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Funny: Grand Theft Auto V

V and Online
  • After buying some drugs and a spiked drink for his dad we get this from Jimmy during a father/son moment.
    Jimmy: Ok, Let's bounce.
    Michael: ...Bounce? We're 'bouncing' now? Is that's what we're doing? Jesus Christ.
    • There's also this gem that follows a father-son bike ride:
      Jimmy: Jeez, Pop, too much more of that and maybe I won't be dead by 35!
    • How about the fact that buying drugs is considered a father/son moment for the DeSantas!
  • Near the end of the second trailer.
    Michael: That's Trevor, my best friend. That's Franklin, the son I always wanted.
    Franklin: Yeah, whatever.
    (Franklin and Trevor shake hands.)
    Trevor: Jesus, your therapist has a lot to answer for.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke in Michael's trailer:
    • The line in its in-game context as part of the third ending is pretty good, too.
      Trevor: Jesus, your therapist has a lot to answer for.
      Michael: I know, I still hate myself. But at least I know the words for it now.
      Trevor: Well, I hate you, and I know the words for it. So does that mean I don't have to go to therapy?
  • Trevor's trailer, which shows Ax-Crazy Hair-Trigger Temper Played for Laughs. Especially with "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way" by Waylon Jennings playing over the video.
    Trevor: Do you want me to get my dick out again?
    Trevor: (to Amanda) (Growls Angrish) - nice new tits, by the way!
  • Trevor's first interaction with Maude, the woman in charge of bounties.
    Maude: How've ya been?
    Trevor: Oh, simply wonderful. And you?
    Maude: Somewhere stuck between 'joyful' and 'peachy'.
  • Franklin reprimands Lamar for getting into a car chase that results in the death of a repo target, which Lamar blames on his "Apache blood":
    Franklin: We can't repo assets off a dead man, big sittin' chief asshole!
  • The mission where Franklin has to sneak into the DeSanta household has a lot of funny reactions from the family.
    Tracey: Daaadd! Jimmy said I had a massive... Jimmy called me a BITCH!!
  • While robbing a jewelry store, Michael has this to say to the frightened customers:
    Michael: Ladies! Gentlemen! This is your moment. Please don't make me ruin all the great work your plastic surgeons have been doin'!
  • At one point, Trevor is shown trying (and failing) to flush a severed human leg down the toilet. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel because, well...he's trying to flush a severed human leg down the toilet!
  • During one of the hang outs between Michael and Trevor, Trevor ends up saying to Michael that he represses everything and when he finally bursts, it'll be big. He also calls Michael an emo.
  • This conversation between Franklin and Simeon Yetarian:
  • The ad campaigns for the next Governor of San Andreas.
  • In the Official Trailer, we get this brief outburst from Trevor:
  • Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force.
  • One of the side missions involves Michael smoking a super-blunt, and having a Mushroom Samba of shooting up Aliens (yeah, those Aliens!) with a gatling gun!
  • Mr. Raspberry Jam.
    • Late in the game, Trevor's truck permanently gets Mr. Raspberry Jam tied to its grille.
  • Switch to Trevor after letting him roam on his own for some time, and, given what he's doing when you switch over to him, you get the idea that he's having a much more fun time than when the player's controlling him. Possible activities he could just be finishing are: throwing a guy off a bridge; waking up in the middle of the desert wearing a dress; or waking up surrounded by dead bodies, beer in hand, in his underpants.
    Trevor: The day after the night before...
    (or occasionally)
    Trevor: ...IT WASN'T ME!!!
  • On a related note, Michael can occasionally be found causing traffic jams on the highway for shits and giggles.
  • Franklin is often found walking out of weed shops, taking a whiff of the product.
  • This line from the prologue, which only becomes funny after completing the game.
    Michael: Who snitched?.
  • An early mission involves Franklin using Chop to help him find a rival gangster. Only for Chop to run off and go hump a random dog in mid mission. Franklin's reaction is priceless (especially when he finds out the dog being humped is a male dog). For more hilarity, you can even see this through Chop's eyes in first person.
    Franklin: Gee, Chop you nasty-ass! That's a dude you're fuckin' there!
    • And later, after find the gangster and chasing him down:
      Franklin: Don't hump 'im! Bite his ass, Chop!
