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Moments that made us laugh the hardest.
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     Sailor Moon Season 1 
  • Serena (Usagi) running into Jadeite in the episode "Cruise Blues". Serena snuck into the cruise ship in the disguise of a photographer and Jadeite was currently disguised as the ships captain. Jadeite catches Serena in the hold and the pair start to chat, much to poor Jadeite's confusion.
    Serena: I got separated from my friends and I took a wrong turn.
    Jadeite: I guess that makes sense. There is a big crowd on board.
    Serena: (sporting puppy-dog eyes) Oh please, will you help me look for them?
    Jadeite: (looking really awkward) Yes, I will. (Thinking) Wait a minute, why am I being so nice?
  • The end of episode 3 (Episode 2 in the original DiC dub) where Serena is writing a love letter to Tuxedo Mask and tells Molly that it's homework. Miss Haruna arrives in the room just as she says this and chases the two of them around the room.
    "You? Did homework? This is an event. Give it to me, I'll read it out loud to the class"
    • The Japanese is arguably funnier. Ms. Haruna knows it's a love letter, but is just as excited to read it.
  • Usagi's Epic Fail at training to be a proper princess/lady in the episode "Aim to be a Princess? Usagi's Weird Training". The crowner has got to be when the rest of the girls crash the dance class and everyone else passes - except for Usagi, Rei and Minako (who don't get turned to wax, which happens to those who passed).
    • Kunzite and Tuxedo Mask (who at this point is working for Queen Beryl) are arguing about whether or not Sailor Moon should be killed or the silver crystal taken. The youma sighs and says she has a headache. And Sailor Moon offers her a cup of tea.
  • In a nice prelude to Azumanga Daioh's shoe fortune scene, Episode 2 of the Japanese version (which is also in the Viz dub, as Viz is releasing all of the episodes) has Usagi deciding to toss her shoe to determine where to go read her fortune. It lands right-side up...onto Mamoru's head. The look on his face is just priceless. Also that her shoe ends up on his head more than once.
  • This Breaking the Fourth Wall moment in Episode 6 of the sub version:
    Usgai/Sailor Moon: I won't allow you to use music for evil. Even the father of music Haydn is mad, you know!
    Luna: The father of music is Bach!
    Usgai/Sailor Moon: If you hadn't said anything, they wouldn't have noticed.
  • From Ami/Mercury's intro episode, Usagi and Luna freaking out when Mamoru gets suspicious about Luna talking. The two run a short distance and when they see Mamoru still standing behind them, they high tail it for several blocks.
  • The first episode as well. Supposedly, crying does help a lot...
    • Sub version:
    Sailor Moon: *freaking out because of nearly getting struck to death*
    Tuxedo Kamen: Crying won't do you any help, Sailor Moon!
    Sailor Moon: BUT I CAN'T HELP IT!! WAAAAHHH!! *turns out the cry gets weaponized and disabled the Youma*
    Youma: STOP CRYING!!
    • Viz dub:
    Tuxedo Mask: Sailor Moon, you have to remember that crying isn't going to solve any of your problems.
    Sailor Moon: Yeah, maybe not, but i can't help it! *wails loudly, then it turns out the cry gets weaponized and disabled the Youma*
    Youma: THE HORROR!!!
    • In the DiC version Luna sums things up just perfectly as she spies on Serena after she met Darien for the first time.
    Luna: I don't believe it. This crybaby, she's the one!?
  • From the DiC dubbed episode of Rei/Raye's first appearance, Serena and Amy notice all the girls who have Cherry Hill charms look really tired and out of it.
    Serena: I want the same kind of charm they have!
    Amy: Why Serena? No offense but you're already naturally kind of out of it.
    Serena: Aw Amy I'm not out of it I'm daydreaming.
    • in both versions, when Rei accidentally uses one of her "Akuryou Taisan" ofuda on Usagi, as well as Usagi's face afterwards.
  • In episode twelve, after Rei and Usagi get into another argument at the end, Ami just pulls a book out of nowhere and begins reading, which is funnier considering they're on a wrecked ship in the middle of nowhere.
    • When Sailor Moon makes her grand entrance, she gets in a truly epic trolling shot at Rei for earlier in the episode.
