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Awesome / Disney Theme Parks

  • Mickey Mouse's Crowning Moment of Awesome is the climax of the Fantasmic! show at Disneyland, in which he defeats dragon-form Maleficent by imagining himself doing so (since the plot takes place in a dream sequence of his). The show as a whole, featuring pyrotechnics, stunts, and movie clips projected onto giant water fans, is a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the Disney Imagineers.
  • On that note, "Illuminations" is indisputably the CMOA for the Disney fireworks coordinators and practical effects crew. Dude. Inferno barge.
    • Don't forget the barge that floats unnoticed during the first "act" in a hidden part of the lake, then drifts serenely to the center. It carries a globe that is actually a spherical LCD screen and it shows an array of gorgeous images before splitting to reveal a twenty-first torch, representing the new century.
  • Jim Henson's Muppet*Vision 3D was one of his last projects before his death in 1990, and it redefined 3-D theme park entertainment with its innovative integration of film, Audio-Animatronics, a live actor, and in-theatre effects like water and bubbles. Between all this and a fantastic, funny script (for both preshow and main event) that serves as almost a greatest-schticks reel of The Muppet Show, it's still highly entertaining.
    • If you're dissatisfied with current 3D movies in theaters not living up to their potential, check this one out. It does everything current movies claim to do, did it better, and did it a decade earlier.
  • Tokyo Disney Sea as a whole is widely considered to be one, with the last remaining 20K Leagues ride and a whole area dedicated to Verne's works, an Indiana Jones ride and Tower of Terror on par with their American counterparts, and gorgeous Scenery Porn.
  • Let us not forget the awesomeness that was the Lion King Parade — the music, the dancing, the puppets, the costumes, the live doves, giving out musical instruments to the audience, and how perfectly all of these elements harmonized together
  • The World of Color... That is all.
  • If it's physically possible for a theme park queue to have one of these, then walking through Andy's toybox with the giant talking Mr. Potato Head at Toy Story Midway Mania would probably qualify.
  • Mickey Mouse has the scene in Fantasmic! in which he slays Maleficent's dragon form, simultaneously defeating Chernabog, Ursula, and Queen Grimhilde as well.
    Mickey: You think you're so powerful? Well, this is my dream!
    • Scratch that, anytime Mickey and Maleficent do battle within a show, it is bound to be awesome! Hell, in the Tokyo Disneyland show It's Magical! Mickey summons the brooms from Fantasia and then does battle with Maleficent's dragon form.
  • Awesome Music: Disney has had and continues to have some incredible musical talent on board. The Haunted Mansion, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, Fantasmic...the list just goes on
  • The show at Magic Kingdom: "The Magic, the Memories, and You". The entire show involves projecting images on the castle to various classic tunes (standouts include several arrangements of Small World and our favorite Pirates theme). The images are just pictures taken of guests during the day, and put to different Disney backgrounds. Near the end of the show, mosaics start appearing, culminating in Walt himself, followed by a series of fireworks that are perfectly synchronized to the images on the castle. Add to that some truly touching moments (recently, the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp and the thousands of lanterns from Tangled, the former of which drew "aww" from the crowd, and the latter cheers and applause), and it's one of the most amazing shows they've put on. It really has to be seen to be believed.
    • Try watching the show at Disneyland, where the images are projected over the face of it's a small world.
  • Mickey Mouse wearing a '''Giant Dream Coat''' with a plasma ball at Walt Disney World's now gone nighttime parade Spectromagic. Seriously, its awesome seeing Mickey playing with the plasma ball. But it's ever more awesome when Mickey is actually CONTROLLING THE ENTIRE PARADE'S LIGHTS AND FLOATS!
  • The concept behind Disney World's "Enchanted Tales with Belle" sounds pathetically simple on paper: visit Belle in the Beast's castle and participate in a minimalist recreation of the night when Belle first met the Beast and his servants. Yet, the detailed interiors of Maurice's cottage and the castle, the transformation of one of Maurice's mirrors into a portal to the castle, and the lifelike audio-animatronics of Madame Wardrobe and Lumiere turn the visit into a memorable experience.
