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Maxima's Skin is made out of Orichalcum
  • Think about it. Her skin is gold colored that seems to shimmer with fire. They have no idea what it is and it's pretty indestructible.

That thing Sydney can't be separated from contains...
Brook will be dead by the end of the prologue.
The only female hero - the only female character, almost - not to be on any version of the banner, despite apparently being an equal member of the team currently, and not seen in any of the earliest ads. Plus, the only one of the girls yet seen to have a partner. So doomed.
  • The creator must have read this page: She now swaps with Ariana on the banner.

One of the mystery orbs (red or green) is a rebreather
This allows the user to remain covered by the (airtight) shield for longer periods of time.

Despite Sydney's fears, Tony actually likes her
It seems strange that Olivia explains her family situation to someone she's just met. But if Tony likes Sydney, this makes more sense. His weird family situation is more easily explained by his sister if he brings her along. Olivia can explain this is just how it is, whereas he would come across as a creep. It's pretty much introduce Sydney to the quirks of their family on those two pages.