YMMV / Grrl Power

  • Arc Fatigue: More than a few people have complained about the length of the fight with Vehemence, a fact exacerbated by some pacing issues and a twice-a-week update schedule. The author is aware of this however, and intends to avert this in the future.
  • Awesome Ego: Deus is entertainingly egomaniacal. To give an idea, he prefers "megalomaniac" to "narcissist" because "It just sounds cooler" — while denying that either applies to him, because he can back up his claims.
  • Crazy Awesome: Achilles abusing his invulnerability to do things like block swords with his eyeball just to shock the villain into dropping her sword.
  • Fanfic Fuel: One of the masked vigilantes that Arcon is looking for to invite to the team looks a lot like Spinnerette, leading to the suggestion that they might be part of the same universe.
  • Foe Yay: What else do you call Deus pawing on a television screen that pictures Maxima while saying "she's perfect!"?
  • Magnificent Bitch: By the time of the press conference, Ariana has confirmed for us all that yes, she is this.
  • Mary Sue/Marty Stu: Some readers claim to detect these twin tropes in characters such as Halo (comics fan, cute, smart, very powerful) or Math (character profile says that "His reflexes, speed, attack and defensive abilities exceed many members of the team that actually have powers in those categories, making him one of the more dangerous members on the team, despite him not technically actually having any powers", and he also checks out on being all about action when he is not lusting after women). However, this is highly debatable and disputed in all cases; these characters have clear flaws, frequently make fools of themselves, and aren't automatically loved or respected by the people around them. Your mileage may very definitely vary.
    • Dabbler, meanwhile, IS loved (or lusted after) by everyone she encounters, is a ridiculous hybrid of demon and alien in a cast of humans, is officially stated to be 'kind of good at everything', existed before the comic and was shopped around to other works by the author, is the host of the setting extra strips, has virtually no reason to be in the plot, is the only one who avoided getting bugged by Halo in the 'meet the supers' segment, is purple with stripes, and is so over the top in fitting every single characteristic of the Mary Sue that she'd come across as a parody if there was any self-awareness involved whatsoever.
    • Villain Sue: Vehemence has drawn a few accusations of this, as a result of his ability to draw power from violence.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Maxima gets pretty scary towards the end of the press conference, especially towards the pink haired reporter who is really only doing her job. Particularly when said reporter asks why Maxima went full power for the demonstration, prompting Maxima to laugh at the notion that she'd gone full power there.
    • Ariana's "what if" scenarios that feature what she thinks is going on after Max's show include a bandaged man speaking in Arabic saying (according to the translation) "Dead, am I?" Recall that Max once said the only super who could ever match her is dead and get the shivers...
    • The villain who is a Knife Nut with Super Speed is just creepy. Then he throws a knife into Heatwave's foot.
    • And Maxima does not fight fairly, as highlighted twice during her fight against Vehemence. First, she coordinated with Peggy to shoot out his left eye, then took advantage of Halo's distraction to blast off his arm, threatening to do it to his head if he didn't surrender.
  • Spoiler: The cast page originally showed two extra powers of Sydney's, but these were changed to "two she doesn't know about" to preserve a plot point. Later, superpower details were removed entirely.
  • Squick: Steak knife. Kicked into someone's mouth. And lodges between their teeth and in their gums. Aaaaaaaauuuuuuuugh.