      Sailor Moon: How dare you only attack couples! What about those poor girls who don't have boyfriends?
      Rei: What?!
  • In Episode 11 (Episode 8 in the original DiC dub) when Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars were caught in a hallucination, and were dreaming that they were riding a merry go round with Tuxedo Mask. Cue the scene going back into reality and you'll see Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars riding on brooms instead!
    • Luna's lines during this scene are pretty funny, especially in the Viz dub. Michelle Ruff's delivery really sells it!
    Luna: Hold on a second! It's a trap! COME ON! Are you listening?! This is just what the enemy wants you to do!
  • I don't know if it's a result of the Italian dub or not, but in episode 33 one of the voices cheering on the fake Sailor Moon is Minako's. Then Minako is seen watching a whining Usagi, her face saying: "If that is Sailor Moon, ''who did I just cheer?".
    • Later in the episode, Usagi declares that nobody can use the name of Sailor Moon without her permission, and wants to find the fake and make her pay the royalties.
      • Gets funnier on a meta level: this is Minako's debut episode, and in its manga counterpart did just that, sort of: she told everyone she was the Moon Princess.
      • And in the S season, Minako not only shows up disguised as Sailor Moon without permission (and without paying royalties), but she used Usagi's Transformation Pen for it, and declared that someone like Usagi could never be Sailor Moon to her face.
  • Mamoru (disguised as Tuxedo Mask) gets a minor one in English Episode 23 when he gets a silver crystal. Zoycite says "Hey, that's mine" and Mamoru responds by saying "Sorry, I don't see your name on it anywhere, loser!" then runs away.
  • In episode 13, after Mamoru insults Motoki, Usagi cries loud enough to cause a scene and embarrasses Mamoru. He gets criticized by some people for making a girl cry and quickly runs away.
    "I'm sorry. I have some urgent business to take care of. Here, you can have your shoe back. Well bye."
  • Also from episode 13, Usagi and Rei argue over which one of them is prettier in the middle of a fight against Jadeite.
    Rei/Mars: And what exactly about you is beautiful?
    Usagi/Sailor Moon: Just look! You can't deny that I'm more beautiful than you are.
    Rei/Mars: Okay, I'll humor you 'cause you're dumb.
    Usagi/Sailor Moon: Well, my nose is clearly more beautiful than yours!
    Rei/Mars: (laughs) What nose? It looks like somebody put a thumb tack on your face.
    Usagi/Sailor Moon: (tears up) That is so mean!
  • Episode 31 has a cat version of Tuxedo Mask who saves Luna. Instead of a rose, he throws a fishbone, and they even play Tuxedo Mask's theme when he shows up.
    • From the same episode, there's Zoisite, once again on a quest to capture the rainbow crystal. In doing so, he completely humiliates himself fumbling through the sewers, which culminates in him accidentally getting hundreds of rats to chase him.
      • And when Zoisite finally gets his hands on the rainbow crystal, it gets taken by Tuxedo Mask. Again.
    • Of course, some of you probably remember that episode for Moon, Mercury and Jupiter attempting to squeeze awkwardly into a narrow alleyway to fight Zoisite..... and failing. Hard. But that's not the best part: Mercury tries for a bubble spray, only to trip over Moon and fall flat on her face, giving Jupiter a good look up her skirt.
  • Perhaps unintentional but in episode 44 when Kunzite sends the senshi into another dimension so he can obtain the Silver Crystal the Moon Stick comes out of Sailor Moon's hand. Just as he reaches for the Silver Crystal mounted on it the Moon Stick flips around and smacks him on the hand with it's handle as if to tell him for sure he won't be getting his hands on it anytime soon.
  • In episode 3 of the DiC English dub, Sam pranking Serena by replacing the bathroom scale with a pizza box that looked like said scale.
  • In episode 32, Zoisite keeps watch for his plan to go through... while riding on a merry-go-round.
  • Zoisite's little temper-tantrum when Beryl assigns Nephrite to search for the Silver Crystal.
  • Usagi using the Moon Stick that Luna gave her in the previous episode to smash open her piggy bank.
  • This burn from Ami in the dub, when confronted by Kunzite (Malachite in the DiC English dub):
    Kunzite (Malachite): Step aside, Mercury. It's not you I'm after.
