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Fridge: Sailor Moon

Fridge Brilliance
  • Tuxedo Mask isn't dressed like a gentleman at a formal event, he's really dressed like a shout out to classic stage magicians. He even acts like one, using a mask and cape to add to his stage presence. And what does a magician pull out of his top hat? Flowers (his ability to summon roses), and rabbits (connecting him to Usagi). His cane also extends like a trick wand does. Sailor V's version of Tuxedo Mask, Ace, represents the type of magician that uses card tricks.
  • Why do Ail and An act like such jerkasses, dragging themselves into a plot that could have been avoided immediately after arriving on Earth? Why, because not only are they the last of their kind, but they matured after the rest of their species already died out. Heck, they didn't even know their own cultural legacy, and thought the Doom Tree was just an energy source. Growing up alone, they never had a chance to socialize and empathize with anyone except themselves until they met the Sailors.
    • Doesn't the end of the arc stop the battle and explain all that right there in the episode? I know it did in the dub.
      • Yes. It does so in the Japanese version too.
  • The Mind Screw ending to the anime of Sailor Stars, the final season of Sailor Moon, tends to be confusing as sin if you watch it without guidance. Here is the best Danny Lilithborne can do: Sailor Galaxia got corrupted by having Chaos sealed within her, so she sent out her Star Seed, which is like a soul but not quite. Star Seeds can recreate physical bodies, too. Galaxia's Star Seed took the form of Chibi Chibi who, never being really human, was a little girl who could only repeat what other people said for awhile. When the final battle came and the Senshi all died or surrendered to Galaxia, Chibi Chibi used her considerable power to give Sailor Moon a power boost. But even that wasn't enough as Sailor Moon realized that Galaxia had the same loneliness as her, mirroring their final battle in the manga. Finally, Galaxia shattered the Silver Moon Crystal, fulfilling Chaos' goals. In desperation, Galaxia's soul, which was asleep but not yet extinguished, got back in touch with her Star Seed, and this power was able to give Sailor Moon the strength to keep fighting. However, Galaxia insisted the only answer was to kill her with the Sword of Sealing, the weapon which Galaxia initially used to seal Chaos, which Eternal Sailor Moon refused to do. She instead reached out to touch Galaxia, whose own image of the Sword shattered. ESM's strength of will to save Galaxia is what reversed Galaxia's actions. Once that happened, the Star Seeds regained their power, and Usagi's friends were restored. The ending was probably meant to be a 'it makes sense if your heart is true' kind of thing, though.
    • I haven't actually finished the Stars season of the anime, but what I gleaned from the manga was that Chibi Chibi was actually Sailor Cosmos—Sailor Moon from the far, far future, beyond Crystal Tokyo even, who had gone back in time to destroy Chaos when she (as Sailor Moon) had the chance, instead of waiting for it to get as bad as it would in the future. But to do that would have destroyed not only Chaos, but any chance of Sailor Moon's friends star seeds getting returned to them, so SM Took a Third Option. Although now that I think about it, the whole damn thing was so confusing I could be completely misremembering, it's been a while since I read the manga. xD
      • They had different explanations for who Chibi Chibi was in the anime and the manga.
    • From reading over the manga again, I found that Chibi Chibi was actually the reincarnation of Sailor Moon, given that she 1. does not look exactly like Usagi nor Serenity 2. Sailor Moon tells Chibi Chibi just before the former jumps into the Cauldron and the latter becomes Cosmos that they shouldn't give up hope, making Cosmos wish to return to the future to fight Chaos again. 3. Cosmos states that "Like Eternal Sailor Moon did, once I receive the power to lose and save everything...that is when I truly become Sailor Cosmos." The implication being that Moon and Cosmos are separate people but the same, as she calls Sailor Moon "my self here [in the past]." Also a new cauldron would form after the old one was destroyed, as stated by Chibi Chibi in chapter 51, so the dead senshi would probably still have a chance at rebirth, if nothing else.
  • In the manga, while fighting the Amazoness Quartet, Saturn repeatedly tells them to wake up. They nearly join her before being trapped in stones by Zirconia. Later on, she rescues the stones and prompts Princess Serenity to use her powers to free them, revealing Sailor Senshi. The themes sleep, dreams, and nightmares were constantly used throughout the Super S arc, to the point where the Dead Moon Circus has been defeated and one character states that "the long nightmare is finally over". However when a Sailor Senshi comes in to her power she is refered to as having AWAKENED! Saturn wasn't just telling the quartet to free themselves from the control of the Dead Moon Circus, she was telling them to become their senshi selves!
