Fridge / Grim Tales from Down Below

Fridge Brilliance
  • Grim Tales from Down Below was frequently criticized for it's implied Brother–Sister Incest scenes, and I just assumed it was Author Appeal and accepted that he was going to feel vaguely uncomfortable reading the series. Until a recent comic revealed that the sister actually does have (unreciprocated) feelings for her brother. Sweet. — Jonn
    • Likewise. I like this twist because of the way it changes the brother's character. He goes from being a jealous and petty sibling to being the Only Sane Man in a setting that makes the universe of Invader Zim look like My Little Pony. — M84
    • I still think Minnie's a Mary Sue (and that her brother's therefore at least somewhat justified in his jealousy, since he's ten years old and has that for a sibling; it's like how one of a set of real siblings sometimes resents the other for being apparently perfect, but the unrequited Brother–Sister Incest aspect — and it not being treated as acceptable by the author — does go some way to redeeming her character in my eyes. — Cameoflage
    • I don't think Minnie is a Mary Sue, this perfect personality is just a way for her brother to notice her. I mean, while in Yandere mode she says "What does it take to get your respect?" and "All I ever wanted was for you to love me!" Note the whole point of a Yandere - Love Makes You Crazy. The evidence shows she's driven by her quest to gain her brother's love and respect but her efforts result in the opposite effect as Junior resents her for it. Not so Mary Sue now, huh?
    • And now in the more recent comic reveal, the sibling hate seems to come after Minnie takes after her mother and her nice girl routine is just an act. Suddenly, the incest makes sense. If you need to suppress and/or counter your inner Mandy, there is no way sibling love is enough. Minnie's love of Grim Jr most likely jumped straight to Brother–Sister Incest to achieve that. But when Mimi came into the picture, Grim Jr stopped reciprocating the love and/or at least never told her that she was never in danger of losing him at all to another because he was too busy taking care of Mimi. Cue the hate.
  • The way they built up to The Reveal of Blossom as Mimi's mother. The readers don't think much of the Power Puff Dynamo impaled on a skyscraper or Mandy eying a partially destroyed "Mr. Octi", just passing them off as the background for the destruction and downfall of Megaville that Grim describes. Some may start to think when they see that Mimi has a pink bow, but just wave it off as mere coincidence. Then you have Raven saying that whoever Mimi's mother is will find Him and "kick your ass!" Merely words of defiance? We know Raven's a smart woman, and she would not say this to Him, of all people, unless she knew it was someone who has and still can beat down Him, thus saving her and Mimi. Add in one dashing pink streak a page later, and all the circumstantial evidence adds up quite nicely...for the moment.
  • The unnamed angel that appears to take Minnie away from Junior is St. Michael or the Archangel Michael. Among his task is to take righteous souls directly to heaven, from what a friend told me he is also has bad qualities such as impatience he also easily angered which explains why he is aggressive towards Junior a sinner and even calling out his envy towards his sister.

Fridge Horror
  • The revelation of Blossom being the mother of Mimi, daughter of Him. There's only so many option on how this was possible. And one of them aint pretty.
    • Cloning might still be an option. Granted, that's not much better.
      • From the latest comic: "It [the picture of Blossom and human!Mimi in his office]] is merely there to remind me that evil can arise from the holiest of beings...that angels can succumb to demons, and heroes can become whores in their most desperate hour." Good Lord...
      • And then there's the possibility that Blossom has another daughter from Aku.
      • For some reason, everyone seems to have forgotten to mention the last picture on the pannel: That guy torturing Mimi in the last picture? That's Pyramid Head. My reaction was akin from "Oh, Silent Hill nod..." to "OMFG, WTF?!".
  • The latest page in the 'GTFO' comics, a flashback which shows that Mimi spent most of her pre-HIM days hooked up to a machine called The Nephilim, to act as a kind of warning system whenever a super-powered person was about to do something evil. That's creepy enough... and then you hear that as a result, she is the constant target of attempted kidnappings and telepathic assassins. Then it's revealed that the machine drains her physically (explains why she was in a wheelchair in her Hands of Horror-induced flashback), mentally (why she can't speak) and spiritually. That machine is literally eating her soul. And since she's so weak, she can never leave the facility and have a normal childhood. But that's not the worst part: the worst part is that the whole thing was designed and implemented by Dexter. You know, Dexter who was Blossom's childhood sweetheart. Dexter, who was probably there for the whole situation that led to Blossom carrying Him's child in the first place and is possibly still in love with her. Dexter, who is one of the most brilliant minds of the planet, who is so particular that his inventions are as flawfree as possible...designed a machine for a little girl who is, in his mind, the living breathing proof of Blossom's infidelity/rape/Deal with the Devil. The machine that is literally devouring her body, mind and soul. The implications are bad enough, and even worse if you consider Afterbirh to be canon...
    • On a related note, since Mimi is a precog telepath, that means that when Him took her away from Blossom, she could have read his mind (assuming that Him counts as a meta-human and Mimi is that powerful) and seen all the things he had planned for her: tearing her arms off, the symbiote being grafted to her soul, killing her own mother...and she wouldn't have been able to stop any of it from happening.
    • It gets worse. In the latest panel, Chi has a vision of Blossom's last memory before Mimi kills her. She's lying on the ground, extremely bloody and she reaches for Mimi - who is standing still, eyes glowing white and tears pouring from her eyes - as seven to eight knives are about to strike. Consider that Blossom is one of the most powerful heroes in the world and can take a hell of a beating (remember that the Powerpuff Girls are immune to acid, of all things), and it becomes clear that Blossom's death - being stabbed over and over again - was anything but quick. Even worse, Mimi doesn't have a scratch on her...because the thought of trying to defend herself would have meant hurting her daughter, something Blossom would never do.
  • In Mimi's flashback, Grim states that because of the traitor in the midst of Megaville's heroes, only a ragtag group of heroes (Irwin, Hoss Delgado, and Raven) remained to fight off evil forces. The fact that Raven was one of the last three remaining heroes against Him implies that none of her friends survived with her up to that point.
  • For a few pages of filler (starting here) we get an extended cameo from Kevin 11. He's still in his mutated form from the original series, which — combined with this universe's backstory — does not bring up happy thoughts about Ben and Gwen's ultimate fate...