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Fanfic Recs: Sailor Moon
Proof that the remaining 10% is worth getting punished in the name of the Moon for here.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Sailor Moon fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.

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     Authors and Websites 

  • Recommended by Golden Dragon 326
  • Pairings: Serena/Darien, Scouts/Generals, Rini/Helios, and more.
  • Recommended Reading Order:
    • What If: A Sailor Moon R Twist. Its prequel, Rekindled: A Classic Sailor Moon Twist is currently ongoing, but What If is all there, so you can read that first. (Bad Boys is technically also a prequel to Rekindled, but it's also currently ongoing, so you can read that as a stand-alone if you really wanted to.)
      • What If is scheduled to be re-written soon due to a desire to change a few things that have popped up in Rekindled.
    • Lunar Princess of the Earth. Complete with a sequel (which introduces some of their children). Occurs two years after StarS. Its summary is as follows:
      • There is more to Serena and Darien's past in the Silver Millenium than anyone could have ever guessed. Now lost memories and hidden secrets intrude on the present as a new evil makes itself known.
  •  2 reviews
  • The Orb of Time Saga, by Jeff Anderson (author of Pacificators, which is hosted in the same domain).
    • Recommended by Generallyawesome
    • Synopsis: The first story is set few weeks after the defeat of Wiseman and the Black Moon, when the Sailor Senshi are attacked by a mysterious force sending them hurtling through time and being attacked by animated suits of armour. What is the mystery behind the Orb of Time and what does it have to do with the Black Moon? The second story is set after the end of the fourth series and sees the Senshi traveling around the world to stop the risen FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE!!! Old enemies return, and new ones emerge. Related to the first story. The third and final story is a one-shot featuring Sailor Chibimoon, Sailor Saturn and the Amazoness Quartet battling the last surviving Senshi of the Kuiper belt. They also encounter three elemental beings that are also the site's mascots. Together these stories make up the Orb of Time saga.
  •  4 reviews
  • Sailor Moon Crystal Tokyo series, by Bill K.
    • Recommended by Fusionmix
    • Synopsis: A long-running series whose first half takes place during and between the five seasons of Sailor Moon, following the anime continuity but drawing heavily from concepts of the manga. Bill then manages to write a chilling series of Ascension fics as Sailor Moon "ascends" to Neo-Queen Serenity and forges Crystal Tokyo. The rest of the series follows Chibiusa, now 16-year-old Usa, as she leads the Asteroid Senshi.
  •  2 reviews
  • Suburban Senshi, by Dr. Xadium and Friends
    • Recommended by Comartemis
    • Synopsis: When Setsuna fails to predict the Enron collapse, the Outer Senshi are forced to sell their mansion and abandon high-class living for middle-class life in the suburbs. Epic Hilarity Ensues.
  •  1 reviews
  • The Sailor Moon Expanded Project by various authors (including This Troper)
    • Recommended by Clendy82, Looney Toons
    • The Sailor Moon Expanded community is the gold standard of a fan-based collective universe: well over a dozen authors have managed to put together a large collection of stories set in modern times, futuristic Crystal Tokyo, and everywhere in between. All based on the simple but surprisingly rare idea of writing stories to complement rather than contradict what is canon. Largely based around original characters and plots, rather than simply piggybacking on the events of the series. Often events and characters in one story will reference those in another, encouraging you to read the entire archive to get the complete picture.
    • Individual Recommended fics include:
    • Refugees by Mark Latus
      • Recommended by Clendy82, Looney Toons
      • Synopsis: Refugees is more or less an Origin Story detailing the Dark Kingdom Renegades. Much of this story is set in the Dark Kingdom. It describes Calcite's efforts to keep his friends and family, all renegades born without the gene that makes youma Always Chaotic Evil and therefore exterminated on sight, safe, while he simultaneously helps his superiors wage their war against the Sailor Senshi on Earth.