  • The Saturn symbol (♄) looks like the letter "h", the first letter in Hotaru's name in Latin script. Probably a coincidence, though.
    • You could even say it's a "t" and an "h" for Tomoe Hotaru. And Sailor Jupiter's symbol looks sort of like a 4, and she was the fourth soldier found!
      • Actually 5th considering it went: Venus, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter.
      • Any oddities found between the Senshi and their symbols is pure coincidence, as these symbols are actually legit astronomical symbols used since the middle ages.
  • As a Senshi assigned to protect Chibi Moon and an equivalent to the Sailor team, Cere Cere's hair and eye color — pink and red, respectively — make sense. Why? Because she resembles Chibi Moon to the same extent that Sailor Venus resembles Sailor Moon.
    • Also the giant bow.
  • According to the Engish Dub 'Full Moon Collection' Music CD, the singers of the English Sailor Moon theme were credited as "Sailor Venus" and "Rini",.....when you think about it, considering how much more of a ditz the Dub made Mina, that explains SO MUCH about the 'Never running from a real fight' also makes sense that since she was never given a love interest in the Dic dub that she would sing about Sailor Moon. Also In the Dic dub, she always mention about 'Serena' and was the most nicest and seemed to had the most faith in her.
    • No, if anything the DiC dub made Mina LESS of a ditz than the original version did. Seeing as how they got rid of her knack for messing up proverbs. Mina in the DiC dub was pretty much just the Every Girl.
  • This technically doesn't really count as Fridge Brilliance on the creators' part, but I couldn't help but notice something; Mina's English voice actress is named Stephanie Morgenstern. The surname "Morgenstern" means "morning star," and the morning star is the planet Venus when it's visible in the morning sky.
  • In one anime episode we find out that Minako is quite fluent in English, possibly even more than Ami, but can't talk with the English gentlemen at a party. At first it's strange... Then you remember she has lived in London for a while and stayed with the police, but not the higher-class Englishmen. She just had nothing to speak of with the gentlemen at the party, while Ami, being of an higher social class, had it (and Rei too, probably, but she wasn't as fluent as the other two).
  • The personality clash between Lead Crow and Aluminum Siren makes even more sense if one thinks about the metals they're named after. Aluminum is a very lightweight metal, and Siren is a rather ditzy, "air-headed" character. Lead Crow is the more serious one of the two, and "lead" is highly associated with gravity and weight, not only in a literal way, but in the figurative sense of being serious and solemn. Also, Lead Crow wears red, and her name could be romanized as "Red Crow," which the Stars manga accidentally did in the initial English translation. Iron Mouse and Tin Nyanko don't really have personalities that are associated with their metal names. though.
  • Queen Nehellenia's manga counterpart is a really subtle invocation of The Fair Folk. Pointy Ears, and Hellish Pupils are by no means limited to evil fairies, but what about the Dead Moon Circus circus's creepy playfulness? Or her backstory being a specific reference to the evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty? Using dreams and illusions as her main weapons? Kidnapping children specifically, the Sailor Asteroids to keep as playthings? It's also possible that Nehellenia's Rapid Aging before her death wasn't from No Immortal Inertia, but Glamour Failure once she became too weak to maintain the illusion.
  • I always wondered why the other Senshi took to battle easily, while Usagi struggles every season. The I realized; Usagi was never supposed to be a Senshi. She was the Princess, so she was trained for politics and manners. The Senshi, on the other hand, were trained to protect her and the galaxy. Usagi's just a Fish out of Water!
  • Why is ChibiUsa training to be the next Sailor Moon? Because she absorbed the Silver Crystal into her body.
  • An arguable case: In the S finale, Mistress 9 says that the Holy Grail is the purest heart of all, and now the only way to save the world is to produce a purer one. Cue Sailor Moon producing her pure heart (with the powers of all the Senshi to this point) and evidently dealing pretty heavy damage to Pharaoh 90. It's perfectly possible that the crystal wasn't hers alone, but was the combined purity of all the senshi, or even just hers alone. Which was more pure than the purest.
