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Beware spoilers.

The Bubble turns out to be a Lotus-Eater Machine. Leading to the events of the webcomic.
  • Whether the results were intentional remain to be seen.

payet best is the cyberian knight
  • A stretch to be sure but they both play guitar. If best was dead we should have seen Daedalus lose it knowing one of the five was dead but not awake. For a guy from a tronesque sci fi game, he seems notably accepting of magic and monsters. The vortex might have thrown him into cyberia as a new character. The reason they act differently is because he believes he's a different person. "they never talk OOC" remember?
    • Confirmed here: [1]

Bandit is Daedalus' Digital Avatar.
  • In the scenes featuring him, his purple tie is the only Splash of Color in a Deliberately Monochrome scene. Purple seems to be the color associated with Bandit and after the The Reveal Bandit is the only main character unaccounted for.
    • Consider also her name...Keynes. Which might just be something a CEO might find funny...
      • unlikley. Bandit foiled his plan to kill the five at the wood elf summit.
The Destiny shown to Payet Best by the Basin of Foresight is... Nothing.
  • Best and the others gaze into the Basin of Foresight when Best asks to be shown his destiny. All the reader sees is the reflections of the party staring into the water, with Best getting increasingly more upset, and the others more and more surprised and shocked. So what destiny was Best shown? The same destiny he's always had: NOTHING!!! Seriously, is it that surprising? After all, he was mistaken for a hero of destiny anyways.
    • Very close! He saw his own grave.