Awesome / Diabolik

  • The fact Diabolik is still being published: Diabolik and the whole fumetto nero genre (literally "black comic", the Italian comic books of the noir genre) were heavily attacked by the Moral Guardians and even had to face criminal prosecution, and where Kriminal, Satanik and many others were ultimately forced out of publication Diabolik is still being published after more than fifty years, with the only other survivors being the parodistic Cattivik and the Disney-made Paperinik the Devilish Avenger.
  • Every time someone recognize a masked Diabolik without checking the face for masks.
    • Even more awesomeness for Elizabeth Gay. Everyone else recognized Diabolik because he said or did something the character he impersonated was not supposed to say or do. She recognized him by looking around where she expected him to prepare a heist and.taking a good look at anyone who could have been Diabolik. Once recognized him she proceeded to capture him with ease in order to express her displeasure about their break-up.
    • The one who topped them all: Giorgio Corbett, the man who, after analyzing one of Diabolik's masks, invented a device that detected them. Of course, Diabolik killed him at the end of "A Device to Hell", his first and only appearance, but he and his associate Max Foster still managed to capture Diabolik and leave him to the police (they waited for him before a likely target for three months until he showed up, and when he did Foster snuck up on him and knocked him out with a chop on the neck. When he took off his mask, the witnesses immediately called the police), and they would have caught Eva too had Corbett not decided to blackmail her.
  • Every time a normal citizen knowingly goes after Diabolik in a way that could actually work:
    • "On the Morgue's Table" has an insomniac citizen see two fakes, call the police, and, when he sees they're getting away, grab his hunting rifle and gun them down. Sure, it was two fakes, but it was very convincing fakes... And this unnamed man had the balls to go after them.
    • "The Ballad of the King" has two truckers who see a car identified as being driven by Diabolik going on a road that has a mountain on a side and a small cliff on the other, so they jump in their trucks and try to run him over while occupying the whole road. And when Diabolik jumps in the cliff they come down to check the body... And finish him off with a wrench if he's still alive. Ended with them knocked out, as Diabolik got out of the crash unharmed, but props for trying.
  • Diabolik's plastic masks, capable of perfectly reproducing human skin. Why? Well, many tried to copy them, but not even the man who taught him chemistry succeeded in making masks that could both reproduce human skin and survive more than a few hours. Diabolik himself had problems for years before discovering the final ingredient that made the masks perfect...
    • And yet there was someone who came this close to actually copy them: professor Garrado, whose masks could be conserved for months as long as they weren't exposed to heat. In fact, Garrado's masks are actually better than those of Diabolik without the final ingredient...
    • Another mask-related awesomeness. The secret ingredient for the masks (unknown even to Eva, who knows all the rest of the formula and how to make the masks from the plastic) was the resin of a tree that grew only in one island, with the obvious weakness of depending on a regular supply of this resin (that in one occasion was almost cut forever). So, the first thing Diabolik did when a chance occasion gave him an advanced chemistry lab for a short time was to try and find a way to identify and produce the active component of the resin, in spite of not having enough time. He still succeeded, and his masks don't depend on regular supplies anymore.
  • When Diabolik first arrived in Clerville under Walter Dorian's name he made sure that nobody would recognize him, even killing the director of Dorian's bank and replacing Dorian's fingerprints with his own in the archives of that bank. Yet, Natasha Morgan recognized him as a fake with only a good look, and even guessed how he had fooled the bank (how her henchmen had previously confirmed him as Walter Dorian).
    • Natasha again. In-universe, Diabolik became well known and Shrouded in Myth when a plane sent an SOS and declared Diabolik was about to crash it before effectively crashing, but Ginko and even Diabolik himself had no idea of what happened. It had happened that a few of Diabolik's enemies had succeeded in capturing Natasha after she retired from being a mob boss and were on that plane, but she, disarmed and still half-asleep due them drugging her, played them like fiddles to kill one of them and get a knife, closed herself in the cockpit, forced the pilot to send that call and then crashed the plane. She also got the last word with Diabolik in the process: after allying themselves, Natasha had suggested Diabolik to use the fame he was gaining as a psychological weapon, but he refused... Only to have no choice and do so to great effect after Natasha's final moment.