  • In the anime, Minako once in a while pulls something that should be impossible for an unpowered human, like jumping on Usagi's balcony from the street and total stillness, not fainting immediately after having her Pure Heart Crystal extracted but still having the strength to outrun a car, or breaking the Dead Moon Circus' shackles after having Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye rummage through her Dream Mirror, and yet none truly surprised the other Senshi (aside for Haruka and Michiru with the Pure Heart one, but they aren't near Minako as often as the others), Chibiusa and the Moon Cats (Artemis was scared when Minako pulled the shackles' one, but the fact he had just told her to do it implies he was scared because Minako was pissed, not for that). The question is: just how often does she do things like those?
  • Sailor Moon SuperS gets a lot of flak for a lot of reasons, the whole Dream Mirror thing getting the least of it. At first, they seem like another random MacGuffin of the week, but I came across an old Sailor Moon fan site called In Defense of SuperS (which has, unfortunately, died recently) which explains their purpose in greater detail. Dream mirrors allow people who expose them, in this case the Amazon Trio, to look into them. All they really do is look inside them to see if Pegasus is in there, which is basically looking deep into their hearts, learning everything about them, including their deepest, darkest, most private secrets and desires. The maker of the site describes this as the spiritual equivalent of a strip search, and when they're corrupted and left to die, it's described as assault bordering on rape.
  • Sailor Moon seems really bad in having plot points that are mind-numbingly obvious, like Serena being the Moon Princess and Darien being Tuxedo Mask. It can be painful to watch - unless you realize that the characters don't have the advantage of being objective third-party observers like we are as viewers. How many times in Real Life do we ourselves not realize something that's actually right in front of us? That's where Fridge Brilliance ultimately comes from! That's right - Sailor Moon is an actual example of Fridge Brilliance in action! Usagi didn't realize that Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask because Mamoru pisses her off, while Tuxedo Mask is her wonderful hero. Being a 14-year-old girl, she doesn't want to admit they can be the same guy; she hate hate hates Mamoru until the Big Reveal. In the anime. the manga, it becomes apparent much, much earlier. Given that they were doomed lovers from a past life, though, some of that may be playing into the seemingly dumb. And in the live-action, given that Princess Serenity destroyed the world when Endymion died, maybe she's keeping Usagi from Mamoru for that very reason, by not letting her figure things out until it's blindingly obvious. Then again, Usagi's a 14-year-old girl. They tend to be dense.
    • That, and there's also the fact that at least some of it was lost in translation. Granted, "Tsukino Usagi" (meaning "rabbit from the Moon") is a name that can be connected with the Moon, but it would require the characters to actually notice the meaning behind the name. In the DiC dub, on the other hand, the main character is stuck with the name "Serena", which is so similar to "Serenity" that one would have to be blind not to suspect anything. And as for Mamoru not being associated with Tuxedo Mask, there is a pretty simple explanation - you normally don't try to match masked vigilantes with people you had met on the street, and even if you do, you start with their personalities and behaviour, which in case of Tuxedo Mask and Mamoru, did appear to be completely different.
    • Something related to this that always annoyed me is how people seem to act like it's obvious that Sailor Moon is the princess due to her soldier name and theme, but it would actually make little sense for her to be the princess if not for the Stars arc which explains why this is the way it is. I mean, what kind of royal family would put their only heir in the frontlines? It would actually make more sense for Sailor Moon to be the princess' royal attendant or main bodyguard, again, Stars explains why this is but early on in the first two arcs we don't have this information.

Fridge Horror
  • Usagi has less government experience than Sarah Palin in 2008 when she becomes Neo-Queen Serenity. And Usagi was a terrible student. Can't you just imagine her trying to respond to questions about foreign policy or what she thought about certain branches of scientific research?
    • Usagi's not so much a terrible student as much as she's just not really motivated to do schoolwork. She is a bit of an airhead, but nowhere does it show that she is outright stupid. In both the manga and the anime, it is implied that she becomes Neo-Queen Serenity after having matured quite a bit. In addition, foreign policy isn't exactly an issue when the entire world is at peace (the population of Nemesis notwithstanding). And as far as scientific research is concerned, while she may not be an expert on the finer details, she'd probably understand the basic concepts and get any further assistance from Ami and/or Mamoru.
