Heartwarming / Diabolik

  • In issue #14 Eva, believing Diabolik had dumped her, tried to kill herself and was saved by a random trucker, leading to her being arrested and two touching moments:
    • As soon as Eva has recovered from the shock, Ginko went and told her that Diabolik had not dumped her, and in fact had got the supposed lover arrested, even being angry that Eva was going to try and kill herself again. Didn't stop him from using Eva as a bait for Diabolik, but at least he made sure she wouldn't try and kill herself again.
    • At the end of the story, Diabolik, still the Card-Carrying Villain of his early days, takes care of learning the identity of the man that saved Eva, and, knowing he was a poor working man struggling to make ends meet, went and gifted him the money he needed to end his financial troubles.
      • Ginko's reaction when the trucker, realizing it was Diabolik's money, went to him to ask what he had to do: fully knowing it was stolen money, the inspector decided to treat it as any random bag of money that had been found and told the trucker to give it to the Lost Items office and wait until the time the law prescribed for the original owner to reclaim it, at which point it would legally belong to the trucker. After all, it wasn't like Diabolik would come and reclaim it...
  • The start of issue #55, "Blood Trap". Knowing how workaholic Diabolik is and the fight he had with Eva the previous story, it's nice to see the two of them just relaxing and pranking each other.
  • Issue #37 of "Il Grande Diabolik" is an affectionate homage to Big Ben Bolt, the first comic book published by Astorina and, through an Astorina-made cover for a reprint, the first inspiration for what would eventually become Diabolik, with many early character and the art style to this day paying homage to the series. And of course, they took care of showing it in the story itself:
    • One of the characters is Big Bolt, effectively an aged Big Ben Bolt that got his leg ruined before his title shot for refusing to take a dive. After being forced to retire he opened a boxing club, and started picking petty criminals and mob couriers from the street, teach them the value of honest and hard work through boxing, and find them honest jobs.
    • The fact the boys he picked from the street respect him for what he does, even considering him a second father. One of them could have left the gym long ago, but choose to stay there because of it.
    • The names of three people who respect him: Ginko, who considers him his childhood hero after he watched one of his victories; Sonia Yanez, mob boss who hates him personally but still respects his character and heart, enough that when she believed he had robbed her (it had actually been Diabolik, but as he was little more than an urban legend at the time her Mooks told her it had been a dozen men to beat them up, and to her Big Bolt was the obvious ringleader) she was willing to let him have the satisfaction and get away with it; and Diabolik, who had joined his gym in disguise under the erroneous belief he was training the petty criminals into elite mob soldiers and was quickly won over by his everything.
    • A weird one: when one of Yanez's men tortured and murdered Big Bolt for his collection of informations on the mob of his own initiative, Diabolik forced him to tell where he had hidden the informations-and then killed him to avenge Big Bolt, using only his fists (and a single one at that) in honor of the old boxer.