    • Almost forgot... Those enemies weren't random crooks, they were Lopez, Cen-Fu and Dempur, chosen as members of King's elite because they were some of the greatest and most dangerous criminals in the world, and Diabolik's teachers back on King's Island. And she still manipulated and killed them all...
  • The story Mocking Diabolik features Ginko's greatest victory over Diabolik. Ginko had to move twenty ancient golden statues from the place where they had been found, near the depot of Diabolik's confiscated items that was about to be dismissed, to the archeological museum, where they would be kept in a Diabolik-proof room that was being prepared, all of this without Diabolik stealing them. How did he succeed? He first faked the theft of Diabolik's confiscated items, then he used the items to steal the statues and hid them in the basement of the museum as the Diabolik-proof room was completed, and in the meantime, knowing that Diabolik was somehow checking whatever he did, he used hints he had previously planted to make everyone think a mob boss stole Diabolik's items and the statues, sending Diabolik on a wild chase until he publicly unveiled where the statues were. Diabolik and Eva's faces when they found out of Ginko's victory, and then as they listened him telling Altea how he did it, were priceless.
    • The sequel Interrupted Heist continues with Ginko's awesomeness. Due the museum's alarm system and other defenses actually being Diabolik-proof, the King of Terror was forced to not try and steal the statues (it's implied he actually made an attempt, only to see the defenses and run so fast that Ginko didn't even realize it had been him), but when the groundwater under the museum flowed up some of the alarms had to be deactivated to allow for the repair works. So Diabolik made another attempt, penetrated the museum... And discovered that Ginko had moved the statues in secret.
      • Diabolik later found out that the statues had been borrowed by a museum in the neighbouring country of Benglait, and that the statues were already in Benglait, hidden in a farm and guarded by Ginko and a small army of Properly Paranoid cops, enough that Diabolik wouldn't attempt the heist until after the police of Benglait (led by an incompetent chief) would take them in their care. Diabolik still failed the heist due a gang (that included the chief of police) trying the heist and was nearly captured, but managed to fool the police chief (at least until Ginko arrived, took a look around and discovered his ruse). The police chief was later arrested when Ginko discovered evidence against him and passed it to his superiors.
    • Final Mockery, the third part of the trilogy of the golden statues, was Diabolik's turn to get the awesomeness. Diabolik had to steal the statues before they returned to Clerville, where the archeological museum was now repaired and even more invulnerable than before, but Ginko, knowing that Diabolik rarely works with anyone who isn't Eva and wouldn't even try the heist unless he had a chance of stealing everything, had decided to move the statues in three groups, one by plane, one by sea and train and one by armored truck, that would travel in different paths and at the same time. Diabolik still succeeded in stealing all the statues.
  • Gustavo Garian, the oldest recurring character in the series (and the first named character to appear, even being the first to mention Diabolik), has one in The Return of Gustavo Garian. How? Knowing that he was terminally ill, Gustavo, with help of other Diabolik victims, hired the best assassins in the world to kill first Diabolik and then himself, and Diabolik barely survived. What's more, Diabolik didn't expect it in the slightest, and was left speechless when, disguised as Ginko, was told everything by Gustavo.
  • The story Crumbs for Unknown Persons has three one-shot characters (the titular unknown persons) get one over by virtue of improvisation. Gastone, Filippo and Elietta planned to steal a necklace, but Gastone ended up walking in a trap designed for Diabolik, and, to add insult to injury, the necklace was still in a bank vault. What did they do? While Gastone declared that he had acted alone, his accomplices stumbled on Diabolik going to the bank to steal the necklace, waited for him to complete his heist and for Ginko to curse Diabolik, and then walked in the vault through Diabolik's hole and stole everything they could (Diabolik's crumbs, as they said. The necklace was still more valuable), with Ginko having absolutely no idea of who did it. Then they sold the loot, divided the money in three parts (so Gastone would get his part plus interests as soon as he was released from prison), and opened a luxury restaurant with Filippo's part. Later Diabolik and Eva do find out who did that heist (they were dining in Filippo's restaurant when the newly released Gastone was brought there by Elietta, and they guessed why he was there), and their reaction was to toast at their ingenuity.
    • Being the series' Ensemble Darkhorses, they showed up again in "The Heist of the Year 2,000": after they lost the restaurant and their money due bad luck and crappy financial planning, they embarked on a billionaires' cruise to rob them of all their jewels, Filippo as a cook to drug the selected victims and Gastone and Elietta as passengers to identify which passengers would have the most valuable jewels in their cabins' safes and commit the actual heist, before leaving the ship as a trio.