  • Dialogue between Franklin and Lamar is consistently priceless, with almost everything that comes out of Lamar's mouth being CMOF-worthy.
  • As if Franklin's conversations with Lamar are funny enough, we get Stretch, who often ends up getting caught up in Volleying Insults between him and Franklin: the best ones are the starting and ending conversations in "The Long Stretch".
  • And then there's Franklin's borderline Cloudcuckoolander Aunt Denise, who's obsessed with getting her "femininity" back, and often has crazy meetings with Straw Feminist friends that really dig under Franklin's skin. One notable instance is also seen at the start of "The Long Stretch", where Franklin walks in on a group of his Aunt's friends collectively screeching their heads off, and stopping dead in their tracks when they notice Franklin:
    Franklin: ...... I don't wanna know...
    Denise: Franklin-!
    Franklin: What the fuck?! I mean, what the hell goin' on here?
    Denise: Wait a minute, Franklin, what are you doing here?!
    Franklin: I live here! This half of my house too!
    Denise: So you say? (Explains that she's reinvigorating her femininity) So make yourself scarce, boy!
    Franklin: (Rolls eyes until they're in the back of his head) With pleasure!
    • And as you walk away you can hear them start chanting "Vulva... vulva..."
    • Franklin's reaction is good, but Trevor's reaction? Pure gold. When Denise and her friends leave the house, they are chanting "We are women, we are strong" over and over again at the top of their lungs. They walk past Franklin who says nothing. Then they walk into Trevor, and....
      Trevor: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!... thank you.
    • Not to mention Trevor's earlier interaction with Denise:
      Denise: (Ranting at Franklin for disobeying her constantly and also for ignoring his gang-banger friends) I say become a doctor, you say become a patient! I say-who is that?
      Trevor: Helloooooo, missy! Franklin, you never told me you had a sister.
      Denise: I'm Denise, Franklin's housemate.
      Franklin: AND aunt, my mother's old dried-up ass sister-
      Denise: SHUT THE FUCK UP!
      Trevor: Yeah, SHUT THE FUCK UP!
      (Franklin flashes a middle finger at Trevor)
      Trevor: (hands Denise money) Here, darlin'. Why don't you go get yourself somethin' nice, okay?
      Denise: Oh, thank you! (giggles, flips through the money) ...this is seven dollars.
      Trevor: I said something NICE, not something EXPENSIVE. You wanna be a greedy fuckin' cow, huh? No. Now get the fuck outta here, alright?
      Denise: You men are all the same!
  • At the beginning of Trevor's tenure with the Minute Men, one of them gives an American salute. The other, apparently an immigrant from Europe, gives the Hitler salute before realizing what he's done and correcting himself.
  • Michael's interactions with Barry, the marijuana-legalization activist.
    Barry:: I smoke this all day and I'm fine! (Lights one up for Michael) Just a pure... mellow high...
    Michael: (Inhales deeply from the bunt)
    Barry: ...But I do get concerned about the monsters... (Michael's trip starts; he slowly gets more distorted)
    Yeah... I mean, I'm sure they're nothing serious but, uh...
    I never let them get too near.

    Michael: (look of utter disbelief) WHOOOAA!!! Da... fuck... is that?!
    • Then when his trip ends:
      Barry: -so I take it I can count on your support?
      Michael: ...the fuck just happened?!
      Barry: W-What're ya talkin' about? We discussed globalization, the state-
      Michael: ...stay the fuck away from me! (storms off)
      Barry: Wha... But it's for a good cause...!
    • Trevor's interactions with him are just as funny.
    Barry: "Hey man, come on over."
    Trevor: (comes over, looks at desk then frowns) "What is all this?"
    Barry: "Just trying to get weed legalized."
    Trevor: "WHAT! NO! You know much money I make selling this shit?!? NO! I am NOT FOR THIS!"
    • Trevor's reaction after the high is pure gold.
  • Michael comes to a revelation about Trevor later in the game, and it is incredible.
    Michael: (after talking about Trevor's dress sense and personality) YOU!...are a hipster!
    Trevor: What.
    Michael: You're a hipster!
    Trevor: I hate hipsters
    Michael: Classic hipster denial!
    Trevor: I. Abhor. Hipsters, I eat them for fun!
    Micheal: Haha! Hipsters love saying they hate hipsters!
    Trevor: Well I really fucking do!
