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She's got a DAMN good reason to cry this time

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Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon

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    The Dark Kingdom Arc 
  • Halfway through the Arc, when we get to Darien's (Mamoru's) backstory. He starts out by saying that he wants the Silver Crystal to find out who he is in the DiC English dub. That right there came off so lame and cheesy for this troper. But then comes the backstory about being in an accident and his parents not surviving and him having amnesia. In just one minute this troper was considering Darien's motivation being one of the lamest motives ever to being one of the saddest. It was terrific.

    The Black Moon Arc 
  • Episode 69 ( Usagi gets so depressed over Mamoru dumping her that she's easy prey for the Youma that almost kills her through a Lotus-Eater Machine, but Mamoru can't return with her even after saving her through a Kiss of Life. Mamoru would not get back together with Usagi until Episode 78.)
  • Episode 87 ( Usagi and Naru's talk right before Usagi launches her last attack on Black Moon, to de-brainwash Chibi-Usa and defeat the enemy
  • One from the R manga: Sailor Pluto's Heroic Sacrifice, when she stops time knowing it'll kill her so she can stop Demando from destroying the universe. Especially when it undoes Chibi-Usa/Black Lady's brainwashing, lets her morph into Sailor Chibimoon, and then the poor little girl sees Pluto's dead body and bawls. This Troper can't remember the exact quote, but it was like this: "Pluto! Look at me, please! Open your eyes! I wanted you to see me as a Sailor Senshi! I want you to see I've grown! PLUTO, PLEASE, WAKE UP! NOOOOOOOOOOO!".}
    • The scene is pretty much repeated the same way in the Sera Myu (Specificly the Black Lady Musicals.) The other Outer Senshi (Who are from Crystal Tokyo like Pluto in this version) try to soften the blow by telling her she's just resting. The fact Chibi-Usa and Black Lady have a duet shortly after Pluto dies that is just as sad makes the scene worse.
  • Saphir's death! The guy, who's been nothing but dutiful towards his brother, Demando, finds out about Wiseman's true intentions, and tries to warn him. But because He Knows Too Much, Wiseman attempts to kill him. Saphir escapes, ends up back in the hands of the sisters, but still tries to warn Demando of the danger they're in. In the end, Wiseman kills Saphir off (in front of Demando no less) before he can spill the beans. And then the bandages on Saphir's head fall off, revealing he's truly turned good/been purified on his own free will. And to drive it further, there's a flashback of Demando and Saphir as kids looking at flowers, and Demando promising his little brother that one day they'll see flowers on Earth and live there. Saphir's death was every bit as painful for Demando as it was for the audience, since this means he'll never get to fulfill his promises to Saphir. Also at the moment of his death, the jacket he left with Petz from where it's hanging on the wall and she realizes he's died. Damn, it's just heartbreaking.
  • Usagi's dream in episode 62: The friendship of the Sailor Warriors, goodbye Ami!
    • Most of the episode as well. Especially Ami's image song.
  • Episode 69, where Usagi/Serena thinks Mamoru/Darien dumped her for another girl who turns out to be his best friend's little sister (this was around the time that Mamoru/Darien had recurring nightmares of marrying Serena and a voice telling Mamoru/Darien to stay away from her or the universe would be destroyed), there's a part where Usagi/Serena is in front of the refrigerator, stuffing her face out of depression, though that's nothing compared to the scene in episode 61 where after Usagi/Serena fails at getting back together with Mamoru/Darien, she then walks down the street, stops at a phone booth, locks herself in it, and breaks down crying.
    • Also in Episode 69, the Monster of the Week puts Sailor Moon in a sort of trance that starts to drain her life away. The scouts can't get her to wake up. Luna leaves the scene as she has flashbacks of Usagi/Serena stuffing her face from earlier that night. Luna gets to Mamoru/Darien's place and pleads with him to come save her. At first he's reluctant (because he still believes he's trying to protect her) but eventually goes and saves her when Luna tells him she's dying. This is a Hope Spot for Sailor Moon, but he just turns a cold shoulder to her again after the enemy is defeated. And then we see Mamoru on his own in the nearby river, crying and quietly saying "Usako, I'm sorry..."