      But the ship also had an allegedly impenetrable vault with the most valuable jewels, one targeted by both Diabolik and a mysterious gang that had apparently murdered the security chief right before Ginko (who had been tipped off about the gang) arrived to stop them, and, with Eva stuck between the vault's two gates due to Ginko's surveillance, Diabolik was in a hurry to get Ginko out of the way... And suspected them.
      After recovering from the scare of finding themselves in a death trap with Diabolik ready to activate it, Gastone and Elietta explains the King of Terror why they were there, and reveals they had replaced the security chief's keychain with a bugged copy, allowing him to easily track down the murderer (thus discovering it was a lookalike and member of the other gang who had killed and replaced the actual one before the start of the cruise and faked his death because Ginko knew the real one), find out the competitors' plan and hijack it, saving Eva and flooding the vault as a prank for Ginko before leaving.
      Diabolik's away, Ginko's guard is lowered, their victims, depressed for having their jewels stolen by an impenetrable vault, are dining in their cabins... So our Unknown Persons decide to rush things and rob a bunch of billionaires under Ginko's nose.
  • The story On the Morgue's Table has some awesomeness for officer Silber and his wife, for sheer ballsness: after a raid on one of Diabolik's refuges produced a paper with the address of another refuge, Silber altered the paper to send the police to guard another home and used the information to take over one of Diabolik's refuges and rob homes using Diabolik's masks, larger-than-life stunts and his wife's help to fake being Diabolik and Eva themselves. Upon finding out, Ginko had to admit they had been very brave, both for the stunts and because Diabolik, upon returning from his vacation, would have been furious.
    • Also, Silber's death gives some awesomeness to an insomniac citizen: upon seeing what appeared to be Diabolik and Eva in action, he first called the police, and then, when it was clear they'd escape before the cops were on them, grabbed a precision rifle and gunned them down. Yes, they weren't the real deal, but this guy had no idea...
  • Marina Velar from "The Final Moments". How? Well, upon discovering she had a brain tumor, she decided to get killed by Diabolik, and to do so she baited him in her home, trapped him in behind a bulletproof crystal and started trying to piss him off, before freeing him. She failed in getting killed by Diabolik (and so resorted to have the police mistake her for Diabolik and gun her down), but she still captured him with embarrassing ease... After showing him the capturing device.
    • Also, she previously captured Ginko while in the process of showing him how she intended to protect the jewels she had bought to bait Diabolik.
  • Altea's ultimate moment of awesomeness came in "A Killer for Ginko". A mob boss was trying to have Ginko killed, and he was comatose, so to defend him she hired a Professional Killer to take him down. But at their second meeting, in which she would give him the informations he needed to sneak in and do the job, she realized Diabolik had replaced the killer to rob the mob boss. Her reaction? She tricked Diabolik into swearing he'd do the job. Two days later the news announced that Diabolik had robbed the mob boss, killed him in his sleep (with a knife as a signature. He had realized he had been tricked some time before entering the home), and made sure the police would recover the evidence of the boss' crimes.
  • The story "Earthquake" opens with one for Diabolik. His chosen victim had a safe Diabolik had no idea where to find or how to open it, and had hired a guy with a gas mask, bulletproof vest and height too short for Diabolik to replace him to check the face of anyone entering, including his wife and himself. And yet, Diabolik managed to rob him of his jewels: disguising himself as an archaeologist he sold him a statue large enough to hide himself inside, then gave him a couple tickets for theatre to make sure he'd open the safe for him (the excuse being he had a sudden business and couldn't go with the archaeologist's fictional wife), and then hid himself in the statue and had himself delivered, ready to wait for the short guy to finish the job for the day and take off the gas mask to flood the place with sleep gas.
  • "Crime Knows No Borders" has some awesomeness for an unnamed custom guard of an unidentified Asiatic country, who blackmailed Diabolik into giving up a crapload of money and got away with it. How the hell he did it? Well... The guard worked for Diabolik's personal fence, and, upon learning the fence had died in a car crash and finding himself with a disguised Diabolik about to leave the country with the money he was paid for what he had stolen he calmly told him to give up the money or he'd denounce him for currency smuggling, all the while complaining he was being forced to do it due his shitty pay as a custom guard and the death of the fence who was bribing him, and Diabolik couldn't even get pissed at him.
