrid, Eric, in the "Feed the Beast" series has been barely used after Trott fully customized him. This is mainly due to Trott using a jetpack to get around.
  • Platform Hell: In Epic Hatventure, the very first dungeon is basically a set of these, in two parts. The first part is a timed platforming segment to get to the other side of a chasm (with the platforms only extending outwards for a short amount of time), and the second segment is of jumping onto platforms over lava. Hilarity Ensues. The first part required one and roughly a quarter episodes to get through. The other half ended up in two episodes because Ross and Trott had to go back over to grab the stuff they left behind in a chest... Which then they lost half off thanks to Trott mis-timing a jump.
    • It returns in the Forgotten City's mansion, in the Royal Study. Two questions are hidden behind jumping puzzles. Trott dies again.
    • The Very Definitely Final Dungeon utilizes this with gleeful abandon, resulting in plenty of deaths. There is once again a lava pit, and the final challenge involves jumping puzzles on floating islands outside the very top of the tower. Cue many, many deaths due to gravity.
  • Power Trio: The three play games together and kick ass together. There are also only three of them.
  • Pre Ass Kicking One Liner: Ross is very fond of shouting "EAT SHIT!" repeatedly in Garry's Mod, often when he's about to kill someone or playing Murder. On occasion, he uses "YOU'RE HUNGRY! EAT SHIT!" instead.
  • Pyro Maniac: Smith has a habit of burning things down, like this and soon after this.
    • In episode 17 of Skylands:
    Trottimus: All right guys, is there anything we can do to improve our situation?
    Alsmiffy: Set everything on fire.
    • And of course, about 30 seconds later, guess what happens. And they're in a huge dungeon that's mostly made of wood.
    • The first thing Smith does when they arrive in the Ascension Woods is to set it on fire.
    Alsmiffy: It's the Ascension Burnt now!
    • Smith tries to set the first forest he sees on fire once he gets the flint and tinder in Epic Hatventure. Not only does it seem to fail, he also sets himself on fire in the process. And then he proceeds to start plenty of fires in the Forgotten City's mansion, though they never get around to spreading anywhere because Trott and Ross are putting them out.
    • Let's not even go into the Xbox Minecraft plays. All in all, their home gets burned down no less then three times.
    • In Feed the Beast, the minute Smith announces that he created a Wand of Fire, both Trott and Ross share a Oh, Crap moment.
      • And then he silently decides to craft a nuke, knowing the other two would immediately stop him if they figured out what he was going to craft.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: In one race in Trials Evolution, there was a photo finish moment between Smith and Trott with Trott winning by just an inch after he passed Smith. Smith winds up screaming in rage for his loss and you can hear him slamming something in the background. This is in comparison to Smith being usually very calm no matter how many times he failed in the other games.
    • In Episode 9 of their 1.8.2 Minecraft Xbox series, Trottimus seems to suffer from some weird sort Noteworthy in that both Smith and Ross point out how unusual he is acting.
  • Rage Quit: Done in a humorous way to end From Ashes. Rather than just ditching the series, the trio decide to do it with style by blowing up the entire map after being heavily frustrated with the map's level design.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: At one point Ross lost a bunch of his Skylands footage, so the next few episodes became "Walrus-Vision Week/Fortnight."
  • Running Gag:
    • In Skylands, there's the death counter and the end-of-episode tally to see who had the fewest deaths. Many of their other series after that continue this trend.
    • Their advertisements for non-existent musical recordings that are only available in really obscure or out-dated formats.
    • Trottimus being a male walrus who nevertheless has milk-producing teats, and his other odd walrus-related attributes.
    • And of course, Smith's love of setting things on fire and/or blowing them up, to the point where any time something is on fire, the others immediately assume it was Smith's doing.
    • Don't ever tell Ross to do things.
    • STUNT LADS and advertising for MONSTER COCKS brand of fried chicken in G.T.A. V.
  • Screams Like a Little Girl:
    • Trottimus gives these high-pitched bloodcurdling screams whenever he falls off a cliff in Skylands. Which is frequently.
    • Smith and Ross also get in a few good ear-splitting screams when falling into the abyss of Skylands.
    • Ross does this several times in DayZ.
