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Funny: Grand Theft Auto

GTA, London, GTA2

Vice City

  • During the "Publicity Tour" mission, the dialogue between the members of Love Fist throughout the mission is priceless.
  • Vercetti comments that the stolen cop uniform is snug in the crotch. Vance pathetically says his stolen uniform is the same. And then five minutes later, undercover at a crime scene, Vance tries to blend in by commenting upon a cop's shiny badge.
  • "Love and togetherness! And the manatee! And the lasers!"

San Andreas

So many we had to give it its own page.

Liberty City Stories

Also has its own page.

Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto IV

Got its own page, too. Just go there for GTA IV laughs.

Episodes from Liberty City (TLaD/TBoGT)

  • One word: Yusuf Amir. That is all.

Grand Theft Auto V

It was not even out, and it already had its own page.

GTA Radio

Also has its own page.

Other (Let's Plays, fan videos, etc.)

Golden Sun: Dark DawnFunny/Video GamesGrand Theft Auto III

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