    • Thy Kingdom Come by Mark Latus
      • Recommended by Clendy82, Looney Toons
      • Synopsis: Having survived the destruction of the Dark Kingdom and established themselves on earth while keeping a safe distance from any miniskirt-wearing superpowered teenagers with possible axes to grind, the DKR nonetheless find themselves coerced into helping the Senshi try and save a parallel world where Calcite has become the Overlord, overthrown Queen Beryl, and absorbed Metallia into himself through clever planning and dangerous genre savviness. The other renegades also face off against their dark selves, whom the Overlord made lords of the earth: Titanite, Calcite's little sister and a cheerful anime fangirl, confronts a sadistic, oversexed Enfante Terrible. Pyrite, the socially awkward genius Trekkie, has an opposite who is equal parts Mad Scientist and Mad Doctor. And so on.
    • Windwalker Chronicles by Craig Reed.
  •  3 reviews
  • The Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy, Miaka Shi/Janelle J..
    • Recommended by Miss Tanglewood
    • Synopsis: Begins with what is possibly the first 'Sailormoon Zodiac' fic on the web. This trilogy takes Sailor Moon to Darker and Edgier after the Nehelennia arc of the Stars Season. The Zodiac Senshi start out attacking the Moon Senshi, both of them have the Black Star Galazy to contend with, and everything goes into a long downward spiral.
  •  1 reviews
  • Ken Wolfe's Sailor Moon sextology: The Four Horsemen, Frozen Time, Kiss of the Enemy, Under a Cloud, Secrets, and the epilogue Pictures at an Exhibition (AU, crossover)
    • Recommended by D Mint, priopraxis
    • Synopsis: An apocalyptic six-part tale of Crystal Tokyo's founding.
  •  1 reviews
  • Frizzy's Four King Hell webcomic
    • Recommended by Rebochan
    • Synopsis: A year after the end of Sailor Stars, Mamoru arrives home one day to find the eponymous Four Kings have bodies again. To his dismay, rather than actually learning why they're alive again, all they REALLY want to do is get into the pants of the Sailor Senshi. In fact, they've made a bet that whoever sleeps with their assigned Senshi first will become the main character (this includes Mamoru, as he apparently has yet to get Usagi either). Meanwhile, previously dead villains from all throughout the series are coming back to life and...continue to freeload with Mamoru whether he likes it or not. Hilarity Ensues. The comic starts out mostly gag-based, then Grows the Beard without entirely losing its twisted sense of humor. Still ongoing and only updates sporadically. Note that the comic is PG15+ due to sexual humor and mild nudity.
  •  1 reviews
  • Forgotten Fics
    • Recommended by Pszczola
    • Synopsis: This site is an archive of several old fanfiction collections that are no longer available and were restored by using the Wayback Machine. It currently contains "The Best Sailor Moon Fanfiction on the Net", which has a wide variety of fics, including many classics from the early days of the fandom, and features a wide variety of characters, pairings, and genres. "The SDKLR" focuses on fics (and art) about the Dark Kingdom, mostly the anime version, so there's a lot of Kunzite/Zoisite. "This' Nothing" is a collection by a single author who also focused on the anime version of the Dark Kingdom. The owner is in the process of archiving more sites, and will be adding more in the future. Please note that some stories here have adult content.
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  •     General Fics 
    Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

    Awakening by Tim Nolan
    • Recommended by uncannybeetle
    • Synopsis The origins of Sailor V and her first adventures in England. Just all aeound well written and well detailed.
  •  6 reviews
  • A Glorious Past by X-Kali-X
    • Recommended by call1992
    • Synopsis Set way back in the Moon Kingdom, this fic actually skirts around the obvious part of the tale — everyone knows just how Serenity and Endymion fell in love and how that ended, but what about the stories around them? How did the senshi come into their powers and how did Metallia come to be within the sun? Contains a few original characters (the majority of whom end up dead rather quickly). Concentrates mainly on Minako to start with, but the others get increasingly larger roles as the story progresses. Senshi/shitennou, and Serenity/Endymion.
  •  1 reviews
  • Sailor Moon Millennials by High Judge
    • Recommended by Endless D
    • Status: Abandoned
    • Synopsis: The year 2000 has arrived in Tokyo, and the girls are enjoying the long peace that they've earned. Sadly, it's not gonna last much longer. The sudden appearance of Setsuna, stricken with amnesia, is the herald of a chain of events that will pit the girls against the ancient kingdom of Atlantis.
