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Mandy will be the series' Big Bad
Something makes me think that Mandy very well want to either rule or destroy all of existance with that arsenal of her's. Junior, Mimi, Grim and everyone else will battle her in an awesome fight

Mandy wasn't the traitor that led to the demise of the heroes and Megaville's destruction, it was Mimi.
  • Her fear, her flashback, the fact that her presence alerted a volcanic rock beast and dragged the ragtag group of heroes out of wherever they were hiding, and that Him was on hand to trounce both Raven and Irwin easily. It may be that she's little more than a pawn of Him, but the fear and guilt of betraying others is all on her.
Mimi is the daughter of Stocking Anarchy.
  • Look at this scene and tell me they're NOT related. http://grim.snafu-comics.com/?comic_id=151 Afterall, the last episode of Panty and Stocking with Gaterbelt did reveal Stocking is a demon.
    • Jossed with the reveal in Mimi's flashback showing Raven is her mother.
      • Which itself has been Jossed; Raven is merely one of Mimi's caretakers.
      • Both are Jossed, as it was revealed that her mother is Blossom.
Junior is the biological son — or technically the ghost of the biological son — of Mandy and Danny Phantom.
  • Hinted at by the interest that Mandy is expressing in Dark Danny towards the end of the series.

Junior is the biological son of Mandy and Timmy Turner
  • Kind of crazy but Junior has the same hair and eye colour as Timmy, and his godparents are Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda.
    • Compare the third panel on this page to the the fifth panel on this page
    • Adorkable? Check. Parents that seem indifferent but really do care about him? Check. Having to learn lessons about himself and those around him the really hard way? Just like his old man!
    • Then there's Mandy in the latest comic after Junior stands up for a powerless Mimi and defies Mandy: "You've got some balls, boy! I'm impressed: I thought you were as spineless as your father."
      • She could have been talking about Junior's legal father, Grim
  • Although there is the fact that the angel said that Junior's eyes looked light - as in holy, if this troper isn't mistaken - and unless Timmy had his fairies turn him into an angel...

Junior is the biological son of Mandy and Billy

  • I just doubt he'd pass up the chance to feature this as a plot device. ;)
    • As interesting as that would be, remember that Billy was already dead by the time Grim and Mandy got married.
      • Don't debunk this yet, don't forget, Billy kept coming back. Mandy even kept asking in flashbacks if Billy had escaped again, it's not so impossible. Besides, they reside in the underworld, his soul resides wherever, it's not so unlikely.
      • If that were the case, I'll need brain-bleach since it's doubtful the dead age, and Billy died young.
      • 1) Billy didn't escape. He was so troublesome neither Hell nor Heaven could put up with him. 2) If Billy "escaped" the afterlife, he would no longer be dead, so he would get older. Of course, even if one should doubt that, look at Junior. He's dead, but he looks like an adolescent although Nergal claims Junior is the result of an abortion (the only way Grim can have kids).

Junior is the biological son of Grim and some other being
  • There's a reason he appears like Grim but not like Mandy. Also, that would result in Minnie and Junior not being related by blood.
    • If that was the case, then the whole confrontation between Nergal and Grim was pointless.
      • Exactly; the context of that scene makes it clear that Mandy is Junior's mother and suggests his father being someone other than Grim.
      • The abortion clinic with a pregnant Mandy were no hints?
      • I don't believe Mandy was actually on screen during the abortion clinic moment.
      • They're still related by blood whether or not they have different fathers. Mandy's the mother of both of them, isn't she?

Lock, Shock, and Barrel survived the encounter with the Reaperbeast, albeit with mental and emotional scars. Oogie, however, was killed
This is going mostly by a karma system. While Lock, Shock, and Barrel did kidnap Junior and bring him to Oogie, they didn't do anything directly to harm him or Minnie and are shown to be upset at Minnie's death. Oogie, on the other hand, not only killed Minnie but showed joy at her death.
  • Except that the Reaperbeast was shown... Well, reaping them.
  • Well, it's actually said that it devours the souls, and since it devoured Minnie and Junior's souls, and they were alive, there is still some hope for Boogie's Boys.
  • Confirmed.
    • ... is that a joke?