    Ami: Go bleach your roots, creep!
  • In one episode, Nephrite, while luring one of his targets, dramatically poses with some silk cloth said target wants to buy.
  • "Stupid jerk and his purple-pleated pants..."
    • Now evolved into a running gag.
  • In the Viz dub of episode 7, Umino imitates Molly (Brooklyn accent and all) when crossdressing.
    • In the same episode Umino describes the internet as a "series of tubes".
  • In the Viz dub of episode 8 (Sailor Mercury's intro episode), Ami's IQ is rumored to be OVER 9000!
  • In episode 16 of the Viz redub, we get this gem:
    Umino (referring to their teacher being proposed to:) It's not the ideal situation, but as long as they love each other...
    Usagi: Give me the ideal or nothing! I believe in impossibly high standards!
  • In the Viz dub of episode 3, Jadeite did on-airing love letter readings and came up with the most clever pseudonym ever: J. Daito.
  • The Viz dub of episode 37 gives Kunzite a chance to mock Tuxedo Mask's costume.
    Shouldn't you be off serving appetizers somewhere?
  • In the preview of the Viz dub of Queen Serenity's death, the first second of the video quickly flashes up "20 YEAR OLD SPOILERS!"

     Sailor Moon R (Season 2) 
  • The Entirety of Episode 78. (English Episode 71). To explain it, all of the Senshi are down with a virus except for Minako, so she tries to treat them. It goes... badly.
  • When the girls argue over who should play Snow White in the school play, Makoto claims it should be her because her bust is the biggest. Rei's face is hilarious when Makoto gives her "Want to compare? *wink*" and throws her bust in her face. This is even better in the DiC dub, which attempted to censor it by making her claim she had the "most acting experience and talent"... without taking out the BOING sound effect, camera panning down to her chest, the "WTF" look on Rei's face, or the gesture that made it very clear what sort of "talent" she had the most of. Memetic Mutation ensued.
  • In both the DiC dub and the Japanese sub, Usagi and Mamoru finding out that Chibiusa is their daughter.
    From the sub
    Usagi: What?! Me a parent?! Oh no wonder the little brat annoys me so much! She takes after YOU!
    Usagi/Mamoru: (glance at each other; Luminescent Blush)
    • Rei's comment about this in the sub is golden: ""What year, month and day did that happen?!?!"
  • In the original dub when Serena finds out that she is Neo Queen Serenity. Her delivery is priceless.
    "You mean I'm going to be Queen of an entire city? And my teacher says I won't even get out of grade school"
  • From the DiC dub when Rini tries to open the gate to the future and instead turns the inside of a restaurant into zero-gravity. The Sailor Scouts are all inside and Raye's head floats up Mina's skirt.
    Lita: Hey, we're all floating!
    Raye: (head under Mina's skirt) What a totally weird feeling.
    Mina: Uh, do you MIND!
  • Luna is incredibly offended when Sammy makes a comment about Rini floating ball.
    Sam: That ball looks a lot like Luna.
    Luna: It. Does. NOT!!!
  • From the original dub of Chibusa/Rini's first episode. Serena finds Rini inexplicably in all of her family's photos. Finally losing it after the day she's had, she bellows to the sky "Is it the world that's going crazy or is it me!?". Her mother calmly replies "it's you, dear."
  • Episode 51, Sailor Moon R. Dogged Nice Guy Umino saved the Senshi, Naru and the others a spot for the sakura-viewing festival by staying since last night. Everyone's shocked. Ami asks, "Weren't you cold?", but he came prepared with a sleeping bag, and demonstrates by crawling in and zipping up to show how cosy he was. Cheerful music starts playing. Besides, it's for everyone and Naru. Naru, seemingly touched, reaches out towards Umino... there's a beat... the music stops and she zips the bag up over his face, then turns back and invites everyone to sit down to lunch.
  • A lot of Usagi's romantic fantasies in the first season and first arc of R fall under this. One of the most notable ones is when she imagines she's flying hand-in-hand with both Tuxedo Mask and the Moonlight Knight when, in reality, Mamoru and Shingo are just trying to get her to keep moving inside a virtual reality game.