  •  2 reviews
  • The Brooch by Jason C. Ulloa (AU)
    • Recommended by Comartemis
    • Synopsis: In the alternate timeline presented by The Brooch, the Dark Kingdom came unsealed and conquered Earth fifty years before the Senshi reawakened. In a world where the Generals rule the Earth and Beryl has set her eyes on the rest of the galaxy, Tsukino Usagi and her fellow Senshi awaken to become the last hopes of a near-shattered resistance movement. Features a few original characters, an amnesiac Pluto, a love triangle here and there, and some of the best action scenes in Sailor Moon fandom; Moon Princess Halation as a Wave Motion Gun, anybody?
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  • Sailor Moon 4200 by Angus MacSpon
    • Recommended by Looney Toons, Mariecat
    • Synopsis: Crystal Tokyo — the far-future "happy ending" paradise-on-earth ruled by Neo-Queen Serenity and her immortal Senshi — didn't last. Beseiged by a mysterious enemy that had decimated the rest of the world, Crystal Tokyo finally fell in 3478 AD, but only after the Senshi and Serenity died one by one defending it. Seven hundred years later, humanity has clawed itself back up to civilization once more, and the city of Third Tokyo has been built on the ruins of Crystal Tokyo. To Third Tokyo comes a cat named Artemis who is looking for a new generation of Sailor Senshi. The enemy that destroyed the world centuries before was not defeated; it waits, biding its time, until the Senshi return.
  •  4 reviews
  • As God is My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly by Sophia Prester
    • Recommended by Dune, Sun Tzu
    • Synopsis: In which Usagi and Mamoru undergo a threat to their Miracle Romance, Criminal Elements make themselves known, Sailor Pluto meddles with Time and History, and a new Villain is unleashed.
  •  1 reviews
  • Descansos by Sophia Prester
    • Recommended by Dune
    • Synopsis: Sailor Pluto is the Senshi of Time, the guardian of the Time Gates. She is also Meiou Setsuna, and that is something she never wants to forget. Takes place right before the S season.
  •  1 reviews
  • Sailor Moon AX by Rob Barba, Libby Thomas & Studio YOGIPIGS (AU)
    • Recommended by Looney Toons
    • Synopsis: The Sailor Senshi were almost shattered when Usagi abandoned them and her destiny, left Japan, and disappeared utterly. Years later, the remaining senshi have managed to hold on and even grow again, making many adjustments, including a new Sailor Moon. The past still hurts, but it's behind them now... Until Ami Mizuno goes to Southern California for a year as an exchange student and meets her campus guide — Amy Anderson, Sailor Mercury of the Sailor Scouts, and her perfect double. And she's not the only familiar face Ami will see unexpectedly.
  •  1 reviews
  • I'm Here to Help by Mark Doherty
    • Recommended by D Mint, Guessmyname, Sun Tzu, Marlee Cross, jaimeastorga2000
    • Synopsis: This story follows an unnamed lone enemy of Serenity as he travels back in time to the start of the TV series to prevent the creation of Crystal Tokyo, a society he regards as a soulless dystopia. The best part? He's nuts. After a thousand years of waging a desperate one-man war on Queen Serenity (and Sailor Mars), he's forgotten his own name.
  •  6 reviews
  • Paradox by Gregg "Metroanime" Sharp
    • Recommended by Looney Toons
    • Synopsis: By way of explaining why she won't tell the other Senshi about impending events, Sailor Pluto tells the other Senshi about some impending events.
  •  1 reviews
  • The Problems With Time Travel by Gregg "Metroanime" Sharp
    • Recommended by Looney Toons
    • Synopsis: When an unknown but familiar-looking boy bursts into a Senshi meeting and drops dead with the Ginzuisho in his hand, it's only the start of a real headache for Sailor Pluto.
  •  1 reviews
  • The Fragility of Time by etj4Eagle (Divergence, Time Travel, Dark Fic... Sorta. Crossover... Sorta.)
    • Recommended by Stratagemini
    • Synopsis: The Fragility of Time and its sequel Star Dust Memories begins with Chibi-Usa being knocked off course while traveling Back to the Past after the Black Moon Arc. She is knocked off course and the Time Stream disrupted mid Journey, and instead she arrives near the beginning of the Sailor Moon Series causing all sorts of ripples in time. Unfortunately, she's not the only one who was knocked into the past.
