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Funny: Chick Tracts
  • "This better be good, or I'm going to jump." however, the rest of the Tract attempts to be very depressing.
  • One tract for believers shows a big hulking thug in the most hideous imaginable combination of bondage gear, biker clothing, and Nazi paraphernalia towering over a fairly ordinary-looking Christian guy who's sweating profusely (and whose stomach is shown to be tying itself into a knot) and yelling right in his face "Are you calling me a sinner!?" (Now why would anyone say that?)
  • Satan, dressed in a pumpkin-headed mask for an upcoming Halloween massacre, gloating from a hilltop over the arrival of some teenagers in the woods and then suddenly exclaiming "@!!!☆☆! I forgot my chainsaw!"
  • The Family Guy panel in this tract. Made even better by the fact that Chick can draw Peter and Stewie Griffin 100% accurately and perfectly. Not to mention the Book of Psalms being used as a source on what the world was like 50 years ago.
    • Also, the bizarre way Chick uses footnotes note  could lead one to believe that the source for his claim that Stewie Griffin is gay is Leviticus 18:22.
  • "I'm so glad I haven't sinned for over 20 years!"
  • From "Bad Bob".
    Jail Guard: You gentlemen have a visitor, a first-timer, so be nice.
    Bad Bob: You saying I'm not nice?
    Christian Man: Hi, fellas.
    Bad Bob: Oh no! Look what he brought with him. Get that clown out of here. I've had enough of that (Symbol Swearing) crammed down my throat!
  • In "Humbug", when Scrooge, while declaring his hatred for all of humanity to Cratchit, accidentally references a Bible verse.
  • The trailer for the "Dark Dungeons" adaption perfectly shows that the creators aren't taking it seriously in the slightest. A particular highlight is dramatic music playing over a scene of game die being tossed into fake blood that looks like it was taken from the set of an Eli Roth movie. Then the ending feature this hilariously self-aware stinger:
    (after a montage of people dying in Bloody Hilarious ways) "What Could Possibly Go Wrong??"

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