    • Even worse, Usagi and Mamoru do not get back together until Episode 77, 16 episodes after the break up.
  • Episode 80, Ami was being accused of cheating on an exam and the way she's just looked down by the other students is heartbreaking. Later in the episode,the Monster Of the Day shoots a beam at her to make her have illusions that her friends are against her. While "they" are all saying that, there are clips of the other Senshi happy, making the scene all the more sad. The scene is just as sad in the English dub.
  • When being brainwashed into Black Lady in season two, Chibi-usa has a dream about being abandoned on her birthday. The background music playing while she cries just makes it a thousand times worse.
    • The other dream/flashback could count too. Chibiusa runs after a frog and slips in the rain when she ignores her mother's warning not to run. Her parents, because she didn't listen, refuse to help. The way Chibiusa views this is indeed heartbreaking, as she sees it as her parents wanting her to be hurt rather than wanting her to learn to be self-sufficient (as we learn a few episodes down the road).
    • Chibiusa alone could qualify. Yes, yes, she's a brat at times, but think about it. She's a five-year-old kid who's desperate to save her mother and her kingdom, but has no idea how to go about it, all the while being pursued by villains out to murder her. On top of that, it's been established that she was VERY lonely back home, to the point of being terrified that no one really loves her. Underneath all that brattiness lies a lost, scared, lonely little girl who just wants to go home and have things be normal again.
  • The episode where Sailor Moon purifies Koan/Catsy. Koan is madly in love with Rubeus, but he doesn't give two squats about her. So when she fails him again while fighting Sailor Mars, he gives her a ball of destruction that will kill everything in the area, including her. Koan starts crying and is seriously considering using it. The other scouts arrive and thwart her plan but Koan starts attacking the other scouts out of anger and sadness, saying she's useless. Just as Sailor Jupiter is about to lay one on her, Mars takes the hit for her and says Koan doesn't have to be evil anymore and they can purify her.
    • Due to Rubeus generally being a Jerkass to the Weird Sisters, they all have a turning point that involves them reaching a Despair Event Horizon. Berthier/Birdie's moment had Koan coming after her as she tried to freeze herself to death, walking through all the obstacles that the crying and suicidal Berthier tosses at her, and telling her that yes, she's loved, which manages to strike a chord in her and finally stop her from killing herself.

    The Mugen/Infinity Arc 
  • The very first episode of the season: Rei is the first target for her pure heart and, until Uranus and Neptune return her heart crystal, the other Inners are fully convinced that she's dead.
  • Episode 110 (Michiru and Haruka's Talismans appear, and the famous hands scene where Haruka angsts as she considers herself tainted, and Michiru comforts her. The second is made sadder because it's followed several scenes in which the saddened Inners recall how they've tried to talk to them to no avail.
    Minako: "B-but we're all Senshi..."
    Haruka: "Please forget it! We can't get along."
  • Third season, Episode 99. Yuuichirou gets ready to leave the Hikawa shrine after (mistakenly) thinking Rei is being seduced by a two-timing Haruka, and Rei being in the verge of an Heroic BSOD at Yuuichirou's lack of trust in her. Rei asking Usagi in tears "Why? Why... why didn't you trust me until the end...?" is heartbreaking even for those who don't ship Yuu/Rei. And then there's that goddamned song played in the background... * weeps*
  • Third season climax: Hotaru's just overcome Mistress Nine and tranforms into Sailor Saturn. She explains to Sailor Moon that she is, indeed, the "Soldier of Destruction" that Uranus and Neptune feared, and calmy states that when she use her power, she will be destroyed. She then thanks them for everything, and goes off to battle Pharaoh 90. Sailor Moon is aghast, tries to power up into Super Sailor Moon—and her transformation fails because the Grail was Destroyed. She keeps trying, and each time she shouts "CRISIS MAKE-UP!" she sounds more and more desperate and pounds the pavement below her in frustration until her fist begins bleeding. Just thinking about Sailor Moon on all fours, sobbing "Why?"... At the brink of hysterics she tries one last time and the powers of the other Senshi combine and her pure heart crystal forces itself out of her body to allow her to transform. When finished her eyes are blank with tears streaming down her face and goes to join Sailor Saturn in battle.
