Funny / Guilded Age

  • The following exchange found here. Doubles as a BrickJoke referring to a previous adventure.
    Byron: [to a sackful of children] I know this is weird, but this has come up before: None of you happen to be the secret evil mastermind of this whole thing, right?
    Kids: No.
  • While possibly dark humor, here's a fine example. A goblin engineer, annoyed by two slave masters whipping orcs repeatedly (because the noise was ruining his concentration, and that their antics are irritatingly inefficient) tells both of them off, and essentially tells them that the orcs would work harder if they had an expectation of not being whipped. The two slave masters argue with the goblin, stating that the orcs are animals that live in the moment, and there's no way they'd be able to understand that concept. When the slave masters turn back to the orcs, the orcs are still working, carrying DOUBLE the loads they were before, and look, if not happy, then less miserable. The engineer's response is priceless.
  • When they go to try diplomacy with the World's Rebellion, the party is shown around the camp. Their final stop is the death pit. In the background of the panel where Syr'Nj asks why they call it that, Bandit can be seen hightailing it for the exit.
  • During one of the Ask an Adventurer segments, one question for Harky is whether he's a top or a bottom. He has no idea what that means and tries to work it out until Goblaurence just tells him. Gondolessa, on the other hand, knows full well what the question is asking. His expressions as he tries to stifle his laughter are what sell it.