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Funny: Diabolik
  • The final panel of Mocking Diabolik. As he told Altea how he made a fool of Diabolik, Ginko admitted he knew since the beginning that Diabolik was listening everything he said, but he wasn't expecting for the bug to be the last round of of his gun. His WTF face when the fake round broke instead of firing was priceless.
    • From the same story, Diabolik's own face when he discovered exactly how Ginko secured his target. Made even better because Eva herself is forcing herself not to laugh.
  • In a special issue Diabolik stole a Jaguar from an exposition dedicated to him.
    • In another special set in the town of Lucca during the city-wide comic book expo Diabolik escaped by giving away suits like his own and dressing himself and Eva with fat Diabolik suits to get Ginko to not check them long enough for him to reach his car.
    Cop: "Were they giving away cars like Diabolik's one too?"
    Ginko: "No, of course- Beat THAT ACCURSED CRIMINAL!"
  • In one occasion Ginko complained about the costumed party he had been duped to attend, as Altea was being targeted by a terrorist organization and, as he noted, anyone could enter the party with a costume and some smarts. Then we notice that Diabolik and Eva are attending the party with fake identities and costumes...
    • Becomes even funnier later in the story when we find out that the leader of that terrorist organization was attending the party too, and had entered without invitation exactly as described by Ginko.
  • During a heist in a Banana Republic Diabolik assumed the identity of a cop he had killed. When the coroner gave the hour of the death of the cop, it caused a zombie scare. Even Diabolik found it amusing...
  • In an amusing instance of Ripped from the Headlines, a short story had Clerville switching from its unnamed currency to Euro with a series of documents to be presented to change sums over a set limit, and Diabolik's reaction to the news that he had to get those documents or become dirt poor was priceless.
  • After a particularly stressing misadventure, Diabolik and Eva decide to go on vacation in a foreign country where nobody know them and they'll be able to go around without masks. The day after arriving they open the door of their bungalow... And discover that Ginko and Altea are there on vacation for their same reason. Cue this exchange:
    Eva: "Love, aren't those Ginko's own words?"
  • An Italian radio station announces they will broadcast a show on Diabolik... So Eva and Altea break in separately to check if the show portrayed Ginko and Diabolik in-character, ready to destroy the tapes if it didn't.
    • Once inside they meet, look at each other... And team up to check things faster, snarking all the time at the expense of each other's lovers.
  • In one occasion a young Diabolik fan was bragging he knew everything about him. Cue a disguised Diabolik making a question fans have been making from the start:
    Little fan *after realizing he doesn't know*: "Tell me!"
    Diabolik: "Never."
    Eva: "You're so a Troll..."
  • During the story On the Morgue's Table, an insomniac man gunned down Diabolik and Eva. The media started announcing the King of Terror's death... And, on a yacht, we have this reaction:
    Eva: "What?! We're dead?!"
    • Also, Ginko's reaction upon learning that the dead Diabolik and Eva were impostors who had raided one of Diabolik's refuges and were using his own masks to steal his identity.
  • In "International Conspiracy", Eva disguised herself as a police officer, and arrested a corrupted cop. What did she say to Diabolik after returning?
    Eva: "It's a lifetime I wanted to say 'In the name of the law, you're under arrest!'"
  • People don't always take Ginko seriously:
    Ginko: All of the trains stop, right?
    Worker: What a deduction! If they don’t stop, they’d run us over!
    Ginko: I mean do you stop those that also pass at night!
  • For the younger readers, finding out that Diabolik used to be The Casanova before meeting Eva.
  • The special issue "Ratolik", written and drawn by Leo Ortolani of Rat-Man fame. Why? Because it's an hell of a parody, poking fun at everything in Ortolani's usual style and with Rat-Man characters replacing the Diabolik ones (and Eva getting replaced by Cinzia the transgender hooker).
    • According to Ortolani and "Ratolik", Diabolik's distinctive hairdo is actually an helmet that is screwed on his head.
  • In an early story, Diabolik dressed up as a mummy.
  • This gem from "Hours of Anguish":
    Altea's cousin: "I don't fear Diabolik. And I'm absolutely sure he cannot enter in this manor."
    Diabolik disguised as Ginko: "Count, you shouldn't be so sure."
    • After which the count proceeded to show Diabolik exactly what should have kept him out had he not entered from the main gate.
      • By the way, the last defence of the count's diamonds, the one that shows the desperation of the people trying to keep Diabolik out: he put the diamonds in a chest and the chest in a pool with a giant octopus. That one would have worked, had Diabolik not been told of it...
    • And if you're wondering where Ginko was during all this... Diabolik had him committed to an asylum.
  • Due a series of coincidences, two scientists who were kidnapping and killing people to try and cure haemophilia and their haemophilic son managed to kidnap Diabolik, and once they realized the situation they decided to blackmail Eva Kant to get them some masks with fake IDs, a lot of money, and plane tickets for a foreign country in exchange for Diabolik. Eva gave them what they asked... And choose masks reproducing the faces of three wanted criminals. And called the police on them after freeing Diabolik.
  • In an early story, Altea wanted to get Ginko to come with her on a vacation. How did she do it? She entered the police station to denounce a theft but insisted for telling Ginko, and when Ginko told his men to let this mysterious woman in she promptly accused him of stealing her heart and declared him under arrest, charged him with corruption for kissing her, and sentenced him to take a vacation.
  • In one heist, Diabolik and Eva had to deal with two ferocious dogs. How did they put them to sleep? With a remote-controlled robotic cat. That Eva couldn't help but cuddle.
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