  • As Mistress 9/Hotaru becomes more schizophrenic, Dr. Tomoe thinking back to Hotaru as a child with him. He cries at the memory and apologizes profusely.
    • Don't forget the scene in which we learn why is this happening. The then-normal Tomoe and Hotaru were caught in an experiment Gone Horribly Wrong that made Tomoe's original lab go KABOOM, killing Tomoe's assistants (and apparently, Hotaru's mother Keiko). A badly injured Tomoe found a dying Hotaru and crosses the Despair Event Horizon, screaming that he'd do anything to save his daughter's life. Then, Pharaoh 90 appears and offers him a Deal with the Devil to save her... And the way the scene is set up is brilliant as well as heartbreaking: the flashback is actually Hotaru's Bad Dreams. She's herself for a while instead of the Dark Messiah, is taking a nap in her "throne", and as she sleeps she recalls the very moment that changed her and her father's life for the worse...
  • Episode 106, where Haruka and Michiru's backstory is told. There was something incredibly depressing about Michiru sacrificing her career as a violinist just to save Haruka from becoming a senshi. Not to mention that it becomes even more depressing when Michiru confesses that she was the girl who wanted nothing more than being with Haruka. (She'd mentioned "that girl" when she first met Haruka.)
  • Episode 109. There's something utterly depressing about Minako thinking she's not "pure" enough. And then that scene, where Eugeal shoots her... and instead of losing consciousness, she runs off with the crystal.
  • Episode 110. The Death of Neptune. Crowning Music of Awesome. No more words.
  • Kaorinite's death in the Sailor Moon S series is always saddening. She did everything for that Tomoe, or at least she thought she did. Getting thrown back into an electric barrier would also probably hurt very much. It doesn't make it any better when you realize that Kaorinite even sacrificed herself attempting to defeat the senshi, only to be resurrected, only to be disposed of by Mistress Nine simply because "her job was now over."
  • The deaths of a few of the Witches Five also qualify as well. Eudial, simply because she was Mimette's butt monkey and was the victim of many a prank. Viluy, because she devoted her life to her machines, even as she vanishes, Mercury says "Poor girl..." and lastly, Mimette, who even had a brief Heel-Face Turn when thinking of not being a bad person anymore. Although she technically didn't die, she's simply stuck inside a giant tv when Tellu pulls the plug with her inside... which is a Fate Worse Than Death.
  • How can this not be mentioned here? The sad theme of Sailor Saturn playing while appearing to Sailor Moon and just as she plans to sacrifice herself? Just listening to the music in this is extremely saddening, especially the violin.
    • Generally, the background music in Sailor Moon manages to capture the mood perfectly. The music when the Inners try to deal with the revelation of the Outers's identities in 110, the music when Neptune "dies" in the same episode, the music when Usagi sees Mamoru's star seed amongst the others, the music when Queen Serenity dies and uses the silver crystal to revive everybody, the pocket watch... there are many, many more examples.
  • The episode where Ami feels like she is only valued for her intelligence. That on its own is depressing, but the big tear jerker comes when when Ami gets captured and has her pure heart crystal shot out. Sailor Moon tearfully pleads with the Monster of the Week to return it, explaining how important Ami is to her and everyone else. Becomes a bit heartwarming because Ami hears every word she says.
    • (From another troper) In episode 97, Ami has severe self-doubts. After a pep-talk from Mamoru and regaining her self-esteem after a swimming race with Michiru, she is attacked by a daimon. Sailor Moon tries to save her, but is incapacitated, and has to watch helplessly while the daimon takes out Ami's heart. She begs it to leave Ami alone, because she has beautiful dreams and because she's her dear friend. Ami hears it and starts crying.
      • In addition to that Sailor Moon also states that Ami deserves to fulfill her dreams the most because she works harder than anyone to achieve them.
