Funny: Grrl Power

  • Dabbler's entrance into the comic, which only gets better after Sydney sees though her illusion and freaks out. By the time the interview is over they're acting like bratty siblings.
  • Sydney tries some behavioral self-modification.... via Fonzarelli Fix.
    • Same page, Maxima's reacting to a paper-bag alarm clock.
    Maxima: [staring in shock at the giant, burning hole in the wall she just made] So...apparently I can do that.
  • Maxima getting Syndey to behave by referencing the idea of I Let Gwen Stacy Die.
  • Math to Harem: "Ooh, story time!" Like an eager little kid.
  • "Prepare the Nerve Weasel!"
  • Deus is shaping up to be an... interesting villain(?).
  • Hey, Sydney- open mouth, insert foot. The page's title even lampshades it.
  • Try not to think about the fact that some of the most beautiful women on earth are showering, changing, and possibly having tickle fights on the other side of this wall Please remember that this is a sign hanging in the MEN'S shower.
  • The imagine spot with a random super whose power is to make people think he knows Kevin Bacon.
  • the imagine spot of a Super Olympics in 2020 with the TV tagline about there surprisingly being no Afican nations with supers that are empowered with speed-based abilities.
  • Maxima explains that most of her actions in Iraq and Afganistan were classified...cut to her asking some soldiers if their party is classified while she prepares to drink a keg by flying upside-down.
    • And the author's note mentioning that no, he does not know where they got the keg.
    • Dabbler's smugness on the same page.
    • And Maxima's casual admission that she's why there's not a lot of supers left in either country she was deployed in is fine Black Comedy.
    • On the next page, the author's note analyzing Max's bun coming out so easily leading to the vote of "Dabber gave her a magic scrunchy".
  • The Unmaker. All of it.
  • Harem talking about her "disability."
  • Ariana's method at (attempting) to control Dabbler? A dog clicker.
  • Achilles assisting with Dabbler's demonstration. "Whee!"
    • Also the discussion of Dabbler's weapon, which she's not sure of the Earth-word for. Maxima and Sydney, on the other hand, know.
    • Dave (the author of the webcomic) getting Sidetracked by the Analogy when comparing public relations to Guitar Hero.
    "This is what Arianna gets for playing the PR game on expert difficulty. She’s not going to S rank it at this point, but if she can rally a few more times, she might still finish with an A or a B+ if she nails the whammy run… or something else that makes it sound like there’s a PR version of Guitar Hero. God, that would be a shit game though, wouldn’t it? Sydney cursed on TV! Hit Blue, Red and Green! Maxima threatened a paparazzi, Blue Blue Blue, Blue Red, Blue Red, Yellow Red! Who let a sex tape ‘slip?’ Math? Oh, no one cares about that. Well, some people do, but not in a way that generates bad PR so much. Hold down Blue."
  • Sydney tries to hide behind Achilles, only to find out that the prior explosion torched the back of his clothes clean off and she just came into contact with his bare behind. She seems to take it even worse than he did.
  • Sydney's sheer joy at finding out that she can level up her spheres.
    Sydney: DING Mutha Fuckas!
  • It's also a Crowning Moment of Awesome, but Sydney invoking Blind Without 'Em to lower a villain's guard so she can use her spheres to take him down is hilarious.
  • Gwen's cloaking spell is rendered as mantras rippling out like sound waves. The innermost one? "You can't see us you can't see us you can't see us..."
  • "Make Maxima Say" Bingo
  • When Breakpoint's power renders Jiggawatt unable to hear, Hiro gives her the order to attack the enemy in sign language. Jiggawatt uses the same to reply with "Fucking Doy.''
  • Vehemence's moment is swiftly interrupted by Sydney.
  • As a side effect of growing, Vehemence's pants rip, giving everyone a show. The Heros' reactions are just the icing on the cake.
  • Sydney comes up with a plan to distract Vehemence from his plan to kill Maxima by using Dabbler's hypnotic breasts. Maxima's conflicted reaction is what really sells it.
    • The idea quickly backfires when just about all of her teammates become hypnotized as well.
  • After Vehemence is defeated, Hiro tries to get Maxima's attention with a "debriefing" pantomime so they can talk. She assumes he's hitting on her.