  • Luna and Artemis's exchange from the DiC dub episode 80 can be seen as this:
    Luna: I hope they'll (the Sailor Scouts) be OK
    Artemis Don't worry. With the power of cheesecake they'll win this fight.
  • In the R Saga, Green Esmeraude starts flirting with Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask's reaction? He backs away slowly.
  • Episode 76, with Esmeraude's first time walking amongst 20th century people. She scoffs at the "primitive" people, only to be Not So Above It All when she walks into a bakery and makes a complete fool of herself pigging out on cake. Alongside Usagi, who is also stuffing her face like a maniac.
    • In the DiC dub, Emerald briefly assumes that this is some kind of scheme to get at her.
  • In DiC episode #71note , after Serena faints, she has an Imagine Spot about having a birthday dinner date with Darien. When the other Sailors appear to try and wake her, Amy asks, "Why am I floating around in your dream?", in a manner that suggests she means to ask, "What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?"
  • The ingeniously hammy and over the top portrayal of En (Anne) in the DiC dub.
    Anne: This is perfect. Now I just have to lure (Serena) into the roooom with the treeee.

    Anne: I don't believe this. He's actually GIGGLING.

    Anne (to Lita): Big mistake calling me sleaze! You've baked your last cookie!

    Anne (to Alan): Energy?! WHO CARES ABOUT ENERGY?!

    Anne: If I can't have Darien NOBODY CAN!

     Sailor Moon S (Season 3) 
  • In one bizarre scene, after the girls discuss their suspicions that Makoto is going on a date with Haruka, a masculine female, Usagi pulls out an idol group's photo book of Rei's showing a similar person and says, "But you've got this too, huh?" Rei's angry reaction is priceless.
  • Episode 104, The ShinChan parody, no words can say how funny this is it, what's more is that those are the original Japanese voices.
  • Chiba-Usa's first attempt at her Pink Sugar Heart Attack. Emphasis on "attempt".
    • Even her first appearance as Chibi Moon prompts Moon and Mars to stare in utter disbelief as Moon croaks out a, "Chibi-Usa..."
  • In a filler episode Usagi was going to meet with some foreign exchange students and her Gratuitous English after getting drunk must be heard to be believed.
    • "Nice to meet you! Cream stew!" or "Nice tawh meetchoo, cream-oo seetchoooo."
      • "-or you're no good as a woman."
    • It was also hilarious when Mamoru told the girls about meeting the students, and Usagi couldn't decide whether to feel excited about going to a fancy party with Mamoru or feel nervous about all the foreign conversations awaiting them.
  • "I'm a little weak in the knees..."
  • From the S series, Usagi's secret looks to be about to be revealed to the bad guys and the Outer Scouts when the other Scouts arrive... with Sailor Venus masquerading as Sailor Moon, down to the hair buns.
    • Doubles as Mythology Gag, as, in both manga and live action, Minako had faked to be the Moon Princess for a while.
    • From the original DiC dub: "And remember, I'm Sailor Moon!"
    • Gets funnier when you realize the implications of Sailor Venus explains Usagi's Cosmic Heart Compact as merchandise.
    • Watch it here in all its glory.
  • Minako was a little too happy to learn that she really did have a pure heart.
    • And Eudial and Usagi's reactions when she didn't fall in exhaustion but laughed in happiness. Eudial was frozen in shock, and took a few seconds to give chase when Minako ran away. Usagi? Dull Surprise and a Not Again face.
    • The same episode reveal the existence of a series of five books titled "Tarisman", with the authors listed as "Haruka & Michiru".
    • At the start of the episode, Tomoe and Eudial were talking at the phone when Tomoe, ranting about the need to recover the Grail before the Sailor Senshi, accidentally broke the speaker. And Eudial informed him the reparation's cost would be taken off his pay.
      • It's also rather humorous in the dub as well - Eudial says "By the way, it sounds as if you've damaged the phone. I'm afraid we'll have to charge you for that!"
    • Minako moping on not being targeted by Daimons for her Pure Heart and Usagi and the cats' attempts at preventing her from baiting the Daimons:
      • Minako moping about it, and her terrifying Death Glare when Artemis dares to suggest she doesn't have a pure heart.