    Micheal: Self hatred. Common hipster affliction.
    Trevor: Only because I'm living out here away from the bean machines, and the bankers?
    Micheal: You're gentrifying! Soon the skinny jeans will show up, and then the skinny lattes, and then, the bankers. And you'll be somewhere else starting the cycle all over again. Maybe you're not a classic garden variety hipster, but you are what the hipsters aspire to be! You, Trevor, are the proto-hipster!
    Trevor: (completely calm sounding) ...I don't know, what you're talking about. I don't agree with what you're saying. You're talking bullshit, and you're trying to wind me up. But I'm very, very angry, and I want this conversation to end right away.
    Michael: Hipster.
    Michael: I've made my point. I'm not a sadist.
    • Made ever more hilarious when switching to Trevor in one instance:
      Trevor: I am a hipster!! Let me in!!!
  • Another moment that counts is the cutscene after the above conversation, when Michael and Trevor reach the bus stop. Trevor is sitting on the bench, bored out of his mind. What does he do to pass the time? He throws rocks at Michael like a kid in elementary school. Naturally, Michael gets pissed off.
    *Trevor throws a rock at Michael*
    Michael: Come on man, knock it off.
    Trevor: What?
    *Trevor throws another rock*
    Michael: I'm going to break your fucking fingers if you don't knock that shit off.
    Trevor: Well, please, alright. You'd alleviate the boredom.
  • Just about every moment that Wade is present. In particular, the scene where Trevor is telling him the story of "Trisha and Michelle."
  • Franklin steals a car being used to film a movie. He accidentally abducts an actor with it, who tries to make him crash while studio security tries to shoot him off the road. In the end, Franklin is able to lose the security, and then notices a button he never did before:
  • The dialogue between Trevor and Michael when Trevor reveals that he kidnapped Martin Madrazo's wife after Martin got angry and refused to pay him and Michael for assassinating Javier Madrazo. Michael's reaction and Trevor's utter glee just sells it.
  • When Debra returns to Floyd's home, Trevor has a rambling emotional breakdown in an attempt to make peace with both of them. Combined with Debra's incredibly hammy acting, the scene is priceless.
    Debra: I want you to leave, NOW!
    Trevor: Look, this is all I've got, alright? I've had a tough upbringing! My daddy was not nice to me! Okay? Look, Debra, I love you, and I love you too, Floyd! Why can't we all just be together, huh?! [To Floyd] You can have Mondays through Thursdays, [To Debra] you can have the weekends, alright?! I know that's not normal, but in this crazy, crazy world, is normal so good?! Huh?! Look, Debra! Floyd! Will you marry me?!
    Debra: [Arms flailing] GET OUT OF MY CONDOOOO!!!!
  • Franklin finds a dog barking at the entrance of a park. Turns out he can talk to it: the dog tells him that he's stuck in a tree. Franklin starts running after the dog...
    Franklin: I've officially lost my damn mind.
    Dog: Woof.
    Franklin: What, boy? He just jumped out of a fucking helicopter?
    Dog: Woof.
    Franklin: His parachute failed to open?
    Dog: Woof.
    Franklin: And now you kind of wish he'd missed the tree?
    Dog: Woof.
    Franklin: But morality is a human construct and you're not hardwired to think that way? I can't believe I'm getting smart-talked by a fucking dog.
    Dog: Woof.
    Franklin: Say what?
    Dog: Woof.
    Franklin: Wait, you talkin' about my kind of bitches or yours?
    Dog: Woof.
    Franklin: This shit is getting weird now, man.
    • It's worth noting that the dog disappears right after Franklin gets to the guy, meaning that Franklin wasn't just getting smart-talked by a dog... he may have been getting smart-talked by an angel pretending to be a dog.
  • In one of the earliest Trevor missions ("Crystal Maze"), it starts off with Trevor being so pissed that most of his dialogue is "Arrrg!"
    • It gets better: When you get into a vehicle, the radio will be tuned to the rather laid-back Doobie Brothers song "What a Fool Believes". Trevor is not pleased.
      Trevor: Uuuurrrrggghh, this music's all fuckin' wrong! (switches to Channel X) That's what I'm lookin' for!
  • The story of Trevor's first score (in context, he's trying to force Franklin to spill the details of his, since Franklin keeps trying to dodge the question).
