Awesome: Darkwing Duck

TV series

Darkwing Duck
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The theme song. You just try not to sing along to it.
  • In the premiere episode, where DW and Launchpad are approaching Big Bad Taurus Bulba's flying fortress, and Darkwing realizes they'll need to blast their way in.
    Launchpad: I dunno DW. That sounds dangerous.
    Darkwing: Yeah? Well then... Let's Get Dangerous!
    • Darkwing then fires a missile from the Thunderquack that blows a hole in Bulba's ship, leaps out of the Thunderquack on his bike, and makes a perfect landing inside the fortress.
    • And near the end of the episode, the best "I Am The Terror" spiel, one of the few that work without a hitch, and he actually succeeds in unnerving Taurus Bulba. Then he completely foils Bulba's plan, apparently sacrificing himself in the process.
    "I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the chill that runs up your spine! I AM DARKWING DUCK!" (blows up Doomsday Device)
    • Even before that, when Taurus Bulba has Gosalyn dropped off the building, Darkwing gets mad and punches him in the gut and smacks down with a blow to the head. Keep in mind Taurus Bulba is MUCH bigger than he is, and when they first fought, Bulba squashed him between his hands and left him for the police.
  • In "Up, Up, And Awry," which Darkwing spends in a partial Heroic BSOD, lamenting his lack of superpowers... after originally asserting that "Super powers do not a hero make!" He eventually proves his point when GizmoDuck gets incapacitated by a giant magnet while Darkwing effortlessly defeats Megavolt with his wit, speed, and agility. — Darkwing Duck actually breaks another haughty!
    GizmoDuck: Without this suit, I'm nothing!
    Darkwing Duck: You may be nothing, but I'M NOT!
  • Defeating the new cyborg Taurus Bulba. In a wheelchair.
    Megavolt: You couldn't have! You couldn't have! Blast you, you're handicapped!
    Darkwing: We prefer the term "physically challenged." (takes a bow)
  • The entire ending to "Just Us Justice Ducks," where Darkwing outwits NegaDuck in order to save the Justice Ducks from the Fearsome Five, whereupon they have a Final Battle. This all ends with Darkwing doing a completely hilarious Humiliation Conga on NegaDuck, and going off on a date with Morgana.
    • "Aw, you dented my anvil."
  • The Final Battle with the Bug Master.
  • Passing Grizzlikoff's "tests," especially catching the rapid stream of bullets in his sleeve. "So... when does the test begin?"
    • "Singed, but triumphant!"
  • Remember the Humiliation Conga the Fearsome Five give Darkwing in Just Us Justice Ducks? In "Jail bird", he defeats them all by himself. Using their own attacks!
  • In U.F.Foe Darkwing manages to defeat his own body even though he was just a brain at the time.
  • This piece of dialogue:
    Taurus Bulba: Tell me, Darkwing, are you wiling to DIE for them?
    Darkwing Duck: Gladly.

Gosalyn Mallard
  • In "Darkly Dawns the Duck", Gosalyn defeats Bulba's three henchmen by herself, using all the traps shown earlier in Darkwing's kitchen. Even more awesome when you realize she's completely humiliating the hitmen implied to have murdered her grandfather.
  • The episode "Quiverwing Quack" might as well be called "Gosalyn's Crowning Episode of Awesome".