  • There's a small tear jerking moment in episode 120. Chibiusa goes to Hotaru's home to find her, but it's deserted. She finds Setsuna, but instead of being happy to see her, she gets angry and tells Setsuna she hates her. On the surface, it sounds like Chibiusa just being a brat, but consider she's lost her best friend (who was kidnapped right in front of her while she was helpless to save her) and there are three people, one of whom is Setsuna, who want her dead and refuse to consider there may be an alternate solution. It gets more tear jerking when you remember just a season ago, she very nearly lost someone else extremely close to her. Chibiusa isn't angry. She's hurting because she's tired of all the trouble, all the pain, and all she wants at that moment is her best friend back.

    The Yume/Dream Arc 
  • Super S might have unpopular, but episode 152 had a surprisingly powerful scene. A girl named Nanako is pretty much infatuated with Rei and follows her around like a puppy, wanting to become a Miko like her. Rei at first thinks it's funny, but later she sees it as creepy and overbearing, and then she snaps and says she wants Nanako to go get a life... Poor Nanako hears this and is heartbroken, running away in tears. She's then captured by the Amazon Quartet, who release a Monkey-themed Monster of the Week which, in the middle of the fight, eats Nanako's Dream Mirror to power itself up... then changes her features to make self look like Nanako and starts to openly mock her, revealing that she imitated Rei because she was a Fragile Flower without any self-esteem. What seals the deal is that we then see a half-unconscious Nanako softly crying and begging the monster to stop belittling her. Rei is so pissed off at the enemy when she finds out that she suits up into Mars and pulls her Mid-Season Upgrade, the Mars Flame Sniper, alongside a Crowning Moment of Awesome that lets her beat the monster enough to have Moon and Chibi-Moon kill it. And much to the audience and the cast's relief, despite all the Break the Cutie, Nanako gets better and is able to search for her own goals.
  • The death of the Amazon Trio. Fish starts to wonder who they really are, even attacking Tiger and seeing that they have no Dream Mirrors; later, Fish has a Villainous BSOD and just sits under the rain until Usagi comes to his rescue, and then we hsve the worst/best part: Usagi being captured, Mind Raped by the Monster of the Week (which was NOT sent by the Trio) and having her Mirror shattered, letting out a yell of pain and almost becoming an Empty Shell. Fish's own screams of utter horror and despair is heartbreaking. This is followed by Hawk Taking the Bullet for Fish, Fish and Tiger pulling an Heroic Sacrifice to save Usagi and retrieve Chibi-Usa so they can defeat the monster, and then Helios rescuing their souls after they die. Really, that two-parter was MADE of this trope, and it was one of the best parts of the Super S season.
  • The whole finale of the Nehelenia arc, but especially Hotaru's battle. "Those eyes again... DON'T LOOK AT ME WITH SUCH EYES!" And Chibiusa trying to revive her father in the background was painful. As well as her disappearing out of existence in the arms of an injured, exhausted, almost defeated Usagi (pictured above is the moment when Chibi-Usa fully vanishes, leaving poor Usagi with her arms empty). It can also count as Alas, Poor Scrappy as well.
    • Lest we forget Usagi telling Nehelenia that she can't imagine living as lonely and sad as she did (after Nehelenia explains her Freudian Excuse and Start of Darkness), then sweetly begging her to let go of the others and focus only on her, if she truly wants revenge. And then we see the Magic Mirrors the Senshi are trapped in and every single one (even the Outers) are weeping as they foresee Usagi's upcoming Heroic Sacrifice. Heck, even the brainwashed Mamoru cries, which saves him from his brainwashing.
    • You really can't bring up Hotaru's standoff against Nehellenia without addressing the fact that she's like a week AT MOST into actually LIVING. Sailor Saturn has previously been implied to exist solely to die, to bring about an end and then return to slumber until another end is needed. Yet this time, she was reborn without needing to bring about the end, thanks to Usagi. She could live. She could have a life. She could be a person. And yet here she is, unwaveringly willing to die just to stop Nehellenia, and not flinching from it. Someone give this girl a damn hug.
  • Nehellenia throws Chibi-Usa off the cliff and Usagi dives after her, first desperate but calm, until she's in her arms and falling past skyscrapers and Usagi begs, "Please, Chibi-Usa! I want us to become adults together..." The scene was animated just beautifully and really expressed the mother/daughter love between the two.
    • This troper loses it when Usagi starts crying at the line, "At this rate, we'll both lose our future...!"
