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YMMV: Grim Tales from Down Below
  • Accidental Innuendo: (Junior holding up his father's journal) "Now comes the best part. This book also happens to be the family album!" The first picture is his mom lying on a bed in her underwear.
  • Complete Monster: In The Powerpuff Girls, Him is actually already pretty bad, but in here, it gets ridiculous. The fact that when he cut off his own daughter's hands so that he could replace them with claws was the least of his crimes is an indicator. He also tortured said girl with every horrible experience he knew of in the ultimate Break the Cutie. He had Minimandy nearly kill her brother with More Than Mind Control, after screwing with their heads. When Him got betrayed by Her, he got really mad, which is understandable. But he later said he's mad not because of what she did but why she did it - to save her friend, telling her that if she did it over something petty, he would actually be proud of her, but the Power of Friendship is just disgusting to him. Could see that coming, since he's Satan.
  • Contested Sequel: After Birth isn't even out yet (and may not be for some time to come) but already some have voiced their immense dislike of it simply stemming from the rumours surrounding problems in its production. The comic is completed but has hit a final snag with publishing. Many feel that the sequel's high ambitions is enough reason for it to suck.
  • Creator's Pet: It seems like hardly anyone can stop themselves from telling Junior and thus the audience how great Minnie is, at least when she's onstage. Mostly in the earlier chapters; later they're more likely to talk about how powerful she is instead. Both kinds get very tiresome. Possibly inverted as the author's plan all along was to kill her in her first actual battle
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: There's not really any character that can be defined as the protagonist or all that heroic of the comic, along with the Mary Sue tropes listed below.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: The "Mandy did 9-11" strip. The fact that Bleedman basically told people off when they complained about it didn't help.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Mandy.
  • Internet Backdraft: MANDY DID WTC. That is all.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Junior
  • Mary Sue: Mandy, Minnie and Mimi just for the fact that they're practically infallible in battle. Mandy is a given of course as she hardly, if ever, lost in the TV series, though that was mostly due to her wits. Minnie only dies in the first comic thanks to Jr distracting her, and up until that point no one could touch her. Mimi is a particularly worse case though; she seems to pull out whatever she needs when she needs it, and she practically waltzes into the Grim Family, curb stomping anyone in her way. Heck, she even gives Mandy a run for her money and that battle didn't even reach a conclusion once Mandy knew what she was after. And of course, don't even get us started in the fight with Mina.
    • Mimi could be seen as a deconstruction, seeing how at every point of her life she was purposely raised to be super powerful at the cost of any sort of personality.
    • Anti-Sue/God-Mode Sue: Junior's defining traits are his jealousy and loathing of his beautiful and talented little sister. By the end of Grim Tales, Junior has all of Minnie's powers and adoration, as well as a claim to the throne.
      • God-Mode Sue/Purity Sue/ Relationship Sue/Anti-Sue/Jerk Sue: Minimandy. Smart, strong, cute, praised by all, adores her brother to the point of lusting after him, so much that she surrenders everything she has to him.... Though, by the end, even that negative trait is transformed into a positive through the power of Author Appeal... but wait, there's more! Minnie is now The Unfavorite to both her parents, and the narrative, which previously idealized her obssessive, unhealthy devotion to her brother, now demonizes it when Junior's attention is elsewhere. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Three Faces of Eve, all in one ridiculously overpowered package!
    • Villain Sue: a major flaw about most major villains in this comic:
      • It starts with possessed Jr, who proves to be undefeatable, even making Dark Danny, of all people, look ridiculous.
      • Mandy; while, as mentionned above, it actually fits her original animated incarnation, it worked in the series because of Rule of Funny. In a Darker and Edgier approach on the other hand...
      • Him and Mimi; while Mimi at least has some sympathetic backstory to compensate, Him is a Complete Monster; most of his appearances so far involves him defeating or tricking ridiculously easily everyone, including many fan-favourite characters (most notably, he caused Raven to make a senseless sacrifice.). And, worst of all, he gets away with it all the time.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Mandy directly causes 9/11, Operation Freedom, Hurricane Katrina and Crash 38. While one could argue that all those deaths were Mandy just doing her job as Death that day (going overboard, but still her job), what really puts it over the MEH is that she did it to impress her crush.
  • Narm: Early in the comic, Mandy cuts her own throat. It's presented for drama... but it's a flashback, so we all know it didn't stick. (The next page has Grim inform her she won't die until he feels like it.) It comes across as a drastic attempt to milk emotional response.
  • Nightmare Fuel: When not out and out scary, the comic gets more and more creepy as it goes along.
  • Schedule Slip: After six years , the main series eventually finished in June 2009. Ngo has since created a short sequel called AfterBirth that apparently deals with Minimandy coping with her agelessness and being left alone after Junior sets out on a life of adventure. The comic was produced in the early half of 2010 but suffered delays due to poor internal communication and conflicts with Bleedman's other comics. According to latest information the comic was completed in September 2010 but was not released on its intended date of Christmas Day due to disputes and problems with site owner, Snafu Dave. Both Bleedman and Snafu Dave seem at odds about the release of the comic (which would require permission from companies such as Cartoon Network unless it were to be uploaded freely to the website) and Afterbirth remains, at time of writing, in post-development limbo... And then it updated again. It is now ongoing and continues with Mimi raiding Grim's Castle presumably to collect Horror's Hand
  • Squick: Jr.'s birth (read: abortion) explained in extremely graphic detail.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: How do so many great characters get killed off without even getting some good development ?

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