  • Whenever Diabolik fakes his death and fools Ginko:
    • In "Goodbye, My Beloved Partner", Diabolik had been wounded and Eva arrested and put under such surveillance he couldn't break her out. So, after recovering, called his friend Saverio Hardy (a famous writer he had befriended a few years earlier thanks to Eva), told him he was dying due the wounds causing a sepsis and gave him a dying video message to deliver to Eva in jail, and when Ginko found out and had Hardy bring him to Diabolik's hideout (as suggested by Diabolik himself as part of a deal to not get jailed as an abetter) they found it destroyed by an explosion and believed the King of Terror had blown himself up to die on his own terms. And when Eva, per Diabolik's instructions slipped under Ginko's surveillance, cut her veins and was hospitalized, Diabolik was there to make her escape.
    • In "For Diabolik's Head", Diabolik couldn't find a way to penetrate the security of a jewelry exhibition without using the masks, masks that the guards from the private security firm surveilling it were instructed to check for. So, using to his advantage the fact the firm's director was in cahoot with a mob boss and had the latter place a bounty on his head, had people recover a burned and headless body of the right build, and fooled the DNA test to make Ginko believe it was Diabolik's (he had replaced the skin samples from the corpse with his own). After that, he had Eva reinforce the ruse by acting as an inconsolable widow, stealing the body (ostensibly to have at least that. In practice, it prevented Ginko from having other skin samples taken from the body for a new test) and kill the mob boss (to everyone, because he was responsible of Diabolik's head. In practice, because he was trying to be). Poor Ginko could barely believe when a bug he had planted in the security firm revealed him that Diabolik was still alive...
  • In an early stort we meet Miller the journalist and his boss Porter, who felt Ginko was an inept using a mediocre criminal like Diabolik to hide his incompetence and wrote it on their newspaper. Diabolik being unable to let them go after such a threat to his status as the King of Terror, he murdered them in two awesome ways: Miller dropped dead in public because Diabolik let him lick his own finger, and Porter died four days later because Diabolik had told him he'd die in five days or less. Now, let's provide the context:
    • 1)knowing that Porter had to replace one of his teeth with a fake one, Diabolik replaced the one for him with one with a cyanide capsule in it;
      2)after that Diabolik waited for the day Miller would read an anti-Ginko speech before thousands of people (including Ginko and his men, who were expecting Diabolik to try and murder him), captured Porter as he was about to go and deliver the script of said speech, told him exactly how he was about to murder Miller and announced Porter would die in five days;
      3)after that Diabolik, knowing that Miller had the habit of licking his finger before turning a page, soaked the script with cyanide, resulting in the journalist dropping dead half-way during a sentence before thousands of witnesses;
      4)after being freed by Ginko, Porter hired the best bodyguards of Clerville and a doctor experienced in poisons and had them start enough controls and check to stop even Diabolik, only for him to suddenly drop dead during the lunch when continuous chewing broke the cyanide capsule.
      For obvious reasons, nobody dared to call Ginko an inept or Diabolik a mediocre criminal after this: they were too scared of Diabolik murdering them in another impossible way to even think about it.
    • And this is not the only absurd murder he committed. There's also that time he assassinated a man with a bar of soap (it was filled with chloroform that was vaporized by the heat of the bath, so the poor man fell asleep and drowned in the bath).
  • Eva in "The Arrest of Diabolik". Here we have Diabolik arrested and Eva knows where to find most of his loot and many of his gadgets but also has to deal with George Caron, a Stalker with a Crush who is also the secretary to the Minister of Justice and threatens to denounce her for killing her husband (who died in South Africa, but the guy has the influence to give her trouble anyway). You'd expect her to make a runner, and Diabolik expects this too... Instead Eva somehow tells Diabolik to give dispositions to have his body burned without nobody being the wiser, grabs a mask with Diabolik's face and narcotics and mind-altering drugs, bribes the death row guards into letting her see Diabolik (to say him farewell, as she loves him) the night before his execution, drugs and kidnaps Caron, brings him to the shack where she'll meet Diabolik, and when Diabolik is brought there she has the King of Terror condition Caron into obeying any order, so the following day he will be executed with Diabolik's face and Eva and her lover will be free to marry, with Diabolik wearing Caron's face. Had Ginko not been there to make sure Diabolik was beheaded and not noticed that 'Diabolik' was moving funny, it would have worked without a hitch... And she still broke Diabolik out under Ginko's nose and got her stalker killed, as Ginko didn't guess the switch until the very second the executioner released the guillotine's blade.