  •  2 reviews
  • Shattered Ice: Super Sailor Mercury by Shanejayell
    • Recommended by No Such Method Error
    • Synopsis: When Usagi, Rei, Makoto, Minako and Mamoru are killed by Fiore, Ami has to carry on her duties as a Sailor Soldier — and take care of Chibi-Usa, to boot. Still haunted by the loss of her friends, she finds comfort, and eventually more, in a comrade. When not only a new enemy shows up, but the Sailor Starlights appear on the scene, the situation gets increasingly complicated...
  •  1 reviews
  • Hands Fall Together by kihinranno
    • Recommended by Guessmyname
    • Synopsis: When one detail is altered, history as we knew it can be forever changed. For example, one wonders what might have happened if Luna had found Mamoru before Usagi. Could that incident mean the difference between living and dying?
  •  3 reviews
  • Sailor Moon Z by Jeff Hosmer and John Biles (Alternate Universe, Multiple Timelines, Multiple Sexuality Syndrome, Alternate Character Interpretations, and most definitely not for anyone under 16). Does not focus on the relationships very much. Part of the Dance of Shiva universe. Fully absorbs Himechan No Ribon into the mythos.
    • Recommended by Raekuul, Ravenhull
    • Pairing(s): Usagi/Mamoru, Ami/Uwara, Rei/Yuuichiro, Makoto/Teacher, Minako/Steven, Setsuna/Prof. Tomoe, Hotaru/Alien from Venus, Netpune/Uranus, Jadite/Pre-reincarnation Rei, Jadite/Tethys, Naru/Umino...
    • Synopsis: Naru and Umino learn secrets, get powers, join the senshi, save the world from two enemies at once, and everyone has romance.
  •  3 reviews
  • Misconception by Dejana Talis (AU)
    • Recommended by Da Fox 22, Marlee Cross, SunnyNights
    • Synopsis: Born of a queen and king who loved their daughter long before she was concieved, I live my life in the shadow of a child who never existed, who was destroyed by my creation. Will they ever love me as they loved Small Lady?
  •  5 reviews
  • The House On Thornrose Lane, by Alicia Blade (Marissa Meyer)
    • Recommended by Comartemis
    • Synopsis: Serena Tsukino finds herself trapped in the land of Grimm, where the characters are rewritten to become fairy tale characters.
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  • The Adventures of Tux-Boy!, by BobCat
    • Recommended by Comartemis
    • Synopsis: Chase Hunter Carlson is your average Philosophy major until he gets conned into testing out a device that inserts his soul into someone else's body... in another universe. He was aiming for Superman, but what he got was Chiba Mamoru, and now he's stuck for the next three days (if he's really lucky) in the life of Sailor Moon's biggest fruitcake!
  •  1 reviews
  • Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon by Shadowjack et al (also see index page)
    • Recommended by Shay Guy, Looney Toons, Sun Tzu, Tropers/J
    • Synopsis: An anime fan with almost no prior experience with Sailor Moon (the first dozen episodes and knowledge of two jokes about the English dub) goes through the series episode by episode, recapping and reinterpreting it in a manner similar to an Abridged Series in Script Fic format with bonus comic sketches, with references along the way to Darkwing Duck, H.P. Lovecraft, The Order of the Stick, Exalted, and everything in-between. Read, or Mercury will beat you to death with her goddamn princess wand.
  •  9 reviews
  • Beautiful Destroyer Sailor Moon (Link to Fanfic)
    • Recommended by: Dr Tempo
    • Synopsis: "A heartfelt deconstruction of Sailor Moon set in the backdrop of the "Interview" setting, complete with alternative character interpretations, excessive violence, and a vulgar humor clad in black. This will get very ugly, very fast."
  •  1 reviews
  • The Red Peace by Rashaka
    • Recommended by Sithking Zero
    • Synopsis: This is kind of sad, but I worked hard on it. It attemtps to show humanity in the cold future offered by the Crystal Tokyo arc. This is very different from most Future fics...
