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Creator: S.M. Stirling
S. M. Stirling is a Canadian-American author of Alternate History and Military Science-Fiction.

Themes in his work include the effect of culture on individual morality, the effect of technology on culture, and ... well, let's just say there's a reason one of his Fan Nicknames is "S&M Stirling".

Was once a member of the forum, and its predecessor on Usenet, soc.history.what-if.

Works by S. M. Stirling with their own pages on this wiki include:

  • The Draka series, describing an Alternate History in which a melting-pot society of the losers from several wars forms itself into an Evil Empire and conquers the entire world.
  • Emberverse series, in which a mysterious phenomenonnote  renders inoperable all technology on Earth, leaving humanity to survive (or not) without it.
  • The Flight Engineer trilogy, co-written with James Doohan, a mil-SF Space Opera.
  • The General series, co-written with David Drake, a future history inspired the actual history of 5th-century Byzantium.
  • Island in the Sea of Time trilogy, in which a mysterious phenomenon transports the island of Nantucket from modern times into the Bronze Age.
  • The Lords of Creation series, in which the space probes of the 1960s discovered that the Planetary Romances were right all along: Mars and Venus are habitable, and inhabited by Humanoid Aliens. And dinosaurs.
  • The Peshawar Lancers, stand-alone novel in which a series of comet strikes in the 19th century destroyed much of Europe and North America, and what's left of the British Empire is ruled from India.
  • Two novels in The Ship Who series
  • Shadowspawn, about an Always Chaotic Evil evolutionary offshoot of humanity that is the source of both the vampire and werewolf, and more generally every monster, legends.

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