    Michael:Well how about you? Why don't you share with the group? I'm here. I'll back the facts.
    Trevor: That checks cashed place? I went in, took 'em for eight grand, walked out.
    Michael: It was a bit more complicated than that, though, wasn't it, T?
    Trevor: Maybe I knew the guy, maybe he ID'd me...]
    Michael: Maybe you did six months.
    Trevor: Maybe I was out in four- and that, children, is why we don't leave witnesses!
    Michael: That, children, is why you don't rob people that you know!
    • Then, after Michael reassures Franklin's first heist couldn't have been much worse than Trevor's Epic Fail of a story, Franklin finally cracks; he was the getaway driver for one of Lamar's store robberies, and he managed to get several thousand dollars... or he WOULD have if a dye pack didn't go off and ruin the money.
    • And from the same mission, the sheriff's reaction when the crew come out of the bank wearing body armor and carrying machine guns (Trevor even has a handheld minigun!
    Sheriff: Sweet... mother of... shit!
    • Later on during the over-the-top shootout with the cops, Michael tries to remind Trevor, who's busy spouting one-liners, to treat the situation seriously. Trevor is quick to point out the absurdity of the situation.
    Trevor: I've got a minigun, you humorless prick!
  • In one mission, Trevor is flying in a helicopter with a camera that can scan peoples' drivers licenses to check their arrest records. The first person he checks is Franklin, who we find out was arrested for... Public Exposure. It leads to this exchange:
    Trevor: Public exposure? What's the deal, my friend?
    Franklin: Oh man, fuck that. I got a high ass, homie. One-Time will pick a brother up for any old shit.
  • It's funny enough that the Triad kidnap Michael because they think Michael and Trevor are an item. But then Franklin comes to rescue them and what's their immediate response? "Oh no! Another boyfriend!"
    • "Do they have an adopted son?!"
  • Another one that happens on the same mission that's incredibly easy to miss because it requires a huge Violation of Common Sense: watch Michael make his way to the meat grinder instead of switching to Franklin and, on the way, you get this gem.
    Michael: Hey, I ain't even gonna make a tasty hamburger! I only drink broccoli juice!
  • One of the last FIB missions, "The Wrap Up", contains what is possibly the most over-the-top Mexican Standoff in recent memory. Let's just say that at some point a gunship gets involved. However in the beginning when Steve Haines enters into another Villainous Breakdown, it comes off as Narmy the way he says it. For example, when Dave Norton tries to point out how the whole situation is "unorthodox"...
    Steve Haines: Un-FUCKING-orthodox?! You cost me my career!
    • It doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Rockstar, considering how many motion-captured actors there are at once in a game where cutscenes usually contain no more than four or five actors at a time.
  • Despite its grim nature, "By The Book" has a single funny moment between Michael and Dave, while they look for a man they need to kill. Once Trevor "gotten some info" from Mr. K who tells you what the man looks like, Michael can spot and kill said man while Dave is talking. Dave's utter disbelief over how fast Michael killed the man while Mike just bemuses it all as a "gut feeling".
    • Finally, if you stick around to ALL of the information, Michael takes a moment to sum it up...
    • Earlier in the mission, Steve Haines tells Trevor to show his friend Devin Weston some respect:
    Steve: Let me tell you something, that guy gets more tail than a... than a Tail Catcher! (Laughs at his own stupid joke)
    Trevor: I'll have to fuckin' remember that line.
  • After Jimmy's Crowning Moment of Awesome ( knocking out a Merryweather hitman who was about to kill Michael and likely the rest of his family), he decides add to it by teabagging the hitman, but ends up teabagging Michael by accident.
    • It's also funny the way he held his weapon and free hand up in front of his face. There's no justification for it, other than imitating the common FPS stance.
  • Most of Trevor's whirlwind romance with Patricia Madrazo qualifies as hilarious but the kicker has to be when he's returning her home to her husband while Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now" is playing during the car ride and Trevor is blubbering uncontrollably.
    • When they finally get back to her place, we learn that Trevor apparently damaged or tore off Madrazo's ear in a fit of rage during the kidnapping. In contrast to his previous menacing demeanor, he's now absolutely terrified of Trevor, to the point that he's practically grovelling at the sight of him.
