Reviews: Bakugan S

So Good, its Bad.

A good fiction, one that definitely appeals to me. Has a good handling of the source material and some interesting ideas. However, there are some slight inconsistencies with both franchises. While it sticks to the dub names for the Sailor Moon characters (which has a bit of Fridge Brilliance when you consider that some of the actors who worked for Optimum also worked on Bakugan), Sailor Moon's brother is referred to by his Japanese name Shingo, rather than his English name Sammy. And on the Bakugan side of things, he does the same thing to Hydranoid, calling him Hydra. There's also the logical stretch that the Brawlers were siblings in a past life (they look nothing alike) and the author's preference for the Dan/Julie ship, despite Julie canonically ending the first season in a relationship with Billy. He also seems to have confused how the rules of playing Bakugan work.