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Awesome Music: Grand Theft Auto V
  • "A.D.H.D." by Kendrick Lamar, a very catchy and atmospheric track that's perfect to play while driving around Los Santos at dusk.
  • The N.W.A.'s "Appetite For Destruction" is the first licensed song you hear in the game, playing as you joyride in the repossessed vehicles with Lamar. It serves as the perfect introduction to the city of Los Santos.
  • Would you believe they've got a song from Pee-wee's Big Adventure in there? A warped version of Danny Elfman's "Clown Dream" plays while Trevor battles clowns to escape his Mushroom Samba. In a similar sense, a warped version of "V-I-S-I-T-O-R-S" plays while Michael battles aliens in his Mushroom Samba.
  • On the original soundtrack, Health's "High Pressure Dave", a cover of The Unit's "High Pressure Days".
  • Really, Radio Mirror Park in general is an entire radio station full of awesome music (notably, all three ending songs and the opening theme for GTA Online all come from this station). A large number of series fans have declared it the best GTA Radio station ever.
  • CW McCall's legendary hit Convoy.
  • Given that Tangerine Dream and the DJ duo Gangrene were involved in composing the instrumental OST, it's no surprise that there's some very cool synth on display.
    • Both of the themes for Trevor's Rampages - the former is pumped-up, furious biker rock, and the latter actually sounds like some kind of alien attack on the city.
    • "Fresh Meat", played during the mission of the same name. The perfect accompaniment for rampaging through a slaughterhouse to rescue Michael from the Chinese.
    • "We Were Set Up" and "Hood Safari", two tracks that are equal parts cool and menacing, and make your encounters with the Ballas that much more memorable.
    • "Mr. Philips", a crazy, raging electric guitar heavy track with a quieter, but still menacing, subdued portion that's the perfect theme for Trevor's first proper mission.
  • Hell, even the Non-Stop Pop station has a couple of classics, such as Stardust's "The Music Sounds Better With You" and Corona's "Rhythm Of The Night".
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