Heartwarming / Chick Tracts

  • Chick actually managed to produce a rather touching tract called "It's Not Your Fault," a story about genuinely overcoming adversity through finding faith. It containing little to no racism, bigotry, conspiracy theories, or ranting about how The End Is Near of any kind.
    • Unfortunately, the bit at the end about "Hey, you know that guy you wished death on immediately before converting? He died last night!" mutes it.
      • Also, the abusive owners of the foster home are Jewish stereotypes.
  • The ending of "Unloved." Earn Your Happy Ending, indeed.
    • Although the sheer over-the-topness of the angst may reduce the heartwarmingness for some readers.
  • The tract "Holy Night" delivers a beautiful message about helping the homeless as the right thing for Christians to do.
  • "The Outcast", about how God loves everybody, including prostitutes.
  • Gold Fever has a much happier ending than most tracts: the protagonist is reunited with his family in heaven while the two who robbed and beat him go to hell instead of avoiding punishment with a last-minute conversion.