      • And their 'Crown Conquest' videos
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: What Ross and Smith appear to be in Minecraft. Trott wears a lab coat instead.
  • Shmuck Bait: In one episode of Skylands, the boys start encouraging their viewers to stick their laptops in the microwave in order to enable the "Night Vision" mod.
  • Shoot the Dog: Friendly wolves generally do not survive very long - a few episodes at most. The most common cause seems to be Smith.
    • In Feed The Beast: Episode 3, Smith sets Trottimus Jr, Trott's pet bunny, on fire.
    • And now Trott's beloved ostrich, Eric, has fallen victim to this as well. Again, it was Smith's doing.
  • Shout-Out: When the boys keep catching fire in the wooden Skylands dungeon, they keep singing "The Lord is my shepherd."
    • Skylands Episode 2 has a shout-out to Monsters, Inc..
    • Their Skylands episodes also contain frequent impersonations of and references to Gollum/Sméagol/Andy Serkis.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: In Trials #7, it's been stated that it's Ross' swearing that needs to be bleeped the most.
    • It gets even worse/funnier during An Epic Hatventure when he starts inserting swearing that isn't in the actual text into the Overseer's messages just because he can.
    Ross: ... Your friend, the Over-(bleep)ing-seer.
  • Sound Effect Bleep: used on and off, partly for comic effect. Watch out for Cluster bleep bombs.
    Smiff: Trott, you're a (bleep)!
    Trott, to audience: If you don't know what he said, on urbandictionary, type in (bleep)!
  • Stalker with a Crush: It's possible this is why EnderStalker keeps following Ross around. He seems to want Ross to notice his stalking, and during the Filfy Animals Christmas Special, went to pains to deliver a Christmas present to him.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: invoked Mentioned twofold in an episode of Skyblock. The crew did take notice at everyone that kept screaming at them for not using bone meal on a mushroom and other crops, to which they replied that they record in bulk so everything is done in advance plus they feel they have more fun just playing as is no matter how much they screw up.
  • Straw Feminist: Trott has a habit of picking the female characters or, even when male, adopting female characteristics (Walrus teats), so he occasionally falls into talking like this. Most notable in DayZ, where for a moment he seems genuinely gleeful that his female character wasn't designed with typical video-game objectifying sexiness.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: After clearing a dungeon in the Skylands, they load it with TNT and detonate it.
    • From Ashes has the trio end the series in the exact same way, but for the entire map.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: In Feed The Beast, eventually, Smith decides that he can't hold in his destructive tendencies anymore and decides to craft a nuke, casually asking how to make the requisite materials for it. Considering the type of materials he's asking for, Trott and Ross immediately get suspicious, and Smith's response to "what are you building" is "nooooothing." Cue snarking on Trott's part via editing, showing what he was actually intending to craft.
  • Take That: Whenever the trio plays a custom track in Trials Evolution that has bullshit moments (bad camera angles, unforgiving checkpoints, etc.), they "reward" the creator of the track with the "Fuck U Buddy Award" (or FUBA for short), complete with a trophy graphic in front of an explosion. There has been at least one occasion where the trio takes back the award after seeing that they were wrong for using it, which is followed by the FUBA trophy animation playing in reverse.
    • One track ticked off the trio so bad that they gave the FUBA award five times just for that track alone.
    • And then there's the track where they went completely overboard with the awards.
  • Team Up Series: Of a sort. More recently, the Sirs have been participating in competitions that involve at least one of the Yogscast temporally joining their ranks to even the numbers. During the Wool Races, it was Simon Lane, and during the Calamity mini-game, it was Sips and Rythian, causing the resulting team to be dubbed "Team Shatner".
  • That One Player: Trottimus is the only Sir who plays Trials when they're not filming. It seriously shows.
    • He has a tendency to mess up his turns hilariously in their Worms series, though — so much so that when he has either of the other Sirs at his mercy, they start praying for him to make a 'Chris Trott error'.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: The original "HAAT Films" team consisted of two 'A's, whom were college peers of Ross and Trottimus, neither of whom were Alsmiffy. While one of the old 'A's, Nathan Asheman, is still occasionally seen and is regarded fondly when mentioned by the three, the second 'A' has never been referred to by name, and is confessed to be the one who inspired the personality behind the 'Chris Director Trott' videos.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: In-universe: When the guys make it to the mountain section of Skylands and actually manage to acquire resources and build a tree-house without constantly dying and losing everything, they joke that they're going to lose subscribers because they're actually playing the game properly for once.