At some point in the series, Junior will lose either his demon powers or his reaper powers
Clockwork states the the combination of a demon and a reaper should never occur; and the combination is shown to be very dangerous. In order to ensure the safety of the world, someone will do something to cause Junior to loose one of his powers, most likely the demon powers.
  • Except he didn't get his Nergal powers naturally.
  • No matter how he got the Nergal powers, with them, he's still a Reaper-Demon, and thus, a danger to the worlds. Considering how he got the Nergal powers, they'd be the easiest to get rid of without causing damage to Junior.
    • Invoked in Afterbirth. Junior gives up his eye in exchange for Minnie's freedom and loses his demon powers.

Jewel, from the After Birth comic, is an alternate universe daughter of Junior and Mimi
  • Her appearance is similar to a combination of Mimi and Junior's human form. The alternate universe part could explain how Mimi was able to have a child-in the alternate world, she never went through the torture Him put her through.
    • It should be mentioned that the picture of jewel was done as a request from a fan of their own fan character so she hasn't been confirmed to appear in After Birth and, while it's not impossible for her to appear, it doesn't seem very likely at the moment. It should be noted that it's possible that bleedman has confirmed her appearing in After Birth and This Troper has simply not found where he did.
      • This Troper doubts bleedman ever confirmed anything like that.

Junior is the biological son of Mandy and Nigel
  • C'mon, they look alike. Plus, if the theory that Jewel is the daughter of Junior and Mimi hold true, then, who else would she get the bad enough vision needed for glasses from? Plus, they do kinda look alike... Mandy could have had the mindset that Junior might be better with some Wizard DNA in him...
  • I'm pretty sure the glasses come from Mimi. Blossom has been shown wearing glasses in both ppg doujinshi and grim tales comics, and even if After Birth isn't canon, Mimi was shown needing reading glasses in it...

Junior and Minnie kissed once before/were suppose to before the cool down kiss later on
http://grim.snafu-comics.com/index.php?comic_id=64 Look at the two silhouettes. One shows their mouths and Junior's eyes wincing some. In the one below it, their mouths are gone, the silhouette's heads are closer, his eyes are wide, and part of her wing is covering the point where their mouths would be.

Mandy is putting together some sort of Underworld Fighting Dream-Team
  • So far she's had a kid by the physical embodiment of Death himself, one of the strongest demons in the underworld, and as of one of the latest updates, one of the strongest ghosts in the underworld. Why else would she be so apt to sleep around if not to make a fighting force with power unlike anything the world (or Underworld, as the case may be) has ever seen?

Mimi is one of Mandy's daughters

Grim Tales is a "What If?" alternate future of PPGD
  • It's the only way to explain how it's parallel to and not in the same continuity as PPGD.

Bubbles is both Mimi's mother and the traitor of Megaville's heroes.
  • With a twist to the latter half of the theory. Yes, there's even less resemblance between her and Mimi than Raven has, but it makes sense when you realize that in the original series Him focused his manipulation tactics on her more than her sisters because she was more emotionally sensitive, thus easier to lead along. Him is smart enough to remember this and not only tricks her into conceiving his child, but taps into her subdued Unstoppable Rage state and plants the idea in her head that the other heroes are "traitors" and a danger to her unborn child, leading to the heroes' destruction. None but her and the ragtag group survive, and she'll be none the wiser about what has happened once the damage is done and Mimi's born, after which Him will release her from his control since he has no further use of Bubbles as a vessel.
    • A smaller indication might be the fondness for creatures that Mimi has with Jeff, a fondness we know Bubbles has in spades, and the fact that she's one of three people that can "kick Him's ass", as Raven so fondly puts it.
      • And in one of the recent panels, we see the remains of Octi lying in the rubble, not too far from where Mimi is. Perhaps Bubbles gave her the doll.
      • Close, but Jossed. Blossom's the mother.
      • There IS an indication that Bubbles is the traitor, though not the mother of Mimi. Here, the conversation between Grim and Mandy hints that one of her 'dumb blonde' friends brought this all upon herself, with Grim commenting that he thought Mandy would be the one to do such a thing. Mandy immediately counters that everyone is capable of doing such things, indirectly discussing the fall of Megaville. So it would seem that a blonde that was friends with Mandy did something horrible that brought doom upon herself and, likely, Megaville. Hmm...
      • This could be true given what Mandy said, but when you consider the fact that in Afterbirth, Dexter's alive and working for Boogie, he may have been the traitor. But then again, she might've lent a hand in betraying Megaville's heroes.

