Reviews: Nuke Em Til They Glow

The evidence that there's an exception to every rule.

To put it bluntly, it sounds like a horrible mess of cliches. An overpowered original character who casually performs constant violence and generally gets away with it? Making constant references to pop culture that probably would have flown over many readers' heads even when it was written?

But this is the one that shows that sometimes, in the hands of someone who knows how to get some laughs and not take the work too seriously, an idea can be made to work. Reading it about a decade ago it was fun, reading it now I'm pleased to say that it remains just as enjoyable.

The one sad thing is that the work never received any kind of real ending, instead it simply was stopped at a certain point by a boom, and by now it's pretty much certain that it never will be finished. However what material there is to it is far greater than most finished works and it remains a highly recommended example of fanfiction from the early 2000s.

Comment by Inkki Bookman

Atomic Starlight Knight is an OC that goes from being a Marty Stu to an escapist character through sheer refuge in audacity. How else would you explain a character who was created by a nine billion year old cosmic horror to serve as a psychic stress relief valve while it poses as a 9 year old girl? You would really need to read it to believe it; especially the ArbyFish!