  •  1 reviews
  • Secondary Characters by Jon Carp
    • Recommended by Roo
    • Synopsis: It's not easy being Sailor Pluto, and it definitely doesn't get any easier when Setsuna, after being brought back to life at the end of the Stars arc, suffers an emotional breakdown, falls in love with Michiru and begins screwing around with time, leading to several really bizarre consequences such as Haruka and Setsuna repeatedly swapping the Sailor Pluto role between them, with Haruka at one point becoming Setsuna's sister, "Barbara," who is Sailor Charon. And then things get really strange. (Watch for Hotaru as a cigar-smoking ghost who may or may not be dating Jesus. It's that kind of story.)
  •  2 reviews
  • The LunchCounter by "Kenjiro Cross'' (AKA Rob "Kenko" Haynie)
    • Recommended by Looney Toons
    • Synopsis: Even the most unlikely of ordinary citizens may play a role in the battles between the Sailor Senshi and their enemies, if only as a source of respite and aid.
  •  1 reviews
  • The Ripples in the Water by PJ Potter
    • Recommended by Killing Curse Eyes
    • Synopsis: You can't drop a pebble in a pond without changing the water. The same holds true for a destiny. Two years after the birth of Chibiusa, a son was born. Something changed, but what? And what does this mean for Chibiusa and the future?
    • Pairings: Established Usagi/Mamoru, Motoki/Makoto. Possible Chibiusa/Helios.
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  • Celestial Warrior Moon by Weird Raptor

    Of The Stars by Aleph
    • Recommended by Universalperson
    • Synopsis: "In the aeons before distant memory, an empire of myth and legend fell. But what has fallen can rise anew. The weight of ages falls on the shoulders of Usagi Tsukino. And her task will not be an easy one." A rewrite of Sailor Moon with influences from Exalted, Asura's Wrath, and Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon (see above). The story is intended to be a Darker and Edgier Reconstruction.

    Cosmic Warriors by Someofthe Fame
    • Recommended by Vodel
    • Synopsis: An evil that was once thought to be extinguished has revived and threatens to destroy life on Earth. As their threat comes closer to fruition a group of warriors will rise to protect their home, with the help of others from their past lives, can they win? A Darker and Edgier Sailor Moon retelling.
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  • A New Order by Ash Devil Sadist
    • Recommended by Ashdevil,
    • "Synopsis": A retelling of Sailor Moon from the beginning, with several major differences. Most notably, the senshi wake up in a different order than cannon, as in Outer senshi fighting the Dark Kingdom. And that's not Sailor V... Can be found here.
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  • Mars Vs Jupiter As Told By Mina by Louis Gagliano, aka Lou Ethelip
    • "Synopsis": A fic that explores the competitive relationship between Lita/Jupiter and Raye/Mars, with Mina/Venus as the POV character. Said relationship ends in an all-out, no-holds-barred MMA match between the two with neither wanting to lose to the other, no matter how much they brutalize each other throughout the match. Link is here.

        Shipping Fics 

    Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

    Crawlspace's series (femmeslash)
    • Recommended by Much Good Little Time
    • Pairing(s): Multiple
    • Synopsis: Crawlspace's Sailor Moon series starts with The Cruelty and Fairness of Fate the definitive descent into lesbianism by all but three of the planetary senshi — with a surprisingly good and logical reason for it, no less.
  •  1 reviews
  • Every Day is Exactly the Same by Princess Destiny (Some violence)
    • Recommended by Dune, Marlee Cross
    • Pairing: Usagi/Mamoru
    • Synopsis: Usagi and Mamoru have discovered their pasts in the Starlight Tower, but now they seem to be stuck in a timeloop and don't know how to get out of it.
  •  2 reviews
  • The BIG Wish, by Lilac Summers
    • Recommended by Comartemis
    • Pairings: Usagi/Mamoru
    • Synopsis: Usagi's a big girl now and she knows what she wants from her boyfriend. Unfortunately for her, Mamoru is determined to sit out The Jail Bait Wait and not let her rush into anything until he says she's old enough. Irritated and fed up with her boyfriend's white knight routine, Usagi makes an only-half-serious wish on the ginzuishou to become "big"... and by the power of Contrived Coincidence, she happens to do so on a night when the moon is in just the right spot to power up the crystal for a free wish. Boom, instant 21-year old Moon Princess. Commence Operation: Seduce Tux-Boy!