      • Minako is working her frustration with volleyball... And then realizes she hit a visiting Usagi.
      • Minako is frustrated by both the lack of attacks and her problems at the crane game when Usagi realizes Minako wants to bait the Daimons. Cue Usagi grabbing Minako's shoulders and shooking her while begging to not do that... And accidentally capturing all the dolls in the crane game.
      • Luna explains that the Daimons could have simply got it wrong, and brings as example that Usagi, already targeted by them, purely loved Mamoru, purely hates homework, is purely lazy, is purely glutton, and thus was thought to have a Pure Heart.
      • In the end Minako turns and, with a serious face and a subdued tone, asks Usagi if she wants some of the dolls from the crane game.
    • Minako meets Haruka and Michiru in the same bookshop with the "Tarisman" books, and they suggest her she could show her pure heart by helping people, and maybe give blood. She runs to do it, and the girls praise her pure heart... Cue Minako running back and giving them a doll from the crane game each.
    • After the Daimon was defeated and Minako re-hearted, Eudial was about to roast the entire Sailor team plus Uranus and Neptune... Cue Minako hitting her with the dolls from the crane game.
    • Eudial's reaction at Minako's transformation in Sailor Venus? "You too?!"
  • In episode 110, Eudial speaks on Haruka and Michiru's answering machine. The message ends mid-sentence, and Eugeal has to call again to continue. The first thing she says is a complaint about the length of the recordings.
    • What really sells it is Haruka and Michiru don't move the entire time, even when the message cuts off, the phone rings again, and the message starts back up.
  • The rather disturbing scene of Mimete playing twister with the rest of the Witches 5 (or 4 if you want to get technical), complete with Professor Tomoe watching them from slightly open door. As Mimete's chanting "do it" and trying to bend her leg at a ninety degree angle, the camera keeps zooming to and from Tomoe as he quietly giggles. The dub somehow adds to this with Catherine Disher's portrayal of Mimete and her slightly erotic moaning.
  • Episode 92. Usagi gets heartbroken when she thinks Mamoru forgot her birthday...until she realized that not only did she not tell him when her birthday was, but she didn't know when HIS birthday was!
  • When the girls go to the party with the English exchange students (French in the Cloverway dub version) the girls all want to dance with Haruka. Rei, Minako and Makoto start playing rock paper scissors to see who goes first. Usagi gets a dance and the rest of the girls and guys at the party are crowded around Haruka. In the background we can see that they are still playing rock paper scissors and now Ami has joined in.
  • Ami gives a backhanded, and hilarious, compliment to Usagi when Minako insults her cooking. Minako hopes Mamoru will be okay after eating Usagi's cooking, and Ami comments that Usagi cooked her food for so long, there was no way harmful bacteria could be on them.
  • Dr. Tomoe of the anime was by far the most entertaining Big Bad of Sailor Moon, from his evil laughs to running on treadmills while on the phone.
  • The Running Gag wherein Eugeal's car would appear out of increasingly absurd places. One of the more humorous ones? When she crashed a party to steal her target's pure heart... and called the car through the wall, before driving away from the property damage.
  • In episode 106 we see Eudial jumping on her car to attack the victim of the week. Then we have a cut to a zoo, with a monkey in a cage, an hippopotamus in a pond, an elephant that is walking in a building... Then stops, steps back in a hurry and barely avoids being ran over by Eudial's car.
  • In one episode of Sailor Moon S, a Remless/Lemures named TogeToge Jo is summoned...and while it's arguing with CereCere and is forced to eat a dream mirror (She thinks it's icky), Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibiusa avert the Talking Is a Free Action and attack her. The original dub actually makes this quite humorous with her last words.
    "I haven't even done anything!"
  • The girls finding out that Haruka is, indeed, a woman. Made doubly funny after the fact that Usagi and Minako had been stalking her the entire episode.
  • The episode where Makoto loses her confidence and goes to train at a mountain temple has a few:
    • Finding out that Usagi snuck out of the house to ditch Chibi-Usa and leave her behind. Chibi-Usa throws her Luna-P ball down in frustration and the scene transition shows Usagi getting hit in the face.