  • In episode 22, in his hypnotic state Launchpad not only defeats Gumbo easily, but Darkwing as well using Darkwing’s own move against him! Sure, he was under a spell, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.
  • A scary one, but Dark Warrior Duck's entrance in "Time and Punishment" is totally awesome. Especially the chilling variant on Darkwing's usual Catch Phrase that Jim Cummings belts out with all his might: "I am the terror that HUNTS in the night! I am the jackal that gnaws at your bones! I am Dark Warrior Duck!"
  • The way Taurus Bulba threatens to drop Gosalyn to her death unless Darkwing gives him the arming code to the weapon he's stolen... a code he has no proof Darkwing has:
    Darkwing Duck: She never told me any code.
    Taurus Bulba: Hmmm, that's a real possibility. But I've always considered myself a gambling man.
    • When Darkwing finally gives in, Bulba reminds him, "No tricks, or she'll make quite an ugly stain on the street." Most. Awesome. Villain. Ever. From a children's cartoon by Disney, no less!
      • Even after his plan is ruined, Bulba attempts to take Darkwing with him. And it is awesome.
        Taurus Bulba: I underestimated you once, Darkwing Duck. This time you simply die.
  • The two-parter "Just Us Justice Ducks" was brilliant from top to bottom. Filled with hilarious Running Gags and callbacks to previous quotes.
    • Negaduck's unhealthy obsession with "The Switch!"
    • Negaduck splits the city among the Fearsome Five but keeps the loot for himself. His henchmen complain, so he pulls out a chainsaw. No more questions asked.
      • What makes this really awesome is that one of the guys he just intimidated is made of water, and completely immune to the chainsaw. He's just that scary.
  • Steelbeak's delivery of his evil threat and blackmail demands in "Trading Faces".
  • Morgana's defeat of a Love Potion-struck Negaduck at the end of "My Valentine Ghoul":
    Morgana: (flirtatiously) Care for a jaw-breaker, sweetums? (vengefully) One broken jaw, coming up! (punches him across the room)
    • Negadeuck gets one during the episode by demonstrating why he's Darkwing's Numero Uno Arch enemy, by going after Darkwing and Morgana with a flamethrower that's powered by FROSTING.
    Negaduck: Low Calorie. High Octane.
  • Taurus Bulba gets another one in "Steerminator", immediately after being resurrected in his new, cyborg form:
    FOWL High Command: Welcome to the Fiendish Organization for World Lacerny, Agent Taurus Bulba!
    Bulba: Ha ha! I see I am expected to show you gratitude, ha ha! After all, you allowed me to be part of your "great experiment" without annoying me with petty nuisances like getting my permission!
    Bulba: So what if I must drink motor oil cocktails the rest of my life...I will have the honor of being the chief agent of FOWL, to humbly serve the rightful masters of the world! (evil chuckle) I think not!
    (Bulba blasts FOWL high command monitor)
    Bulba: Taurus Bulba works for no one, but himself!


Disney Adventures

Boom! Studios series

  • A) It exists: after 19 years of being ignored, Disney has brought it back in all its glory. B) The second page is a full coverspread that pretty much apologizes for being so suddenly canceled.
    I am the terror that flaps in the night, I am the awkward goodbye that lasts far too long. I am
    logo: Darkwing Duck
  • NEGADUCK'S ENTRANCE BY DESTROYING DRAKE MALLARD'S WALL... then being taken away by the Quackwerk crimebots.
  • In Comic #4: Darkwing showing a supercharged Taurus Bulba just how much a Papa Wolf he is when he threatens Gosalyn
    Darkwing: "Gladly."
    Darkwing ricochets a gas capsule off a beam into Bulba, knocking them both out of a hovering base thousands of feet into the air.
    • Ladies and Gentleman, Darkwing Duck is back.
  • In the Darkwing Duck comic, when Taurus Bulba is revealed to be the one in charge of the company both Darkwing and friends AND the Fearsome Five (minus Negaduck) have been suffering under, Darkwing shouts out "LET'S GET DANGEROUS!" and both good guys AND bad guys all attack a pissed off Bulba all at once in one double-spread page.
  • From comic #7: "Paddywack is coming to supper!"
  • The climax of issue #8, which features hundreds of Darkwings from across the multiverse attacking the giant Negaduck-Paddywhack fusion. Among others, we get to see a Iron Duck Darkwing, a Popeye Darkwing, and a TRON Darkwing.
    Tron Darkwing: I am the wall that crashes your Light Cycle!
    Sherlock Darkwing: I am the crime that is anything but elementary!
    Popeye Darkwing: I am the can of spinach you cannot open!
    Lady Gaga Darkwing: I am the romance that always ends bad!
    Quivering Quack: I am the arrow that never misses!
  • In issue 14, Darkwing battles a new, seemingly indestructible tank of a supervillain called Cat-tankerous, and is not having any luck - all of a sudden, out of absolutely nowhere, Launchpad flies to the rescue and rams the plane straight into Cattankerous. It didn't work, but it was nonetheless badass. Even the reporters thought so!
  • Issue 18: Donald Duck coming to the aid of the corrupted Duckburg, and telling everyone to rage against the madness around them. This throws Negaduck off enough so that he could do the next step in his diabolical plan. Which gets immediately thrashed by Darkwing.