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Funny: Grim Tales from Down Below
  • Junior kissing Minnie and everyone is shocked.
    • Followed by her slapping him and him telling her she needs therapy.
  • Minnie covering Junior's eyes when she was punishing Mimi.
    • Followed by Minnie sticking a symbiotic axe into her brothers skull when he's complimenting Mimi while pinned to her.
      • In the next strip, this is followed by an arrow and a dagger when Junior gets a nosebleed - and now the axe is staring too.
  • Dark Danny's expression in the last panel of this page.
  • Excluding the top two panels, this whole page.
  • In Afterbirth, when Mimi rams a wrecking ball through the wall to save Dani and Manny.
    Dani: Of all the weapons created in this world, what simpleton would ever use a giant metal ball? It's heavy...and rusty...and...and...*takes a look at Mimi*...big.
  • Mimi throwing a house. Yes, the entire house.
  • Mimi's Birthday party devolves into a Food Fight via some of the most hillarious Mundane Utility use of telekinesis since Bunny!Raven's original series
    • That was her party in the past. This is her present day party
    • Jeff's expression just sells it. You can almost hear the Flat "What." that you know he's thinking.
    • For the record, I will never look at Pyramid Head the same way ever again.
  • Grim drinking Cyanide out of bottle labeled: "Cyanide and Happiness". It doesn't do a whole lot aside from making him *hic* on occasion.
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