YMMV / Grrl Power

  • Arc Fatigue: More than a few people have complained about the length of the fight with Vehemence, a fact exacerbated by some pacing issues and a twice-a-week update schedule. The author is aware of this however, and intends to avert this in the future.
  • Awesome Ego: Deus is entertainingly egomaniacal. To give an idea, he prefers "megalomaniac" to "narcissist" because "It just sounds cooler" — while denying that either applies to him, because he can back up his claims.
  • Crazy Awesome: Achilles abusing his invulnerability to do things like block swords with his eyeball just to shock the villain into dropping her sword.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Even Deus has to admit that there are some things money can't buy.
    Deus: Well, there aren't, but in some rare cases buying a thing would devalue it.
  • Fanfic Fuel: One of the masked vigilantes that Arcon is looking for to invite to the team looks a lot like Spinnerette, leading to the suggestion that they might be part of the same universe.
  • Foe Yay: What else do you call Deus pawing on a television screen that pictures Maxima while saying "she's perfect!"?
  • Iron Woobie: Before she Took a Level in Badass, Maxima was just a frightened teenaged girl going through physiological changes that nobody understands.
  • Magnificent Bitch: By the time of the press conference, Ariana has confirmed for us all that yes, she is this.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Maxima gets pretty scary towards the end of the press conference, especially towards the pink haired reporter who is really only doing her job. Particularly when said reporter asks why Maxima went full power for the demonstration, prompting Maxima to laugh at the notion that she'd gone full power there.
    • Ariana's "what if" scenarios that feature what she thinks is going on after Max's show include a bandaged man speaking in Arabic saying (according to the translation) "Dead, am I?" Recall that Max once said the only super who could ever match her is dead and get the shivers...
    • The villain who is a Knife Nut with Super Speed is just creepy. Then he throws a knife into Heatwave's foot.
    • And Maxima does not fight fairly, as highlighted twice during her fight against Vehemence. First, she coordinated with Peggy to shoot out his left eye, then took advantage of Halo's distraction to blast off his arm, threatening to do it to his head if he didn't surrender.
    • For a normally light hearted comic, this is pure Nightmare Fuel.
  • Spoiler: The cast page originally showed two extra powers of Sydney's, but these were changed to "two she doesn't know about" to preserve a plot point. Later, superpower details were removed entirely.
  • Squick: Steak knife. Kicked into someone's mouth. And lodges between their teeth and in their gums. Aaaaaaaauuuuuuuugh.
  • Word of God: Dave Barrack does reveal some info via comments or answering of fan questions
    • The Angels in the story either inspired the Biblical Angels or were just fine with posing as them. Though considering that they have Halos and the way Biblical Angels are described, it is most DEFINITLY the latter.
    • He has considered Sydney trying to mimic Zenyatta, or at least cosplaying as him.
    • He won't be making groups of characters from underrepresented minorities (such as Aborigines, Eskimos, Taoists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Scientologists, etc) due to the fact that he doesn't know enough about them to write them in an intelligent manner (so if they do appear, it will probably be just one or two from each group, and it will be after he does some research about them) and also because he realises any religious group would probably have extreme members who attributed their powers to God and know that wouldn't necessarily make them behave saintly (it comes down to their personal values). Though has confirmed that a fair number of non-white supers will show up in a future storyline.
      • As far as underrepresented groups goes, if there's something about that group that's interesting and informs that character, he'll make it a part of their back story, but he doesn't go out of his way to include that stuff just to include it.
      • He thought that having Varia claim to be a Aztec, who are arguably underrepresented, was amusing
    • He finds the idea of super powered scientologists pretty scary
    • No one knows why Pixel has to change forms to access her different powers, since they don't know how Super powers work. They can speculate all they want, but her unusual circumstance may lead them to some answers eventually.
    • The Veil has a few working parts. The primary ones are a hologram to cover up the non-human elements, and something like a charm spell that makes humans rationalize away or ignore most of what the physical disguises doesn't cover. Like if you're making out with our girlfriend and you're nibbling on her pointed ears which you can't see, your brain doesn't make that connection that your mouth is in slightly the wrong place. Beings like Chorius, the big monster guy strain what the Veil can actually disguise. Visually he looks fine, just a really big dude, but he leaves clawed footprints everywhere and has a massive tail, so he doesn't go hang out at burning man a lot.
      • Also the Veil is a complex and globe spanning system, and there's really no way for unsavoury groups, Nazis, for example, to get their hands on it. If they discovered it in the first place, they'd have to gain access to the Sigils without anyone knowing about it and update the code in all locations to mask their activities. There's no single artifact which can replicate its effects.
    • As hinted at in the comic, the Vampires aligned with the council (to take one example) aren't quite like the vampires of most fiction, in that the ones who insist that humans are livestock and vampires should be able to kill them as they please have for the most part either convinced otherwise or hunted down and killed. It isn't like Lost Girl where half the supernatural population murders humans on the reg. There are almost no deaths caused by them, and humans who are affected by them are unaware of what's happened afterwards, and are usually at worst in need of a glass of orange juice. That might be legally ooky for some people, but the alternative option is for the government to go to war with them and genocide the supernatural population. It's a lesser of evils situation.
    • In terms of Sydney's and Max's favourite Superheroes:
      • Sydney probably has too many to single out a single one, but her answer would probably be something like "Wolverine from the Chris Clarmont run, issues 180-220, and Deadpool in issues 20-65, and the Amanda Connor Power Girl, and etc etc" Given the way comics are written, characters change dramatically Depending on the Writer so she'd be specific and comprehensive in her answer.
      • As for Maxima, probably not Wonder Woman given her origins and weakness to being tied up by men. And not any of the distaff counterparts of male heroes either, like Supergirl, Batgirl, Batwoman, etc. She'd prefer they not tie themselves to a mans identity that way. Dave really doesn't know.
      Dave: "Storm maybe?"
    • Maxima would not be happy with a Trump presidency, to the point that she would resign her commission before having to meet him and shake his hand. Dave recognizes that it would actually make an interesting storyline, but he's not going to politicize the comic.
    • Dabbler is fascinated with Maxima and wants to be her friend and also loosen her up a bit, but she's not in love with her. Dave imagines succubi regard love as a tool and a weapon and don't experience it much themselves.
    • He doesn't read enough webcomics these days to have a big list to pick of potential fellow Superhero webcomic crossovers from, but could totally see something with Spinnerette.