Reviews: The Orb Of Time Saga

Comment by Roo

Roo agrees with all of the above and want to call to attention the brilliant use of the characters. The characterizations are great throughout; all the characters get plenty of attention and several fun moments even in stories where they aren't the focal character (completely avoiding the unfortunate All Of The Other Reindeer tendencies that would sometimes sneak into the original canon). I especially liked the use of Mamoru and the cats as important and established members of the team, not just secondary side characters whose sole importance is their relationship with Usagi, as well as the pleasant surprise return of the Four Phantom Sisters... who else even remembers them after they turned good?!

Unattributed comment

Also there's the fact that, wherever you look, you see that JA constantly shows his work, with clever explanations for his original character names and designs, as well as many scientific concepts behind his story writing (him being a geologist helps matters in some areas), plus he follows the established canon to the letter, and the sense of humor that he imprints in his comics is quite appropriate (if sometimes exaggerated, as the characters have a propensity to have Face Faults even in serious moments) in any way you look at it — it doesn't have all the Bowdlerising that American anime go through (pretty much 99% of his fan work revolves around anime), nor it is offensive as some Japanese anime can get. His site's a must-see not only in terms of Sailor Moon fan work, but for anime fans in general.

Comment by Dune

Seconded by Dune. JA's work has always been a favorite.

Comment by Generallyawesome

The story is compelling and each part is split up into chapters focusing on each individual senshi, giving them a day in the limelight. If that wasn't impressive enough, this isn't one of those works of written text that can be found on or anywhere else, no this is a Fan Manga. That's right, Manga. Beautifully drawn works of storytelling and the odd reference to other works of fiction here and there. The author, Jeff Anderson (JA for short) is a talented artist and has more mangas of his own creation on the site and his sailor moon mini-mangas and fanart is just hilarious. Check it out.