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The Return ( version) by Sunshine Temple is ostensibly a Ranma ½/Sailor Moon Crossover fic throwing Ranma and the Senshi into the world of secret government agencies, ancient conspiracies and Eldritch Abominations. It is very much of the Darker and Edgier school of ficcing.

Fans of Ranma would be best served to treat it as fic featuring characters merely with the same name and a few surface similarities, as it strips virtually all canon except Ranma's curse (and even that doesn't last long), though the Senshi fare somewhat better. It stands on its own as an excellent work of original fiction, however, and no previous knowledge of the original series is required (some may argue it helps).

The story begins when Pluto seeks to replace a suddenly dead Tuxedo Mask with the nearest available candidate for Prince of Earth, Ranma Saotome. Unfortunately Ranma's curse activates in the middle of the rite, and what Pluto gets is a very female Succubus Princess of Earth, Sailor Darkstar. Predictably, Ranma is less than thrilled by this turn of events. Shortly afterward he is recruited into a shadowy organization by secret agent Tendo, Kasumi Tendo, kicking off a twisting tale which may lead Ranma and the Senshi to save the world. Or destroy it.


Imagine Torchwood meets The X-Files, with a dash of Being Human.

Currently The Return clocks in at a hair under three quarters of a million words across 38 chapters. It was started in 2002 and is currently active, if slow updating. The author is presently working on a side story called Blood Debts - a side story crossover with the Dresden Files that promises to reach approx 200k words upon completion.

By the same author is And If That Don't Work?, a Evangelion alt-fic which does much the same thing with that franchise.


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