  • If you try to jump a wall and hit it at the wrong angle, you'll simply smack into it and fall down. The first time it happens, it's catches you completely off guard, and it's hilarious.
    • In fact, if you jump and hit the cancel button ("B" on the 360), you'll just faceplant onto the pavement. There's absolutely no reason for this to be in the game, other than to make your character suffer.
  • You know how you can greet people on the street, and they'll respond with generic answers? There's one guy who responds to "What's up?" with a long, angry rant about his life.
  • Pretty much everything that comes out of Wade's mouth after Trevor drops him off at the Vanilla Unicorn:
    • The last we see of Trevor before going in to "meet" the manager of the Vanilla Unicorn is him closing the door behind himself saying, "Prepare to meet your new 'partner...'" Still focusing on the door, the scene suddenly turns red - as though Trevor's rampage mode has been activated - before switching to another character.
  • In Reuniting The Family, Michael hits Fabien (Amanda's yoga instructor who she's been sleeping with) in the head with some woman's laptop (who was writing a screenplay in public and trying to get the others to shut up.). Afterwards he goes and picks up Tracey and walks in on Lazlow saying he'll get her back on the show if she gives him a blowjob. Michael then makes him pay and forces him to get her on the show. After this, the De Santa family go to therapy and it quickly turns into Michael and Amanda yelling at one another and Amanda tells him to "find a center" and Michael ends up screaming "HOW ABOUT YOU SUCK MY COCK?!".
  • A subtle one: Trevor Phillips Enterprises is never given a completely consistent name. It's also referred to as Trevor Phillips Industries, Trevor Philips Enterprise, Trevor Philips Corporation, TPI Conglomerate, TP Conglomerate, and TP, Inc. Trevor never actually keeping the name consistent is hilariously in-character for him.
  • Every Rampage mission results in a priceless Oh, Crap reaction from the people who pushed the berserk buttons on Trevor Phillips one time too many, and their initial reactions can be summarized as "run the fuck away from the crazy motherfucker I pissed off!". Special mentions to Rampage 4, where the Army soldiers mock him with hilariously fake Canadian accents, causing Trevor to pull out a Grenade Launcher, and Rampage 5, where Trevor has a hilarious scene where he chews out a hipster for wearing a "Yes, you ARE a motherfucker" T-shirt. Words can't describe, so just... just watch...
  • In the final session with Dr. Friedlander, he mentions that women used to call him "Pube Head" due to his curly hair. Moments later, when he's running away from an angry Michael, Michael may yell out "PUBE HEAD!" at him.
  • The cutscene where Wade tells Trevor he might have located Michael. Plenty of moments, actually:
    Wade: I found two Michael Townsleys in Los Santos; one's eighty-three... and the other's in kindergarten. I asked the teacher to put 'im on the phone, just t' be safe... she threatened t' call the cops! I ain't no molester, Trevor!
    Trevor: Shut up before I molest you, alright?
    • When Wade mentions he did find a "Michael De Santa" fitting the description, married to a woman named Amanda:
      Trevor: (In as proud a tone as he can muster) You're a genius, ya moron! Come on, c'mere! (Wade climbs the fence; Trevor punches him back down) Don't you ever not tell me shit I wanna know!
      Trevor: We're going to Los Santos!... Let's go, Wade! C'mon, I'm drivin'. You can jerk me off if I get bored. I'm joking! You can suck me off.
      Wade: ...We goin' to stop for ice cream?
  • In one of the Epsilon missions, Michael has to fly a plane to an actor who is most certainly not Tom Cruise. After taking off, he gets a call and they have this exchange:
    • The more you do the Epsilon missions, the more seemingly-brainwashed Michael appears. Almost all he says in the later missions is "Kifflom." Of course, his true state depends on how you do the last Epsilon mission.
      Michael:[After stealing $2.1 million from founder Cris Formage.] Got to go, brother-brother! Kifflom!
  • Michael, Franklin and Trevor each have their own in-game LifeInvader pages that can be accessed from their phones, and update often after missions. While all three guys have some funny stuff to be found on their pages, Michael's takes the cake for hilarity, due to his family members' comments on his wall. You can also go to Amanda's, Tracey's and Jimmy's pages for even more laughs - Jimmy's page in particular is just hysterical.