The mother of Mimi will be Blossom

Blossom is not Mimi's biological mother.
  • Blossom and Dexter likely raised Mimi as their own, but Mimi looks nothing like Blossom. On the other hand, though, look back at PPG Doujin, and you might notice Mimi looks a freaking LOT like Olga, who is growing pretty close to Dexter and Blossom. My guess is that something happened to her involving HIM, likely getting raped and killed after birth, but Blossom managed to rescue her friend's newborn daughter, and so Mimi sees Blossom as her mother.
    • Pretty sure that Mimi's black hair comes from Him.
    • It seems unlikely; Him has a conversation with Hunson Abadeer, who is looking over the protrait of Blossom and Mimi together, which suggests Blossom is indeed Mimi's biological mother.

Grim Tales takes place in an alternate universe from Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi
  • Despite both being written by the same author and having many of the same characters, the sheer amount of differences between the characters seen in PPGD and here simply screams alternate universes. Admittedly, this could be chalked up to character development, but writing such a lighthearted comic as PPGD and then simply sinking it with a Downer Ending Foregone Conclusion seems too dark even for Bleedman.
    • I believe that Bleedman already confirmed that what is shown in that page is an "Alternative Dark Future" to the events of PPGD.
    • There is at least one tiny difference between both universes: Drax/Dexter says he killed his sister in Afterbirth, while it did not happen quite that way in the PPGD universe (even though Dexter feels responsible for Dee Dee's death, I don't think he outright stated to have killed her). Of course he may have become mad or have his mind twisted since (or he is not actually Dexter), and not remember things correctly. Or the time bomb in PPGD will take care of that difference...
      • Actually according to the bleedmancomics wiki, Drax is an alternate universe version of Dexter - supposedly from the same universe as the Powerpunk girls. Its not explained how he got into the Grim Tales universe though.

Dexter and Bubbles are the traitors of Megaville.
  • Him had absolutely no trouble brainwashing Bubbles and bringing out her inner darkness (hence why Mandy says "Everyone is capable."). Once she was of no more use to Him, he killed her, but not before letting her see all she had caused. Dexter was probably already evil to begin with since he killed his sister Deedee.

Mimi is the (unintentional) traitor of Megaville.
In her pre-Her days, Mimi was a very powerful precog who was hooked up to a machine called 'The Nephilim,' acting as the Megavile Heroes' preliminary defense whenever a super-powered being was about to do something evil. An unfortunate side-effect of the machine is that it drained Mimi physically, emotionally and spiritually. Meaning, whatever goodness Blossom had instilled in her was getting drained, and it made her more susceptible to Him's own telepathy reaching out to her and corrupting her. He would have established a link with her, made himself look angelic and like the best father ever, carefully establishing a bond with her. Then one day, Mimi expresses bitter frustration at what the Nephilim has done to her: made her wheelchair-bound and mute and unable to have a normal childhood, and to be with her daddy. And that's when Him would have struck: why, we can be together, Mimi! You, me, and mommy...and all she had to do was oh, say...hack into and shut down Megaville's defenses using the Nephilim, directly leading to every villain in the world attacking the heroes' main base. It would explain why she was all alone right in the wreckage of the city, unscratched while everywhere was in ruin. To top it off, Him wiped out her memory of destroying Megaville and her friends, saving it for another time if/when she decides to disobey him again.

Mimi is the result of Him raping Blossom.
Because even in this dystopia, there's no way Blossom gets together with Him of her own free will. She could have been captured by Him, or she was given a Scarpia Ultimatum.
  • In a conversation with Hunson, Him says,when speaking of Blossom, that "heroes can become whores in their most desperate hour", which could suggest she did have a consensual relationship with him, but it was through coercion.

Chi's other parent is Jack.
And it happen when Aku was in that warrior woman form.
  • Plausible. I'm a little worried about the fact that Chi has the same type of hair as Blossom, though I suppose that if she has her father's shape-shifting abilities she could just be making her hair look like that to please Mimi. Otherwise... well, I'm guessing the above WMG doesn't quite go far enough in its squick factor.
  • In the latest panel, Aku is talking to Chi while in his warrior woman form.