  • Episode 164 - Pegasus returns to his body as Helios. Chibi-Moon and Helios are about to be pulled apart from each other, but grab each others' hands, and Helios yells "Chibi-Usa-chan!" and Chibi-Moon says "That's the first time you've said my name .." And her desperate screams when the Golden Crystal is taken from Helios and he disappears.
  • Episode 132, where Usagi covers Mamoru from the Rubber Woman Monster of the Week, which results in her almost suffocating to death as Mamoru desperately screams her name all over.
  • The end of SuperS Anime. Chibiusa and Helios promising to meet each other again, all very cute. From Helios' point of view, though, Chibiusa travelled from the 30th Century to the 20th Century .. and you realize he has to wait a century or longer to see her again. That last hug and the strings version of "Watashi-tachi Ni Naritakute" was just very emotional.

    The Stars Arc 
  • Episode 194 with Usagi breaking down because Seiya threw a rose during the battle and saying that she didn't want to be alone. Made all the better by Seiya asking her quietly if he's good enough. It's hard to make words do justice— Kotono Mitsuishi's performance is just gut-wrenching.
  • And many, many moments in episodes 195-200 ( Kakyuu's Heroic Sacrifice and its effects on the Starlights, Seiya's "Am I not good enough?" scene, the Senshi's own deaths, Usagi finding out that Mamoru died through Bus Crash, Uranus and Neptune's last stand and deaths, Usagi's defeat of Galaxia via The Power of Love instead of killing her).
    • And let's not forget (the moment right after that, where Usagi is left hanging, all alone, until she hears first Rei, then Mamoru calling to her...)
    • On the subject of the revelation of Mamoru's death via Bus Crash, what's the very last thing Rei says to Usagi? "At least you still have Mamoru." She says it before the reveal.
    • As well, with the last stand of Uranus and Neptune, we get a Hope Spot when their music starts playing... then cue the sudden cut of the music as it is revealed that their plan, which involved killing Saturn and Pluto, was all for nothing. And then you see the two of them, who always fight to the end, just give up...
      Uranus: Are you scared, Michiru?
      Neptune: Haruka...
      Uranus: What?
      Neptune: I want to touch you... Haruka...
      • Usagi, naturally, provides the kicker - Uranus and Neptune have just proven that everything they did was just to stop Galaxia, including killing Pluto and Saturn, and, as is Usagi's nature, she's not angry at them, just desperate for them not to die, not to have to watch as two more of her friends die.
    • The conversation in 195 (which takes place soon after the "I want to see you, Mamo-chan!" moment) in which Usagi finally tells Rei that Mamoru hasn't replied to her is heartbreaking. Rei almost seems upset with Usagi for keeping it all bottled up.
  • The deaths of both Aluminum Seiren and Lead Crow in Stars. The first one has Galaxia coldly executing Seiren via taking away her bracelets as she screams for mercy and disolves in the clearly appalled Crow's arms. The second gives us Crow softly apologizing to Seiren's memory before she's absorbed into a black hole.
    • The real kicker with Seiren's death is the whole time she's screaming and struggling with her bracelets, Lead Crow is holding onto her arms as though futilely trying to keep her bracelets in place, all the while begging Galaxia for mercy.
  • Toward the end of the manga, when Usagi introduces Artemis and Diana to her mother, and tells her to take care of them before she goes off to fight Galaxia. Ikuko stares in fear as she tells Kenji she gets the feeling she's never going to see Usagi again, while Luna, Artemis, and Diana who are unable to talk due to damage to their crescent moons mew pitifully as they know Usagi's walking to her doom.
  • Galaxia's Redemption Equals Death in the manga. Despite how horribly evil she'd been, it's a surprisingly sad scene.
    Sailor Galaxia: Sailor Moon... the star that I finally found. So big and beautiful, but never mine to have. But your star will always shine in this galaxy.
  • Anything related to Seiya's Hopeless Suitor status. That includes the "Am I not good enough?" scene above, as well as "If only I'd have met you sooner." Note how in Episode 188, where everyone is forced to reveal their identities to each other, a bittersweet Starlights song with exactly that content starts playing in the background as if to emphasize that it just can't work anymore. And arguably, it may be even more sad that Seiya seems to take it all in good spirit rather than getting depressed.