    • A brief one that illustrates the girls' personalities perfectly at the same time: After a pillow fight, they all fall asleep in the same room and, while Makoto slips out, the camera shows a shot of the rest of them sleeping. Rei has half-fallen out of her futon, Usagi and Minako are holding hands, and Ami is just peacefully resting without having moved at all during the night.
    • One by one, the girls (including Ami) revealing that they, like Usagi, had brought their swimsuits along in order to go hang out at the resort hotel near the temple rather than train (except Makoto who was already out training). This is even after Luna and Artemis had been talking about how Ami was the only diligent one of the group.
    • Makoto attempting to meditate with the monk Kakusui under a freezing waterfall. She asks him for advice and he remains quiet for several seconds. When she begins to wonder if she really isn't cut out for the rigor, he sneezes and reveals that he was so cold and numb that he couldn't even talk.
  • Yuichiro in episode 99, admiring Rei from a distance, when Usagi catches him and just mocks the hell out of the poor guy.
    Yuichiro: Rei must be very tired.
    Usagi: "Rei must be very tired," Yuichiro said, as he silently watched over the figure of Rei as she left. To be continued...
  • The continued attempts of the original dub to insist that Amara/Haruka and Michelle/Michiru are cousins. Really, totally cousins, and totally not lesbians. But they keep a lot of the imagery that shows that they're supposed to be lovers in the original Japanese version, such as the pastel artwork, the roses, and a lot of touching that cousins don't do. But they're totally cousins as they remind you rather often.
  • In the episode where Makoto is targeted for her pure heart, Mercury and Moon chase after the Daimon, which leapt into the air. Sailors Moon and Mercury wonder if it can fly. The Daimon falls, running away from the two while cackling and holding her cape over her face. Moon and Mercury were left utterly confused.

     Sailor Moon Super S (Season 4) 
  • From Super S: "I am a spider, I can climb...I am a spider, I can climb..." And all of her other antics as Usagi the Red Ninja, Protector of Love.
  • When Rei went to take a bath and saw Mamoru naked in Episode 136.
  • In episode 159, Mamoru goes to a very fancy restaurant with Chibiusa. Usagi and the others follow. Hilarity Ensues.
    • When the waiter asks the girls what they want to order, they say in unison: "ice water". Only Ami timidly orders apple juice.
    • Then, Chibiusa gets the feeling that someone is eavesdropping on her and Mamoru. Sure enough, when the camera pans out, you can see the girls surrounding their table, hiding behind various items they've moved closer: a flower pot, a painting, a statue, and a PIANO.
      • What makes this even funnier is that it's Makoto who's moving the piano! Just how strong is this girl?!
  • A Lemures in SuperS traps Sailor Moon in a magic tutu that forces her to endlessly perform ballet moves. She ends up breaking out of it because it's too small for her.
  • Minako dramatically lamenting that "Surely it is a curse... to be THIS BEAUTIFUL!" as the other girls roll their eyes at the nonsense.
    • Even more so later in episode 141 when the "hot guys" she had been "cheating" with reveal themselves to be Hawk Eye and Tiger Eye:
    Tiger and Hawk: YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY THAT!
    • Later Sailor Venus shows up pissed at them and opens a can of whoopass on them after her In The Name Of Venus Speech mentioned them breaking her heart. They and their Lemures are frantically dodging while wondering out loud what the hell she's talking about.

     Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Season 5) 
  • Seiya's innocent innuendo as he takes her out dancing. Poor Usagi...
  • The entirety of episode 184, in which 12 Sailor Soldiers (Inners, Outers, Starlights, Villains) are crammed into Usagi's living room.
    • The "Chibi-Chibi cake/towel conundrum"
    • Sailor Moon uses the Moon Tiara Action... With a frozen pizza, as her outfit didn't have a tiara anymore!
    • Haruka and Michiru are completely taken by surprise (Luminescent Blush included) as Aluminium Siren whines about how they're standing atop the dining table; and when Eternal Sailor Moon's wings start knocking off things as she walks down the hall, forcing her to lean against the wall. While she makes her usual speech, you can hear dishes breaking in the background. Nothing like the show when it starts parodying itself. Then, when Sailor Star Maker tries to attack, everybody grabs her to stop her from doing so, completely ignoring the Monster of the Week, who receives an Offhand Backhand from Fighter when he tries to get her attention.