  • Okay, so anyone who has read the Sailor Moon manga should know that it contains two scenes involving graphic deaths (of the HEROES) reminiscent to the famous face melting scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The instance in which Usagi/the Senshi "die" from an enemy attack in the SuperS arc was, undoubtedly, a nightmare. While Mamoru's face-melting in the first arc initially appears to be a nightmare, since we see Usagi roused from her sleep, crying at the thought of his death, one of the Four Generals earlier had recalled that when they sold their souls to the Dark Kingdom, their "flesh was changed." In other words, Mamoru's horrific decay might have ACTUALLY HAPPENED.
    • From what is known of their future, they have gained immortality which brings several problems to mind. Since all the inhabitants that were there at the time also gained immortality (save for newborns), there could very well be a birth control policy even stricter than the one of China to avoid overpopulation and shortage of food. If not, this could even lead to an even greater degree of war and murder from extremists to regulate population's growth (Which in the end, could make it even worse than how the villains wanted to make Crystal Tokyo)... So much for an utopian Crystal Tokyo.
      • Not exactly... It is possible that only the queen, king, senshi, etc. only gained immortality. If the civilians have gained immortality then it is possible that Neo Queen Serenity already knew something like population control could be a problem, and using the power of the Silver Crystal, made endless amounts of food and land to avoid overpopulation so everyone could have all of the space and food they needed to survive. Or, it could be like how it was during the Silver Millinium and everyone (except for the queen, senshi, king, etc.) just lives long lives but end up dying of old age eventually.
      • The manga states that the influence of the Silver Crystal has spread across the entire planet and that the general lifespan of every human is around 1000 years. So it's more likely that the habitants of earth now live much longer than before but will eventually die.
  • In the Stars Season, Eternal Sailor Moon used her Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss on Sailor Tin Nyanko which destroyed one of Galaxia's Bracelets but the other still intact thus cutting the evil in half of Tin Nyanko's body. Galaxia pointed out that people who serve her gets their star seeds taken but with her bracelets, that servant can still live on. Galaxia killed Sailor Iron Mouse and Sailor Aluminum Siren via removal of their bracelets thus the Sailor Animamates dying. So if Sailor Moon succeeded in removing the other bracelet from Tin Nyanko, she basically could've been responsible for the death of Tin Nyanko. This would have caused endless lulz for Galaxia.
  • Unlikely- as Usagi healed Tin Nyanko, much like she did the Monsters of the Week. So, IF Usagi had fully purified Nyanko, she may have just reverted to a civilian form, or become a truly good Sailor Soldier once again. Sailor Mau would've been a decent ally too...
  • Speaking of healing the Monster of the Week, do people who are healed from that state keep the memories of what they did while they were transformed? Were they in there the whole time, unable to do or say anything? Possible Fridge Logic, do they pay for the damages they cause? What are the legalities concerning damage caused by monster possession? Maybe I'm looking too far into this...
    • They cover this a couple of times in the show. People who are healed retain their memories, but because of the strangeness, most write it off as being a nightmare, since the healing leaves them asleep or unconscious. The exceptions are the ones who already had some type of magical power (the Rainbow Crystal carriers in particular; Urawa/Greg gets to keep his power AND his memories!).
  • In episode 183, Sailor Aluminum Siren targeted Rei's cousin while the senshi were nowhere in sight. Only be pure coincidence, they went to visit him. So, how many other people were targeted without the senshi ever finding out?
    • None: even if they weren't there when the Shadow Galactica attacked their victims, they would have found out when said victims started rampaging as Phages. The trick was containing them long enough for Sailor Moon to heal them and get them before the Self-Defense Force (I won't delude myself that small arms can hurt those things, but bazookas could. And there's an infantry regiment with battalion strength and various support troops garrisoned in Tokyo).
    • This, on the other hand, could be applied to Jadeite's job of taking life energy. How much energy did he collect on Sailor V's watch before Usagi started stumbling on him? And how much before Tetis' death pissed Beryl enough to order him to kill the Sailor Senshi?
    • It's mentioned that many of the different plots to gain energy are plans that went on for weeks in a few cases. The real horror is how often the heroes lucked into a plot because a victim was acting weird. If any plot had been just a little less ambitious, they could have gotten all the energy they needed without drawing any attention at all.
  • In the anime, the amazon trio restrain their targets to a board and then stick their heads in their dream mirrors - these targets include teenagers and at one point an eight year old boy. As one YouTube commenter put it:
    "These guys aren't a circus - they're freaking SEXUAL PREDATORS!"

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