    • Shipping preferences nothing! Many prefer Mamoru/Usagi and Seiya/Kakyuu over Seiya/Usagi and still felt like shit for Seiya. The poor kid truly needed a hug.

    Movies and Unsorted 
  • Let's not forget the heartwretching scene in the R movie where Usagi is being tortured by Fiore in exchange for having him spare the Inner Senshi; as the girls remember how Usagi pulled each of them out of their lonely lives, they get up again and beg him to spare Usagi. Rei even says, "You don't get it at all! If we didn't meet Usagi... we ALL would've been alone!"
    • And then just minutes later, we get the scene with the Senshi and Tuxedo Mask all surrounding the deceased Usagi (with Rei shaking Usagi to try to wake her up to no success)...just before Mamoru brings her back to life thanks to Fiore's sacrifice, causing all of them to break out in tears. A Tear Jerker of the sad-to-happy variety.
    • Just before that when When Usagi, as Serenity, knowingly uses the Silver Crystal at the risk of her life to prevent the comet from crashing into earth. Knowing what she's doing, the Senshi each call out her name in fear, only for her to boldly state she'll save everyone [IE; the earth] . The Senshi and Endimon!Mamorou lend her their powers and each of the Senshi has a flash back and begin to cry, Usagi has a hopeful monologue, all 5 senshi call out their transformation phrases to focus their powers. It works, diverting the commet, but the Silver Crystal shatters and Usagi drops over dead
    • Who could forget the scene where Fiore sees, in flashback, the origin of the flower that Mamoru gave him on the roof? Mamoru, having woken up in the hospital after losing his parents and memory is comforted by a little Usagi who is there to celebrate the birth of her little brother. She gives Mamoru a flower as part of her celebration and that is what calms him down. Hell, even Fiore's moved to Manly Tears at this.
    • Rei throughout the last half of the movie. When Usagi announces she is willing to let Fiore take her to spare the rest of the girls, she calmly apologizes to them and says they're worth far too much for her to lose. Makoto, Ami, and Minako already look despondent at Usagi's decision, but Rei is the only one who is crying and screams at Usagi "You weakling!" When it looks like Usagi is dead after the Silver Crystal shatters, Rei is violently shaking her body trying to get her to wake up, before she gives up and calls Usagi a liar for telling them she wouldn't die. Fans keep thinking that Rei in the 90s anime was just a bully who had a few moments of tenderness with Usagi, but the truth is, out of all the girls, Rei is the one who loves Usagi the most and it frequently shows.
  • There's a scene in the SuperS movie where Chibiusa has been captured by the villain and placed on a slowly ascending gondola. The senshi can't save her and can only watch as Chibiusa is carried away. The tearjerker comes when you see Sailor Moon's face. She is clearly horrified and trying her hardest (and failing) not to cry.
  • In the English soundtrack, just the song, "My Only Love" brings this troper to tears, especially when it played in the English version.
    • In fact, most people who favor the uncut Japanese version of Sailor Moon over the edited, American version from DiC (and later Cloverway) do admit that "My Only Love" (from the episode where Darien is revealed to be Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon is revealed to be the Moon Princess) is a better song to play over the last part of the episode than what the Japanese version had (though the Japanese version is heartbreaking in its own right).
    • In the Latin-American dub, we had a Spanish-translated version of the Japanese song. It was very sad too.
  • The S movie was so-so, but the scene where Luna explains to Usagi how she feels about Kakeru and ends up crying in an also sobbing Usagi's arms? Holy shit, that was so sad.
    "If I could be at his side as a human... I would at least be able to tell him how I feel!"
  • Minako's R image song, "Setsunakute Ii" or "I'll Stand Alone", which is about her letting go of a lost love because it is her duty to do so, and her determination to hide her pain and from everyone.
    • Route Venus explores the Stepford Smiler mindset of Minako Aino, with exuberantly cheery-sounding music played over lyrics that detail how Minako is in pain and fear from having to let go of her old, stress-free life free to be a lone-standing Senshi.