  • The battle against the old art collector in episode 186 is hilarious, especially when he tries to get a power up... and his pose is a Shout-Out to Chibi-Usa's usual invocation of Pegasus in the much maligned Super S season. Refuge in Audacity at its finest!
  • In the anime, Usagi first meeting Chibi-chibi. She asks her her name, and only gets a "chibi" as a response. She tries asking her where she's from, same response, and where her family is same response, and, you get the idea.
  • All of the Inners reveal themselves to be members of the Three Lights Fan Club (with Ami of all people having the lowest number of the group). What do they do when they meet the #1 fan? They bow down to her!
  • In episode 171, Mars and Neptune are paired up against Nehellenia, and Mars is amazed by Neptune's intuition as a Senshi. Neptune says that Mars herself is pretty amazing, and Mars then freaks out wondering if Neptune can read minds. A confused Neptune tells Mars that she was talking out loud.
  • From 179, Taiki invited Makoto onto a live cooking show taping because he needed to bring a friend with him. Throughout most of the broadcast Mako is a frazzled mess who can't get a single coherent sentence out, while Usagi is suffering from the worst case of secondhand embarrassment and finally marches onto the set to help her. You can guess how it goes, being Usagi.
    • The girls are watching the show at Rei's place, and when they find out the recipe of the day is going to be strawberry shortcake, Rei and Minako are outraged because they're using the fresh strawberries Mako promised to use for their cake. When Usagi comes on screen:
      Rei (completely deadpan): Usagi. Why is Usagi there.
  • The Inner Senshi try and fail with increasing frustration to get tickets to a music festival in episode 180. Minako freaks out like a five year old when they learn the festival is sold out, unaware that Haruka and Michiru were right behind them the whole time. Michiru greets them with an entirely innocent "Hello, how are you?" And she then whips out five tickets to the exact same festival.
    • Rei and Minako kissing their tickets in unison.
    • Usagi insinuates that Michiru did some kind of back door deal to get the tickets because she's a closeted Three Lights fan.
    • Seiya attempts to get friendly with Michiru to learn more about her. All Michiru does is return a compliment, and she somehow managed to flip the entire scenario towards her favor.
  • When a young Hotaru disappeared in episode 168, the rest of the Outers basically searched the entire house from top to bottom... but left her room for last, apparently thinking there was no way she'd be there. But guess what? She was.
  • Episode 181. Iron Mouse knows Galaxia is going to kill her soon, and finds herself being stalked on a train by the rotary phone she carried around with her. She's too scared to answer the phone but the ringing is incessant, and the phone has followed her on top of the guy she's holding onto. The funeral march plays in the background, she picks up the phone, then hangs up on Galaxia mid sentence only to freak upon realizing what she just did. Then, after all that, she sees a poster for the Three Lights and FINALLY realizes she should've targeted them from the beginning. She begins laughing maniacally out of relief while A: she accidentally chokes the poor bystander she crawled onto, and B: Ode To Joy starts playing in the background.
  • Getting tickets for the Three Lights' concert.
  • Seiya getting knocked on top of Usagi. Cue Usagi throwing Seiya. "It was an accident!"
  • Funny in retrospect: Poor Sailor Iron Mouse. She looks around forlornly, wondering who could possibly have a star seed. She turns around to see a poster that announces a concert. It shows five people, namely Karajan, Michiru and the Three Lights. Guess who has a true star seed, and guess whom Sailor Iron Mouse chooses.

     Movies and Specials 
  • In the S movie, when Sailor Moon gets into trouble in a fight, a familar red rose is hurled. Sailor Moon looks up to see... Santa Claus?
  • From the same movie mentioned above, after Luna goes missing, Rei angrily accuses Usagi of being the cause and then Usagi goes ballistic and she and Rei get into a tongue war, as seen here.
  • In the third movie, Sailor Neptune disapproves of the thought of staying a child forever, and says she can think of some "fun things" only adults can do. Sailor Uranus blushes after this.
    • Neptune's line in the English dub, about how a full life can contain plenty of "wonderful experiences," sounds just a little bit less suspicious.
