Reviews: Princess Serenity 1976

Ten out of Five stars

This author puts a lot of time and effort into making the stories golden. She uses aspects from both the manga and the anime and combines them into her stories. She updates a story every month and each time her stories fail to disappoint the reader. Fans of the anime will enjoy reading her Rekindled and Rewrite stories and most likely enjoy the changes that she made to some aspects that were not in the show. Fans of the manga will also see pieces of it in some of the stories. The way she writes the stories is flat-out brilliant. She adds in character development that was absent in the show, yet she still allows the characters to keep the traits that we are familiar with. I insist that if you are a Sailor Moon fan and you want to read a good fanfic, I would recommend her works.

Comment by Golden Dragon 326

An amazing and talented author who specializes in Sailor Moon stories. She's written re-writes of seasons which are immensely popular, as well as a series of stories (which are also immensely popular) that takes place after StarS, along with a few one-shots thrown in. She updates quite quickly, especially compared to a few other authors. Her chapters are really, really long, and spelling/grammar mistakes are very few, and very far between (if any). She's written the generals in, with her ongoing story When Bad Boys Go Good explaining how it came about, which includes quite a few adorable scenes between the Scouts and the Generals (the S/G also have cute scenes in her other stories). Seriously. If you're looking for a few good stories about Sailor Moon, then PrincessSerenity1976 is the way to go. Happy reading! ^.^