Stephen Michael Stirling (born September 30, 1953) is a Canadian-American author of AlternateHistory and MilitaryScienceFiction.

Themes in his work include the effect of culture on individual morality, the effect of technology on culture, and ... well, let's just say there's a reason one of his {{Fan Nickname}}s is "S&M Stirling".

Was once a member of the Website/AlternateHistoryDotCom forum, and its predecessor on Website/{{Usenet}}, soc.history.what-if.

!!Works by S. M. Stirling with their own pages on this wiki include:

* ''Literature/TheDraka'' series, describing an AlternateHistory in which a melting-pot society of the losers from several wars forms itself into an EvilEmpire and conquers the entire world.
* ''Literature/{{Emberverse}}'' series, in which a mysterious phenomenon[[note]]explicitly stated to be the same mysterious phenomenon as in ''Island in the Sea of Time'', from the outside[[/note]] renders inoperable all technology on Earth, leaving humanity to survive (or not) without it.
* ''Literature/TheFlightEngineer'' trilogy, co-written with Creator/JamesDoohan, a [[MilitaryScienceFiction mil-SF]] SpaceOpera.
* ''Literature/TheGeneral'' series, co-written with Creator/DavidDrake, a future history inspired the actual history of 5th-century Byzantium.
* ''Literature/IslandInTheSeaOfTime'' trilogy, in which a mysterious phenomenon transports the island of Nantucket from modern times into the Bronze Age.
* ''Literature/TheLordsOfCreation'' series, in which the space probes of the 1960s discovered that the {{Planetary Romance}}s were right all along: Mars and Venus are habitable, and inhabited by HumanoidAliens. And [[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs dinosaurs]].
* ''Literature/ThePeshawarLancers'', stand-alone novel in which a series of comet strikes in the 19th century destroyed much of Europe and North America, and what's left of the British Empire is ruled from India.
* Two novels in ''Literature/TheShipWho'' series
* ''Literature/TheShadowspawn'', about an AlwaysChaoticEvil evolutionary offshoot of humanity that is the source of both the vampire and werewolf, and more generally every monster, legends.
* The ''Literature/T2Trilogy'', a tie-in series of sequel novels to ''Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay'', exploring the ongoing struggles of the Connors after the film.