  •  2 reviews
  • Mamoru Must Die! by Baka_Gaijin30 (comical character death)
    • Recommended by Lurkerson
    • Pairing(s): Usagi/Rei, Ami/Makoto, Minako/Setsuna, unwanted Usagi/Mamoru
    • Synopsis: A humorous collection of short stories in which Mamoru is dealt with in increasingly bizarre ways to clear the way for Usagi/Rei shippers over and over again. This fic freely breaks the fourth wall and places the characters in various parodies of other series.
  •  3 reviews
  • Tacky Yellow No-Name by Cape Girl and Orange Shirt (slash, crossdressing, male!Zoicite)
    • Recommended by Kilyle, Lavode
    • Pairing(s): Malachite/Zoicite
    • Synopsis: A tale of Badass Decay. It turns out that if you do a Heel-Face Turn but don't quite make it to Face, you get beat up by the other Heels until you find a way to stop being an Innocent Bystander. One of the greatest moments: Malachite takes over WalMart, and the workers thank him for it.
  •  1 reviews
  • Rubies in Zoisite by Experimental (slash and straight relationships)
    • Recommended by Pszczola
    • Pairing(s): Kunzite/Zoisite, Jadeite/Zoisite, Zoisite/Mercury, Kunzite/Venus, Nephrite/Jupiter, Jadeite/Mars
    • Synopsis: "Dearest Mercury, you asked me to tell you a story..." Bunbo tells of Zoisite's life and struggle to find his place in the world; from his childhood in Araby, to his adolescence in India, and finally his role in the Middle Kingdom as one of the Shitennou and guardian of Prince Endymion.
  •  1 reviews
  • Absence by Kirika (Numerous Femmeslash relationships)
    • Pairings: Rei/Usagi, Ami/Makoto, Chibiusa/Hotaru, Haruka/Michiru (More mainted from canon then actually focused on)
    • Synopsis: (From Archive): "One cannot control their Fate... but one can fight against it. [Winner of Media Miner fanfic awards (2002) for Best Dramatic Story and Best Romantic Female Character (Rei)] "
  •  3 reviews
  • Nuke 'Em Til They Glow! by Benjamin A. Oliver
    • Recommended by Inkki Bookman , Looney Toons
    • Pairings: Setsuna/Ranma (More of a side-line story than the main point.)
    • Synopsis: The Atomic Starlight Knight aka (ASK) has had a boring existence since the days of the Silver Millennium, when he was the personal avatar of a powerful and destructive being. Now he no longer remembers who that being was, or what she was like, but he knows that she's out there and that he must find her. (Also has a small crossover with Ranma 1/2)
  •  1 reviews
  • Tempting Fate by wickedtrue
    • Recommended by: Burstkiller
    • Synopsis: "Oh my, what a lovely picture," Michiru observed as Usagi and Minako's skirts flipped over their heads. "I really must talk with you more often, Prince." Michiru-/-Mamoru, Hakura/Michiru, Mamoru/Usagi
    • Pairing(s):Michiru-/-Mamoru (Exploration), Hakura/Michiru, Mamoru/Usagi
  •  1 reviews
  • A Stormy Relationship by shadowjack
    • Recommended by: darkgloomie, Looney Toons
    • Synopsys: Shadowjack, author of a really entertaining IWIW of Sailor Moon, has latched onto the Mako/Ami subtext present in R and S, building up on what might have happened for it to be like that.
    • Pairing(s) : Ami/Makoto, with references to Ami/Ryo, Usagi/Mamoru and Usagi/Rei
  •  2 reviews
  •      Crossovers 

    Mina Aino: Witch in Training by hersheyman Crossover with Harry Potter
    • Recommended by uncannybeetle
    • Status Complete, with two sequals
    • Synopsis: Minako, aka Sailor Venus, is a third year at Hogwarts, and in Hufflepuff House (that's different). An encounter with the dementors stirs memories of a past life. She must balance investigations into her past with schoolwork, Quidditch, and the looming threat of Sirius Black.
