Trivia / Chick Tracts

  • Banned in China: The tracts are, in fact, banned in China. Also, a couple was found guilty of deliberately mailing certain anti-Islamic tracts to Muslims in Singapore, and convicted of sedition; the bookstore which had imported the Chick tracts for distribution was also dealt with. Some of his tracts have also been banned in Canada as hate literature.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Karl Marx said "Religion is the opiate of the masses", not "opium".
    • Specifically, he wasn't directly railing against religion as the quote may suggest. At the time, opiates were legitimate painkillers and not illegal narcotics. He saw religion as false, but necessary and useful for the time being. He argued not that a lack of religion would make the world perfect, but that a perfect world, once achieved, would no longer need religion. For obvious reasons, many dispute both his idea of a perfect world and whether any such utopia could ever be achieved. To a modern reader, it seems as though the quote is accusing the ruling classes of deliberately engineering religion as an "addiction" to control the working class. That was not Marx's intent.
  • Creator Breakdown: Chick suffered a stroke after finishing "Where's Rabbi Waxman?"
  • Image Source: For Deus Angst Machina and Gravity Is Only a Theory.
  • Old Shame: Chick does have his limits. Many, many titles, including those written during a time when Chick was convinced Soviet Russia would start World War III by invading Israel under orders of the pope: "Ivan The Terrible" and "Macho". Others include the infamous incestuous-pedophile-forgiven-by-Jesus strip "Lisa", and the anti-homosexuality "Wounded Children", starring The Twink.
  • Reclusive Artist: Chick himself has only ever given one interview in his lifetime, citing death lists as the reason. The top of the page picture is the only photograph that seems to exist.
  • Similarly Named Works: Chick's Dark Dungeons (about how D&D is eeeevil) has nothing to do with Red Hook's Darkest Dungeon (a Lovecraftian horror Rougelike RPG).