  • In "Hours of Anguish", Diabolik killed a giant octopus with a knife. He was planning to poison it with cyanide, but had to hurry and act before Eva could bring him the poison...
    • In "Inside Diabolik's Hideout", Diabolik had to do it again. It wasn't a trap, Diabolik was swimming underwater and got ambushed by a wild octopus... And, Diabolik being Diabolik, he quickly cut the tentacle holding his left arm and stabbed the beast in the head.
  • The flashback sequence of "Eyes of the Panther" is a long one for Eva. It's set in the early stories, when Eva tended to not get involved in the heists unless asked and even then followed Diabolik's instructions to the letter and Diabolik was such a Control Freak he nearly strangled Eva for sparing some people they didn't need anymore and he wanted dead... So, just to prove her independence and put the basis for an equal relationship, Eva set up a formidable heist to steal a painting and, after someone stole it before her and placed it behind defences too hard for her, she manipulated Diabolik himself to neutralize them and steal the painting. In the process she beat up a rapist wannabe and the large bodyguard of her second victim.
    • Diabolik also gets one for realizing how bad he had acted toward Eva and apologize, before Eva could even give him that painting and talk about their relationship. Given he was an hell of a Control Freak and full of pride, it was quite the feat for him...
    • Oh, and that painting? The frame had black pearls inside. They found out only in the present time sequences...
  • In the story "Time Jump", Ginko hid a number of jewels in a place only he knew of, and he was immune to truth serums thanks to his Heroic Willpower. What did Diabolik do? He locked him in an asylum saying he was a madman convinced of being Ginko, replaced the chief physician and personally took care of him with Eva (who had simply dyed hair and contacts, as Ginko needed to have someone to check for masks), and told Ginko he was the guy who, twenty years earlier, had accidentally ran over the inspector and convinced himself he was him out of guilt (there were even fake newspapers and cash to further the illusion). Why so? Because Ginko couldn't accept being a fake, and thus broke out and went to check for the hiding place, revealing where it was.
    • And then comes Ginko's turn. Why? Because, as weakened as he was from the effort of breaking out after being underfed, he still foiled Diabolik: the manor of the owner of the jewels was nearby, and Ginko, realizing Diabolik now knew where the jewels were and that he wouldn't succeed in reaching the manor, lit up a fire to call for the bodyguards, and when they arrived he told them about Diabolik. They recovered the jewels and shot Diabolik.
  • In the two-parter "A Cursed Island"-"Escape from the Island", Diabolik and Eva fought a Mega Corp. that was building a launch base on the island of Bo-Tang against the will of the natives (Eva's intentions were pure. Diabolik, on the other hand, got the secret ingredient of his masks from them, and it had been the lack of the annual package to alert him something was wrong and convinced him to have a 'vacation' in a nearby island). Diabolik, Eva Kant and a small native tribe with little knowledge of modern technology against a large multinational corporation... And, an hell of a "Scooby-Doo" Hoax and the 'accidental' death of the CEO later, the new CEO (who had an agreement with Diabolik, and kept his part) annulled the project and freed the island.
  • One-shot character Giorgio Richter or whoever designed his security system gets one for putting together a vault that Diabolik cannot penetrate. How? Well, here's the characteristics:
    • the vault's door and walls are armoured in such a way that Diabolik would take days to penetrate with acids or lasers. Also, being in a house, Diabolik cannot bluff his way into having Richter believe it has already been defeated and abandon it as he did with a similar vault in "The Chain of Ice";
    • the vault's door can be opened only by a password that only Richter knows and needs to be pronounced by his voice. Not a problem for Diabolik, you think... Except that Richter is allergic to truth serums and would die before revealing the password;
    • the vault's one apparent weakness appear to be the air-vent. Except that it's too small for a grown person. Also, Diabolik cannot use it to send in a remote-controlled robot because there's a jammer inside the vault, one that is constantly activated;
    • assuming Diabolik somehow entered, there are weight sensors that would immediately raise the alarm;
    • and assuming that Diabolik somehow entered and deactivated the sensors, there's another safe inside. One too heavy to carry out, whose combination is an unknown four-letters word, number or combination of both, and that goes on full lock-out for one hour at the third wrong combination.