  • Time Lapse: The guys make these occasionally. They even have a playlist for them.
  • Token Evil Teammate: While "evil" is an overstatement, Smith is by far the one most likely to cause mayhem by griefing his teammates, killing their tamed wolves, setting fires, blowing things up, intentionally jumping off cliffs to his death, etc.
    • He's also generally the one who starts shooting other players other than his teammates in DayZ.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In the early episodes of Day Z, the trio are quite bad in playing as they attract lots of attention from zombies, get shot by other players, and die quite often from their mistakes. As the series progressed, the trio gotten a lot better since now they conserve their ammo wisely, move with stealth, and they keep an eye on their status. Smith even gets revenge for Ross by killing another player that had shot him.
  • Troll: Smith to Ross and Trott. Sometimes, it comes back to bite him in the ass.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Alsmiffy's golem in the Feed the Beast Minecraft series jumps into a furnace filled with lava because it tried to get an ore that Alsmiffy dropped in there.
  • Unsportsmanlike Gloating: In the rare moments where Ross wins a race in Trials Evolution, he becomes incredibly foul mouthed against Trott and Smith in his victory celebration. Ross has made a catch phrase for himself whenever he wins a race, which is usually either "GFY" or "YOU CAN GO SUCK A BIG FAT ONE!"
    • Judging by some of his reactions to killing the other team's people during the Tunnel Vision map (many utilising the f-word more than once per sentence), this trait has started to bleed over into his other competitive gaming...
  • Unreliable Narrator: The Overseer in Epic Hatventure seems to have a tendency to make fun of the trio.
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: First played straight in Skyblock, where the trio unwittingly screw themselves over by losing one of the resources needed for a cobblestone generator, forcing them to start from scratch again.
  • Verbal Tic: Go to any episode, count the number of times the three call each other "Mate".
  • Villainous BSOD: In DayZ, after killing another player for no real reason, Smith traps himself and Ross inside of a barn while luring dozens of zombies inside by using an overly loud gun, without much concern for either his or Ross's safety as he rants about being 'too good' at the game and arguing with no one in particular that the murder was justified. He only seems to get over this sort of rambling instability once Trottimus sees Doctor Zombie again on the other side of the map with another vehicle.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds:
    • While it was just plain abuse in the beginning of the series, near the end of the Epic Hatventure playthrough the Overseer likely considers himself this towards the trio. The fact that he is proud of them by the end will do nothing to stop him from hurling insults at them.
    • The Sirs are this to each other. They work together professionally, but also trash talk each other while competing. Ross in particular gloats at the others to "GFY" every time he wins at Trials.
    • The Sirs and Sips love each other's humour and have a lot of fun together, but can be very profane in their Garry's Mod Prop Hunt, Trouble In Terrorist Town and Murder matches, to say nothing of their SHATblock playthrough.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Smith uses this exact line on Ross in an episode of 1.8.2 Minecraft, when Ross is trying to drown Smith in revenge against a particularly brutal trolling session.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: In their Feed the Beast series, the trio tames and names a couple scorpions only to instantly forget about them. In a later episode, they suddenly remember them and ask each others where they went. Nobody seems to know.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer: The Sirs heavily rely on the fact that there is three of them, and tend to do a lot of their game problem solving with this in mind. While this can lead to very effective strategies, such as their use of Zerg Rushing in 'Crown Conquest' and their group coordination in games like Halo, this can also sometimes become a case of Crippling Overspecialization, like in the case where the Cobble Generator in their early episodes of Skyblock, an easily one-manned device for the average Minecraft player, suddenly requires all three of their attentions (one person to pick, one person to dip, and one person on ice duty) to properly maintain.
  • Zonk: Would be UndesirablePrizes if they didn't lampshade it so much; especially in their early Hat Chats, the Sirs typically gave away as prizes for being Top Hatter or Executive Producer whatever games they happened to have around that they had no desire to play anymore, typically because the games weren't that good. Their very first prize, Rayman Raving Rabbids, was described by them as being "Fun...for a couple of hours."

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