Hunson Abadeer appeared, and given his comments on Marceline one can infer that the version of Adventure Time this Hunson Abadeer came from is not the Grim Tales from Down Below universe(also the fact that if it was, that would limit its options). The Lich is aware of The Multiverse. Not only would this be bait for an Adventure Time comic, but pitting Him again the Lich, but if any rival villian beyond Mandy is going to give Him trouble, The Dreaded and appreciated embodiment of nuclear war would do it.

Megaville was destroyed during The Mushroom War
Mimi's flashback showed that there was already some conflict between the army and meta-people. with the traitor's actions destroying megaville, the army probably had to go into a full-on war against meta-people. Leading to The Lich's creation.

Marceline possible relationship with Mimi and Chi
IF Marceline has already gone her Character Development with Simon and is living alongside her father, she is likely to know mimi and Chi. If so, the relationship between the three can be any of the following:

Mimi wasn't forced to kill Blossom
Mimi did it on her own. She's standing in the latest strip as she kills Blossom, obviously powered up and in a state of extreme emotional distress. After Him separated them, he somehow got Mimi to stand on her own, and revealed that Blossom was the one who designed The Nephilim the way it was, so that Mimi would be kept weak and her demonic powers/side easier to suppress until she got old enough to do it on her own. Mimi mind-rapes Blossom and sees that Him was telling the truth. Blossom tearfully tries to explain/justify what she did to keep them and the world safe, but Mimi does her power up, summons ten knives and stabs her own mother to death out of fury. The tears she's crying are tears of rage, and Blossom tried to tell her how sorry she was, up until the final blow.

Chi is actually Blossom
After Blossom is killed, Aku takes measures that allows her to be reborn as "Chi", either through a consensual contract or manipulating her soul. This is why Mimi takes such a strong liking to Chi in the first place, and also why Chi is able to recall Blossom's death from the latter's POV. This is also Chi's reason for having strong feelings for Mimi, although she's misinterpreting them to be romantic when they should be platonic. As for Aku's reasons: he realizes Mimi's potential, and is savvy enough to know that alliances between villains are fragile things. Having "Chi" with him acts as a deterrent, not just because Blossom was very powerful, but also with the hopes that the next time around, Mimi would be more reluctant to kill someone she's close to.

Junior's biological father is Aurelio Voltaire.
Voltaire did part of the soundtrack for the original cartoon, so why the hell not?

The symbiote that was grafted to Mimi is Giygas
The similarities are too striking, and Grim calls it 'pure evil.' What was Giygas' defining characteristic in EarthBound? Pure evil.

Him/Kare is Junior's biological father

Chi is Billy's daughter
  • Chi's extreme consumption of food is similar to how Billy consumed food in Grim's diary, and like Billy, where that food is going is anyone's guess. She also has the same hair color as Billy's though admittedly this does not say much.

Chi is Aku and Jack's daughter
Chi's red hair likely comes from Aku, who has a red beard in his male form, and not Blossom, as some fans have guessed. Also, this troper could be mistaken, but Chi always refers to Aku as 'mother' and not 'father'. Aku also seems to stay a woman often. Aku was also obsessed with Jack-and still is - and with his/her shapeshifting powers, he could have gotten together with 'her'.

The other Demon Lords will include Morrigan Aenslad, Metlar, Jackie Estacado and Nyarlathotep
Because each would fit in Bleedman's works (for differentreasons), Inhumanoids is the only obscure Hasbro toy line not featured in any of his works (PPGD had Robotix and Grim Tales had Visionaries), and there have been already a couple of hints at the Cthulhu Mythos.

Marceline's appearance in the comic is going to be significant
Not only will we be introduced to the first fully grown heir to a demon lord, but Marceline is probably the only hero left in this universe. My best guess is that she's going to have a bad case of Morality Decay, but she will still be firmly against the actions of the rulers of the underworld. Perhaps she participated in Megaville's last stand against Him? She's probably going to be introduced by saving Mimi, Junior, Chi, and/or Minnie from some giant monster.