Reviews: In Which I Watch Sailor Moon

Comment by Looney Toons

More of an Adaptation Distillation, I'd think. It doesn't render SM down to parody, but rather retells it with a gentle humor and an eye for subtext.

Comment by Sikon

I've made a wiki page for it. Though I honestly have no idea how to categorize this thing. An Abridged Series?

Comment by J

Seventhed, and let's not forget the spinoff thread, In Which I Draw Comics About Sailor Moon - A Stormy Relationship, which focuses on the relationship between Ami and Mako.

Comment by tennessean

Sixthed. Indeed, there are so many tropes being used throughout this version of Sailor Moon that I'm surprised that (as of May 8, 2011) there isn't (yet) a trope page for it, when obviously it deserves one!

Comment by Roo

Fifthed ("fifthed"?!) by Roo: I just read this, and it's great. Some of the alternate characterization takes are so fun it's almost a shame the original series didn't go that way — Beryl as Naru's mother and Rei as a fiery Latina girl have already been mentioned by other tropers, but I think the prize goes to Artemis as an ultra-sophisticated Battle Butler, complete with an upper-class English accent... and sometimes even described (or drawn) as wearing a monocle for absolutely no good reason.

Comment by Dune

Fourthed by Dune: Shadow Jack's epilogue to the first season alone would be an awesome AU fanfiction in it's own right.

Comment by Sun Tzu

One of the best things to come out of the Sailor Moon fandom, in this troper's opinion. ShadowJack's review often reads like an Abridged Series, except that it actually conveys respect for the characters and themes of the show. I'd go so far as to say he often handles them better than the original writers!

Comment by Looney Toons

Enthusiastically seconded. This series is loaded with Crowning Moments of Funny — especially the cartoons. And Shadowjack's interpretations of the characters add a whole new perspective to the show. I'm particularly fond of Fiery!Latina!Rei (complete with Spanish punctuation marks for her speech), but his recent "behind the scenes" look at Minako added an entirely-too-reasonable depth to her personality, while still making me laugh out loud.

Comment by Shay Guy

Not only does this contain many, many hilarious riffs on the source material (though Shadowjack is by no means incapable of drama when the situation calls for it), but on occasion, it actually surpasses it. One of the best features is that Shadowjack started with almost no knowledge of Sailor Moon canon or fanworks, and his interpretation is thus entirely free of the fanon that's been built up around the series — leaving him and the other RPGnet forumites free to come up with entirely new fanon. (Example: Naru's mother being Queen Beryl.) As of August 2010, SJ's reached the end of R; the posted pages can link you to individual recaps, but for the full experience, it's best to read the forum threads in their entirety to follow along with the conversation — yes, even with well over 4,000 posts. (19 FEB 2011 EDIT: After taking an extended hiatus for an in-depth dissection of all things Evangelion, Shadowjack has started on S.)