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Never was the word "comic" more appropriate than in these scenes.

  • One scene with Mo and her girlfriend, Sydney the gender studies professor, in Dykes to Watch Out For:
    Sydney: Yes! I'll come to the movies with you! Now say it! Say it!
    Mo (looking bored:) Oh baby. Let me privilege lesbian positionality by destabilizing your bodily metanarrative.
  • In Deff Skwadron if it wasn't awesome it was funny. From the way orks "aim" (if you hit it, it must be the enemy!'', to a battle where another skwadron didn't show up because they're thinking about joining the other side.
  • Stone Island does have a few funny moments, particularly when the hideously disfugured Harry Rivers lets rip:
    Trooper Mckee: Why aren't we getting cut to ribbons?
    Harry: Well, in my professional opinion as runner-up in the prolapsed arsehole lookalike contest, I'd say it's got somethin' t'do with them fairy fellas!
    • This speech from Harry:
      In 1897, the right Reverend Jephson Allcock, humanitarian, philanthropist and inventor of the "strike a light" reusable match, decided the lost souls of Long Barrow needed more than just a pot to piss in. Now he had some clout did the Reverend Jeph, moral and monetary. He convinced the board of governors to come around to his way of thinking; lo it came to pass there was to be a khazi in every cell, 'cept there was a catch- this cold-titted bitch of a building's solid granite. You stand more chance of charmin' a nun's knickers off than drivin' a nail in the wall. So they rebuilt Long Barrow inside itself, like them Russian dolls, with all the gubbins in the gap. Which is why we're clingin' to this 'ere wall like crabs on a nadger, tryin' not to soil ourselves... which is quite ironic when you think about it! Ain't the Internet grand?
    • "What did your last servant die of?" "Anally inserted footwear! Jump to it!"
  • In ABC Warriors, when a group of Hammerstein units realize they're facing certain destruction. "We can die knowing that we were cost-effective."
  • After Freddie's "fight" with Katchoo in Strangers in Paradise:
    Casey: Freddie! Say something!
    Freddie: LAWSUUUUIT!
  • In Generation 2: Redux, we have this golden moment:
    Clench: "Cindersaur! Eat this." * tosses him a canister of Forestonite*
    Cindersaur: "'Kay!" * catches it in his mouth*
    Sky-Byte: "No! It's not meant to be taken orally!"
  • Mortadelo y Filemón: This comic book would need a whole wiki to show all of them, but here are some stand out examples:
    • The 1978 FIFA World Cup special has the chapter with Mortadelo as a bus driver. It culminates at a point where Mortadelo drives the bus on a raft and uses it to cross the ATLANTIC OCEAN mistaking it for the Parana river. That chapter is one of the most remembered parts of this comic book's story.
    • "El gran sarao" had the chapter where Filemón and the Super wrongly assume that Mortadelo has turned into a Serial Killer who decapitates anybody he encounters. Amusingly enough, everything they see or find casually make it look like he is really a murderer.
      • There is a similar, ineffable scene in a different album, where Filemón's body gets absurdly tiny, almost invisible, because one of Bacterio's inventions, but his head remains the normal size. Obviously unable to stand, Filemón falls and gets knocked out. Enraged, Mortadelo picks an axe to attack Bacterio. In that moment, a completely oblivious Ofelia enters the room talking to herself: "Mortadelo and Filemón are always arguing, but it never gets that bad...". When she sees Mortadelo holding an axe, and Filemon's lifeless head on the floor, she totally freaks out.
    • At the end of "La caja de los 10 cerrojos", Mortadelo, Filemón and the Súper throw a huge box to the sea, after learning it is actually a surprise box and not a safe containing a giant diamond, which was what the three men believed and spent so much time working to find. In the next panel, it's revealed that the huge head that came out of the box contained the diamond inside after all. Some fishes comment on how excited would be the surface inhabitants if they found it.
    • In one instance, the pair has to enter the TIA offices by telling a password to a guard in the other side of the door, as usual. Filemón knocks on the door and tells the guard "Hi, it's us". Though the guard recognizes Filemón's voice, he refuses to open unless he hears the password. Filemón insists that the password is "that one", but the guard is adamant that he wants to hear it to grant the pair access. Turns out that the password is the whole Don Quixote book, that Filemón recites by heart.