    • Pairings: Minako/Harry in the sequels

    Reflections of Ruin, by P.H. Wise (Fukufic, crossover with Ranma 1/2 and the Cthulhu Mythos)
    • Recommended by Comartemis
    • Synopsis: Sixteen years ago Tomoe Hotaru died stillborn in the womb. Ten years ago Mistress Nine was forced to find a different host. And one week ago Ranma Saotome faced the Phoenix God Saffron and tapped into the most terrifying power the universe has ever seen. Sailor Saturn has been reborn, and with her comes hope for the Earth's salvation... or its destruction.
  •  1 reviews
  • Relatively Absent by Mark "Togashi Gaijin" Shurtleff (AU, Ranma Crossover) (Link is dead; the author has pulled the fic from the Net)
    • Recommended by Looney Toons
    • Synopsis: In the wake of Setsuna Meiou killing herself with a timestop at Mugen Gakuen, the Gate of Time decides it wants a new guardian — and chooses Ranma, buried alive and critically injured after his battle with Herb at Mount Horai over the Kaisuifuu goes fatally wrong.
  •  3 reviews
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami by Pusakuronu (Now with its own page.)
    • Recommended by Sun Tzu, Shay Guy, Cryptic Mirror
    • Synopsis: During a fight with Jadeite, Ami gets accidentally transported to the world of the Dungeon Keeper games, where circumstances force her to become a keeper herself. Cue complication after complication as she tries to return home, reclaim her humanity, and protect this new world from the other keepers, even as the people of the surface world try to hunt her down.
  •  3 reviews
  • London: That Crazy Swinging City by dongaro
    • Recomended by Aranfan
    • Synopsis: London: a place of youma, crime, and a sailor scout/martial artist fighting duo. Too bad the martial artist died. Or did he? 5 years later Minako gets pulled into the madness of Nerima. And she finds out, that sometimes, you should look for a body first.
  •  1 reviews
  • Sailor Moon vs Predator: For Love of the Hunt by Japan Boy
    • Recomended by dnzrx
    • Synopsis: Part one of a trilogy involving Sailor Moon and the Predators (and the Aliens in the second part). This story starts off a bloody chapter in Sailor Moon's life as she and her friends gets entangled with Predators and Aliens in this three-part-story.
  •  1 reviews
  • Shinobi Father by Zero The Destroyer
    • Recomended by Darth Lord
    • Synopsis: There is a reason why Sailor Moon looks like Naruto. It started when Pein's Chibaku Tensei succeeded, trapping Naruto inside a moon. Too bad Nagato crashed it far into the Silver Moon Kingdom where the battered jinjuriki was found by a cold Queen Serenity
  •  2 reviews
  • Lovehammer: Sailor Moon 40K by Arkado (Tropes Page)
    • Recommended by SAMAS
    • Synopsis: Queen Serenity's attempt to send her daughter and the Senshi into the future was spoiled at the last minute, sending the Princess lost through time and space. In an alternate Earth far into the future, the reborn princess is discovered by the God-Emperor of Man, who has just conquered unified the planet. Realizing the power sleeping within the child, he adopts the Princess as his daughter. Thousands of years later, Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM! discovers a stasis pod containing Hotaru, known to the Imperium as the Anima of Saturn.
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  • Lovehammer Inc by various authors (Tropes Page}
    • Recommended by SAMAS
    • Pairings: Uranus/Neptune (still), Perturabo/Mercury, Leman Russ/Jupiter, Magnus/Mars
    • Synopsis: Taking the same concept as the above (Neo Serenity raised by the Emperor Of Man), Lovehammer Inc focuses primarily on the time of the Great Crusade. As Serenity and her Father travel across the galaxy to find the lost Primarchs, they also find many of them in the company of several remarkable young women, as friends, family, or even lovers. Whatever fate brought the Princess to this universe, the Senshi have come to serve her as well.