  • The Celebrate the Magic! show has a Wreck-It Ralph segment done completely in 8-bit. During the show's first night, that segment was met with the loudest applause from the whole show.
  • The grand finale to "Sorcery in the Sky" where a giant inflatable Mickey Mouse, dressed as the Sorcerer's Apprentice appears atop the Chinese Theater and shoots fire from his finger.
  • A couple years ago, Disney finally made a real-time talking Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately, this was a temporary attraction that happened back in Summer 2010. A year later, Mickey was able to talk to visitors outside of his house. But that was also another temporary attraction. Talking Mickey Mouse was also present at the opening of "World of Color" back in Summer 2010. Also in 2011, Talking Mickey was doing a meet and greet at D23 Expo with people who were present for the convention. Not only is Mickey Mouse able to talk to guest. But, Minnie was able to talk at a show in "Disney's California Adventure" called "Minnie's Fly Girls Charter Airline". Hopefully, in the future there might be more Talking character around the park like Donald,Goofy,Chip N Dale and Daisy. But, we will just have to wait and find out.
  • "Dreams", Disneyland Paris' current nighttime show, is just amazing.
  • In the original Fantillusion parade at Tokyo Disneyland, Chernabog gets one hell of a Badass Boast.
    Chernabog: (Evil Laugh) Behold: Chernabog! Keeper of the fires of darkness. Beware those who defy me! The powers of evil are MINE! (Evil Laugh)
    • In that same parade, he manages to pervert an old children's nursery rhyme to further his goals.
    Chernabog: (Evil Laugh) Starlight, Star bright! We take this light and make it night! (Evil Laugh) Yesssssss!
  • One huge one for Hong Kong Disneyland-Mystic Manor is near-universally regarded as one of the most original and best dark rides ever made, with heaping bathtubs of Visual Effects of Awesome.
  • Disney's Art of Animation resort in Florida is a group of rooms and suites based on The Lion King, Cars, Finding Nemo, and The Little Mermaid. Part of the resort is this giant in-ground pool which is wired with a sound system that allows you to hear music underwater, crystal clear. Don't be surprised if your kids spend a lot of time under the water. It is that cool.
  • The entire Frozen Summer Fun celebration at Hollywood Studios in the summer of 2014. With a procession, sing-alongs, snowman-making, ice-skating, a concert, and fireworks, it's amazing and a refresher in the summer heat. Also of an awesome note is that it was initially going to be at Magic Kingdom before it switched, so Hollywood Studios had only about two weeks to put it all together.
  • The premise of the Phineas and Ferb meet and greet at Hollywood Studios. See footage here.
  • Disneyland's 60th Anniversary in 2015 is being commemorated with three spectacular nighttime shows. First is an American export of Hong Kong Disneyland's trippy, LED light-using "Paint The Night" parade, which was already being met with great reception in HKDL, and also uses as its score (at least the demo) a medley of Owl City's "When Can I See You Again" and Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley's "Baroque Hoedown", aka the old Main Street Electrical Parade tune. (At one point guests can even interact with the LED lights!) There's also "Disneyland Forever", a fireworks show combined with projections similar to "The Magic, The Memories And You" except that the projections actually stretch around Main Street and other areas in the park, and a special version of World of Color with the subtitle "Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney". With all of this it's pretty easy to tell that summer 2015 in Disneyland is going to be a scorcher.
    • Even better, for the Disneyland version of Paint the Night, Owl City sings "When Can I See You Again" as certain floats pass by, along with the change of the chorus' lyrics.