    • With all the above, no wonder Diabolik declared that stealing something from there was impossible... And this makes even more awesome the fact that Gilda, Richter's daughter, successfully stole a diamond from the vault with nobody being the wiser she had done it because she felt abandoned when her father appeared to care more for the diamond than for her. How the hell did she do it?! Easy: being a child, she could enter from the air-vent, and once in she sit on the safe to not trigger the weight sensors and tried multiple combinations, three per hour, concentrating on words that she believed her father would use. And used gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, leading a baffled Ginko to wonder how the hell Diabolik did it and an even more baffled Diabolik wondering how the hell the mysterious thief did do it, only for the King of Terror to metaforically kick himself in the butt when he found out the identity of the thief.
  • Ginko has one in "Diabolik Is Innocent". The count Beltran had been framed for his wife's murder (actually a suicide), and his lawyer (actually Eva in disguise, as Diabolik had been arrested while impersonating the count) convinced him to at least inspect the room where the body was found. Ginko solved the case in one minute (plus a couple hours spent waiting for the police's frogmen to find the evidence he had deduced had fallen in the nearby river). And it was a good trick too.
  • "Altea's Courage" has one for general Von Waller, Altea's Fox Uncle. Benglait's latest trouble was that the Grey Ravens had (barely) survived their encounter with Diabolik in "Vallenberg's Mysteries" and had rebuilt, and in spite of the recent death of the new leader and the arrest of one of his lieutenants they had no idea on how to stop the other three lieutenants (that the arrested one couldn't have betrayed even if he had wanted to, as he didn't know their identities) from using the organization's treasure (that the arrested one didn't know where it was, as the letter with the location had been sent after his arrest) to start a new terrorist campaign. So, what did the Fox do? Easy: manipulate Diabolik into doing the dirty work for him while he literally enjoyed the show. And it wasn't even that difficult: all he had to do was to plant the rumour of the Grey Raven's treasure, and Diabolik's hate for the organization did the rest in sicking the King of Terror on the terrorists. End result: Diabolik, using what little information the arrested lieutenant could give him after being kidnapped and dosed with Truth Serum, deduced the location of the treasure, stole it and filled the chest with Deadly Gas, just in time for the three surviving lieutenants (as the kidnapped one had been killed as soon as he wasn't useful anymore) to meet each other, gloat on how they would overthrow the government and die as soon as they tried to get the treasure. And the Fox was keeping Diabolik under surveillance, so he literally enjoyed the show.
    • He's always been like that. In his first appearance he managed to, in the order: browbeat Ginko into submission; put together a plan that led to Diabolik's arrest (and had he been in command, Diabolik would have died due an 'accidental' shot from an officer's gun); and, after Eva managed to break Diabolik's out with a plan that involved hiding masks into Ginko's clothes, he verbally kicked Ginko's out of his depression.
  • Another for Altea, from "Heroin for Ginko". After a Corrupt Cop from his squad was arrested by him and murdered in jail and he got hospitalized in a scuffle with Diabolik, Ginko was seriously depressed and considering quitting the police. So, what did Altea do to get him out of the depression? She captured Diabolik and Eva. With a Trap Door, of all things. And then the friend who helped her called Ginko and served him the two criminals on a silver platter. Had the woman of the Corrupt Cop not attacked the convoy Ginko was using to move Diabolik and Ginko to jail, the King of Terror would have been executed then and there...
  • One-shot character the count Peter Derasè created alarms and other security devices so pervasive and complex they stopped Diabolik twice. And cutting the power wouldn't work, as there was an autonomous generator just in case. Diabolik still stole the crown the count had in his home, but it took him to cause a scare in town (as after the second attempt Ginko had settled there for the third attempt, and he needed him out), flood the basement (to short out the reserve generator) and infiltrate Eva inside (to neutralize the home's occupants and cut the power), and even then he was nearly caught by the final device that, just in case, was completely mechanical and thus didn't need electricity to work.