  • In a post 100% completion mission, Franklin heads into the woods and ends up hunting down a Sasquatch. Except it's not really a Sasquatch: it's a Furry! Outside of the surreality of the mission on it's own, it also ends up as a hilarious parody of a certain mission from Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, complete with an Identical Great-Grandson of The Hunter, and a spoofing of the final dialogue between the player character and Sasquatch.
    Sasquatch: Shoot me, human...
    Franklin: I just did...
    Sasquatch: Shoot me, human! Make it stop!
    Franklin: I just shot your ass! It's stopped!
    Sasquatch: I'm the last of my kind.
    Franklin: Yeah, evolution is a bitch!
    Sasquatch: We've lived in these woods... for a thousand years-.
    Franklin: Man, wait a second... Is this a fuckin' mask?
    (Franklin yanks off the mask, revealing a completely normal guy under it. There's a loooong pause after this.)
    Sasquatch: ...Make it stop, human!
    Franklin: Man, shut the fuck up with that bullshit! What the hell is wrong with you? running around the woods in a costume?!
    Sasquatch: I'm the last of my kind!
    Franklin: Man, you fucking freak!
    Sasquatch: Hey, I'm no freak! It's perfectly normal to admit to being aroused role playing as a fantastical beast! (Suddenly starts making dog barks)
    Franklin: What the fuck was that?!
    Sasquatch: What do you want it to be? ( Woof!)
    Franklin: (As "Sasquatch" continues to bark like a dog) Man, go fuck yo' self, man.
  • Michael's daughter Tracey on "Fame or Shame". Not only is her performance cringeworthy, but the producers think Michael and Trevor are both her fathers. And then Trevor belts a security guy with a folding chair.
    • Right after said beating of the folding chair, Lazlow, the host of the show, hauls ass out of the studio, with Michael and Trevor having to give chase; once they catch up to him, Trevor forces Lazlow to strip down to his drawers and dance if he wants to live. The kicker, Trevor's recording Lazlow dancing just for extra humiliation.
      • During said mission, you park illegally, and the parking attendant complains that you can't park there. You have the choice to sock him in the face. And doing this is actually a gold requirement called "No, I can park here".
  • Franklin, who usually isn't the one to laugh out loud, can't stop himself from laughing hysterically (and the player probably can't either, when Trevor tries to hop his fence, but end up falling over it at the start of "Fresh Meat")
    • And after that scene, Trevor (still pissed off about Michael's "betrayal" in North Yankton) bumps into a CGF homie on his way out:
      Trevor: (As if he heard something) What was that?
      CGF homie: What?
      Trevor: What was that?!
      CGF homie: Uh... nothing.
      ( Trevor lays out the CGF homie in one punch, and snarls at him)
      Trevor: Asshole! (screams to the neighborhood) Everybody! Assholes!!! (storms off)
  • The cutscene that introduces Trevor to Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill, an elderly British couple obsessed with collecting celebrity "memorabilia," in which the two mistake Trevor for former stuntman and governor runner-up Jock Cranley, and ask to take a picture. Trevor, playing along, poses for the picture as if he's choking Nigel, but, Trevor being Trevor, quickly descends into strangling Nigel proper until Mrs. Thornhill hits Trevor with her purse, then the couple carry their conversation on as if nothing happened.
    • The entire series of missions with the pair contain some of Trevor's funniest dialogue in the game; despite his initial misgivings, he's clearly having a ball victimizing the rich and famous for petty reasons (especially when driving Al DiNapoli out to the train tracks to murder him in spectacular fashion), and eventually grows rather fond of the old dingbats for being even more deranged than he is.
  • The intro to GTA Online. Your character has been Internet friends with Lamar for a while now, and is finally going to meet him as you leave the airport. As a male, he and the player shake hands and get to know each other. As a female, he shows up with a rose, asks for sex, and fumbles around trying to talk her into a relationship. Fem!Player is clearly unamused.
    • The first time you die online, you find yourself in a Fluffy Cloud Heaven...and then Cris Formage shows up. The Epsilon Program was right all along.
      Cris: You see. They said I was a fraud. A charlatan. A nothing. But a miracle.
      • He also creepily introduces you to passive mode, telling you that he likes to "watch" and that you are always welcome to join him in "the greatest pleasure on Earth."
  • Some of the less serious Mission Failed screens are this:
    • If you fail the Yoga mission, the game over screen will read "Michael did not reach enlightenment."
