Reviews: On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

Comment by Comartemis

In that case, let's just slap a YMMV on this one and keep the discussion on the discussion page.

Comment by Shay Guy

I don't recall hating it so much as just dismissing it as a Cookie Cutter Fic employing the general-media equivalent of Rated M For Money (s/revenue/eyeballs, of course) with a flimsy alternate-universe explanation. But I just want to say...does it even have to be explained that "good stories are entertaining" is an oversimplification? Angst Aversion notwithstanding, plenty of genuinely great works are not what I'd call enjoyable to consume. That, of course, does not imply that OACDYCSF is one of them.

Comment by Comartemis

No, good stories are entertaining. This one is not. Wandering J is partially correct, however; I didn't finish the fic because I couldn't stand to read it past the part I quoted above. It's been years since I even looked at this one and I still remember how much I hated it when I first read it; it's arguably my one of my most-hated Sailor Moon fanfics in existence, second only to The Return. I'm not kidding when I say this fic is Canon Defilement; if you changed the characters' names around, it could easily pass itself off as an AU of Sailor Nothing instead of Sailor Moon. Fans of the Original Flavor (like myself) owe it to themselves to do an about-face and RUN as far away from this fic as they can possibly get.

Comment by Wandering J

Disputation disputed. While, yes, some of these characters have some truly disturbing pasts, it doesn't detract from the story, it's handled well in fact. (Rei's friends don't all abandon her. One in particular does take it very, very badly, due to her own trust issues, but the others are more understanding.) Sure, there are dark moments, but a good story journeys through the heart of darkness before getting to the light, as this one does. Calling it a 'pile of garbage' is unfair and clearly false, and I sincerely doubt the above Troper has actually finished reading the fic in question.

Comment by Comartemis

Disputed. The setting is a Cookie Cutter Fic that abuses Darker And Edgier to a degree rarely seen in Sailor Moon fanfic (thankfully), the characters all have crappy backstories that provide fuel for truly disgusting amounts of angst (though not Wangst, thank god for small miracles) and relationship drama, ("Oh noes! Rei used to be part of an evil cult! Now all her friends must assume that she must be a traitor to her beloved Usagi and cast her out for her old cult friends to take back in!") that made this pile of garbage painful to read.

Comment by Amdijefri

This is so much more awesome than the original it's not even funny.

Comment by Nolrai Hikari

The Sailor Moon Else World in this is a very original high magic setting with Napoleonic overtones instead of the standard medieval. The romantic relatonships, while very important, are just a subplot. This is Epic Fantasy in the best sense.

Comment by Of Science

It's not a Dead Fic, but the author only updates once every year or two. Also, be warned that there are copious amounts of straight and lesbian pairings, and at least one romantic threesome.