  •  1 reviews
  • Sailor Hellblazer by David Tai and Rod M. (Hellblazer crossover)
    • Recommended by Roo, Cryptic Mirror
    • Synopsis: Minako and Artemis are back in England — Minako to attend a wedding and Artemis to look for a missing Sailor, who happens to be Gemma Masters, niece of John Constantine. Unfortunately, a number of mishaps results in the Sailor powers going not to Gemma, but to her uncle. Who suddenly finds himself changed into a woman. And the universe suddenly has a very ticked-off, extremely foul-mouthed magical girl to deal with. "In the name of the moon.... fuck off!"
  •  1 reviews
  • Gaijin by Contrabardus (Formerly Carrotglace). (Marvel Comics crossover)
    • Recommended by Stratagemini, Jonathan SCE
    • Synopsis: So what do you do when you're suddenly transported to Japan? you're broke, You have no identification, oh, and an invasion force of evil monsters and the magical girls fighting them both want you dead? And that's without mentioning the ninja employed by the local Yakuza to kill you. That's the premise of this fic. A normal guy inserted into an anime series he sort of knows something about, with the entire world out to get him. And if that weren't enough, the world is slowly fusing with the Marvel Universe.
  •  1 reviews
  • Reminiscence by Requiem of Fire. (Harry Potter crossover)
    • Recommended by mia826
    • Pairings: Minako/Cedric, Usagi/Mamoru, Usagi/Harry, Ami/the Weasley twins, Friendship Rei/Draco (so far)
    • Synopsis: After the defeat of Beryl, Usagi makes a wish on the crystal to bring back her fallen friends. She wakes up in the world of magic as the only Senshi with her memories. But Voldemort is back, and she must get them to remember before it is too late.
  •  2 reviews
  • Mercury's World by Fire (AU, crossover with The Matrix)
    • Recommended by Shay Guy, Looney Toons
    • Synopsis: Mmm...I'll just say it's plotty and centered around Sailor Mercury, and that she may not be the weakest of the team after all.
  •  2 reviews
  • A Tokyo Senshi in Queen Rei's Court by John Biles (Fusion Fic)
  •  1 reviews
  • Heir To The Empire by Ozzallos (crossover with Ranma )
  •  2 reviews
  • Ten Times The Doctor Met Sailor Pluto by Reseda-Ptah
  •  1 reviews
  • On A Clear Day You Can See Forever by Mark MacKinnon (AU, Ranma ½ Crossover, Straight and Lesbian explicit content, threesome)
    • Recommended by Of Science, Nolrai Hikari, Amdijefri
    • Pairing(s): Ranma/Rei/Minako, Mamouru/Usagi, Rei/Usagi, Motoko/OC, and others.
    • Synopsis: On A Clear Day You Can See Forever is a Sailor Moon / Ranma crossover that's a spinoff of The Shadow Chronicles, a Ranma fanfiction. It centers around a dimension-traveling Ranma who ends up in a very elseworld-y Sailor Moon world. Has a page.
  •  8 reviews
  • Code Mars Trilogy
    • Crossover with: Code Geass
    • Recommended by Wise Man 23753
    • Pairing(s): Rei x Lelouch, Rei x O Cs, Hotaru x O Cs, and others.
    • Synopsis: A trilogy-planned crossover between Code Geass and Sailor Moon. The story goes through the perspectives of many characters while focusing on Lelouch/Zero and Rei Hino. Follows the Code Geass plotline, but acquires a lot of Sailor Moon elements, though those of the former are more incorporated as the series progresses. Part I is complete and Part II is at least coming to a close. Part III is still under development. Includes many O Cs.
      • Part I: A Date With Destiny: Rei gets a message from C.C, warning her about the new Ultimate Evil coming to the world, who is no one other than Zero. At the same time, Rei is also told to protect Lelouch, the young outcast prince of the Holy Brittanian Empire. Leaving the Juban District, shielded magically during and after the war against Japan, Rei leaves for her new mission. But how can she protect Lelouch and fight Zero if they're one and the same person? Takes place in the R1 storyline.
      • Part II: Here We Go Again: An original storyline that happens after the evens of R1, but before R2. Rei continues to watch over Lelouch whose memories were replaced and struggles with her feeling of hatred and love for him. Meanwhile, the Scouts and the remains of the Black Knights, now known as the Celestial Knights, continue their fight against Britannia.
      • Part III: Julianna of the Revolution: The last part of the trilogy that will revolve around the R2 storyline.

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