Funny / Wii Rike To Pray

  • All of Golf With Friends if you don't mind swearing.
  • The intentionally bad voice acting during Four Swords Adventures and the Running Gag of the shrine maidens all being Pokemon.
  • Spencer has so many moments. Special mention goes to a point where, in their New Super Mario Bros U playthrough, he jumped on a button- which caused several blocks to fall and kill EVERYONE BUT HIM.
  • Also, in Super Mario 3D World, where they attempted to jump on a flagpole. Chris, Tyler, and Tyson made it, but Spence, playing Peach, floated right past it to his death.
  • Tyler's angry tirade after the group was forced to repeat the final level of The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest on standard difficulty one too many times. Needless to say, the last try does the trick.
  • On occassion, one of the guys will say something akin to "you have a long sword" or "this is so hard" and another will respond with That's What She Said.
  • Spencer gets 100 coins in Bob-omb Battlefield (Without a wing cap) for the Super Mario 64 VS.... and then realizes he has to use the cannon again because the star appears in the middle of the sky.
  • During their Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire playthrough, the crew starts to make varying individual progress towards Lavaridge Town's Gym. En route, everyone but Chris attempts to capture a Skarmory, who tends to have low catch rates. Spencer runs out of Pokéballs on his first try, comes back and gets it on the first ball he threw, Tyler takes a couple balls before he captures his, while Tyson ends up wasting every single Pokéball he has and doesn't get it. RN Gesus seemingly decided to switch Spencer and Tyson's luck that day.
  • During amiibo party in Mario Party 10, Spencer lands on two Bowser spaces, where one of them takes away coins, while the other steals a star. That must been when he realized it was not his lucky day at all. Though T called it when he said that Bow-Wow would steal a star.
  • In New Super Mario Bros U when they are about to into World 8, Chris, Tyler, Tyson and Spencer try to guess what World 8 is and Tyson and Tyler guess a pile of mashed potatoes, but the funniest moment is from Chris.
    Tyson: Chris you didn't guess you dickhole!
    Chris: Gonna guess a Castle.
    revealed to be Peach's Castle
    Chris: Oh wow I guess I'm the only smart one around here jeez!
  • From Mario Party 4, their logic for choosing a pump in Bowsers Bigger Blast.