  • In the third movie, the scouts are hypnotized by the enemy and hallucinate they are in a gingerbread house. Usagi eagerly grabs something to eat, only for Tuxedo Mask to shatter the illusion and reveal that she is about to eat a hanging plastic ring from a playground. She laughs, and pushes it away, only for it to smack her back in the face.
  • In the short movie, Ami's First Love when she receives a love letter in school.
  • At one point, Mamoru has a pair of slippers that each sport a mask that his Tuxedo Mask alter-ego wears.

     Common throughout all 5 seasons and movies 
  • Anytime Usagi/Serena cries like a baby or just acts like a 5 year old in general.
  • Any of Ami's Covert Pervert, especially when she realizes where Fiore's feelings lie in the R movie.
  • Anytime Usagi and Rei argue.note 
  • In the DiC dub, anytime Darien note  refers to Serena's note  "meatball head" because of her hairstyle.
    • In the Viz Media dub, Mamoru calls Usagi "bun head" (closer to the Japanese version's "dumpling head").
  • The following Running Gag list:
    • Rei's utter lack of self-awareness, as well as when she refers to herself in the third person as "Rei-chan." There's also her ability to spontaneously pop up at Juuban High School in the Stars season even though she attends a different school, which always freaks out the other Senshi.
    • Ami barely being able to hide her more perverted tendencies.
    • "He looks just like my sempai."
    • Minako's butchered metaphors.
    • Michiru trolling the hell out of everyone on six different levels just by going "Oh?" Which is mostly followed by Haruka being too dense to know what's really going on.
    • Mamoru's Large Ham speeches when he's Tuxedo Mask.
    • Yaten being a glorious Drama Queen who is consistently done with everybody and everything. Yaten's been described by fans "As if Rei and Michiru had a child and didn't love it enough."
    • The safety conscious Daimons from the third season.
    • Eudial's insane driving.
    • Haruna's severe, underlying psychological problems all manifesting as frustrated sexuality and jealousy of her students.
    • The ongoing snark war between Nephrite and Zoisite.
    • Sailor Iron Mouse's refusal to follow standard hero/villain protocol by walking out whenever the Senshi give their introductions.
  • Arguably the hilarity of the English voice casting reaches it's peak with the Amazon Trio and Zirconia, all of whom sound to some degree like Muppets (though only Zirconia and Fisheye actually sound exactly like any known Muppets. Or rather, Muppet parodies).

     From the manga 
  • In the manga after Chibi Usa returns to the 30th century at the end of the Black Moon arc, Mamoru and Usagi proceed to kiss but are suddenly interrupted by their future daughter falling on their heads again with a letter from Neo Queen Serenity showing us that after 1000 years, Usagi never changes.
  • In the manga of Super S, after Chibi-Usa and Usagi get their ages swapped, the other senshi arrive at the hospital where Mamoru is. Upon seeing the aged Chibi-Usa, they all instantly accuse her of being Black Lady.

     From Sailor Moon Crystal 
  • The preview of the 2014 reboot had people worrying that Usagi was going to be less of a klutz and less of a comical character. Turns out, with the release of the first episode, that this is NOT the case. Like the original, it starts with Usagi sleeping in and being late for school - but in addition, she ends up falling down the stairs and landing on her butt.
    • It should be noted however, that Usagi actually was less comical in the original manga. The first anime actually flanderized her character.

Unsorted/Needs Sorting:

  • Usagi spanking Chibi-Usa, but that's not the funny part. No, the funny part was when Chibi-Usa, later in the episode, had a daydream where the situations were reversed and she was spanking Usagi.
  • Some of the lines in the old dub are unintentionally funny, like Oh no, NOT the ducks! and BWAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAH III AM SO TIIIIIRED
  • Katzy's first episode where she gets into a fight with Sailor Moon.
    "You'll pay for that! No one but me touches my face!"
  • In a most likely unintentional moment Sailor Moon used her Moon Tiara Boomerang to both saved Sailor Neptune and fend off Kaorinite. Kaorinite's reaction to the sparkly glowing tiara is a scream of absolute horror.
Zirconia's bad Yoda impression sounds more like Cookie Monster or Trekkie Monster, where Fisheye's voice spends a lot of time being almost indistinguishable from Kate Monster's.