Reviews: Hands Fall Together

Comment by kihinranno

kihinranno here. I obviously can't and won't third my own rec, but I just wanted to say thanks to you both and note that I just updated 6/18/09. It's not Deadfic! Promise!

Comment by Ms. Byrd

Seconded by Ms. Byrd, however it should be noted that a pretty solid chunk of time has elapsed since its last update.

Comment by Guessmyname

This... is simply brilliant. The author clearly knows what they're doing and the characterisations, descriptions and dialogue is all spot on. As for the actual plot... Mamoru is no Marty Stu. Whilst he wins, it's always through sheer luck and bloodymindedness until they start finding the other Senshi and he always, always gets the crap thoroughly beaten out of him in the process... between nearly dying every time he has to fight, one girl in particular not responding well at all to the discovery of her senshi-hood, the team getting targetted by Beryl's Dark Generals, who eventually get desperate enough to actually start killing people, the story maintains a brilliant tone of desperation and determination, that pulls you along throughout the entire story... It's just brilliant, really. Blasts all the others out the water and into trees; go read, now.