  • By far, the 20000 Leagues Under The Sea ride was one of the greatest and most fun rides that Disney ever made, combining Submarine Voyage with their most popular live-action movie at the time. There were a lot of amazing references to the book and the 1954 movie, as well as some stunning Scenery Porn. But how amazing is it? WDW was forced to shut down theirs, but Japan kept it and it's still one of the most popular rides in Tokyo Disneysea to this day. Along with that, it's been given actual tributes by the Imagineers several times, the Nautilus went on display at Epcot, and even the water from the ride was sent back to WDW when New Fantasyland opened. Now that is dedication.
  • Sinbad's Storybook Voyage is another feat of awesome by Tokyo Disney. Beautiful sets, amazing animatronics, and perhaps one of the only forms of an Ear Worm that isn't as annoying as Small World.
  • The Jubilation parade from Tokyo Disney. The soundtrack can be found here.
  • The Indiana Jones Adventure, in Tokyo Disneysea and Disneyland on the whole. Everything about our favourite fictional Adventure Archaeologist in one beautiful ride, with all the trimmings!
  • THE HATBOX GHOST IS BACK. People cheered when the gates to the Disneyland Mansion opened and the line just to see him went all the way through Port Orleans! Not to mention, after all these years, they found a way for Ol' Hatbox to work...and it looks absolutely stunning.
    • As well as that, he comes straight after Constance the Bride, who is arguably the scariest ghost in the Mansion. Best. Mood Whiplash. EVER!
  • Seeing Tinker Bell fly down from Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom or from the Matterhorn at Disneyland. Awesome to see every time.
    • Special mention goes to Disneyland, as Tinker Bell is able to fly a significant time around the castle multiple times. Dumbo (Magical), Zero (Halloween shows), and now Nemo (Disneyland Forever) have been sighted during the fireworks show.
  • The entire nighttime parade in Tokyo Disneyland called Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights! Its one of the most beautiful and spectacular nighttime parades in any Disney park.
  • The final float in Mickey's Soundsational Parade is... Mary Poppins!
    • Not to mention that the soundtrack heard during the parade, is extremely catchy
  • Most people had an idea about the Hocus Pocus Villains Spectacular show for 2015's Not-So-Scary Halloween, but were still excited when the show started. It starts out with Jason Marsden reprising his role as Thackery Binx to introduce the show. When the Sanderson sisters make their first appearance, the crowd goes WILD. Major props to the actresses playing the Sanderson sisters. They have the character's down to a 't' from their hand gestures, their voices, and their facial expressions. Highlights include Sarah hypnotizing the stagehands by singing "Come Little Children" and Winnie leading a crowd of Disney villains - and the audience - in a performance of "I Put a Spell On You". A few other Disney villains spoiler  also receive some awesome moments, with some of the baddies effortlessly scaring the sisters.
  • ''Mickey and the Wondrous Book", Hong Kong Disneyland's replacement for the Golden Mickeys, is yet another moment of awesome for the park. Here's some reasons why:
    • The premise: Mickey and Goofy go on a giant search through a book that features every single story Disney ever created to get Olaf back to Arendelle.
    • The visual effects are simply stunning, and so is the CGI.
    • King Louie's dance moves are insanely awesome.
    • The Princess and the Frog starts off with Tiana singing about her dream restaurant...then develops into an art-deco masterpiece as flappers and waiters dance all around her.
    • Ariel, Rapunzel and Merida singing together at once!
    • When Mickey and Goofy finally reach Arendelle with Olaf, Elsa comes out to sing her signature song...just to greet them!
    • The ending, with a stunning montage of live action actors and various Disney and Pixar characters portraying some of Disney's nicest endings. But perhaps the best one is, alongside all the fairy tales, Woody and Buzz shaking hands in Andy's bedroom. Yes, Toy Story is worthy of mention among all the classics!
  • Rivers Of Light, despite the show being delayed at Animal Kingdom due to technical issues. This video showing a preview of the show is already looking fantastic complete with beautiful music and lighting effects. Same goes for projection show for Tree Of Life.