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Trivia: Darkwing Duck
  • Actor Allusion: While maybe a coincidence, NegaDuck has a fondness of pollution.
  • Creator Backlash: Aaron Sparrow, who started the comic book with the storyline for "The Duck Knight Returns" hasn't really been satisfied with the direction Ian Brill eventually took the series, culminating with the issues within Dangerous Currency, with him and artist James Silvani having written their own ending for said crossover.
    • Aaron Sparrow has since rewritten much of the old Boom material for it's 2015 reprint and is planning to remake Dangerous Currency as the start of a new ongoing.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Katie Leigh as Honker Muddlefoot.
    • Also, Honker's brother Tank, who was voiced by the late Dana Hill.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The final 37 episodes (that is, everything starting from "Inside Binkie's Brain") are not on DVD, and are unlikely to get an official release anytime soon. However, three of said episodes ("Negaduck", "Tiff of the Titans", and "A Brush With Oblivion") have previously been released on VHS.
  • Missing Episode: "Hot Spells".
  • Name's the Same: NegaDuck and NegaDuck.
    • Interestingly enough there was a episode that didn't make it to television that would have featured Darkwing and the yellow suited NegaDuck joining forces to combat the first NegaDuck.
    • Also in the episode "Aduckyphobia", the spider's name is Webby, just like another famous little girl named Webby.
    • And Sara Bellum has the same name as the Mayor's assistant in Powerpuff Girls.
  • Screwed by the Network: The comic book. Due to various factors, including the licenses returning to Marvel.
    • In Poland, it was aired in 1994 on TVP 1 (the first channel of TVP, Poland's equivalment of The BBC), but they aired only 7 episodes. When they aired the 7th episode, TVP took the series off air and replaced it with Goof Troop, because according to KRRiT (Poland's Media Watchdogs) this cartoon couldn't be watched by kids.
  • Talking to Himself: Jim Cummings was Darkwing, Negaduck, Herb, and Moliarty.
    • In most dubs Darkwing and Negaduck share a voice actor.
      • In Mexico, Arturo Mercado is Darkwing, Negaduck, and Bushroot. Diana Santos is Honker, Binkie and Tank.
  • What Could Have Been: As mentioned in Shout-Out entry on the main page, the original pitch for the show was very different. It was originally going to be a James Bond spoof called Double-O Duck, with Drake Mallard as a globe-trotting spy working for SHUSH. All the villains were going to be agents of FOWL (Fiendish Organization of World Larceny) with Steelbeak overseeing them as the show's big bad. Eventually the concept was combined with ideas from a superhero-based DuckTales episode and became Darkwing Duck. DW sometimes does missions for SHUSH as a freelance agent, so some of the spy elements survive. FOWL occasionally pops up but only two of the show's dozen or so recurring villains actually work for the organization, and it's run by three unknown shadowy figures.
    • Disney's merchandising division never got the full memo about the change, so most of the show's merchandise portrays all the villains as FOWL agents with Steelbeak as their leader. The Darkwing Duck NES game famously bases its whole plot around this concept.
      • "Double-O-Duck"? That was the name of an episode of DuckTales where Launchpad went undercover as a spy. Heck, Launchpad's Tuxedo and Martini was the basis of Derek Blunt's costume. "Double-O-Duck"/Double Duck latyer became Donald Duck's spy name in Donald Duck comics.
      • FOWL was in that episode, and its leader at the time was apparently Killed Off for Real, letting "High Command" take over by the time of Darkwing Duck.
      • The writers came up with the idea of a spin-off set Twenty Minutes into the Future, featuring Gosalyn as either a teenager or young adult, and featuring her own superhero alter-ego, Quiverwing Quack (who had previously appeared on Darkwing, and was a Green Arrow parody, right down to the trick arrows). It never got past the planning stages.
      • There were also several episodes planned that never got produced, due to ABC and Disney cancelling after season 3, but before season 4 made it past planning including the return of such baddies as Paddywhack and the original NegaDuck. The cyborged Taurus Bulba has made a reappearance at the end of comic #3.
      • With the series undergoing a revival by way of a return to the comic book medium, it's possible that most of these plans will be given a second chance.
      • Indeed, it looks like Paddywhack is coming back around issue #8...
    • Also, Darkwing and Morgana were eventually going to get married and have kids together down the line if the show had continued.
    • There were plans for an episode where DW and Evil Twin Negaduck had to team up to defeat a somehow revived Manifest Dark Side Negaduck.
    • One of the storylines pitched for the comic book series had Darkwing and Mickey teaming up to battle the Phantom Blot.
    • There were originally plans for a Crossover with Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers on the show. Thought it ended up not happening, Chip & Monty's voices can be heard in "Twitching Channels", as a Shout-Out.
    • The show almost never came to be! In fact, If Disney had only owned the full rights to Rocky & Bullwinkle, and not just video distribution rights, they would have produced a new Bullwinkle series instead. When it was learned they didn't have the rights, the animator brushed off his Double-O Duck proposal because they needed a replacement pitch in a hurry.
  • Write Who You Know: Gosalyn, who was based on one of the writer's daughters.
  • Un-Canceled: In early 2015, the comic book series will be revived thanks to Joe Books, Inc.

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