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Awesome: Grrl Power
  • During the press conference, Ariana explains supers have been around since the Lincoln Presidency. Sydney's Imagine Spot does the idea justice in awesome-levels.
  • Arianna easily predicting exactly how the press will react to what she's saying on page 144. It's rather terrifying along with being impressive.
  • We learn that prior to her position as the head of ARC-Swat, Maxima was deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan for a number of classified operations along with supporting the troops via mine-sweeping, scouting, providing aerial support, and dealing with indigenous supers. This of course prompts the obvious question:
    Reporter: They have supers in Iraq and Afghanistan?
    Maxima: Hmh. Not as many as they used to.
  • Maxima gets another one later on during the demonstration of each of the ARC-Swat team members powers. As they're about to wrap things up- with her demonstration being the last- she takes a moment to deliver a message to any would-be super villains out there who think that their powers give them the right to do whatever they want, hurt or rule over others, or that they make them unstoppable. She emphasizes just how wrong they are with a punctuating blast of plasma energy that utterly atomizes the tank she had just shot-putted like it was a styrofoam football.
    Maxima: Since we're almost done here, I want to be sure I emphasize this. Superpowers are rare, and if you have them, chances are you're the only person you've ever met who has them. That isolation may have made you feel like you're the most powerful person on Earth. That you're unstoppable. That your power gives you primacy to hurt or rule over others. Well, I promise you...
    [chucks plasma ball at tank like a professional baseball pitcher]
    Maxima: We're more powerful.
    [cue MASSIVE explosion]
    • "OH, AND ONE MORE THING..." Maxima follows up previous massive explosion with an even bigger explosion—she might literally have nuked the test area. Sydney casually keeps the press and other supers safe inside her expanded shield. Maxima is outside the shield.
      Maxima: -They say superheroes are best defined by their gallery of rogues... I can promise you that our rogues will either be incarcerated... In traction... Or interred.
    • Minor one for Achilles when it's shown that he is also outside the forcefield with Maxima in the inferno, and all he's concerned about is that the marshmallows he brought along aren't surviving the explosion with him.
  • Nose Boop of DOOM aka Anvil steps up to the awesome plate.
  • Sydney invokes Blind Without 'Em to trick the supervillain into thinking she's an easy target and then hits him with the orbs, in his orbs. Also a Crowning Moment of Funny since she does it by channeling Velma in her act.
  • #207 has Harem's teleport blitz to arm Archon. She shows surprising efficiency for someone who usually acts flirty and chill.
    • In the background we see Achilles yawning and blocking Eye Beams with his hand at point blank range. Badass.
  • Math codifies the Badass Normal trope.
    Math: Let me tell you something, lady. There's no such thing as just human.
    Halo: That move was hella sweet, but there's no way she heard that second part.
  • Sydney beats a man with indestructible skin and unstoppable claws with logic: by bitch-slapping his own claws into his neck.
  • One for the bad guys when Heavenly Sword bests Dabbler in swordplay and even deconstructs her sword skills as being too amateur.
    • Achilles then blocks her energy blade with his eyeball and admits he did so intentionally to make heavenly drop her sword out of shock...which she did.
  • Both Atomic Bombshell and Maxima get one on this page, Bombshell for her explosion actually surprising Maxima in how it worked and managing to slightly hurt her, and Maxima for managing to still act completely unharmed and continue relaying orders in order to contain Bombshell.
  • Vehemence throws Anvil into the sky so hard, she estimates 10 seconds before she'll land. She's proven wrong when Sydney's Lighthook grabs her and flings her straght back down onto Vehemence's head with enough force to knock him to the ground.
  • Maxima gets another one when she decides to take Vehemence on, one-on-one. He punches her with his full strength, which was sufficient to move a man who (thanks to his powers) weighed as much as a space shuttle. She is forced to take one step back.
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