  • In "The Long Night", Diabolik kidnapped a nobleman and his newlywed wife, and locks them in one of his hideouts while he and Eva take their place to steal two crowns. Perfect plan? Nope: The nobleman is too proud to accept this and passes his mindset on his wife, and they proceed to break out of their room and the hideout, steal a bike from Diabolik's garage and go to the police to warn Ginko of the switch.
    • During the escape, Diabolik kills a cop and imitates him on the radio before stealing his bike. The guy at the radio, the brother of the dead cop, realizes the switch and sicks Ginko on him. That time Diabolik got this close to getting caught...
  • In "Ferocious Revenge", Ginko found that Diabolik's refuge of the week was protected by a minefield. His counter? Grabbing a submachinegun and shooting a passage in the minefield.
  • In "The Fatal Mask", a one-shot character needs to free his girlfriend, who was accused of attempted murder and couldn't prove it was self-defence. What did he do? He got in touch with Ginko and exchanged her for Diabolik. Apparently even Diabolik himself considered it awesome, as he didn't take his revenge on him...
  • "The Sin of Gustavo Garian" is a Whole Episode Flashback that shows us something Gustavo pulled in his early days as a reporter: playing Diabolik like a fiddle and getting away with it:
    • It starts when he's investigating on the powerful and well-connected crime boss Marcello Fontaine, and realizes that his secretary has been replaced by Eva Kant (the secretary was left-handed, but Eva did not keep up the change when out of office). In his wish for revenge on Diabolik, he doesn't warn Ginko but organizes a trap for Eva: after finding out where she's hiding, he puts a plushie cat on her road to the 'job' to induce her to go on some caltrops, stopping her car, and then, with the help of a loudspeaker connected to a wireless microphone (a rarity, in the time the story is set), gets the drop on her with a blanket soaked in chloroform. Eva Kant captured;
    • With Eva captured, and making sure she wouldn't recognize him or the place she's imprisoned into, Gustavo calls Diabolik and, masking his voice, demands a huge ransom to lure him in a place where he has placed a bomb;
    • In the meantime, however, Ginko fails to call Gustavo to tell him about the development of his own investigation on Fontaine. Gustavo guesses that something's getting wrong, thus he gets Eva to call Fontaine while impersonating the secretary, and finds out what happened: Fontaine has killed a police mole and captured Ginko and is having him tortured in the attempt to make him reveal where he has hidden his dossier on Fontaine. Dossier that is in Gustavo's hands;
    • Realizing that, had he not kidnapped Eva, Diabolik would have replaced the mole and not gotten Ginko in Fontaine's hands, Gustavo changes his plan: when he calls Diabolik it's not to get him in the mined area, but to change the ransom into saving Ginko, with the addendum Diabolik will promise he won't try and find out who he is or try and get his revenge. For Eva, Diabolik accepts;
    • Diabolik's time for awesomeness. Fontaine's base is called the Fortress, and actually is one. Diabolik waltzes in, kills Fontaine's men, frees Ginko and leaves Fontaine to die a slow and painful death. Then, after Ginko was in the hospital and Eva free, he accepts her suggestion, returns there, robs Fontaine, and burns everything to wipe any trace of his passage.
    • As for Ginko... While he was being tortured, he managed to punch his torturer hard enough to draw blood. There's a reason Diabolik considers him a Worthy Opponent...
  • Diabolik had one in "Obscure Revenge". He's sitting on a chair filled with explosive, the daughter of a private cop he killed but he can't remember has the finger on the detonator and if she moves the chair will explode and kill him, he listens her rant at how he made her into a hardened criminal by generating her wish for revenge and how it was right that she killed Eva to make him suffer... And then he calmly stands up, explains that the poor woman can't move due the paralizing contact poison that coated a number of objects he tricked her into touching (cue her realizing she's screwed even before he explains why she can't move), deliver a formidable Breaking Speech centered on they're both murderers who killed innocents who never did anything to each other but at least he realizes that he himself is responsible for his own acts but she can't admit she's the only one to blame for her own, and then leave after telling her the poison will wear out in minutes causing her to have a little spasm in the process, thus detonating the explosive that, without Diabolik on the chair, will kill her.
  • "The Ballad of the King" has a chessboard that can open the way to a treasure if certain statues are put on it in the right order, but the owner, countess Tatiana Milkow, cannot decipher the clue left in the title song. So she cashes a debt that Diabolik owes her... And he and Eva do it in minutes after actually getting their hands on the statues.