    • For disrupting the meeting at the start of Three's Company, you get "Trouble was caused at the food court".
    • "Trevor killed innocent people".
  • Lamar's contact picture, which is presumably set by the owner of the phone themselves, is that of Chop, rather than, well, Lamar.
  • If you get someone's stolen bike back to them, Trevor may say he hates bullies. One place he may say it is right after a mission where Floyd points out that Trevor forced him to participate in his Merryweather heist.
  • In "Blitz Play", when the three protagonists are told that some of the government is corrupt, all three give a variation of a "Holy shit, I did NOT know that!" expression.
  • Late in the game, Tracey actually makes it into the finals of Fame or Shame due to Michael pressuring Lazlow, and she performs a song called "Daddy Issues" that you can watch. Not only is it not very good, but the lyrics are hilarious. Alas, in another CMOF, she loses to... "Three Masturbating Monkeys"!
  • Trevor's bicycle race with Mary Ann is hilarious from start to finish. See for yourself.
    Trevor: Just think of all the angry revenge sex!
    Mary Ann: I am not having sex with you! Get that through your thick head!
    Trevor: Okay, then jack me off into a cup. Slap me around. We got options, baby!
  • When you go steal the Z-type with Trevor:
    Trevor: "So who's gonna be at the airstrip? That dick who won't pay us 'til we get all the cars or (lustful) Molly.
    Franklin: "I don't know dog. Both, I think. Molly and Devin."
    Trevor: "Oh. Well when you see her, tell I said Hi."
    Franklin: "What? No."
    Trevor: "Oh come on!" I thought is was just about time to settle down."
    Franklin: (laughs) "Man, you gon' need a lion tamer or something. Molly might have balls but you is something else."
    Trevor: "Just put in a good word for me."
    Franklin: "Man, I ain't hitting on no one for your ass."
    Trevor: (mock anger) "What!? After everything I've done for you. You're just like Michael."
  • Trevor's response to one of the crew members you can hire:
    "Y'know, it really irks me when people refer to my lifestyle choice as a game."
  • As horrific as the torture scene is, it does have its moments of gallows humor, and Trevor and Steve Haines work surprisingly well together.
    • Likewise, Trevor has some characteristically Laughably Evil lines when selecting the torture instruments:
    (When going for the water-boarding implements): "If my mother water-boarded me as a kid, I wouldn't be the murdering psychopath you see now!"
    "They're going to be doing this in elementary schools in no time!"
    (After yanking out one of Mr. K's teeth with pliers) "The best way to get a man to talk, is to make him stop talking!"
  • If Molly's death by Turbine Blender isn't Nightmare Fuel, then it's Bloody Hilarious, especially considering how sudden and out of the blue it is. Things are even more darkly funny when you later find out that the film she was trying so desperately to keep out of Michael's hands has plenty of digital copies in storage, making the entire chase and her resulting death completely pointless.
  • "Monkey Business" finds Michael going on a diving mission for the FIB, with David Norton and Steve Haines. The dialogue in the mission is often hilarious, especially between Michael and Steve.
    Michael: (After Steve brings up a useless fact about the Oxy-Hydro cutter he's using) So, you got any more little facts for me from the instruction manual?
    Steve: Thought you'd want some intel on the equipment we sourced using your hard-won funds.
    Michael: Ah, I figured it was all gonna go on a wardrobe full of windbreakers... oh, and maybe some nipple clamps.
    • A little later...
    Michael: (As they're swimming up an underwater tunnel) Ah, I feel like I'm giving a colonoscopy to the Statue of Happiness!
    Steve: Nice change from being up Trevor Phillips' ass all day.
    David: You feel that? Water's getting warmer.
    Michael: You wet your pants, Davy?
    Steve: This is a cooling tunnel. Of course it's getting warmer. No one urinated.
    Michael: Uh... I know for a fact that that ain't true.
  • Jimmy's explanation of "trolling" to Michael in "Parenting 101". It must be heard to be believed.
  • One of the Gold requirements for the "Derailed" mission, where Michael and Trevor rob a train is "Better Than CJ," a hilarious nod the the infamous Big Smoke mission from San Andreas.
