Reviews: Misconception

Comment by Kady the Red Panda

Fifthed by Kady the Red Panda. I don't like OC centered fic much, but this one was amazing. My eyes were misty throughout parts of it, the angsty parts are that heartwrenching.

Comment by Marlee Cross

Fourthed by Marlee Cross. Talis is an amazing writer and this is probably her best work. All the character's emotions feel geniuine and even though the way everyone (especially Usagi) acts around Chibi-Naru isn't right, you can understand why they feel the way they do. I cannot recommend this fic highly enough.

Comment by Dune

Thirded by Dune. I'm so glad to have found this fic again, and I'm a Chibi-Usa fan!

Comment by Ms. Byrd

Whole-heartedly seconded by Ms. Byrd! Talis likes subverting canon, but it's soooo compelling... Go check out her "Oak Evolution" as well!

Comment by da fox22

An AU where Usagi and Mamoru had a daughter who wasn't Chibi-Usa, this fic shows just how much a single person can touch others... and how hard it is to let go. Truly heartbreaking in some aspects, it's a well written fic that I highly recommend,