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Maxima's Skin is made out of Orichalcum
  • Think about it. Her skin is gold colored that seems to shimmer with fire. They have no idea what it is and it's pretty indestructible.

That thing Sydney can't be separated from contains...
Brook will be dead by the end of the prologue.
The only female hero - the only female character, almost - not to be on any version of the banner, despite apparently being an equal member of the team currently, and not seen in any of the earliest ads. Plus, the only one of the girls yet seen to have a partner. So doomed.
  • The creator must have read this page: She now swaps with Ariana on the banner.

One of the mystery orbs (red or green) is a rebreather
This allows the user to remain covered by the (airtight) shield for longer periods of time.
  • Confirmed! Sydney grabbed the green orb while underwater and it made a bubble of fresh air.

Despite Sydney's fears, Tony actually likes her
It seems strange that Olivia explains her family situation to someone she's just met. But if Tony likes Sydney, this makes more sense. His weird family situation is more easily explained by his sister if he brings her along. Olivia can explain this is just how it is, whereas he would come across as a creep. It's pretty much introduce Sydney to the quirks of their family on those two pages.

Vehemence will join the team.
At some point, Vehemence will join the team after some convincing from someone on the team, likely Sydney. He'll get it pointed out to him that by being on the team, he'll get to fight enemy supers on a regular basis. Beyond that, he's probably made an enemy out of any friends that Opal and Vekter had, therefore meaning he'll get more violence heading his way, and if he's part of ARCHON he'll get to meet them head on with other people fighting with him, thus granting him more energy. Plus, I bet Anvil and him would be a brutal team, considering she could take anything thrown at her without issue and he'd get to build up fast just because she's around. While the possibility of him turning on the team exists, as long as they keep him entertained he'd probably roll with them happily.

Sydney and Krona's powers come from the same source.
Take a look at Krona's little wheel of power. It's divided into seven sections of color the same colors as Sydney's orbs. also those two are unique in there power sets, and that just reeks of significance.
  • confirmed with the (at time of writing) latest page.

The reason Sydney doesn't know what the red and green orbs do is because she hasn't leveled them enough
If you look at her original skill tree, you can note that every other orb has at least four points allocated to it, with a minimum of three points in one skill path. The two orbs with unknown powers have a grand total of five points allocated between them, with no more than two points allocated to any one path. Because they're so underleveled, their powers aren't strong enough to produce a noticeable effect.
  • What if the orbs were designed to be used by a being that had three or more hands, which is why she can't activate them because feet don't for some reason count, and as theorized the orbs enhance somehow the other orbs when held. Also, one of the orbs might be an off switch which allows the user to leave them behind.

Somewhere in the skill tree is an option that will allow Sydney to overcome the "can only use two orbs at a time" limitation
It could be something that applies to all the orbs that allow them to function while only touching skin (which would mostly require all the orbs to be very highly levelled) or something that varies from orb to orb (which probably will require just heavy investment in that particular branch of the skill tree).
  • Some examples of the second option would be the only having to hold the shield orb to activate it but have it remain up once removed, but needed to grab the orb again to lower or alter the shield. Or having the Power Projection Orb act as a sort of a turret.

Halo's top flight speed is limited by wind resistance
The flight orb produces a large, but finite amount of thrust and eventually wind resistance against the shield is what limits the top speed. Apart from levelling the flight orb to produce more thrust she could go faster by a) fine tuning the shield shape for less drag, b) dropping the shield and using some sort of custom flight suit or c) just flying higher where the atmosphere is thinner, especially since she doesn't have to worry about aerodynamic lift. If she can get to space (and has a large enough oxygen supply) her speed could be theoretically a large fraction of the speed of light.

Math's problem with being Distracted by the Sexy will be solved
By having him sleep with Dabbler. And not have her erase his memory.

Red orb speculation
The current theory is that the orbs turn the user into a spaceship. Thus, the red orb could be...
  • A Bag of Holding - though they're holding out on testing that theory until they find a super-high-security setting; considering how zany Sydney's powers have been to date, it could easily be a brig, and Maxima doesn't want to unleash something like an invisible alien serial killer.
  • A cloaking device - fits in with the explorer/ spaceship theme
  • Something that allows a person to hold multiple orbs at once - thus by passing the the two powers limit
  • A universal translator - if that isn't already a function of the yellow orb
  • A Healing Factor - it's a fairly obvious hole in the powerset her orbs grant, and it would explain why she couldn't figure out what the red orb did (it would only become obvious if she grabbed the red orb while severely injured).
  • Faster-Than-Light Travel - this could possibly be sub-function of the blue orb, but FTL isn't something you want to activate on a whim.
    Admiral: Madame Chairwoman, in the time it took you to say that order, he travelled— on an unknown vector — the equivalent of half the width of this solar system.
  • A multi function computer - this could incorporate some of the features above - plus a GPS, guidebook, manual, maps, maybe even a hands free mode....