  • The beginning of "Surveying the Score" has Trevor drunkenly stumbling into his office at the Vanilla Unicorn, opening the refrigerator for a beer, and shoving the rotten corpse of the club's previous owner back inside. Just as he shuts the door, Michael walks in.
    Trevor: Before you ask, the fridge is broken.
    • As Michael and Franklin finish surveying the fašade of the Union Depository, the game cuts back to Trevor pissing at the side of the road.
  • When Hao first challenges Franklin to a race, he openly claims he's getting first place. However, the game doesn't change the scripting of vehicle activity for when he pulls out of his alley, so it's possible that - as he's done smack-talking you - he plows right into someone's car.
  • The movie Meltdown. Just, the whole thing.
  • An unintentional example: if the player quickly switches characters from one who's in a diving suit (easily gained by exiting the submarine underwater) and starts a mission that stars the previous character, they'll play through the mission still in the full wetsuit with a rebreather in their mouth.
  • Trevor┤s weed trip, where he begins imagining an army of evil, dancing clowns trying to kill him. From the clowns attacking to the priceless sounds (including squeaky shoes) and Trevor┤s remarks about the clowns not being funny, it┤s simply HILARIOUS.
  • When driving through Chamberlain on the TV crime exposÚ The Underbelly of Paradise:
    Steve Haines: (Obviously nervous) H-hey... you guys stay out of trouble, now.
    Balla: Suck my di*BLEEP*k, Steve fu*BLEEP*kin' Haines!
    (Steve goes quiet, uneasily glances at the camera)
  • Some of the NPC dialogue is just terribly weird.
    Families Gangster: Hey. You like potato salad? 'Cause I like potato salad, nigga.
    Other Gangster: Hey, that's the game.

    Hispanic NPC: You're that guy from Midget Fuckers 22 I know it!

    Redneck NPC: Man, that toilet cleaner's got me real messed up!
    Other Redneck: You're acting like I'm interested, which I ain't.

    Hispanic NPC: [After crashing into the protagonist.] Is it wrong how turned on I am?
  • Depending which character you use, when in a vehicle with no weapons equipped, your character will spout out road rage dialogue whenever using the "weapon fire" button. Michael's road rage dialogue however has the most hammiest and the most angry variety out of the three characters. It's hilarious as all hell.
    Michael: Why DO YOU EXIST?!?
    • Sometimes, he'll say this little gem....
    Michael: You know're one nasty fuck.
    • You don't even have to be pushing the button to get some hilarity out of Michael. Several of his quotes after wrecking into somebody are pure comedy gold.
    Michael: HEY! I LIKE THIS CAR!!!
    Michael: "You fool!"
    Michael: "You entitled piece of shit!"
    • Trevor's lines are, if anything, even funnier.
    Trevor: I just hope that BROKE YOUR GODDAMN NECK!!
    Trevor: YOU HIT ME!
    Trevor: I'm making a personal injury claim!!!!!
    Trevor (Running over an animal): The Apex Predator in action.
  • A player once had Franklin take Trevor to a movie and had accidentally started a fist fight. Trevor's response? Start shooting people.
    • The same thing happened to another player in a bar. Trevor's response? An LMG.
  • Some of the post-mission cutscenes in Online occasionally have the employer reacting to the player with awkward silence. Trevor, however...
    (Trevor walks out of his trailer to check on the player's delivered vehicle)
    Trevor: Yeah, just leave it there...
    (The player looks back at the vehicle, then back at Trevor)
    Trevor: God, and I thought I was weird!
    • This also happens sometimes when completing a mission for Ron:
    Trevor: Ron, go out and talk to that creepy friend of yours that doesn't speak!
  • During Trevor's hunting minigame you can send pictures of your kills to anyone in Trevor's contact list with some amusing replies.
    Michael: Could you be any more of a redneck?
    Franklin: Is there anything you won't shoot?
    Jimmy: Politically correct as always uncle T.
    Lamar: I only smoke homies with 2 legs.

Fan-made content

  • When Hudson Mohawke released his contribution to the soundtrack, "100HM", on his Soundcloud, it came with this song artwork.
  • The three main cast members were in an interview with IGN, when Ned Luke is asked by the reporter how it feels to be... Franklin. Without missing a beat, Ned does a passable imitation of Franklin's accent.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest Atomic F-Bomb ever recorded, courtesy of Steven Ogg (Trevor's voice actor)
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